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The Tarmadoy: Amalek And Our Return To Babylon

It is said, the President of the US is a depiction of Gog (Magog)
Bavel (Babylon), which is one facet of the Galus we are in now,as all 6 Gulios that we have gone through, have a curtain call in the end of days. In this scenario, we see the Tarmadoy's as a main function of the personification of Bavel and Nevuchadnetzer. Bavel in Hebrew is בבלה, when we take each letter, one place higher, it reads: מגוג    the ב=ג and מ=ל and ו=ה in the direction of upwards one placement.
It has been said and found in the Torah Codes that Obama is Gog of Gog v' Magog...and during Bush's tenure, the concept of the American President as Gog became chic.

Here is some of what has been written of the Tarmadoy's:

The Tarmodites are the NWO/Masonic/CFR of todayand originated in Tadmor (Palmyra) in the Syrian Desert http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palmyra
They are a worse klippah than Amolek.

Rothschild writes:
Slave Insurrection

The Talmud is explicit regarding whose feet must be terminated: “until the expiration of the feet of theTarmodites.”

[King Solomon acquired Tarmodite slaves from Asia Minor to construct the First Temple. Prophecy dictated the architecture of the building; every component had a spiritual counterpart above. The mathematical formulae, measurements and design possessed spiritual significance. Specifically, they reflected the process by which God’s life force is channeled into the world.

The Tarmodite slaves rebelled and stole this knowledge. From those times a “new enlightenment” prospered, based on the Kabbalistic significance of the Temple. The problem with Tarmodite occultism is its foundation of sun-sheath idolatry. Similar to Ham, the Tarmodites knowingly rebel against God.   
As mentioned earlier, the word Tarmodite contains the same letters as the word rebel, as in the Talmudic dictum: “a wife rebels against her husband.” Tarmodites epitomize the antithesis of the aforementioned truth: “A women only bonds with the man who makes her into a vessel.” Rather, they are stuffed and plugged vessels, filled with strange and selfish desires – incapable of receiving Divine light.

However, “the lips of the wise” tap into faith and fashion a crown for their knowledge. They are the opposite of the fools who don’t acknowledge that God creates the world. Similarly, by means of their strengthened faith, Mattiyahu and his sons beat Antiochus the sun worshiper. They transformed him to “one who reckons by the moon.” He was shrunk from his previous state of being “bright as the sun.”

[Jews are commanded to count months based on the lunar cycle. Non-Jews, however, base their calendar exclusively on the sun’s movements.]

And due to the miracle the Jews experienced, together with the lofty revelation they brought down to the world, the Second Temple sages instituted the kindling of Chanukah lights “until the termination of the Tarmodite’s feet.”

That is, even though their Evil Inclination now forces them to rebel, it will itself also “expire” in its yearning for God.

 Crave Conversion
Scripture writes: “Since I am God, I don’t change; but you the sons of Jacob haven’t expired?” The prophet is amazed. A person meditates about “I am God, I don’t change.” He contemplates how “You are the same before You created the worlds as You are after You created the worlds. The Creation didn’t alter You in the least.” Yet the meditation didn’t have an effect. The individual’s soul wasn’t consumed in heavenly bliss!

The prophet answers his own question: “you the sons of Jacob.” When Jacob was born, Genesis tells us “his hand grasped his brother’s heel; his name was called Jacob.” When the letter yud is removed from Jacob, the word “heel” is spelled. Chassidus infers that this hints at the transgressions a person tramples under his heels.

David said: “My strength fails because of my inequity.” His strength foundered so much that he was unable to overcome his Evil Inclination.

But due to the Chanukah miracle’s enormous revelation of Holiness – which descended into the worlds thanks to the protagonists’ faith – even the Tarmodites were transformed. They became the embodiment of “love God with both your Inclinations.” Their Evil Inclination’s drive was converted into a yearning for Godliness.

Concealment Containers

[Tarmodites are masters of concealment. Their mastery, however, is not absolute, even though it extends all the way to the initial moment after Creation – when the primordial vessels of the name Lord exist in the residue of the Great Contraction.

Prior to Creation, God’s Infinite Light filled all of “space.” God then withdrew that light to make finite creation possible. Kabbalah calls this withdrawal “the Great Contraction.” It was carried out by God’s infinite power of concealment via His Name Elo-him – the Lord.

A residue of this power remained after it completed its task. In that residue lies the initial manifestation of the vessels of the name Lord. This is referred to in Kabbalah as the ultimate spiritual source of the four elements – fire, wind, water and earth.

In their source, the four elements exist as a single point. Through the combination and recombination of vessels (Hebrew letters), more and more spiritual entities are formed. This process of differentiation and multiplication continues nearly to infinity. A physical model representing the Tarmodites’ mastery over creation is the pyramid. From a single point on top, the pyramid broadens out on all sides until its base accounts for the totality of created reality.

The problem here is that God is left out of the picture. Although according to the superficial sun-sheath mindset one seems to have mastery over the vessels of the Lord, those vessels are bereft of the revelation of God. This is the exact opposite of Torah, where unity is achieved between the names God and Lord.

Covert Operation

What’s more, the Tarmodites intentionally rebel against God. They are aware of a transcendent (albeit concealed) Revelation, but their intent is to ensure its permanent concealment. This is similar to the generation of Babel. They also were masters of spiritual and physical reality. In building their tower to heaven, they conspired to “exile” heaven from human consciousness. For should Heaven be revealed, the Infinite Light of God would render their mastery hollow, to put it mildly. So in order to remain in control, they rebelled against God.

It should be noted that this idolatry continues today. The occult knowledge of modern idolators is not pure, but aside from that, their battle isn’t just against the revelation of God.

The nation of Amalek attacked the Jews in the wilderness after they left Egypt. Haman, the evil Persian minister who conspired to exterminate the Jews, was a descendent of Amalek.

In every generation, souls of Amalekites reincarnate in the bodies of Israel’s enemies. Their purpose is to murder Jews, and to destroy whatever Jews accomplish. On a spiritual plane, Amalek also makes war on God. Modern-day Tarmodites are also Amalekites. The Zohar assures us that the Messiah will annihilate them.]

It is said that the power of Chanukah as a Geulah Shlemah will rid the earth of the Tarmadoy: They were the power against Moshe Rabbeinu while he was on the mountain. Their strength was in the extra long duration of Tefilat Mincha...thus their defeat is through the mastery of Jewish Time, the idea that one can pray Mincha into the beginning of the night. The Talmud says, they were the last to leave the Shuk/Market. When Chanuka runs its course as the Geulah Shlemah, and ends all Galios, (all 6: Yishmael, Yavan, Edom, Mitzrayim, Bavel,and Peras) evil will be rid of from the world...as Chanukah serves as the ultimate Redemption, the one true redemption that we are still working on its completion and fulfillment,against its opposite in Klippah, not Yavan/Greece, but Bavel, the Essential Primer of all Galus.

May we see this Chanukah 5772, as the year of מ''א, [the missing משיח and  אליהו of the Chanukah we knew and was missing] and be the Chanuka of Geula Shlema.



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