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The Palestinian What?

Well, here ya go. We all get the point; its real.

Sixty five years to the day after the UN voted for the partition of Mandatory Palestine – a move the Jews accepted and the Arabs rejected -- the same body overwhelmingly voted Thursday to grant the Palestinian delegation there the upgraded status of non-member observer state.

"The moment has arrived for the world to say clearly: Enough of aggression, settlements and occupation," Abbas said to the packed UN General Assembly.

"We did not come here seeking to delegitimize a state established years ago, and that is Israel; rather we came to affirm the legitimacy of the state that must now achieve its independence, and that is Palestine," he said.

"We did not come here to add further complications to the peace process, which Israel’s policies have thrown into the intensive care unit; rather we came to launch a final serious attempt to achieve peace," he said. "Our endeavor is not aimed at terminating what remains of the negotiations process, which has lost its objective and credibility, but rather aimed at trying to breathe new life into the negotiations and at setting a solid foundation for it based on the terms of reference of the relevant international resolutions in order for the negotiations to succeed."

Abbas said that the Palestinians will accept no less than "the independence of the State of Palestine, with east Jerusalem as its capital, on all the Palestinian territory occupied in 1967, to live in peace and security alongside the State of Israel, and a solution for the refugee issue on the basis of resolution 194."

Abbas said nothing about immediately resuming negotiations with Israel without preconditions, though he did pledge to "act responsibly and positively in our next steps, and we will to work to strengthen cooperation with the countries and peoples of the world for the sake of a just peace."

Abbas, who called the resolution a "birth certificate of the reality of the State of Palestine," used the recent fighting in Gaza to frame his request for the statehood upgrade and painted both Israel and its birth in demonic colors.

"Palestine comes today to the United Nations General Assembly at a time when it is still tending to its wounds and still burying its beloved martyrs of children, women and men who have fallen victim to the latest Israeli aggression, still searching for remnants of life amid the ruins of homes destroyed by Israeli bombs on the Gaza Strip, wiping out entire families, their men, women and children murdered along with their dreams, their hopes, their future and their longing to live an ordinary life and to live in freedom and peace," he said. .

"The Israeli aggression against our people in the Gaza Strip has confirmed once again the urgent and pressing need to end the Israeli occupation and for our people to gain their freedom and independence." Abbas continued, obviously not mentioning the rocket and missile bombardment of Israeli cities from Gaza.

"This aggression also confirms the Israeli Government’s adherence to the policy of occupation, brute force and war, which in turn obliges the international community to shoulder its responsibilities towards the Palestinian people and towards peace.

The Palestinian people, Abbas said, "miraculously recovered from the ashes of Al-Nakba of 1948, which was intended to extinguish their being and to expel them in order to uproot and erase their presence, which was rooted in the depths of their land and depths of history."

In Abbas' telling of history, "hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were torn from their homes and displaced within and outside of their homeland, thrown from their beautiful, embracing, prosperous country to refugee camps in one of the most dreadful campaigns of ethnic cleansing and dispossession in modern history."

Israel's ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor, dismissed the move as empty symbolic posturing, that will change nothing tangible on the ground, but push the chances of securing a peace accord between Israel and the Palestinians into the distant future.

Among the few states that voted against the move, were the US, Canada, the Czech Republic, Micronesia, and the Solomon Islands.

The resolution was presented to the General Assembly by the representative of Sudan, who called this a victory for the "values of truth."

Staunch European allies such as Germany and the Netherlands, who opposed Palestinian admission into UNESCO last year as a state, were among those who this time only abstained. And other friendly countries, such as Italy, voted for the move.

The vote took place on the annual "Observance of the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

Senior diplomatic officials voiced deep disappointment at the EU vote. Up until a few days ago, when France declared that it would support the move, senior officials held out hope that the EU might abstain as a bloc, something that would have deprived the Palestinian Authority of a moral victory.

One senior official said that the recent fighting in Gaza tipped the European scales, with the Europeans worrying that if PA Authority President Mahmoud Abbas would not gain some kind of diplomatic victory, he would loses all stature and authority.

"Had the vote taken place before the Gaza operation, the EU would have voted differently," one official said.

The Prime Minister's Office had no immediate reaction after the vote, but has made clear in recent days that it would free Israel of its obligations under the Oslo accord since Jerusalem views the move as a blatant violation of the underlying principle of those agreements: that all outstanding issues be resolved through negotiations, not through unilateral actions.

Israel's immediate reaction is expected to be the deduction from tax transfers it makes to the PA each moth of some NIS 800 million the PA owes to the Israel Electric Corporation. Further steps are expected if the Palestinians use this new status and try to join other UN bodies or, as a result of their enhanced status, attempt to haul Israel or Israelis before the International Court of Justice or the International Criminal Court on war crime charges.

Hours before the vote, Netanyahu – realizing that Israel was facing a stinging diplomatic defeat -- said that regardless of how many vote against Israel, "no force in the world will get me to compromise on Israel's security."

He also said no force in the world could sever the thousands-year-old tie between the Jewish people and the land of Israel.

Netanyahu said that the decision will "Not change anything on the ground. It will not further the establishment of a Palestinian state, but will make it more distant."

Netanyahu's comments came while touring an exhibit of recently declassified documents marking the upcoming 35th anniversary of Anwar Sadat's visit to Jerusalem at the Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem.

