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Seeing Hashem: To Die For The Shechinah

 אָכְלוּ וַיִּשְׁתַּחֲווּ, כָּל-דִּשְׁנֵי-אֶרֶץ לְפָנָיו יִכְרְעוּ, כָּל-יוֹרְדֵי עָפָר וְנַפְשׁוֹ, לֹא חִיָּה.

To see The Face of God - Is it to Die For?

Rashi on Tehillim 22:30 states: When people die, at the time of the taking of their Neshama, they merit to see the Face of the Shechina, as this verse relates to the moment of death. [Nidda 30b]

With this said, who was perhaps the Greatest Man to ever die?
 [as opposed to not die; as people of Torah are often judged by the degree of which that they did not die, sin, etc.]

Moshe Rabbeinu

Moshe was quite possibly the greatest Man who ever died, as he tragically did not earn the right of existing eternally as an angelic man [Arizal].

Now think to Moses' life as we know it in Torah: Hashem wished to "show Moses His face" - and Moses emotionally turns aside so as to not see God. Later in the Chumash, Moses practically begs God for Moses to be able to perceive God, as Hashem responds: no man shall see me and Live.

As no Man shall and Live, this equates to our Tehillim verse that on one hand suggests seeing the Shechina; yet the pshat of the verse says: Hashem shall not liven the Nefesh. Thus this verse seems as if it could explain Moses' quest to perceive God - to see while "not live."

Moses thus is quite peculiar: he does not want to see, he does want to see, etc...

Was Moses however destined for God? 

Everyone asks of Moses: why did he hit the rock, causing denial of The Land, and thus ultimately death. Perhaps Moses was on a collision course with death, even against his cognitive will. As Rashi says: we see the Face of the Shechina at the time of the taking of our Neshama.

One could say, it was the Nefesh [as opposed to Neshama] of Moses that wished at all cost to see the Shechinah!

Who knows what the reality would have been had |Moses lived, entered the Land etc. What we do see is that he died, and thus he saw the Face of the Shechinah. Moses may have been one step away of being as perfect as Man can be; but maybe what drove the Man even more, was an insatiable desire to behold the Almighty in the highest revelation possible. Moses was given practically every key to every door.  

In Devarim, the Shechinah spoke through Moses, and as we all know, Moses had the face that shined as the sun. Had he entered the Land, would the Shechinah radiate of off Moses? Would this be a dangerous level to be on, if not for Moses, but the Jewish People and the Noahides who would behold him? The Land would have been an aliyah of the highest order, especially with the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem. 

Perhaps this madreiga would have been too uneasy for Moses, and thus even on a subconscious level: death would be the answer! It would guarantee victory [as Moses himself would not be an impediment], satisfaction, completion, and allow Moses the Man [of Moses] to truly express himself.

Moses was the Man of God; maybe Moses wanted to go out as the man of Moses, with a kiss of death, and the ability to see the Face of the Shechinah - from his point of view.

Moses was exceedingly humble, and in the future Moses- Moshiach will be the absolute vessel in the Hand of God. Moses' death was the last hurrah for Moses to be Moses.

As Rashi explains, it is Moses who will get Techias Hametim, and lead the Geulah. Through Moses, the Jewish People and Torah have survived, and Moses has remained the faithful Man. Angelic Moses never came, and perhaps this was not only for Moses' benefit, but for Mankind.

Moses did not enter the Land, but maybe this was between him and God - and maybe this fight Moses did win! - he was able to do what avoided him his whole life. Moses may have been selfless, yet there would always remain some sense of identity. Death would be his; once delivered, Moses the Man of God would never again need to die, thus ushering in the messianic age, of which it is said:

Death shall be swallowed up forever. 

Until then most will or have died; Moses was the exception. He always was. He always will be.
Moses is a Man also, one who was after God; and unlike most Men - He got there.

Sometimes matters of the heart run on a different track, and don't always equate through our decisions as some would think. 

