Monday, October 31, 2011

God's Tribe: Noahides and Jews : The Quest Of Levi

Click Here For Shiur About Bnei Noach And Their Connection To The Kohen Gadol And The Tribe Of Levi!

  • Who was Shem? (Shem Ben Noach)
  • Was Shem a Kohen?
  • Did Jacob Tithe Levi?
  • Why do we wear Tzitzit?
  • Does Tzitzit have to have a blue thread?
  • Can an angel bring one before God?
  • Can a Non-Jew be like a Kohen Gadol?
  • Are you serious?
  • Is there a tribe of God?
"I the LORD have called unto you in righteousness, and have taken hold of your hand, and submitted you as the people's covenant, as a light unto the nations"

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Is This Our Gog V' Magog Earthquake Shaking?

Come on Assad, play your part in the Saarei Yismael falling...What Number Are You?

Western powers risk causing an "earthquake" that would burn the Middle East if they intervened in Syria, President Bashar Assad said in an interview with Britain's Sunday Telegraph newspaper.

"Syria is the hub now in this region. It is the fault line, and if you play with the ground you will cause an earthquake," he said. "Do you want to see another Afghanistan, or tens of Afghanistans?"

Syrian forces kill 40, protesters demand int'l protection 

"Any problem in Syria will burn the whole region. If the plan is to divide Syria, that is to divide the whole region," Assad said.

Assad's comments came as Arab ministers said on Friday they had sent an urgent message calling on him to end seven months of violence against civilians following the killing of 40 pro-democracy demonstrators by Syrian forces.

It was the Arab League's strongest message on the relentless crackdown by Syrian forces, who on Friday shot dead at least 40 protesters calling for international protection for Syria's pro-democracy protesters, activists said.

The League's Arab Ministers Committee on the Syrian Crisis said it sent an "urgent message ... to the Syrian government expressing its severe discontent for the continued killing of Syrian civilians."

The Committee "expressed the hope that the Syrian government would take action to protect civilians," the statement said. Arab ministers are due to meet Syrian officials on Sunday in the Qatari capital of Doha.

The killings were mainly in the cities of Hama and Homs where men loyal to Assad have raided homes in their efforts to stop protests and a nascent armed insurgency against his autocratic rule.

....and they all [The Jews] lived happily ever after, after Assad epicly failed, in his success to bring Moshiach by fighting God...come on Assad, bring her home.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Parasha: Lech Lecha (Go To Israel Nu!) [With Ramban]

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pollard And The Shechina: Together In Galus

Pollard existed for the sake of Shalit: Shalit existed for the sake of Pollard!

"Gilad Shalit's release gives me hope. I hope I get out of (prison) alive too," Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, who is serving a life sentence on the United States, reportedly told his wife Esther.

According to a Thursday report in Yedioth Ahronoth, the comment was made in a phone conversation between the Pollards, held several days ago.
Esther Pollard said that her husband had prayed for Shalit's safe release and was moved by the news that the IsraelHamasprisoner exchange deal proved successful.

"Gilad Shalit's release gives us new hope about Jonathan's release… since (Shalit's) release I've received many letters from people all over the world, expressing their hope that our nightmare will also be over soon.

"People have said that they can't believe that even at a point in time when things with Hamas are getting done, even with the friendliest country to Israel and even with President (Barack) Obama who believes in justice and human rights – this issue remains open and they don't free him."

Pollard's wife mentioned that during the past few weeks her husband has been suffering from severe pains and was even unable to make it to the phone on a number of occasions. Sometimes Congress members had to be called in to intervene so Pollard would be given pain killers to ease his suffering.

"When I heard about US Vice President Joe Biden agreeing to meet with Jewish leaders to discuss Jonathan's release I felt, for a moment, that I can see the end is near.

"Even the CIA chief, state secretaries and numerous senior officials maintained there is disproportion here and that he must be set free. Meanwhile, three weeks have gone by. I just hope it happens before it's too late. I feel that Jonathan is struggling everyday to make it to the next day."

What is in Pollard's Name? :

  • יהונתן = נתניהו ...two souls bound up in each other at the crucial time in history for both.
  • יהונתן בן (a son of Klal Yisrael) 573...derech eretz chen דרך ארץ חן: the Gentiles have the mitzvah of Derech Eretz has being Bnei Noach. Noach = Chen/Grace נח/חן...For the Jews our Derech Eretz is to do Pidyon Shvuyim for a fellow Jew, and for Obama, it would be tremendous Derech Eretz to do the job.
  • יהונתן בן מוריס : is 889, the Gemara says there are 889 Gardens in the future of Jerusalem, that Pollard Shall B'H see in his lifetime.
  • יונתן = the value 516 התקוה: supreme Hope / and Israeli Pride, as this is his Home.
  • יונתן פולארד = is 837 הארץ ישראל which is what his concept really is about, The Land of Israel and its implications.
  • Roshei Tayvot: מבי Moshiach Ben Yosef....a Bechinah of Yosef in prison, as stated by Ha Rav Mordechai Eliyahu.
  • Sofei Tayvot: דן הנס as seen by his Gematria of 573-5 "ה", which is 568 פינחס בן אלעזר, what is the connection: Pinchas relied on a miracle when he was zealous for God, and tradition says without the miracle, he would have been chayav misa: Pollard who acted zealous for God shows us a death penalty when we don't have a miraculous help from heaven..."judge the miracle", we must daven that he be a true יהונתן "God- Given."
  • מלכה מוריס is 411: תהו chaos, atbash of אמת...we must see through chaos and reach the truth.
  • יהונתן: works into ינון and the other letters into צא [to] go out [to war] in the name of Yinon, a name of Moshiach, and its full gematria: עוד יוסף חי Yosef still lives, Pollard must remain alive, and see the Geulah, Bechina klal Yisrael/Yaakov.
  • יונתן (God put) בן (his son) מוריס (blackened, like the Shechinah in Galus) מלכה (the Queen, Yisrael who is black like the Shechinah as described in Shir Hashirim)
  • דן ס''ד (end letters) : May he be judged with Siyata D' Shamaya to show the Glory of God.
  • גלעד יונתן (atbash) 466 is שמעון: don't hear "shem avon, the name of sin, rather שמוע-ון, a state of being heard...גלעדי יהונתן = (atbash) = 596..ירושלים...may it be this year with both there to see it, as brothers amongst Klal Yisrael.
  • Morris spelled in Hebrew functions as a valid Gematria according to the Gra who says we have 7 names at least, and what we are called functions as 1/7 ; Pollard means Small and Brave, which is what a Jew in Galus must feel like - Small, amongst the Nations, Brave, amongst the Nations.

