Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gog V' Magog: Coming To Chinese Theaters!

This Third Debate was totally unrewarding. They dodged the real issues. Romney was ultra-passive while Obama is still churning out his sympathy card. This was especially true as Romney never commanded an attack and Obama tried to make his Israel visit seemed as if it mattered.

Everyone thinks a trip to Yad Vashem is the magic card that over night makes you righteous. That is like going to see the Dead Sea [ancient] Scrolls and expecting instant enlightenment - because they are ancient. It was a crowd - pleaser at best, and frankly even though Romney came for the cash, I was much more satisfied with Israel policies he shared while conspiring with Bibi.

Neither one seemed to take seriously what seemed logical to take seriously. [logical, - meaning  from the perspective of a biased non - rational, Jewish based perspective. Sadly the Lobby generally wins these days.] Iran and co. were reduced to a few zingers and that's it.

What the crowds may have not totally captured were the passionate views that both men DID  offer concerning Pakistan and China.

The war in Pakistan is of huge significance, especially to NWO themes and Islamic Gog V Magog ideology. If Pakistan heats up - so do the Muslims. If the Muslims are hot - then so is Israel, etc.

Also China is a major part of the "Jewish End." The Erev Rav align with China in the End; so who are the real players in this war with China to be? This could be huge for many reasons, all playing End Time Scenarios.

What I find to be interesting concerning Pakistan, is seeing how America has maneuvered War efforts from Iraq - to Afganistan - and now to Pakistan. It is said that Pakistan is the most strategic victory geographically for all NWO schemes - for from there you neutralize China, control the MId-East and can then manipulate Europe. No wonder its sacred ground for the Muslims. What could be interesting is that by waging Gog V Magog of Islam - could be the trigger for action out of Israel. That would be a 180 from common thought of how Jewish Gog operates.

So yes the debate was lame, so here is a lame Israeli/Jewish outcome of the lamities. All that is left to see is what is left to see. After January I guess either the next 4-8 years will tell the story, however it is meant to be told. We may not have heard Jewish Messianism [leave that to Bibi] - but least they are speaking Gog-ish from a goyish perspective. It is intriguing nonetheless.

The two US presidential candidates on Monday repeatedly spoke of their support for Israel and their intention never to let Iran acquire nuclear weapons, in the final debate before the election.

During the debate, which was devoted to foreign policy, both candidates said they would stand by Israel if it was attacked by Iran.

“If Israel is attacked, America will stand with Israel,” US President Barack Obama said when asked that question by moderator Bob Schieffer.

GOP challenger Mitt Romney echoed Obama, saying, “if Israel is attacked, we have their back, not just diplomatically, not just culturally, but militarily.”

But both candidates declined to answer what they would do should the receive a phone call informing them that Israel was attacking Iran.

“Let’s not go into hypotheticals of that nature,” Romney responded, adding that the US relationship with Israel was so close that, “We would not get a call saying our bombers are on the way, or their fighters are on the way. This is the kind of thing that would have been discussed and thoroughly evaluated well before.”

Obama, for his part, did not address the question, instead relating to other aspects of Middle East policy that Romney broached as part of his answer.

Romney repeatedly referred to tensions between the US and Israel, saying that the president’s omission of a visit to Israel during his Middle East tour in the first year of his term was noticed by Arab states, and that “daylight” between the two countries that was noticed by Iran.

Obama responded by talking about the trip he took to Israel as a candidate in 2008, contrasting it with Romney’s own visit this summer, which included a high-priced fundraiser.

“When I went to Israel as a candidate, I didn’t take donors. I didn’t attend fundraisers,” Obama said. “I went to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum there, to remind myself the nature of evil and why our bond with Israel will be unbreakable. And then I went down to the border towns of Sderot, which had experienced missiles raining down from Hamas.”

And he said that when it came to the relationship with Israel and other allies, “Our alliances have never been stronger, in Asia, in Europe, in Africa, with Israel, where we have unprecedented military and intelligence cooperation, including dealing with the Iranian threat.”

On Iran, Romney labeled it “the greatest national security threat” America faces, and repeatedly noted that Tehran is now “four years closer to a nuclear weapon” than when Obama entered office.

Obama, in contrast, pointed to terrorist networks as the biggest threats. But he stressed, “Iran will not get a nuclear weapon.”

Though red lines on Iran have been getting a lot of attention recently, Obama staked out one on Egypt during the debate.

“They have to abide by their treaty with Israel. That is a red line for us, because not only is Israel’s security at stake, but our security is at stake if that unravels,” he said.
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