The point taken: when there is Love of God - Nothing will stand between you and God.


Moses sealed the Torah with Ashrei / אשרי
King David explained Moses' message with utter clarity, as he began where Moses left off: אשרי
Moses was אשרי unlike any other - and his message to David was simple: 
Be a Man who goes after the Heart of God. 
Was there ever a Chasid greater than David?
...and in the end, the two come together, in the great secret of: משיח בן דוד וגואל אחרון


Monday, October 29, 2012

PartyLineTime: Tit-For-Tat Retribution

Party-Line Time: Sandy Strikes.

Since no one has chimed in, I'll go ahead and say it; For every Israel oppression from America, there seems to be this tit for tat party line that goes around. Remember what was being said with Katrina?

I don't totally endorse it, and I daven for the people on that side of the country - but Obama has really pushed his envelope, no?

America is totally being held hostage by Bazza, and I think he is doing what any good Amalekite would do: attempt to bring the whole ship [of innocents] down with him and and his shoddy regime.

America may not be perfectly innocent, but Bazza is highly guilty of destroying America and attempting to be a bad guy for Israel. Bibi is clearly showing the hands being held here.

So is it tit for tat? Maybe. I hope the storm goes out with a whimper, but Bazza may be leaving his legacy more than we know - and it may be Federal Expressed by The Lord Himself.


Is this the beginning of the Mayan calendar season?

I'm guessing no for all of the above; but what if - what if Hashem IS deciding to show his Hand?

It shouldn't come at others' expense, yet the Naviim speak of chaos.

May the Geulah come with a small still voice and a World full of people to see it, minus the Amalekites.

A superstorm that threatened 50 million people in the most heavily populated corridor in the nation started turning Monday, forecasters said.

Hurricane Sandy was expected to hook inland during the day, colliding with a wintry storm moving in from the west and cold air streaming down from the Arctic.

The National Hurricane Center said early Monday that the Category 1 hurricane has top sustained winds of 75 mph, with higher gusts. It is moving toward the north at 14 mph after moving northeast Sunday night. Hurricane-force winds extend up to 175 miles from the storm's center. Gale force winds were reported over coastal North Carolina, southeastern Virginia, the Delmarva Peninsula and coastal New Jersey.

Sandy is about 425 miles southeast of New York City and the center of the storm is expected to be near the mid-Atlantic coast on Monday night.

From Washington to Boston, big cities and small towns were buttoned up against the onslaught of Sandy, with forecasters warning that the New York area could get the worst of it — an 11-foot wall of water.

"The time for preparing and talking is about over," Federal Emergency Management Administrator Craig Fugate said Sunday as Hurricane Sandy made its way up the Atlantic on a collision course with two other weather systems that could turn it into one of the most fearsome storms on record in the U.S. "People need to be acting now."

Forecasters said the hurricane could blow ashore Monday night or early Tuesday along the New Jersey coast, then cut across into Pennsylvania and travel up through New York State on Wednesday.

Airlines canceled more than 7,200 flights and Amtrak began suspending train service across the Northeast. New York, Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore moved to shut down their subways, buses and trains and said schools would be closed on Monday. Boston also called off school. And all non-essential government offices closed in the nation's capital.

The New York Stock Exchange said it will be shut down Monday, including electronic trading. Nasdaq is shutting the Nasdaq Stock Market and other U.S. exchanges and markets it owns, although its exchanges outside the U.S. will operate as scheduled.

As rain from the leading edges of the monster hurricane began to fall over the Northeast, hundreds of thousands of people from Maryland to Connecticut were ordered to evacuate low-lying coastal areas, including 375,000 in lower Manhattan and other parts of New York City, 50,000 in Delaware and 30,000 in Atlantic City, N.J., where the city's 12 casinos were forced to shut down for only the fourth time ever.