    Moshiach and Geulah 5772...Yerushalayim Rebuilt.

    Tuesday, October 25, 2011

    Fate Loves A Sense Of Irony - Turkey!

                                            Ironic City
                                           Turkey & Israel

    Here is a great read about Fate and Israeli Politics:  I don't know what's going on with Israeli Politics, but it looks like Hashem is playing them like a fiddle.
    Shalit, Turkey, whats next? ( Bibi and Rahm conspiring to get Pollard out? - yeah right)

    Turkey on Tuesday finally accepted Israel's earthquake aid, two days after a devastating temblor hit eastern Turkey, and following a number of rebuffed Israeli government offers of assistance.

    According to a Foreign Ministry spokesman, the Turks made a request through Israel's embassy in Ankara for Israel to send mobile homes to the devastated Van province where the earthquake hit.

    Erdogan visits quake disaster, says he fears for villages
    Search and rescue in Turkey
    The Defense Ministry chartered a civilian 747 plane Tuesday night to take seven mobile homesto Turkey on Wednesday. According to a Defense Ministry official, this will be the first of a number of planes that will be sent carrying aid.

    The official would not comment on whether the reason a civilian plane was hired, and that an IDF transport plane was not being used, was because of a Turkish ban on Israeli military flights over Turkey since theMavi Marmara incident in May 2010.

    Since the earthquake hit on Sunday, both President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu contacted their Turkish counterparts and offered assistance.

    At this point the Turks have not asked for Israeli personnel to help rescue and recovery efforts. After a massive earthquake there in 1999, Israel dispatched a  search and rescue team of some 250 people, plus a field hospital.

    Defense Minister Ehud Barak set up a small team in the ministry on Tuesday to look at what other aid can be supplied, and how to best to get it there.

    One foreign ministry source warned against reading any diplomatic significance in the Turkish acceptance of the Israeli assistance, saying all this showed was that there was a massive humanitarian tragedy in Turkey and a real need for help dealing with it. The number of dead in the earthquake rose Tuesday to over 430, with that number expected to grow in the coming days.

    Turkey sent a firefighting airplane to Israel in December to help put out the Carmel Forest fire. This gesture did not lead to a breakthrough in thawing the tensions between Israel and Turkey, though initially there was some hope it would do so.

    Is there more to come from Hashem? Is the mask of creation coming off? Let's hope its going from Histaras Panim to Gilui : From Pekida to Zechira as it says in the Zohar and Kisvey Ramchal : To see Geulah B' Gilui!
    Moshiach & Beish Hamikdash 5772

    2012: The Cosmic Tu' B' Shevat: Mazal D'li Jewish Age Of Aquarius

    Here is a new thought:
    There are 6000 years of creation, and we liken these years to 6 days of the working week. Thus 1000 years is 1 day on the cosmic clock. The year 5500 was 6 A.M. for example.
    The notion is, that by 6 P.M. will culminate all 6000 years of creation and we shall enter the Great Shabbos, trekking into the abyss of 6000-7000 blissful Shabbos Years.

    Everyone knows of a 2012 concept, a sort of cyclic time theory of the Mayan Calendar. One idea floating with the Mayan premise, is that Dec 21 2012 would usher in the Age of Aquarius.
    Each astrological age runs roughly 2000 years, and we are coming to the end of the 3rd 2000 year cycle: 2000 years of Tohu, 2000 years of Torah, and 2000 years of Moshiach....into the last segment: 2000 + years of Shabbos.

    What connection can we see within Aquarius and Judaism? The answer is simple: Tu' B' Shvat: The Rosh Hashana of the Trees. Adam was commanded to not eat from The Tree Of Knowledge, and he did not eat of the Tree of Life either - being exiled from Gan Eden. On Tu'B'Shavt, we are commanded to eat of trees and davka their fruit. The month of Shevat, is synonymous with D'Li / Aquarius in Jewish Astrology.

    Click here for Jewish Astrology on Shirat Devorah: For an explanation and background.

    In short, will the Messianic Age be that of a return to Gan Eden to eat of the Trees of Knowledge and Life, and enter into the Shabbos that Adam was to merit?  Perhaps we are on a cosmic clock of destiny, one that is davka of the Trees and Fruit...Dec 21 2012 =  Tu ' B' Shvat of a Cosmic Nature  = Jewish D'Li/Aquarius, signaling the end of a Jewish 2000 year age: Galus...and moving into 2000 + years of Shabbos/ Eternal Geulah.