"Israel's hand is always extended in peace, but a Palestinian state will not be established without recognition of the state of Israel as the state of the Jewish people, without an end-of-conflict declaration, and without true security arrangements that will protect Israel and its citizens."

Netanyahu, who said that none of the conditions he reiterated are even mentioned in the Palestinian's UN resolution, said that peace is only achieved through negotiations and not by unilateral declarations "which do not take into consideration Israel's vital security and national interests."

Netanyahu recommended not being impressed by the applause that will likely be heard later at the UN.

"I remember the international community's applause that the government of Israel received when it decided to unilaterally withdraw from Gaza," he said. "We got applause and then rocket fire. We left Gaza, and Iran entered, exactly like what happened in Lebanon."

Netanyahu said he would not enable another Iranian base to be established, this time in Judea and Samaria, a kilometer away from Jerusalem.

"It does not matter how many will vote against us, there is no force in the world that will cause me to compromise on Israeli security and there is no force in the world able to sever the thousands year connection between the people of Israel and the Land of Israel," he said.

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Moshiach and His Bat Made in China

Read the following presented article very carefully. It cleverly shows answers to big questions:

Why is the EU in debt? - They have no Central Bank [thanks to empirical paranoia] and thus can't handle the international pressure and need for stability.

Why is America in debt? - America is collapsing under the same decree on the EU, only is lasting longer. The EU was created to compete against America.

Who is on top? - China! They have a model of success that is sending them near the top. It is clear that America / Obama is leading America into a Chinese [communist] philosophy of re-growth. It is also clear that Romney [and his Chinese attack comments] had a similar plan of taking on China with the Amero concept, a united North America].

Who is winning? - Israel! When you have read the article, realize that Galus China will never happen, as they are in a compulsion repetition of "finally winning" syndrome. Israel is the only country on earth that is able to implement China's victory strategy, and they are, and they are winning. America is trying, but it will never be able to achieve what Israel can. God simply designed Israel to succeed in this day and age; perhaps the future will hold a different hand, but for the time being, Israel owns 2012 and beyond.

In other words: Welcome to Pax Judaica. The only challenge will be to turn it into a Kedusha enterprise.
Zionism is the blood that fuels the animal, our job is to turn blood into Light. Zionism has led the way, but one must not forget, the Torah of Eretz Yisrael, Torah Zionsim, digs back most recently tore the students of the Vilna Gaon [to name one example].

May the Jewish People merit a true Zionism, and merit to hear the Kol HaTor in our Land.

****I will highlight key points that relate to Israeli successful implementation.

People's Daily Online:

The report of the 18th CPC National Congress proposed to speed up the formation of a new mode of economic development by focusing on enhancing the new driving force of innovation and relying more on domestic demand, especially consumer demand for economic development and thus outlined a clear roadmap for our country to achieve economic transformation.

Experts said that we should stick to the roadmap, firmly grasp the strategic basis of "expanding domestic demand", substitute the new engine of innovation for the traditional elements, and gradually bid farewell to the traditional model of development to realize China's economic transformation.

Transformation is the key to China's economic rebirth

Since the Reform and Opening up, China has created an economic miracle with an average economic growth rate of above 9.8 percent over 34 consecutive years, ranking the world's second-largest economy in 2010.

However, with changes in the elements that support China's economic development, the traditional unbalanced, uncoordinated, and unsustainable extensive growth mode has come to an end.

Economic circles unanimously agree that China's economy has entered a period of major transition where transformation is the key to China's economic rebirth.

President of China Reform and Development Research Institute Chi Fulin said that China's economic growth is at a historical inflexion point to converse from high-speed to medium speed. The economic slowdown since 2011 reflects the short-term economic fluctuations as well as long-term trend of economic growth. Only by releasing the huge potential demand and accelerating the transformation of development mode can we cope with the changes in the pattern of domestic and international economy.

Economic commentator Ma Guangyuan believes that as international economic downturn led to deterioration of China’s foreign trade conditions, China must transform its economic development model as soon as possible.

Facing the test of “middle-income trap,” China needs to get rid of the development mode that extremely relies on investment and exports to fuel economic growth, lacks technological innovation, and has low consumption, backward service industry, vague boundary between markets and the government and slow pace of urbanization, and enter a stage of modern economic growth. Therefore, the 18th CPC National Congress has an epoch-making significance to arrangement of economic transition, Ma said.

Economic restructuring is the key of striding over the middle-income trap,” said Zhang Monan, an associate research fellow with the Economic Forecasting Department of the State Information Center.

Zhang pointed out that it must comprehensively adjust the growth pattern and economic structure to achieve economic transformation, including using innovation to promote supply growth and tapping domestic market potential

Reliance on innovation and domestic demand to achieve economic transformation

Innovation is the requirements of scientific outlook on development and transformation of economic development mode,” said Li Yiping, professor of Renmin University of China. He pointed out that the progress of world economy needs innovation, so does Chinese economy.

Deputy Dean of the Academy of Macroeconomic Research at the National Development and Reform Commission Wang Yiming also stressed that Chinese economy must rely on innovation to realize a transformation from emphasizing scale expansion to focusing on promotion of quality and efficiency.

The 18th CPC National Congress pointed out that as the strategic support of improving social productive forces and overall national strength, scientific and technological innovation must be placed in the core position of national development, concentrating the whole society’s wisdom and strength on innovative development.