"We were told to get the heck out. I was going to stay, but it's better to be safe than sorry," said Hugh Phillips, who was one of the first in line when a Red Cross shelter in Lewes, Del., opened at noon.

"I think this one's going to do us in," said Mark Palazzolo, who boarded up his bait-and-tackle shop in Point Pleasant Beach, N.J., with the same wood he used in past storms, crossing out the names of Hurricanes Isaac and Irene and spray-painting "Sandy" next to them. "I got a call from a friend of mine from Florida last night who said, 'Mark, get out! If it's not the storm, it'll be the aftermath. People are going to be fighting in the streets over gasoline and food.'"

However, CBS News correspondent Chip Reid reports, some, like Ocean City, Md., surfer Brian Dean, said they have decided to stay.

"We've got everything pretty well situated, bunkered down, generators, [we'll] hang out, ride it out. We rode out Irene last year, it wasn't that bad," he said.

Authorities warned that the nation's biggest city could get hit with a surge of seawater that could swamp parts of lower Manhattan, flood subway tunnels and cripple the network of electrical and communications lines that are vital to the nation's financial center.

Sandy was blamed for 65 deaths in the Caribbean before it began traveling northward, parallel to the Eastern Seaboard.

Forecasters said the combination of it with the storm from the west and the cold air from the Arctic could bring close to a foot of rain in places, a potentially lethal storm surge of 4 to 11 feet across much of the region, and punishing winds that could cause widespread power outages that last for days. The storm could also dump up to 2 feet of snow in Kentucky, North Carolina and West Virginia.

Louis Uccellini, environmental prediction chief for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, told The Associated Press that given Sandy's east-to-west track into New Jersey, the worst of the storm surge could be just to the north, in New York City, on Long Island and in northern New Jersey.

Forecasters said that because of giant waves and high tides made worse by a full moon, the metropolitan area of about 20 million people could get hit with an 11-foot wall of water. Reid reports from Ocean City that sea levels could rise 8 feet above normal - enough to flood much of the city.

"This is the worst-case scenario," Uccellini said.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg warned: "If you don't evacuate, you are not only endangering your life, you are also endangering the lives of the first responders who are going in to rescue you. This is a serious and dangerous storm."

New Jersey's famously blunt Gov. Chris Christie was less polite: "Don't be stupid. Get out."

New York called off school Monday for the city's 1.1 million students and shut down all train, bus and subway service Sunday night. More than 5 million riders a day depend on the transit system.

Officials also postponed Monday's reopening of the Statue of Liberty, which had been closed for a year for $30 million in renovations. The United Nations said it would close Monday and canceled all meetings at its headquarters.

In Washington, President Obama promised the government would "respond big and respond fast" after the storm hits.

"My message to the governors as well as to the mayors is anything they need, we will be there, and we will cut through red tape. We are not going to get bogged down with a lot of rules," he said.

Maybe Stop Annoying Nature? - And God's Affairs For That Matter

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Radical New Age Zionist

Liberman: A Man on a Mission!

Of the things he wants to do - Change Israel's: Judaism"....Here We Go!

Wanna see how to get under Hashem's skin? - Follow the Liberman train.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman on Friday said that while he was not "obsessed" with becoming prime minister, eventually leading the country was his ultimate goal.

Speaking in an interview with Channel 2, Liberman denied reports that he would become prime minister as part of a rotation with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, after the leaders announced Thursday that their respective parties, Yisrael Beytenu and Likud would be running on a joint list for the 19th Knesset.

"Clear and simple that is not true, I support the prime minister to serve the full term," Liberman stated.

Liberman said that, according to his agreement with Netanyahu, he would serve as foreign minister, defense minister or finance minister in the next government. He stated that he would prefer to remain foreign minister, and that would likely be the outcome.

On the issue of his political ambitions, Liberman stated, "Every soldier must strive to be chief of staff, just as every politician wants, eventually, to stand at the top of the system. I'm not obsessed with this, but that is my goal."