    The return to the Garden of Eden, to eat the Fruit of Adam, Fruit that he was to earn the right to eat from...a return to Innocence...a Cosmic Return...A Cosmic Rosh Hashana...A Cosmic Tu'B'Shvat...Mazal D'Li - Jewish Time.
    2012/5772-3...Moshiach Tzidkenu

    Monday, October 24, 2011

    Sunday, October 23, 2011

    Shalom Rubashkin: The Name Tells Another Story

    The general case is this: CLICK HERE

    What is found in his name:

    שלום מרדכי בן אברהם אהרן/ רבקה

    • End letters Gematria: 195 = ה'קץ "The End"
    • 195 = הצילני = "Save Me"
    • Beginning Letters: 744 = לדחוק את הקץ = "To force the end", as it is said, Hashem will raise up another Haman to force/לדחוק the Jews to do Teshuva.
    • שלום מרדכי בן רבקה 1001  (atbash) A Big alef = elef (1000) and a small alef (1), the idea being א something small, can be blown in elef (1000) something 1000 fold bigger.
    • End letters of parents names: המן = Haman, again, reference that in the end of days the non Jewish nations will stand Haman on us to get us to do Teshuva.
    • Beginning Letters: שמר = to be protected (Bezras Hashem)
    • First Letters: ש-מ-א-א-ב = 344 = Pardes פרדס or Bris ברית in atbash. פרדס  in atbash is 117, atbash of תפלה...thus with prayer, we can invoke the Bris with Hashem, into a Pardes.  פרדס + ברית = the value 956,  בית מדרש / House of Study...and his beginning letters again form 544, מדרש = study. People need to learn and daven to do Teshuva..sounds cliche, but that's what is here in the name, and its lacking in this generation, day by day more. (Learning and Davening, which chazal say would have been a geulah shleimah of Purim had Mordechai avoided Politics; The message here of Shalom Mordechai: Learn and daven from the Nisayon of Politics)
    • שלום מרדכי = רד כי של מום = "it came down like that of a mutilation/deformed [person]" Ie. one would think he butchered somebody or killed people with dodgy products from animal abuse, which this is davka not that.
    • Initial Letters: בא שם ארר... this comes in the name of a curse.
    • אשם בארר...charged with a curse.
    • What do we say on Purim: Blessed is Mordechai and Cursed is Haman; Shalom Mordechai, is as if we have said "goodbye" to Mordechai (Shalom), leaving us with the cursed of Haman. As was seen,  Haman is in his name...This שלום מרדכי is feeling the wrath of "cursed is Haman"... which is to get the Am Yisrael to do Teshuvah...He has taken on himself the wrath of Haman and the curse/revenge he holds as שלום מרדכי obvious target for Haman.
    • אמר שר בא ..."to say the Ministering Host has come." The Nations each have an angelic host above, each awaiting to fall down in light of our Teshuva...his task: is to, "say the Host has come"...awaiting its fall...שם אר' בא...the name AR'milos has come..the שר/ Host of the Erev Rav, the last stages of Galus, of which our Teshuva will release us from...which can come with just one heartfelt, הצילני = "SAVE ME" as Yaakov said with Esav....This "Haman" wants us to turn to God, and is holding Jewish Neshamos  ransom, trying to force the end with Teshuva, as seen with Holy Souls held captive around the world.

     'I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, by the gazelles, and by the hinds of the field, that ye awaken not, nor stir up love, until it please.'   -Shir Hashirim

    Hashem asks the nations, " Don't force Israel to do Teshuva, for I shall Harm them worse." (ie. Let them figure it out!)

    May Hashem Be compared to the deer, as it says in the end of Shir Hashirim, and quickly bring Geulah!

     "Make haste, my beloved, and be thou like to a gazelle or to a young hart upon the mountains of spices"
    ...And bring Moshiach Today! as Moshiach has said, he shall come today...If we listen to his voice.

    Moshiach 5772

    Friday, October 21, 2011

    Ap-Proxy-mately When Will Israel Reach Iran?

    America did not lose even one soldier,yet spent 1 billion dollars in their proxy NATO war. 

    Is Israel the next Proxy to lash out in this Arab Spring, ie. [Obama's gift to]get back Shalit then hit Iran and do America's dirty laundry of NWO in the name of an epic propaganda war?

    Has Obama found eternal life: letting the Israelis fight and die; why kill Americans, when they make better Serfs in Radical Social [Rahm Emanuel Zion]ism? If it worked in Egypt, let it work in Israel; such is the methodology of the Egyptian Erev the Midrash says: The first Redeemer is as the Final Moshe Part 1 will look as Moshe Part 2.

    Call him the billion-dollar man. One billion for one dictator.
    According to the Pentagon, that was the cost to U.S. taxpayers for Muammar el-Qaddafi's head: $1.1 billion through September, the latest figure just out of the Defense Department.
    And that's just for the Americans.
    The final totals will take some time to add up, and still do not include the State Department, CIA, and other agencies involved or other NATO and participating countries. Vice President Joe Biden said that the U.S. "spent $2 billion total and didn't lose a single life." NATO does not track the operational costs to each member country, but the funds directly taken from a common NATO account for Libya operations have totaled about $7.4 million per month for electronic warfare capabilities and $1.1 million per month for headquarters and command staff, a NATO spokesman said.
    From the beginning of Operation Unified Protector in March, critics have questioned whether the U.S. could afford to open a third front. The Congressional Research Services estimate the Afghanistan war has cost nearly $500 billion so far. With Iraq, the figure easily tops $1 trillion.
    In the first week of Libya operations, bombs were dropped from B-2 stealth planes flown from Missouri and roughly 200 missiles launched from submarines in the Mediterranean, causing alarm that any extended campaign would quickly cost billions more.
    But after the U.S. military ramped up the operation, other NATO countries shouldered most of the air burden. Americans took a supporting role: aerial refueling tankers, electronic jamming, and surveillance.
    The behind-the-scenes role was something President Obama celebrated in remarks in the Rose Garden on Thursday.
    "Without putting a single U.S. service member on the ground, we achieved our objectives and our NATO mission will soon come to an end," Obama said.
    As to when that mission would end, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said in a statement NATO issued from Brussels, "We will terminate our mission in coordination with the United Nations and the National Transitional Council."
    U.S. and NATO officials steadily maintained their mission was never to hunt, capture or kill the Libyan leader. The mission, they said, was to enforce the arms embargo, establish and hold a no-fly zone, and take actions to protect civilians from attack or the threat of attack.
    That last directive seemed to give plenty of reason to target Libya's top commander. But Pentagon officials said for months that if Qaddafi should happen to be at one of those locations when NATO missiles strike, so be it.
    Since the operation began on March 31, getting to Qaddafi's final stand required 7,725 air sorties and 1,845 strike sorties, 397 of which dropped ordnance, and 145 Predator drone strikes.
    NATO aircraft, including those supplied by the U.S., totaled 26,089 sorties and 9,618 strike sorties through Wednesday.
    More than 70 U.S. aircraft have supported the operation, including Predator drones.
    NATO flew 67 sorties and 16 strikes sorties over Libya one day before Qaddafi was killed.
    The NATO mission also employed submarines, aircraft carriers, amphibious assault ships, destroyers, frigates, and supply ships—as many as 21 vessels at one time.
    Additionally, as of one week ago, the U.S. had sold participating countries in the operation roughly $250 million in ammunition, parts, fuel, technical assistance, and other support, according to the Pentagon.
    Several members of Congress put out statements celebrating Qaddafi's downfall but did not comment on the cost. Several offices contacted did not provide additional reaction to the monetary figures.
    But presidential candidate Ambassador Jon Huntsman did question the cost of the Libya operation. His statement on Thursday said, "I remain firm in my belief that America can best serve our interests and that transition through non-military assistance and rebuilding our own economic core here at home."