Ma Guangyuan said that the concept is unprecedented, clearly showing the courage and determination of China to say goodbye to investment-driven development mode in the past.

About the role of expanding domestic demand in changing the mode of economic development, the 18th CPC National Congress said, “We must firmly grasp the strategic basis of expanding domestic demand to accelerate the establishment of a long-term and effective mechanism and unleash the consumption potential.”

Fueling consumption is the strategic focus in expanding domestic demand. Chi Fulin said that China is still in a rising stage over the next 10 years and owns huge consumption potential. As long as the consumer demand can be effectively released, it is possible to maintain a moderate growth rate of 7 percent to 8 percent in the next 10 years. 

Notice how all of the red highlights [China's hopes] are being successfully implemented by Israel - in uniform. Israel's demographics, reality, nationalism, philosophy, government, etc, make it the perfect chemistry for Pax Judaica. Equally notice how America will never again be able to recapture the chess pieces it lost off the board.

One must assume that there is a tremendous guiding light behind Israel. We are not here for naught; the Light of Moshiach is ready to shine through the darkness. Just as a light shines brightest before darkness, the galus shines brightest before its demise.

As the Ramchal says: One Kingdom must not trespass another. The Kingdom of Galus is nearing its end, seen by its magnificant glow.

With that you can be sure, Moshiach is next and close by.

****Israel’s economic growth should start picking up in the first half of next year thanks to a boost in external demand, the OECD concluded in its biannual economic outlook on member states Tuesday. Output growth is projected to drop from 3.1 percent in 2012 to 2.9% in 2013 (incorporating a 0.2 percentage-point boost from the new Tamar offshore gas field), but then rebound to 3.9% in 2014, the report said.

******...and in America: The Fed said today that seven of 12 districts reported “either slowing or outright contraction in manufacturing” as some contacts “expressed concern about the outlook for 2013, in part, due to the uncertainty regarding the outcome of the fiscal cliff.”

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The Torah's Secret of Hadar and Mehitavel [Hat Tip "Doc"]

לא וְאֵלֶּה, הַמְּלָכִים, אֲשֶׁר מָלְכוּ, בְּאֶרֶץ אֱדוֹם--לִפְנֵי מְלָךְ-מֶלֶךְ, לִבְנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל. לב וַיִּמְלֹךְ בֶּאֱדוֹם, בֶּלַע בֶּן-בְּעוֹר; וְשֵׁם עִירוֹ, דִּנְהָבָה. לג וַיָּמָת, בָּלַע; וַיִּמְלֹךְ תַּחְתָּיו, יוֹבָב בֶּן-זֶרַח מִבָּצְרָה. לד וַיָּמָת, יוֹבָב; וַיִּמְלֹךְ תַּחְתָּיו, חֻשָׁם מֵאֶרֶץ הַתֵּימָנִי. לה וַיָּמָת, חֻשָׁם; וַיִּמְלֹךְ תַּחְתָּיו הֲדַד בֶּן-בְּדַד, הַמַּכֶּה אֶת-מִדְיָן בִּשְׂדֵה מוֹאָב, וְשֵׁם עִירוֹ, עֲוִית. לו וַיָּמָת, הֲדָד; וַיִּמְלֹךְ תַּחְתָּיו, שַׂמְלָה מִמַּשְׂרֵקָה. לז וַיָּמָת, שַׂמְלָה; וַיִּמְלֹךְ תַּחְתָּיו, שָׁאוּל מֵרְחֹבוֹת הַנָּהָר. לח וַיָּמָת, שָׁאוּל; וַיִּמְלֹךְ תַּחְתָּיו, בַּעַל חָנָן בֶּן-עַכְבּוֹר. לט וַיָּמָת, בַּעַל חָנָן בֶּן-עַכְבּוֹר, וַיִּמְלֹךְ תַּחְתָּיו הֲדַר, וְשֵׁם עִירוֹ פָּעוּ; וְשֵׁם אִשְׁתּוֹ מְהֵיטַבְאֵל בַּת-מַטְרֵד, בַּת מֵי זָהָב. מ וְאֵלֶּה שְׁמוֹת אַלּוּפֵי עֵשָׂו, לְמִשְׁפְּחֹתָם, לִמְקֹמֹתָם, בִּשְׁמֹתָם: אַלּוּף תִּמְנָע אַלּוּף עַלְוָה, אַלּוּף יְתֵת. מא אַלּוּף אָהֳלִיבָמָה אַלּוּף אֵלָה, אַלּוּף פִּינֹן. מב אַלּוּף קְנַז אַלּוּף תֵּימָן, אַלּוּף מִבְצָר. מג אַלּוּף מַגְדִּיאֵל, אַלּוּף עִירָם; אֵלֶּה אַלּוּפֵי אֱדוֹם, לְמֹשְׁבֹתָם בְּאֶרֶץ אֲחֻזָּתָם--הוּא עֵשָׂו, אֲבִי אֱדוֹם. {פ}