Liberman rejected claims that the Likud-Yisrael Beytenu merger came as a response to efforts by the opposition to form a Center-Left mega-party to challenge Netanyahu.

He stated that discussions on the merger began a year ago, "not after the Olmert trial, and not after Yair Lapid. The fact that it was not leaked shows the trust between the two people and our ability to run things the right way."

Likud minister moves to stop merger

Likud Minister Michael Eitan on Friday expressed opposition to his party's merger with Yisrael Beytenu, and called on faction members to sign a petition for a secret ballot to vote democratically on the union during Monday's Likud convention.

Eitan, who voiced his opposition to the move immediately after it was announced on Thursday, wrote Friday on his Facebook page that "the goal is to convince those at the convention and Netanyahu that the union with Liberman is a mistake that will hurt the Likud and fail to bring the promised results."

The government services minister proposed that party members sign a petition for a secret ballot on the merger in order to "ensure that this decision is made in a democratic manner."

In a statement released after the announcement of the merger on Thursday, Eitan called the union “the end of Likud and a threat to Israeli democracy.

“The liberal tradition of [former prime minister] Menachem Begin and [Likud ideological forbearer] Ze’ev Jabotinsky is over,” Eitan said. “This deal will bring extremism.”

An early Internet-based flash poll conducted by Panels Politics Thursday night predicted the newly combined party would win only 33 mandates in the upcoming elections, a loss of nine seats from the two parties' current positions in the Knesset.

In the current Knesset, Likud and Yisrael Beytenu hold a combined 42 seats.
AKA Liberman

Abraham And The Souls He Made


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Shavua Tov!

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Blogging Abraham - The Ger Tzedek


In Parashas Chaye Sarah we find Abraham busy purchasing the burial plot for Sarah his wife and what would later host all of the forefathers; this was none other than the cave Machpelah in Hebron.

The Torah in Bereishit 23:4 uses a very peculiar language attributed to Abraham: גר ותושב אנכי

A "stranger" - I am...

Most people will run through this in the Hebrew and say, "Ger Toshav" - thereby leaving out the "ו" - "and."

This mysterious "and" makes the difference between Ger Toshav and Ger -and- Toshav; for this matter people have the habit of saying "two of the same in meaning."

Yet Torah tradition states this is not so!

When we look to Vayikra 25:47 [and various other sources in Torah] the Torah uses this same format with our now famous "and."

To this extent the Vilna Gaon [taking from Talmudic form] explains this anomaly as such [based on the Talmudic premise that this format perforce means that we hear two revelations as opposed to one, based solely on our proverbial at this point "and":

גר זה גר צדק...תושב זה גר אוכל נבילות

"ger: this one is a ger tzedek / Toshav: this is a ger who eats non-kosher meat"

And as we learned from the Talmud a Ger Tzedek [usually termed a convert] doubles as a Noahide [Ger Toshav] who keeps most of the Torah and is devout in becoming expert in the finer points of the commandments; should he convert he will therefore be of supreme knowledge, and as there is no need to convert, he is in accordance with his Love of Hashem. For this the Talmud calls him a Ger Tzedek [who is not a convert].

The Midrash states that Abraham knew the entire Torah [kept 613 commandments] and that he was a "Ger."

Now we are able to put it together: Shem became known as Tzedek - reaching the place of perfection in righteousness through mastery of Torah. Abraham found himself in a journey to get "there", to the place of Shem.

Thus Abraham as not the first Jew [for that went to Isaac according to the Talmud] yet a keeper of Torah and Commandments can now be explained by his infamous words, "Ger -and- Toshav"; Abraham as a Noahide of the times before Sinai [Tosfos] acting as a true Ger Toshav [in the Land] had an additional strength, "Ger Tzedek!" and for this Abraham said diligently: גר ותושב אנכי.

