Monday, January 21, 2013

Rav Ovadiah Speaketh HaEmeth?!

Ovadiah comes out against Bayit Yehudi - and I could not agree more! I find Benet and his cronies to be a bit funny, and I don't think Israel needs to be more moderate. It certainly doesn't need to be more Brooklyn either; Where is the creative influx into Zionism - something throwback-ish to Vilna Gaon Zionism. Something actually Emes?
 [as opposed to a new layer of moderate Sheker?]

Also, Vilna Gaon/Shir HaShirim 101 - do not touch the Temple Mount [- as opposed to "blowing it up" as Bayit Yehudi wants to say.]

The Klal "lo lidchok et haketz" [don't force the end] basically applies to any abrupt force towards the Temple. The Third Temple is a Temple of Peace, Rest, and Prayer. If anything/one abuses the locale of the temple, Hashem has promised immense suffering upon Israel. [Shir HaShirim chp. 2]

May the election go well, may Jews find Emes in israel, may rabbis find the Torah is a command while politics hold back the geulah [see Mordechai and his ill advised politics in Purim as darshened by Chazal], and may moderation [in face of sofer-ism] go the way of the wind.
In short, another election, another rabbi, another useless spattle over quasi Judaism to pass the time.

Where is Moshiach?


The right-wing Orthodox Jewish Home is no home for Jews, and Israelis should not vote for the party, Shas party spiritual leader and former Sephardic chief rabbi Ovadia Yosef said during his weekly sermon on Saturday.

“They call them the ‘Jewish Home’ but this is not a home for Jews; it is a home of goyim [gentiles],” Yosef said. “They want to uproot the Torah, to institute civil marriage. It’s forbidden to vote for them. These are religious people? Anyone who votes for them denies the Torah.”

Yosef’s comments came after Ayelet Shaked, who’s fifth on the Jewish Home party’s list, alluded last week to the need to institute some form of civil marriage in Israel. The Jewish Home has also been outspoken in supporting easier conversion to Judaism, stating that it would seek to wrest control of the process from the ultra-Orthodox after the elections.

“They are all wicked, haters of Torah and mitzvot. They want to institute public transportation on Shabbat,” Yosef charged. “A Jew who wants to marry won’t have to go to the rabbinate — have you heard? How can they call themselves religious? How can we be complicit in this?”

In response, Jewish Home leader Naftali Bennett called Yosef an “important spiritual leader” whom “we revere and respect,” and said that the Jewish Home, whose purpose is to be “a bridge between sectors of society,” has been attacked from all sides, so “we’re probably on the right path.”

Yosef’s comments came after a scrap late last week between Bennett and Shas’s leader, Interior Minister Eli Yishai.

On Wednesday, Bennett wrote on his Facebook page that, after the elections, his party would “demand control over conversions.”

There are hundreds of thousands of Israelis who want and need conversions, but the system that is supposed to help them has become corrupt, he added.

“It turns out the Jewish Home doesn’t really want to safeguard Judaism,” Yishai said in response.

If the conversion process is supervised by the Jewish Home party there will be “mixed marriages between Jews and non-Jews,” he warned, adding that traditional and observant Jewish voters should therefore avoid the party.

While acknowledging that there might be some problems with the current conversion system, Yishai pointed out that over the past decade, it was headed by Rabbi Haim Druckman, a former MK for the Jewish Home’s earlier incarnation, the National Religious Party.

Ultra-Orthodox rabbis in the Chief Rabbinate have been vehemently fighting Druckman-led initiatives whose purpose is to ease the conversion process. Some rabbis have even advocated the annulment of Orthodox conversions that to their mind aren’t sufficiently stringent.

In addition to conversion, religious authorities control a number of key life-cycle events in Israel, including marriage and burial ceremonies, which must be conducted according to Jewish, Christian or Muslim tradition.


Unknown said...

You wrote: "see Mordechai and his ill advised politics in Purim as darshened by Chazal".

Please give specific places where Chazal criticize Mordechai. Your sources, please.

All the best,

rabbi david katz said...

rashi 10:3

Anonymous said...