    And we can prepare the homefront while Tzfas can take a breath of fresh air: this time it will "only" be Tel Aviv instead of the Galil in the next Proxy-ism:

    Hezbollah chief says that if another war breaks out with Israel, he'll start attack on the Center, not the north of the country; admits information passed by members to CIA and Mossad hurt organization.

    I think the missiles are already falling...can we just have Geulah in 5772?

    Another One Bites The Dust: Watch Those Falling Saarim Of Yishmael!

    Qadhafi fell. What's more, is that he is a special Amalekite: he is a Jewish Yishmaelite..true Amalek, bringing us ever closer to the fall of Armilos, the absolute hybrid of evil...much the same way that Gog, or in this case as I believe "Magog" = Obama, in this wave of hybrid evil. The fact that Qadhafi is Jewish/Yishmael, the essence of Yishmael ben Avraham is on its way down, moving the war to Gog V' Magog proper, ie. Armilos/Erev Rav-Katan into Eretz Yisrael.

    Here is what Rav Wolfson had to say a while back about Yishmael:

    In a recent lecture, Rav Moshe Wolfson shlit'a, the esteemedmashgiach (spiritual Dean) of Yeshivat Torah V'Daas said that the fall of a nation is preceded by the fall of it's sar, or administering angel. Once the sar falls, then the nation will fall. This is based on the Zohar (section 2, page 18a - LB) which says that what the Jews saw on the banks of the Red Sea suf was the sar of Egypt dying. Yishmael has 12sarim (plural for "sar").
    Rav Wolfson was also quoted as saying (on Monday after morning prayers), "Osama bin Ladin, being the biggest danger to the entire world, had the biggest sar of Yishmael. During these past few weeks as we saw so many entrenched arab leaders, heirs of Yishmael, fall, it is apparent that their defending sar has already fallen and they will continue their downfalls. It is a great thing when sarim fall. The Princes of Yishmael are falling. Bin Laden had their biggest sar. The way the Maharal puts it, he does not have to be a direct descendant of Yishmael. Bin Laden is from the culture of Yishmael."
    The Mashgiach goes on to reference the Zohar which says that when Moshiach comes there will be 2 seven day Passovers - Pesach Mitzrayim, like we have now, and Pesach Moshiach, the Passover of Moshiach. Pesach Moshiach will start on the last day of our current Passover - Pesach Mitzrayim - and will celebrate the miracles involved in the coming of Moshiach.  This is why the haftorah on the last day of Passover deals with Moshiach.  Pharoah's final fall was on the last day of Passover. Bin Ladin was killed on last day of this second Passover, the Passover of Moshiach!  It also happened during the second week of Counting of the Omer, which corresponds to stern judgment, or gevura.
    The article that was forwarded to me ends with another quote from the Mashgiach. "The time is very auspicious.  The sitra achra (Dark Side) is falling. The Gemara says that when the ox falls down, slaughter him then and there.  The sitra achra can now be removed. If Jews will concentrate on serving Hashem, purity, and holiness, we can bring the Geula - the full Redemption of our people - because the time is opportune for it.

    Next up: the  Princes of Armilos Sar Erev Rav.
    5772=Erev Rav/Esau
    5773=Moshiach = Zohar

    Monday, October 17, 2011

    The New Middle East: Our 51st State That We Pledge Allegiance To

    Every Gog V' Magog religious belief deals with different Middle East scenarios. For the Jews its Israel, Muslims its Pakistan, etc.
    In the midst of all of this, is the fall of The American Empire that strikingly looks like Rome and more specifically the Fall of Rome.

    With Arab Spring looking more and more of  a controlled demolition and implimentation of NWO, all one needs to do is look at the map of Middle East, see who is involved, and read whats up on deck next:

     Military force shouldn’t be ruled out as a response to an Iranian assassination plot on U.S. soil, the top House Republican on intelligence issues said.
    “I don’t think you should take it off the table,” said Michigan Representative Mike Rogers, the chairman of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, said yesterday on ABC’s “This Week.” Rogers said other options would include rallying the international community against Iran or taking action against Iranian operatives in Iraq.
    U.S. officials are considering what action to take following the Justice Department’s Oct. 11 accusation that Iran sponsored a plot to assassinate Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the U.S. The conspiracy involved a secret Iranian military unit and a citizen of the Islamic Republic with a U.S. passport.
    President Barack Obama said this week that there were “direct links” to Iran’s government, which has rejected the allegation.
    Two men were charged with conspiracy to use C-4 plastic explosives to murder Ambassador Adel Al-Jubeir and attack Saudi installations in the U.S. Targets included “foreign government facilities associated with Saudi Arabia and with another country,” the U.S. said in a complaint filed in federal court in Manhattan.
    Increased Economic Sanctions
    Senator Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee, said she supports increased economic sanctions, especially against Iran’s Central Bank, with black lists of any foreign country or company that does business with the Central Bank.
    Without some discussions to force Iran to change its policies, “we are on a collision course,” Feinstein said on the “Fox News Sunday” program. “If we want to avoid it, we have to take action to avoid it.”
    She rejected a call from retired U.S. General Jack Keane, an architect of the troop surge in Iraq, for the U.S. to engage in covert operations to kill members of Iran’s Quds Force. Feinstein said that, while Quds leaders were aware of the plot, there’s no evidence that the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who is the highest ranking religious and political authority in the country, knew of it.
    “It probably would escalate into a war, and the question is: Do we want to go to war with Iran at this time?” Feinstein said. “My judgment is no. We have our hands full with Iraq, with Afghanistan, with the deteriorating relationship with Pakistan.”
    Ahmadinejad Rejection
    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad rejected the U.S. allegations in a Tehran meeting yesterday. “Each day they try to campaign against Iran,” Ahmadinejad said, according to the official Islamic Republic News Agency.
    Khamenei warned the U.S. that any action taken will be met with a “resolute” response, according to the Associated Press.
    “If U.S. officials have some delusions, (they must) know that any unsuitable act, whether political or security, will meet a resolute response from the Iranian nation,” the AP said, citing a report on Iran’s state television.
    Iran has claimed that the Obama administration made up the allegations to divert attention from unemployment, the Occupy Wall Street movement and other economic problems in the U.S.
    Feinstein said she had initial doubts before learning some of the details learned by investigators.
    “There should be no doubt, and the evidence is very strong,” she said. “The FBI believes that the case is both strong and good and will result in a conviction.”
    Rogue Nation
    Senator John McCain, the Arizona Republican who lost the 2008 presidential election to Democrat Obama, criticized the administration’s handling of Iran, which McCain yesterday called “a rogue nation.”
    The administration’s “engagement with Iran has clearly been a failure,” McCain said on CNN’s “State of the Union.”
    McCain said Obama should have done more when students protested on the streets of Tehran in 2009. McCain called for “severe sanctions” and said the U.S. should engage in “covert activity” to undermine the current Iranian government.
    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a Republican presidential candidate, said Obama is “absolutely clueless” in his dealings with the Iranian government.
    “Our goal should be the replacement of the Iranian dictatorship,” Gingrich, from Georgia, said on the CNN program. “We have done nothing of consequence to systematically undermine the regime.”
    Troops to Africa
    Gingrich also criticized the president’s plan to send 100 troops to central Africa to help fight against Uganda’s renegade Lord’s Resistance Army. The troops are to “provide assistance to regional forces” and are not to directly engage with the forces unless necessary for self-defense.
    Gingrich called the strategy “nonsensical” and said the administration needs “a grand strategy and a set of priorities.”
    “If you can’t control the American border, why do you disperse our troops?” Gingrich said.
    The White House was responding to 2010 legislation pushed by a group of lawmakers and human rights organizations that supported a comprehensive U.S. effort short of active military involvement to mitigate or eliminate the Lord’s Resistance Army threat.
    The Lord’s Resistance Army is “one of the most horrible groups to inhabit the earth,” McCain said. Still, he said, “we’ve got to be very careful in how we engage.”
    He also said Obama should have done more to notify Congress of his intentions.
    All one need to do is scan the map above, and you can envision a highway spanning from India (keeping China and Russia at bay) all the way to Morocco connecting up to Europe...the pieces are aligning with more precision than a doomsday astrological chart. The Middle East is nearly secured, especially after this Iranian War and the Fall of Pakistan Theory.

    Read Tomer Devorah here  that discusses the famous prophecy of Saudi Arabia and Geulah playing out.
    Every sector of the world has "2012 issues"
    Economics, Religion, Politics, Science, etc..all monumental issues: the fall of physics, the fall of the dollar, the fall of the Middle East, the fall of governments...its everywhere.
    Just dont believe blindly into 2012. Think 5772. Think Zohar, that spoke of this thousands of years ago. But don't stop thinking for yourself.

    Sunday, October 16, 2011

    Gilad Shalit, Names, And The Akeidah? Blow The Other Shofar NU!

    I did a name reading for Gilad Shalit, and I found something quite interesting: One of his gematria's is 179, Akeida (Binding of Isaac), which when we think into that story, Avraham offered up a ram INSTEAD OF Isaac, and the Midrash says that this ram will produce the Shofar of the End of Days, the other was blown on  Har Sinai. Needless to say, Noam Shalit did not sacrifice his son, and neither did Avraham in the end. This has been a great test for the Shalit Family to not lose hope, something that most of Am Yisrael helped take part in, something that I feel is a tremendous Kiddush Hashem, and deeply rooted in Torah Values. May this be the last time any Jew is faced with any type of Akeidah, having passed our exams to bring the Geulah, and may Gilad's coming home sound The Great Shofar,which the Ramchal says, its blower shall remain a mystery.