And now we we see how Abraham would have reason and interest in keeping the Torah, even being called "Abraham my Lover" according to the Navi! [Abraham is even being accused as having lesser fear of God than Ovadyah who was a proper convert to Judaism; converts are said to have fear of God while Noahides Love of God, fitting here to perfection. However after the Akeidah Abraham finds not fear, but a higher fear: Awe!]

Abraham would receive from Shem and give birth Isaac - for eventually like Ruth he gained access to ability to bare Jewish seed, after all, Abraham was said to be unable to have children - perhaps "Jewish" children! - until he reached the place of Shem; as we know the line is extremely fine between levels of Ger Tzedek. The same was true of Rachav Joshua's wife and Ruth King David's Moabite grandmother. Abraham was a male version of soul that suddenly became able to conceive Jewish blood - blood that perforce began as Ger Toshav/Tzedek.

This hint certainly is Holy, the Gematria of the expression גר ותושב אנכי is 998 = קדושה / Holiness. [milui]

A Holy hint indeed, one crucial to the beginnings of Jewish / Noahide History in the deepest roots.

This is one example where "Oral Torah" and "Written Torah" reveal the hidden levels of Torah, levels where the secret is parallel with even the simple meaning; This is called Torat Emet - The Torah of Truth.

And now for this one moment, we can relate to what Abraham was saying, as if he was telling us, as the Torah relates to us for this intent.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Listen Up Baaza! Dayton Davy Matters

We matter. Me. You. Everyone. Matters.

This is one of the hardest lessons in life I think there is to master honestly and objectively: The art of Matter.

People love to ascribe to themselves accolades that are far-fetched, while others play a role in others lives, yet feel as if they are utterly useless.

In Torah, we are taught that people matter, and people can even matter like Moshe Rabbeinu or Avraham Avinu!

The main secret of Mazal, is that we all do matter, and we all have something significant to give to the World; the premise being the World needs YOU because you Matter!

Every now and again we get an insight to this and for that moment we can feel that we are on somebody's map of personal significance. The goal is to harness this Ko-ach and elevate our Mazal and begin to really Matter...even change the World.

We are all a part of God's Plan and we need to see the World as an arena of His Mazal, of which we are the star from our perspective.

Here is a small example I found that illustrates this point, even on a low key profound level:

I am a registered voter of Montgomery County of Ohio, and this year's election as many know has the potential to change the World forever, even in a Geulah way.

As I was speaking with a friend [in conjunction with my lack of knowledge of the dynamics of American voting, as most of my adult life I've only voted in Israel] about "Swing States" [which I always knew Ohio is one] he revealed to me that Ohio can come down to 4 counties that can effect the entire election. As I read about it, [I figured as much] Montgomery County is one of them [as Dayton is a city with a population of over 1,000,000 when you weigh in the entire area]
therefore the Dayton voters [especially this year] really MATTER!

It makes sense now more of my upbringing, why people there are a "different type of smart", why they take politics so seriously there [and religion is worthless there, which I never understood!] , and why they push this type of agenda in the schools.

It makes everything come into perspective - this is their chelek of MATTERING.

If my pathetic little vote means that much [which is a chiddush, because most people think/know their vote is useless in the electoral college system], then this sheds light on the concept of mattering.

We all Matter, whether it is politics, or whatever. It needs to be believed and realized and even internalized. We are all here for a reason. Nothing is accident. And in the end, it all boils down to Mazal.

When I was in yeshiva, they used to call me Dayton Davy, as the buchrim were all from real cities: NY, Toronto, London, LA, etc...and me from Dayton Ohio. It was hard for me to think I mattered back then, as my path to yeshiva was radically different than the rest. Yet in the end, I began to realize that I mattered, and that I was unique: a Baal Teshuva from Dayton actually can find God?! I was the only Jew in a high school of 2500 kids.

I am slowly starting to see how this works. And I can fathom how a Jew in Galus matters. Now I  can see it even a little clearer: A Jew from Dayton can actually help bring Geulah - with a little vote out of Montgomery County.