31 And these are the kings that reigned in the land of Edom, before there reigned any king over the children of Israel. 32 And Bela the son of Beor reigned in Edom; and the name of his city was Dinhabah. 33 And Bela died, and Jobab the son of Zerah of Bozrah reigned in his stead. 34 And Jobab died, and Husham of the land of the Temanites reigned in his stead. 35 And Husham died, and Hadad the son of Bedad, who smote Midian in the field of Moab, reigned in his stead; and the name of his city was Avith. 36 And Hadad died, and Samlah of Masrekah reigned in his stead. 37 And Samlah died, and Shaul of Rehoboth by the River reigned in his stead. 38 And Shaul died, and Baal-hanan the son of Achbor reigned in his stead. 39 And Baal-hanan the son of Achbor died, and Hadar reigned in his stead; and the name of the city was Pau; and his wife's name was Mehetabel, the daughter of Matred, the daughter of Me-zahab. 40 And these are the names of the chiefs that came of Esau, according to their families, after their places, by their names: the chief of Timna, the chief of Alvah, the chief of Jetheth; 41 the chief of Oholibamah, the chief of Elah, the chief of Pinon; 42 the chief of Kenaz, the chief of Teman, the chief of Mibzar; 43 the chief of Magdiel, the chief of Iram. These are the chiefs of Edom, according to their habitations in the land of their possession. This is Esau the father of the Edomites. {P}

These verses in the Torah are the root of all modern Kabbalistic thought, as they express in secretive terms the formation of creation, a process known as "Shvirat HaKelim" - The Breaking of the Vessels.

The 8th King, Hadar and his wife Mehitavel represent the level of repair, and thus didn't die. The Mekubalim all relate to us that the symbolism within "Hadar" the 8th King is to be compared to Moshiach and the Messianic Age. His wife carries the gematria that in some terms is the most significant in Kabalah: 97.

97 is the combined gematria of ס''ג and ב''ן which is 63 and 52, which represent male and feminine, thus 97 is their union, which the Arizal says would spawn a new "ס''ג" or 63. This would be akin to the progression into the Messianic Age, an age of Binah, or Understanding.

What I found to be interesting,, and posted several times is the notice that there have been 8 PM's of Israel since Rabin's assassination. The year of which he died, it seems the Zohar hints at being a year that geulah began on faint levels, a liberation from Erev Rav. He began the Erev Rav onslaught against Israel by really pushing forward "Land for Peace." Thus ever since it has been Erev Rav aggression against Holy Liberation in the background, that would culminate with Moshiach. In this case, Hadar and Mehitavel.

In this case, [in English] the verse would read: 

וְאֵלֶּה, הַמְּלָכִים, אֲשֶׁר מָלְכוּ, בְּאֶרֶץ אֱדוֹם--לִפְנֵי מְלָךְ-מֶלֶךְ, לִבְנֵי יִשְׂרָאֵל
 "and these are the "kings" that ruled in the Land; [a proxy of] Edom [i.e. Erev Rav] Lifnim / Inside - Lecha / to you - malach - ruled / Livni / Yisrael

Notice, Livni makes the whole connection work in the counting, and that she is oddly returning now. Yisrael would be the last "king" that ushers in the Messianic Kingdom [while not being Moshiach himself].

For more on Bibi see this post

To resolve contradictions [with Bibi davka] let's now explore the chracter Hadar according to the Seforim.

  • The Hadar of the Pshat in the text is of the Klippah, i.e. my take on Bibi. This is because he is a King of Edom. This is strengthened by the allusions to money being worthless and hinting at an oil based economy.
  • In Kedusha it represents the Highest Chesed, that which fixes the world, i.e. the evil from the breakage.
  • Hadar represents the ו''ק the level of Zeir Anpin
  • Hadar is the concept of the 7th madreiga, Malchus leading into the 8th [Hadar] which is Keter on this level.
  • Hadar implies that Chesed will return, as the creation/breaking was from a strong din, i.e. a missing upper triad of Keter Chochmah and Binah.
  • We learn from this how creation exists; physicality is "Mazal" - Jewish as a garment of light.
  • As was mentioned, the "97" concept is the repair of Worlds.

These are the Kabbalistic allusions and main points to Hadar;  the Messianic allusions are equally important.

One interesting note amongst the commentaries, is one of the Rashbam.

"We are not exact according to "pshuto" [as opposed to pshat] in names [in reference to Hadar] so much."

Unfortunately, this is often learned in a poor way, leading to severe misnagdic thought, i.e. that names are not important.

First of all, he says lefi pshuto, rather than pshat. He isn't saying that names don't have simple meaning, he is saying it is not required to spend time learning peripheral Torah  from allusions in names, in a style of exegesis like Rashi, lefi pshuto.

The implications of this, are two-fold: that as I said, people think that names have no meaning - which is not what he said, and, that it can be implied that Kabbalistic thought should not be darshened out from names. Most of the Arizal's kabalah is in fact derived from the chochmah of names. [for example 208 = Isaac; 26 multiplied by 8, which kabbalistically has meaning]

What I believe he is really saying, is that we will not further ourselves in understanding of the text by over-exploring, or drawing from other sources that are brought in. In regards to the text and flow, a name is a name. However that does not mean that names are devoid of meaning or that kabalah can not be learned out from the Biblical characters, as the Arizal often does.

The problem that is seen here is a lack of learning skills to analyze the Rashbam clearly, which leads to bad philosophies in learning. To make this go full circle, that rationale is a direct tribute to the Erev Rav/Katan dynamic that hates the truth and seeks to destroy Am Yisrael.