Agree with your analysis and that of Eli Yishai. The breakdown of Jewish law has gotten out of hand and the new political correctness on the part of Bayit Yehudi & others is unacceptable. The sanctity of the Jewish nation is always top priority in Jewish law because Torah does trump all. Also, there are not hundreds of thousands of non-Jews wanting and waiting to convert! These are goyim who came because Israel allowed and even aided in bringing them in to get benefits, but mostly, to water down the Jewishness and Jewish identity of the State. Politics is not what will save the Jewish identity but only Torah and the Jews waking up to relying on no nation or their help, etc., but only relying on our Creator.

Anonymous said...

In answer to commenter #1, unknown: Read where Mordechai waa the head of the Sanhedrin (think he was or one of the main sages) and because he was involved in the govt or court of the king of Persia, he couldn't devote much time to Torah, and the sages were upset with him for this.

Anonymous said...

I believe that Rav Ovadia was misled by the Shas politicians. Bayit Yehudi is a national religoius party with alot of rabinical backing. They are certainly not Goyim!!! I assume you do nlot live in Israel - otherwise you would write Rav Ovadia and not just his first name. Also, if you want Moshiach, then do not promote Sinat Chinam!!

David said...

how has ovadia yosef brought israel anywhere near moshiach? it is an absolute steera to claim to be an emes rav and heavily involved in politics.again, see what was written about even mordechai. why would you assume that i dont live in israel? i would assume that it would be only logical for israel to have even one rabbi that is influential and true while avoiding politics. the closest we have is rav kanievsky; he is the last of that breed [i feel before moshiach]. nowadays its about money. and certainly shas [and her members/leader] is 100% about money and power. hardly traits that are commendable.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Soul Mazal....Rav Ovadiah just sounds like a desperate politician making last minute statements attacking everyone they can. Why are they attacking Bennett? Because he speaks the truth. There are major problems here with corrupt Rabbi's and things must be done. And if I am not mistaken, Israeli's will send a message to Shas today as they will to the Likud. People are tired of politics. They want the truth.

David said...

true, but bennetts message offers no better alternative - thats my point. where is the true alternative? frankly that will be moshiach.

Klishlishi said...

It is remarkable that at the moment everyone, Likud, Feiglinists, Meretz, Labour, Bibi, Ovadia Yosef, Livnat, Obama, Steinerman, Caroline Glick, Meretz, Hotovely, Tibi, Degel, Aguda, the Kahanists and even the Haredim at the Wailing Wall today, are all baying for Bennett's blood!

Such opposition could be a sign that Bennett is "A Man of Destiny" c.f. the initial opposition of many Israelites to their Redeemer Moshe Rabbeinu.

Bennett talks about Jewish achdus, about the Temple, about ingathering all the Jews in to Israel, he is hitec and knows the new generation's mindset, he seems to show a genuine Ahavas Yisrael not seen since Begin, he quotes Written and Oral Torah, he impresses the Gentiles, he is firm but not militant towards Yishmoel.....might these not hint at possible Messianic qualities?

Anonymous said...

Bennett is offering an incredible alternative- he is offering the bridging of the religious secular gap by a reliance on strong Jewish values and a strong connection to the land of Israel... he is young, uncorrupted and just the right person who can shift the debate in Israel and garner a following that is a cross section of Israeli society - how can one not be moved by this video:,7340,L-4335205,00.html

David said...

only it is bennet-ism rather than torah. he is promoting a judaism that isnt true. temple mount issues are ossur, and he may talk achdus, but his results are not encouraging. and again, ultimately, politics+ torah = 0. Gufa.

Shiloh said...

David, maybe you also are promoting a Judaism that is not true also. No one here has any answers that can solve it, and if there was a messiah, you would not listen to him either. We need to turn back to God and not the traditions of men.

David said...

like reinstituting the ger? [i.e. the real tanach, real jewish history, etc.]

Klishlishi said...

The Chazon Ish said that voting has the status of a mitzva and that on voting day casting one's ballot takes priority over putting on Tefillin.

David is not a Satmarer or Neturei Karta, so what exactly is his Torah reasoning for his staunchly not voting today?!

David said...

the medina holds it as national holiday; i will be staunchly watching two small orphaned children

bbgn said...

Respectfully, R' , what a bout "blowing up" Har Ha'Zeitim? Is that permitted by -Kim' ?

David said...

If for purpose leading to or in connection to temple ...ossur

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