    Here are my findings in Gematria:

    • גלעד בן (נעם) אביבה = 179, Akeida...with the connotation that Avraham's test was to shecht Isaac, here we see the opposite test, to not give into losing one's child. in Remez, we often times see antithesis. For example, moshiach is the gematria nachash, the power to negate...thus Gilad as Akeidah is to fight for the life of one's child, and not do the sacrifice to him, but to sacrifice yourself with devotion to save his life...many suggest that Avraham's Tikkun was to bring Isaac up so that he could realize to save his life, this is the drusha of the pussuk, to bring him up "there", and to realize the ram (of redemption) was there the whole time, as it was destined from before creation, says the Midrash.
    •  Letters of his name Shalit : 349, הפרדס = The Orchard, which stands for Pshat, Remez, Drush, and Sod..the 4 levels of exegesis in Torah, the ה signifies the totality of the 4 levels into a 5th comprehensive level, which when we look at the letters involved in the rest of his name, it spells אש בגן which when Pardes is rectified, it allows for expanded consciousness, or the element of Fire to arouse intellect, or "White Fire/Chashmal". Without the ש it spells, גן בא = The Garden comes, which Pardes rectified is hinted at as גן פרדס..the rectified "Garden", where intellect can begin with Remez first says the Gra, which makes Pardes look like this: רספד Remez leads to Sod/Secret -Secret reveals Pshat/Simple Meaning- into Drush/Extrapolation, into a level of ה = Where the Torah can explained Forever.
    • End Letters: דהמן = That of Haman: The Midrash says, in the end of days, to get Jews to do Teshuva, Hashem will  stand up for us another Haman..Perhaps Gilad's name is hinting to us what is to come, maybe Gilad cleared out for us those Dinim?
    • One of the Tribes is גד/Gad...his name means Mazal Tov. Gilad is " the yoke of Gad" that the Mazal Tov  that Gilad represents comes as a yoke. His life is not easy, not for him nor his family..May his family never have to bear his yoke again, and only bask with Mazal Tov of coming back home, and Bezrat Hashem a mazal tov of Geulah, where the yoke will be over.
    • One of his gematrias is 232. Hashem's name can be explained as 4 numbers: 72/wisdom, 63/understanding, 45/tikkun, 52/blemish...the sum being 232, which is a fully established "world of operation"...Gilad shows that under it all, there still is a God running the world, even if we cant see it.
    • Initial letters of his nameנ-אגב ...the nun/50 gates of understanding that comes happenstance. There is a concept called Ikvus Mashicha, the footsteps of Moshaich, that as the Geulah is hastened, we cant really follow the path of redemption, again on this level the world operates on Remez rather than Pshat, and it comes as a surprise and not head on as something we can follow. In this way,the Geulah, Understanding of it, just happens..the Midrash calls this, a likening of Hashem to an Ayil or Tzvi (2 types of deer), where Hashem just appears to us at the end...and only then will we understand.
    • End Letters: מה דן = "What Judgement" or "Judge What"...His name implies, what is the judgement?
    • The letters of his name spells מדנה, Medina, or country. A lot of people  have issues with taking the land by force and forming a country, or medina. It is interesting that this gematria is 744, which is the same as "do not force the end" the Talmud, the Jews made oaths not to take the land by force, and to not make a Medina, which this argument takes hold today. I think we should be here, and as the Gra says, to force the end means to force the building of the temple. One can not deny however, that Gilad's story sheds light on these issues, in particular of the Jews in the land before Geulah, even if justified, and how dangerous it can be to force the end.
    • Lastly, his name has a נ which is 50/understanding, and the other letters is דמה. Adam is missing the Heh from the Ground/adamah which he was taken from. Had Adam rectified himself, he would have merited the Heh, giving his name a gematria of 50/with understanding,achieving a level of perfection. We see this task in Gilad's name, he has the 50, however he is missing the Alef. The דמה, instead of being "there is blood" can be הדם the footstool/דמה = similar to. As it says in Tehilim, Hashem says to Moshiach, wait at my right, until I make your enemies a footstool to your feet.Alef can also be Elef/1000..which is the gematria of Moshiach ben Yosef/David...may they be hidden no longer, and added to "Shalit" Shalit is 349+1 (alef) = 350 "Sechel/שכל...the intellectual level of the Moshiach and Geula, to preceive divinity, and redemption on it says, "Visualize Tzion'...even before its rebuilt.
    May Gilad Shalit's Return Sound The Great Shofar We Have All Waited For.

    Tuesday, October 11, 2011

    Finally Gilad Is Free; Where Is Pollard?

    A deal for the release of kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit has been worked out with Hamas, reports in Israeli media and Arab satellite television station Al-Arabiya said Tuesday night. The government is meeting as this article is going to press, and government sources said that the deal is expected to be approved.

    Official details have not yet been released, but reports say that Israel will release at least 1,000 terrorists in exchange for Shalit. including some that belong to organizations other than Hamas.

    Israel has also agreed to ease demands on where the terrorists will be released to. Israel reportedly agreed to allow at least some of the terrorists to return to their families in Judea and Samaria; previously Israel had demanded that the terrorists be sent to Gaza, or deported.
    The deal is set to take place in November, or possibly even before that.

    The Shalit family declined to comment on the reports. Reports in Israeli media Tuesday night said that the family had received several additional “signs of life” that were not reported to the public, the latest about two years ago.

    Israel's government declined to comment further, but a spokesperson in the Prime Minister's office said that “a short-term window of opportunity has opened to bring Giladhome.”

    A report on a Hamas-affiliated TV station said that Hamas Gaza head Khaled Mashaal would release details of the deal later Tuesday night.

    Israel Radio reported that the inner cabinet met on Monday night to discuss the deal, and members of the military and defense establishment were invited to present their opinions on it, especially the release of terrorists to areas within Judea and Samaria.

    The Ministers reportedly discussed each of the terrorists to be released, and where Israel would demand they be sent.
    One minister, quoted anonymously on Israel Radio said that the deal was not necessarily the best Israel could have gotten, but that “we all feel it is time to bring Gilad home.”

    Now when will Biden be normal and encourage that Pollard can come home?
    Being that Obama has used his Imam Mahdi self delusions of grandeur to use his Islamic pull and heritage to work on Hamas as to placate the Israeli sector: and well, it for Biden to show his ficticious anti anti- semetic inclinations...cue the breakage of Bibi at any moment and some embarassing moments by Livni.

    At Least Gilad Will Be Home B'H!