The 8 Kings are an example of this, with the 8th King being a "different" type of Kli, yet still "Edomic." [in Klippah]

The true Hadar of Kedusha and the light of geulah will rid the world of the Erev Rav/Katan, and restore the truth of Torah. The Vilna Gaon says very clearly that Kabalah and Name Meanings usher in the geulah. He also goes on to glorify the kabalistic glory of Hadar, which can mean Glorified in one of its meanings.

As Hanukah is fast approaching, one of the main points of the winter chag is this concept of Hod V' Hadar, Majesty and Glory.

The mushel to explain it [Rav Hutner] is the following: see a beautiful reed in its setting....along comes a terrible storm of which the reed waxes and wanes; will the reed survive it - one must wonder!...some time later, the reed is still seen standing erect, undaunted. certainly it was beautiful [hod] - but now, I know all that went into his beauty - and he lives on, despite his life - Hadar! [we have re-visited his beauty, for he was then beautiful, and now all the more so, as if it has returned - "Hadar" to his innate beauty - "Hod"]
Such were the Jewish People against Greece.

Hod V' Hadar

May we see Hadar in all of his/its Hod, on Chanuka ...and all the more so in the light of Geulah.

חג שמח

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

America + Revenue = Apocalyptic Debt

The Fiscal Cliff is fast approaching. The word to look for from those who are paying attention to the shades of gray and underlining messages, is "Revenue."

America is looking to make money, i.e. "get [real] rich [real] quick!"

Unfortunately we know the drill, a scam or ponzy scheme will come crashing down, as if it is too good to be true, it probably is.

What Obama will do, will be to seek out revenue [cash flow coming in] by cutting/raising taxes, closing loopholes, better spending, etc. This raises so many questions its beyond the capabilities of man to comprehend. To make this revenue work, you would literally need an A.I. of American interests/infrastructure to manifest in the form of a dictator.

The amount of creativity, knowledge, mastery, etc tor pull this off is other-worldly. So the bedieved [lesser of two evils] approach will be: exploitation, resource tapping [that's the most dangerous I think; where is it coming from?! - plus this is the American answer to every problem, consume!], debt, etc. The debt now will be generated from the most abstract theoretical [re]sources possible.

It seems the World really has gone mad in the field of theory: debt theory, resource theory, war theory, political theory, science theory, religious theory, gender theory, etc...Is there any viable truth left? It's all mad scientist theories that are self-consuming!

Obama will find his revenue, just like Physics has found its Higgs Boson, and every other field fashions their own holy grails too, "in the sweat shops of China"'s gotta be a bargain, ya know? - on everybody else's expense.

America's resources are virtually gone. Debt is unprecedented. Consumerism went cannibal. Creativity died a long time ago. Leadership disappeared. You get the point.

I only see three viable options: War,  find new resources, or a Central Bank, NWO. In fact, they are all the same. The only delay in the institution is the arrogance of Man, and his upkeep of borders that fell some time ago.

Moshiach has better be God's answer to the proverbial cliff, otherwise we are all consumable resources in Obamaworld.

It's now widely agreed that steering away from the fiscal cliff — the combination of spending cuts and tax increases set to hit at the start of the year — will require some combination of revenue increases and spending cuts. The central sticking point could well be whether President Obama and Congress can agree on the definition of revenue.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012 A grand bargain, a compromise to avert the so-called fiscal cliff, could all come down to one word: revenue. It's now widely agreed that steering away from the cliff — the combination of spending cuts and tax increases set to hit at the start of the year — will require some combination of revenue increases and spending cuts. The central sticking point could well be whether President Obama and Congress can agree on the definition of revenue.

At the moment, the casual observer could easily get the sense that the president and Republicans in Congress are talking past each other.

"I think there's a growing consensus — a consensus that has long existed, but growing now in places that weren't always fertile for growth, that we have to do this in a balanced way and that revenue has to be part of it," White House spokesman Jay Carney said Monday.

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said on the Senate floor Monday that Republicans have stepped out of their comfort zone by agreeing to talk about revenue.

"We've been open to revenue by closing loopholes as long as it's tied to spending cuts and pro-growth tax reform that broadens the base and lowers rates," he said.

Talk Of Compromise

Now, the translation: When White House officials talk about revenue, they mean allowing the Bush-era tax cuts to expire for the wealthy. Under the president's definition of revenue, the richest 2 percent would see their top tax rate rise to 39 percent, and he'd also limit deductions and cut out loopholes. That's simply not what McConnell and many of his fellow Republicans mean.

But at this point in the negotiations, no one is saying that — at least not publicly. Instead, there's been a lot of talk of compromise from lawmakers like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

"I remain optimistic that when it comes to our economy and when it comes to protecting middle-class families from a whopping tax hike come January 1st, that Democrats and Republicans will be able to find common ground," he said Monday.

Opposition To Tax Increases

The ability to find common ground may depend on just one man's definition of revenue — a man not in the White House or the Capitol. He's anti-tax lobbyist Grover Norquist, and he's gotten the vast majority of Republicans to sign a pledge saying they will oppose any and all tax increases. A few signatories have recently come out saying they won't be bound by the pledge, but Norquist made it clear Monday on Fox News that they do so at their own peril.

"We could ask President Bush, George Herbert Walker Bush, how his second term went after he broke his pledge," he said.