Who knew this was my Mazal. Now I wonder - where will my Mazal take me next? Just how much can one Matter?
Now more than ever, its a little more exciting to wait to find out, for if Dayton can Matter and all that I knew/know of it there - anything is possible.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden underscored the importance of swing state Ohio on Tuesday in a rare joint appearance at a rally in Dayton.

Facing a tight race in the pivotal state, Obama urged supporters to recruit friends and make phone calls for him to help him carry their home area and Ohio. He said they can make a difference if they help him get out of the vote.

"We'll win Montgomery County again, we'll win Ohio again, we'll win this election," Obama said, drawing cheers of "Four more years!"

The Democrat carried Ohio over Republican John McCain in 2008 and has campaigned in the pivotal state frequently, while his campaign and its supporters have devoted heavy portions of spending and time there.

Biden also stressed the state's key voters at an earlier stop.

"We win Ohio, we win the election. Folks, we need you," Biden told about 1,500 people in Toledo.

Christy Watkins, 58, arrived several hours early for the Dayton rally, which fire officials estimated drew about 9,500 people.

Wearing an Obama T-shirt and button, she said she felt good about the president's chances in Ohio. "I'm not listening to the polls too much," she said. "I don't get into that kind of thing."

Republican Mitt Romney's campaign says he has been gaining in Ohio with two weeks left until Election Day. A Quinnipiac University/CBS News poll released Monday put Obama ahead with 50 percent to Romney's 45 percent in Ohio, down from a 10-point lead in a Sept. 26 survey. The margin of error for the poll conducted Oct. 17-20 was plus or minus 2.5 percent.

"Romney's picking up momentum. You can just see it," said Scott Jennings, his Ohio state campaign director. Jennings said the campaign has a powerful "ground game," reaching millions of voters with door-to-door canvassing and phone banks.

"There is just no comparison in the state to 2008," Jennings said. "We have just blown it out on voter contacts."

The Obama campaign says it has built upon a strong 2008 organization in Ohio. It recently opened its 125th field office, triple the number of campaign offices Romney has in the state. They are promoting the support Obama gave the rebounding auto industry in the state.

"Ohioans know that the right path forward for the U.S. lies with President Obama," former Gov. Ted Strickland said in a statement Monday night. The Democrat is a campaign chairman for Obama.

The Romney campaign thinks it can swing votes in eastern Ohio, where there are concerns about the Obama administration's coal policies.

Cheryl Austin, 57, an unemployed Steubenville office worker, said she is seeing "an awful lot of Romney supporters" in her area.

"That concerns me, because I just don't feel Romney tells the truth," she said while attending an Obama rally in Wintersville last week featuring former President Bill Clinton.

A supporter who turned out Tuesday morning to see Biden at the University of Toledo said he was seeing more Republican signs in his home area.

"I don't see near that many Democrat signs," said Tom Joseph, a retired electrician from Tiffin who has been canvassing for Obama in northwest Ohio.

While there is less visible enthusiasm, he said, he expects Obama to carry Ohio again because of his auto industry support.

Some longtime Obama supporters in the Cincinnati area have said that they don't see the same level of enthusiasm as in 2008, but that they are working hard to persuade voters that the stakes are too high to sit this one out.

In Columbus, Brandi Gilbert, 25, said she will vote for Obama this year as she did in 2008 and thinks he has done as well as possible, considering Republican congressional opposition.

Asked at a recent Obama rally at Ohio State University whether she expects him to win Ohio, she replied: "In a perfect world, yes, but you never say never. But I'm going to say yes."

One thing is for sure: Ohioans will see plenty of the candidates and their campaigns in the final two weeks. No Republican has won the White House without carrying Ohio, and no president has been elected without Ohio since Democrat John F. Kennedy in 1960. Many electoral projections say winning Ohio this year likely will be decisive to winning the election.