    The Tarmadoy: Amalek And Our Return To Babylon

    It is said, the President of the US is a depiction of Gog (Magog)
    Bavel (Babylon), which is one facet of the Galus we are in now,as all 6 Gulios that we have gone through, have a curtain call in the end of days. In this scenario, we see the Tarmadoy's as a main function of the personification of Bavel and Nevuchadnetzer. Bavel in Hebrew is בבלה, when we take each letter, one place higher, it reads: מגוג    the ב=ג and מ=ל and ו=ה in the direction of upwards one placement.
    It has been said and found in the Torah Codes that Obama is Gog of Gog v' Magog...and during Bush's tenure, the concept of the American President as Gog became chic.

    Here is some of what has been written of the Tarmadoy's:

    The Tarmodites are the NWO/Masonic/CFR of todayand originated in Tadmor (Palmyra) in the Syrian Desert
    They are a worse klippah than Amolek.

    Rothschild writes:
    Slave Insurrection

    The Talmud is explicit regarding whose feet must be terminated: “until the expiration of the feet of theTarmodites.”

    [King Solomon acquired Tarmodite slaves from Asia Minor to construct the First Temple. Prophecy dictated the architecture of the building; every component had a spiritual counterpart above. The mathematical formulae, measurements and design possessed spiritual significance. Specifically, they reflected the process by which God’s life force is channeled into the world.

    The Tarmodite slaves rebelled and stole this knowledge. From those times a “new enlightenment” prospered, based on the Kabbalistic significance of the Temple. The problem with Tarmodite occultism is its foundation of sun-sheath idolatry. Similar to Ham, the Tarmodites knowingly rebel against God.   
    As mentioned earlier, the word Tarmodite contains the same letters as the word rebel, as in the Talmudic dictum: “a wife rebels against her husband.” Tarmodites epitomize the antithesis of the aforementioned truth: “A women only bonds with the man who makes her into a vessel.” Rather, they are stuffed and plugged vessels, filled with strange and selfish desires – incapable of receiving Divine light.

    However, “the lips of the wise” tap into faith and fashion a crown for their knowledge. They are the opposite of the fools who don’t acknowledge that God creates the world. Similarly, by means of their strengthened faith, Mattiyahu and his sons beat Antiochus the sun worshiper. They transformed him to “one who reckons by the moon.” He was shrunk from his previous state of being “bright as the sun.”

    [Jews are commanded to count months based on the lunar cycle. Non-Jews, however, base their calendar exclusively on the sun’s movements.]

    And due to the miracle the Jews experienced, together with the lofty revelation they brought down to the world, the Second Temple sages instituted the kindling of Chanukah lights “until the termination of the Tarmodite’s feet.”

    That is, even though their Evil Inclination now forces them to rebel, it will itself also “expire” in its yearning for God.

     Crave Conversion
    Scripture writes: “Since I am God, I don’t change; but you the sons of Jacob haven’t expired?” The prophet is amazed. A person meditates about “I am God, I don’t change.” He contemplates how “You are the same before You created the worlds as You are after You created the worlds. The Creation didn’t alter You in the least.” Yet the meditation didn’t have an effect. The individual’s soul wasn’t consumed in heavenly bliss!

    The prophet answers his own question: “you the sons of Jacob.” When Jacob was born, Genesis tells us “his hand grasped his brother’s heel; his name was called Jacob.” When the letter yud is removed from Jacob, the word “heel” is spelled. Chassidus infers that this hints at the transgressions a person tramples under his heels.

    David said: “My strength fails because of my inequity.” His strength foundered so much that he was unable to overcome his Evil Inclination.

    But due to the Chanukah miracle’s enormous revelation of Holiness – which descended into the worlds thanks to the protagonists’ faith – even the Tarmodites were transformed. They became the embodiment of “love God with both your Inclinations.” Their Evil Inclination’s drive was converted into a yearning for Godliness.

    Concealment Containers

    [Tarmodites are masters of concealment. Their mastery, however, is not absolute, even though it extends all the way to the initial moment after Creation – when the primordial vessels of the name Lord exist in the residue of the Great Contraction.

    Prior to Creation, God’s Infinite Light filled all of “space.” God then withdrew that light to make finite creation possible. Kabbalah calls this withdrawal “the Great Contraction.” It was carried out by God’s infinite power of concealment via His Name Elo-him – the Lord.

    A residue of this power remained after it completed its task. In that residue lies the initial manifestation of the vessels of the name Lord. This is referred to in Kabbalah as the ultimate spiritual source of the four elements – fire, wind, water and earth.

    In their source, the four elements exist as a single point. Through the combination and recombination of vessels (Hebrew letters), more and more spiritual entities are formed. This process of differentiation and multiplication continues nearly to infinity. A physical model representing the Tarmodites’ mastery over creation is the pyramid. From a single point on top, the pyramid broadens out on all sides until its base accounts for the totality of created reality.

    The problem here is that God is left out of the picture. Although according to the superficial sun-sheath mindset one seems to have mastery over the vessels of the Lord, those vessels are bereft of the revelation of God. This is the exact opposite of Torah, where unity is achieved between the names God and Lord.

    Covert Operation

    What’s more, the Tarmodites intentionally rebel against God. They are aware of a transcendent (albeit concealed) Revelation, but their intent is to ensure its permanent concealment. This is similar to the generation of Babel. They also were masters of spiritual and physical reality. In building their tower to heaven, they conspired to “exile” heaven from human consciousness. For should Heaven be revealed, the Infinite Light of God would render their mastery hollow, to put it mildly. So in order to remain in control, they rebelled against God.

    It should be noted that this idolatry continues today. The occult knowledge of modern idolators is not pure, but aside from that, their battle isn’t just against the revelation of God.

    The nation of Amalek attacked the Jews in the wilderness after they left Egypt. Haman, the evil Persian minister who conspired to exterminate the Jews, was a descendent of Amalek.