Those comments might explain why many in Washington are brainstorming ways to raise revenues without, strictly speaking, raising tax rates. Those ideas include capping deductions for the wealthy, more broadly limiting deductions, and possibly even making the wealthy pay the top tax rate on every dollar they earn.

David Kamin, an assistant professor of law at New York University, was involved in last year's debt-ceiling negotiations as a special assistant to the president.

"It's a possible place where people could maybe get to a compromise. It's also a classic move," Kamin says, "where one side says they don't want to increase the statutory rate, but the other side says maybe there's a way we could kind of do it in a different way that doesn't increase the statutory rate but gets us to the same place."

Falling Over The Fiscal Cliff

He says it's both mathematically and politically impossible to get all the revenue needed through closing loopholes and capping deductions while also lowering rates, which is what Republicans are calling for.

But unlike last year's debt ceiling negotiations, Democrats are the ones with the ultimate trump card, says Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., a member of the House Budget Committee.

"If they don't put any additional revenue on the table, the fiscal cliff is going to deliver more revenue than anybody wants," he says.

That revenue will come from automatic tax increases on just about everyone — if Congress and the president don't work something out by the end of the year.

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Moishela Speaks the Hard Truth!


Discussion with Moishela (and his family) Part 10
A handicapped child
9 Kislev 5773 (Nov 22’12)

Very Soon There Will Be Another War

I’m sorry that I inconvenienced everyone so much to hear what I have to say tonight. But I truly believe that we are going into a very frightening dangerous time. Yesterday I wrote that no one should leave Eretz Yisroel (in discussion-part 9). There is no reason whatsoever, ever now to leave Eretz Yisroel.

I’m sure that many who read what I said are very upset with this idea, but I must tell you clearly that I know what I’m talking about. And of course many people will go anyway and they’ll come back safe and sound and they’ll say, “Look, I went and I came back and everything is fine so the warning is a bunch of nonsense”. But I will tell you this, it’s not nonsense and in Shomayim there is a Kitrug on Am Yisroel, because Am Yisroel goes against a very important Halachah that is brought down in Gemara,  that you’re NOT allowed to leave Eretz Yisroel Stam (for no valid Halachic reason) and when everybody flies off for vacations or for weddings, or for Bar Mitzvas, or to buy the Kallah her wardrobe, or to get a breath of fresh air, there is a very big Shailah (question) on all of these things. A person who is more Frum can find reasons for going. One of the biggest reasons is Parnassa, but so many of those that go for Parnassa, are exposed to the worst Pritzus in the world.

Air travel for example is very not Tzniusdik. Men and women gather in front of the toilets waiting. This is not very Tzniusdik. Men stand and Daven. Sometimes it’s so crowded when they Daven that they lean on the people sitting in the isles and many of those people are women, not to speak of the seating arrangements that are not always what we would like. People on airplanes sleep, especially when they go to America; the Frum and the non-Frum, and you can never know how you’ll see a woman sleeping, which is absolutely not Tzniusdik. And besides all the non-Frum with their skimpy outfits, and their giggling and their talking, it’s not for a Frum person to be exposed to, and a real Yid, a Shtarker (strong) Yid would never expose himself to that, and he would trust Hashem for his Parnassa.

This traveling back and forth will come to an end, an abrupt end. And when it happens there will be those stuck in foreign countries without a way to get back. I’m warning you in Shomayim it’s coming to the end, in Shomayim they are not willing any more to hear of such things.

There are also those who fly back and forth for family Simchas. They just wait for a family Simcha as an excuse to fly away. There are people that leave their children in all different homes, Erlicha (G-d fearing) homes and fly off to all the Simchas. But it’s improper to leave your children in strange homes, even if they are relatives unless there’s an excellent reason, flying off to a Bar Mitzvah or to a wedding is not an excellent reason.

A home that’s not the child’s home, could have a different level of Kashrus, could have different Minhagim in Tznius, and therefore it‘s not the thing to do at all. There are those who simply go for vacation to Italy to rest or maybe to The Alps for Pesach in a strictly Kosher LeMehadrin not Gebrox Hotel. However, how can it be that we suffered so much to leave Mitzrayim; we Davened so much to leave Mitzrayim and we leave Eretz Yisroel to go to Switzerland for Pesach? It’s absolutely horrific. It’s absolutely absurd. Then there are those that go to work for Parnassa. To work in Chutz Laaretz technically that’s allowed (Halachicly) but actually it’s better to stay here.

All this running from place to place only confuses the person. Travelling shakes a person up, and brings him out of his Seder. Can you really Daven on an airplane?  The first few days you are in America can you really Daven or in England or in Europe or in Australia or wherever, can you really Daven? When you’re running from place to place can you really have closeness to HaKodosh Boruch Hu? It’s very hard.