    In every generation, souls of Amalekites reincarnate in the bodies of Israel’s enemies. Their purpose is to murder Jews, and to destroy whatever Jews accomplish. On a spiritual plane, Amalek also makes war on God. Modern-day Tarmodites are also Amalekites. The Zohar assures us that the Messiah will annihilate them.]

    It is said that the power of Chanukah as a Geulah Shlemah will rid the earth of the Tarmadoy: They were the power against Moshe Rabbeinu while he was on the mountain. Their strength was in the extra long duration of Tefilat Mincha...thus their defeat is through the mastery of Jewish Time, the idea that one can pray Mincha into the beginning of the night. The Talmud says, they were the last to leave the Shuk/Market. When Chanuka runs its course as the Geulah Shlemah, and ends all Galios, (all 6: Yishmael, Yavan, Edom, Mitzrayim, Bavel,and Peras) evil will be rid of from the Chanukah serves as the ultimate Redemption, the one true redemption that we are still working on its completion and fulfillment,against its opposite in Klippah, not Yavan/Greece, but Bavel, the Essential Primer of all Galus.

    May we see this Chanukah 5772, as the year of מ''א, [the missing משיח and  אליהו of the Chanukah we knew and was missing] and be the Chanuka of Geula Shlema.


    Monday, October 10, 2011

    The Zionist Dream: Knowledge Of Good And Bad?

    When the Exiles began to come back to the land, one thing was simple: The Jews will have all the money, but farming and military will be pathetic the pundits thought.

    Fast forward to the middle of the tenure, something strange was happening: The Jews could farm and fight, but where was the money?

    Now, in 2011, did The Erev Rav figure out the trifecta? Read these 3 articles to gain perspective:

    FarmingAmong Israel's many achievements the Ministry of Agriculture’s Research Institute near Rishon le Tzion produces staggering results in long and better shelf life for fruits and vegetables.  That allows products to be shipped by sea instead of air freight, thus reducing export costs. Many of Israel's agriculturalists also avoid chemicals and achieve larger crops with the aid of the use of colors. In addition, Israe's water shortage prevents cultivating grass for cattle food, yet the 'milk yield' of Israeli cows is the best in the world!  Israel National Radio's Water Bingham explains it all on his show called, Walter's World.  

    Military:  A United States Air Force report asserts that Israel is building a nuclear naval force meant to respond to any nuclear strike by such countries as Iran or Iraq.

    It is the first time a U.S. military institution has stated that Israel has produced a hydrogen bomb. The number of purported Israeli nuclear weapons cited in the report is double that of previous assessments.
    The report, sponsored by the air force's Counterproliferation Center, asserts that the navy can deploy any of what it asserts is Israel's 400 atomic and hydrogen weapons, Middle East Newsline reported. The center is located in the Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama.

    In a report entitled "The Third Temple's Holy of Holies: Israel's Nuclear Weapons," U.S. Army Col. Warner Farr said Israel's nuclear arsenal has grown from an estimated 13 nuclear bombs in 1967 to 400 nuclear and thermonuclear weapons. Farr said Israel's navy could deploy nuclear weapons on the fleet of three German-built Dolphin-class diesel submarines.

    "Israel will then have a second strike capability with nuclear cruise missiles, and this capability could well change the nuclear arms race in the Middle East," the report, which Farr said is based on unclassified sources, read. "Israeli rhetoric on the new submarines labels them 'national deterrent' assets."

    The report said these nuclear missiles could have a range of 350 kilometers. Israel would try to base its nuclear naval force near Oman, with which Israel has informal relations, the September 1999 report, which was recently published by the center, said.

    "The first basing options for the new second-strike force of nuclear missile capable submarines include Oman, an Arab nation with unofficial Israeli relations, located strategically near Iran," the report said.

    Israel is the 10th ranked army in the here to see stats.

    Money: JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Standard & Poor's has upgraded Israel's credit rating to A+.
    The new rating, which was issued Saturday, means that Israel's Finance Ministry can borrow at a lower interest rate with lower financing costs. Israel's rating had been A; the highest rating is AAA.
    S&P said, "The rating action reflects our view of Israel's improved economic policy flexibility as a result of strong growth and careful macroeconomic management," S& P said.
    The agency went on to say that "Israel is on a credible path toward continued government debt burden reduction and stronger external indicators."
    S&P said it did not believe that the social protests in Israel would affect the country's budget or budget deficit.
    Stanley Fischer, the governor of the Bank of Israel, in reaction to the upgraded credit rating, said the Israeli economy would continue to justify the confidence given by the upgrade and that the bank through its monetary policies would target price stability, employment, growth and financial stability.
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday that the upgrade was the international economic community's "certificate of honor and of responsibility regarding investments in Israel."
    "This is a message to investors. This is a good country," he said. "This is a country that in complete contrast to the global trend is improving and maintaining a correct and responsible economy, and therefore it is worthwhile to invest in it."

    Emes: The picture is not all rosy for the Erev Rav: As the Erev Rav includes the Erev Katan, the "religious" branch of evil infiltration of The Jewish People. The Jewish people experience the concept of Aliyah,to go up in greatness..whereas the religious evil is in essential free fall.
    It was said of the End of Days, Emes / Truth will be lacking in those days.
    Money+ Farming+ Military - Truth = Failure!
    May Moshiach come soon and flourish with Emes, so we can return to the Real Eretz Yisrael, one with the Beis Hamikdash built and a built up Jerusalem..connected to Jerusalem above, Derech Bais Shlishi...Ezekial's Temple.
    Money will turn to Tzedaka
    Farming will turn to Myser
    Military will turn to planting the Land
    And Emes will sprout from the Earth (Eretz Yisrael)
    Moshiach 5772....The war with the Erev Rav will be the most bitter (especially one with power after waiting for thousands of years to reign unmitigated)
    May Kedusha succeed THIS YEAR! And The Torah Will Spread Out From Tzion!

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