A Jew needs a Seder. He has to get up everyday at a certain time, Daven at a certain time, eat at a certain time, and continue his day divided up between learning, maybe making a bit of Parnassa, and Davening. A person needs his place always; his usual regular place. He needs his place where he stands in the Shul and Davens. He needs that Seder in order that he should have a clear mind without confusion, but whoever likes the excitement of the confusion, can’t ever really get close to Hashem. That’s why our world today is full of confusion. We have every kind of fast food you can dream of with a Hechsher, a Mehadrin Hechsher. We have all kind of plays and shows on Chol Hamoed. We have all kind of trips for Avreichim and their wives, and it’s all to confuse us. Of course it’s not as bad as in America, where people hop off to Disney world, or Disney Land, or Epcot, or who knows what. But still it’s not the way it’s supposed to be. We’re confused and we’ve been getting away with it for a long time. But now the problem is that those young people who grew up in such a world can’t really be Yiddishe Mamas and Yiddishe Tattas because they don’t know how. They don’t know how to pass on the true Mesoras (tradition). Of course there are exceptions, but the exceptions are very small.

Most of the Olam have forgotten the feeling, the sensitivity of a Jewish heart, of a Jewish mind. They don’t understand why flying could be not Tzniusdik. They do not understand why having Pesach in Switzerland might not be appropriate. They don’t know why they can’t go to the Dead Sea, Pesach time to a hotel with the best Hechsher and non-Gebrox. They don’t understand why they cannot go swimming and come out of the pool and eat the tantalizing kosher L’Pesach food in their wet bathing suits. These people usually are very insistent that all the food should be Mehadrin non-Gebrox but they have no problem saying a Brocha in a bathing suit. In this kind of generation, what kind of children can it produce? What kind? Even those families that the children are seemingly more Frum than the parents, something is missing because that’s the way they were raised and even if they look much more Frum inside, they still go out for dinner and this brings to very terrible things.

In the United States people go out to eat dinner as I just said. What’s going out for dinner? They call it “quality time together”. They talk like the Goyim, in Israel it’s become the same. They need to get away from their Tzoros. They don’t go to Daven at the Kosel. They go out to eat in some place that tantalizes your taste buds and gives you some kind of Goyish atmosphere, all with a Hechsher. Even in Israel this definitely exists. Not only the Frum Americans that live here indulge in this, the Frum Israelis as well.

All these things are producing Yiddishe children that have lost the beauty of the Erlich Yiddishe Neshamah, lost the beauty of the Temimusdik face, lost the beauty of the soul, and this is the saddest part of this time in history. Once you could always find really Erlicha Yidden, but today most are only putting on a show. Most are only a bad imitation of what once was.

We have Chassidim that are very exact in all their Levush (dress code) short pants high socks Shtreimels. Have you seen the Shtreimels lately? It’s absolutely ridiculous. You could think it’s a clown’s hat. It’s so high that I don’t even know how they balance it on their heads, it’s absolutely ridiculous. Their clothes, the men’s’ clothes are often so tight that you can see the men’s’ bodies wiggling as they walk in the street. I can’t understand it. Men that were Chasidim in by gone years, in Europe and in America that had the courage to wear all the Levush in public even though non religious Jews and Goyim both obviously were angry at their appearance. They wore large coats, not clothes that show their bodies as they walk. However if someone today dares to go with clothing that seems to large they are branded with disdain as “Chanyok”. What happened to Am Yisroel?

The Litvish won’t get off the hook either. How many boys in Yeshivas are only worried about their hats, their ties, their suits, their shirts, and their cufflinks? Their cufflinks are a major problem for some of them. And when they go out with a girl, well, they have to know if she has good Middos, but they are not talking about the characteristics of the girl, if she is kind, if she is smart, if she is charitable. They are talking about the size of her dress. This is so sad, so very sad. This is not Yiddishkeit; it’s Goyishkeit. And I want to tell you that it’s going to stop. You can pat yourselves on the back from morning to night, and be sure that you are the best Jews around, that you are so close to Hashem, and that you learn very many hours. It’s all worth nothing, if you don’t have the spirit. If you don’t have the Pnimius, then it’s worth nothing. Hashem is going to stop it.

You saw what happened with Sandy? The Egel HaZahav got the brunt of the destruction. Just take away the electricity and we’re all in bad shape. We’re finished with our fancy ties. We’re finished with our fancy Shaitels. We’re finished with our tight dresses. We’re finished with our makeup. We’re finished with food and we’re finished with almost everything that keeps us alive. No electricity means we’re finished, Chas VeSholom!

So I suggest right now that you take stock of yourselves. See clearly how far away you have gotten, how far we’ve gotten in so short a time. Sixty years ago there were still some people that were really Erlich. Today you have to look for them with a magnifying glass. So this message is to prepare us. Remember what I said. We are doing things that are improper, and we think they are Kosher. We think that when we’re on an airplane and eat a Badatz meal, that we’re Kosher but we’re not. Because the whole thing is Traif. It’s all Traif. And you can go to any Rav and ask them and they will often say to you, “you can fly”. It’s just what is written about this generation; Pnai HaDor KePnai HaKelev.

Everyone is worried if you don’t let them do what they want, they may leave Yiddishkeit or they might become less observant. Well it’s not going to help to give them what they want. Hashem is going to make a Seder and everybody who is a real Yid is going to do Teshuva. It’s going to be hard, so start the process now. As I told you before, we’re in a dark tunnel already. There is only two little slivers of light left. We’re going into a great darkness. If you’re not going to be prepared, if you don’t really have a Jewish Neshamah and I’m not talking about Geray Tzedek, I’m talking about Erev Rav who are Jews from birth, if you don’t do Teshuva now, and you don’t straighten out your lives, then by the time Moshiach comes,  I guess you won’t be around to greet him.

It’s very nice to talk about Sandy and to talk about the missiles that were in Israel in the last week or so, but when it comes to Teshuva nobody knows what I’m talking about. So what is Teshuva? People think that if they take their Tehillim say a few Kapitlach (chapters), and are a little bit more careful about their Kashrus, and make sure they don’t talk Loshon Hora about Reshoim, then they think they are being good. It’s not enough. It’s ridiculous. We’re nowhere near where we need to be, and I’m worried and I’m afraid for Am Yisroel. So if my words are too sharp for you, I’m very sorry but I must try to save you Beezras Hashem or to get you to try to save yourselves and if its too hard, to harsh, then throw this paper away, and I’ll Daven for you.

Yesterday a ceasefire was signed between The State of Israeli and the Arabs. This ceasefire is a joke. Very soon there will be another war that will drag on and on and cause us much anxiety and suffering. The only way that we can get through this is Rachmai Shomayim.

What I have said above is only examples of the problems of our generation. These are only small examples of how far this generation of so-called Frum Yidden have gotten from the Truth, and I feel that I must say these things to you my fellow Jews because I love you and I want you to get through these last wars without unneeded suffering. I Bentch all Am Yisroel that we should greet Moshiach Tzidkainu BeRachamim Uv’Simcha in the very near future.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Tzaddik of Tzfat זצ''ל

I found some old Torah on the internet from my dear Chavrusa Yonatan, who died a while back. Yonatan was one of my best friends of all time, and his Torah only gets louder and clearer as the days trickle on. It was him who broke me into yeshiva learning; countless hours of him teaching me the true path to learning Torah, the Yonatan way. He was an African-American Chasidic Jew straight out of Compton...the Compton [L.A.]

As I am nearing completion of Shir HaShirim [5 years in the making], I am honing in on its message. Most are aware of the Love theme in the Book, and I think Yonatan answered for me just what "its" all about.

In the words of Yonatan, in reference to God's Greatness, "Who!!!!! Would have thought, to create a kiss?

It seems that Shlomo HaMelech wanted to know the same question, i.e. Shir HaShirim.

Here is more Torah I found by Yonatan, and again, he was right.

by Jonathan Streetsong 

Jews of Color 


It is commonly known that the woman is spiritually higher than the man. Some people feel that men are physically stronger than women. Yet in fact the opposite is true! How do we know this? When Moshe was on Sinai and asked to see HaShem, HaShem replied that I will let you see My back but My face you cannot see. The English would imply that HaShem has a backside and a face hashveshalom. In the Hebrew the word 'panim' can have various meanings. One of them is internal. The word 'ahar' translated into English would be 'back' implying that there is a back of HaShem hashveshalom. But in Hebrew it can be also mean external. So if we use the more accurate translation for this situation He would have said you can see My external side but not My internal. From this it is be understood that there is a masculine aspect of G-dliness and a feminine aspect of G-dliness. It is reflected in the physical world in the physical body, in the form of the mans body is external and the form of the woman's body is internal. It is also reflected in their different roles that they play in life. The home [the internal] is the domain of the woman whereas the external is reflected in the man whereas he goes 'out' into the world to make a living. This is not to say as some cultures may believe that a woman should not have a job. It says in Ashet Hiyeel that she considers a field and buys it: from her earnings she plants a vineyard. This implies that she is involved in real estate so there is such thing as a business woman. Yet her domain in truth is the home and the fact is that she can actually do both.

The point of this is to break the myth of what people may think a woman truly is. The ideal and not necessarily for every situation is to give her the decision of what she wants to do. Some women don't mind working while the man learns full time. Some people think that is unfair or cruel but it's not true. It takes deep understanding of each and every situation in order to balance each and everyone's personal life and live it to the fullest in comfort and joy. But back to the point how is the woman 'definitively' physically stronger than the man? It would seem that from the 'external' view that the man is stronger than the woman using the 'concept of averages', most men are stronger than women. But this is the external view. Even that is debatable because the strongest person in the world could be a woman. Do we know who is the strongest person in the world? However the subject that we are want to deal with is is "actual" strength. But first let's come to the true definition of what is strength. Man's basic energy comes from food, bottom line. Although on a deeper level that's not true. HaShem can give life without food if He desires. But on the simple physical level strength comes from food. So what is the one thing that a woman's body can do that a man's can't? Have a baby? No, that doesn't count because she has to have the male seed in order to do that. The thing that a women's body can do that a man's can't is feed two bodies. A man can not do that. Isn't that a phenomena? The body of a woman can produce sustenance!

Therefore the ultimate truth of the the matter is that woman's body is in fact physically stronger than man's. In some circles it's been heard women speak about the bracha, "Blessed are You G-d who has not made me a woman. Some say it doesn't seem fair to have such a blessing. For those who understand the meaning behind this bracha it is enough. For those who feel that it is questionable here is an interpretation that was heard that may make it easier to understand. Blessed are You G-d who did not make me a woman because if you have made me a woman I would not be able to experience all of the joy and pleasure that a woman has to bring. 

Maspeak l'haven: A word to the wise is sufficient.

Thank you Yonatan for answering Shlomo's riddle, otherwise known as Shir HaShirim. I just call it Yonatan's Torah: Being in Love with God, the Torah way.

Here is a mushel that I think drives home this point.


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