Biden began the second day of a three-day swing through Ohio in Toledo, and the president will return Thursday evening for a rally in Cleveland. GOP running mate Paul Ryan will speak Wednesday at Cleveland State University, with Romney scheduled Thursday to be at a Cincinnati machine and manufacturing plant that also produces military components.

"You're going to see Romney and Ryan in the state a great amount," Jennings said. "It all underscores the importance of Ohio. It may well be (Ohio voters) who decide who is the next president of the United States."

If a Jew Can Make It Out Of Dayton
And Find His Way To Yeshiva:
Anything Is Possible!
Believe You Matter!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gog V' Magog: Coming To Chinese Theaters!

This Third Debate was totally unrewarding. They dodged the real issues. Romney was ultra-passive while Obama is still churning out his sympathy card. This was especially true as Romney never commanded an attack and Obama tried to make his Israel visit seemed as if it mattered.

Everyone thinks a trip to Yad Vashem is the magic card that over night makes you righteous. That is like going to see the Dead Sea [ancient] Scrolls and expecting instant enlightenment - because they are ancient. It was a crowd - pleaser at best, and frankly even though Romney came for the cash, I was much more satisfied with Israel policies he shared while conspiring with Bibi.

Neither one seemed to take seriously what seemed logical to take seriously. [logical, - meaning  from the perspective of a biased non - rational, Jewish based perspective. Sadly the Lobby generally wins these days.] Iran and co. were reduced to a few zingers and that's it.

What the crowds may have not totally captured were the passionate views that both men DID  offer concerning Pakistan and China.

The war in Pakistan is of huge significance, especially to NWO themes and Islamic Gog V Magog ideology. If Pakistan heats up - so do the Muslims. If the Muslims are hot - then so is Israel, etc.

Also China is a major part of the "Jewish End." The Erev Rav align with China in the End; so who are the real players in this war with China to be? This could be huge for many reasons, all playing End Time Scenarios.

What I find to be interesting concerning Pakistan, is seeing how America has maneuvered War efforts from Iraq - to Afganistan - and now to Pakistan. It is said that Pakistan is the most strategic victory geographically for all NWO schemes - for from there you neutralize China, control the MId-East and can then manipulate Europe. No wonder its sacred ground for the Muslims. What could be interesting is that by waging Gog V Magog of Islam - could be the trigger for action out of Israel. That would be a 180 from common thought of how Jewish Gog operates.

So yes the debate was lame, so here is a lame Israeli/Jewish outcome of the lamities. All that is left to see is what is left to see. After January I guess either the next 4-8 years will tell the story, however it is meant to be told. We may not have heard Jewish Messianism [leave that to Bibi] - but least they are speaking Gog-ish from a goyish perspective. It is intriguing nonetheless.

The two US presidential candidates on Monday repeatedly spoke of their support for Israel and their intention never to let Iran acquire nuclear weapons, in the final debate before the election.

During the debate, which was devoted to foreign policy, both candidates said they would stand by Israel if it was attacked by Iran.

“If Israel is attacked, America will stand with Israel,” US President Barack Obama said when asked that question by moderator Bob Schieffer.

GOP challenger Mitt Romney echoed Obama, saying, “if Israel is attacked, we have their back, not just diplomatically, not just culturally, but militarily.”

But both candidates declined to answer what they would do should the receive a phone call informing them that Israel was attacking Iran.

“Let’s not go into hypotheticals of that nature,” Romney responded, adding that the US relationship with Israel was so close that, “We would not get a call saying our bombers are on the way, or their fighters are on the way. This is the kind of thing that would have been discussed and thoroughly evaluated well before.”

Obama, for his part, did not address the question, instead relating to other aspects of Middle East policy that Romney broached as part of his answer.

Romney repeatedly referred to tensions between the US and Israel, saying that the president’s omission of a visit to Israel during his Middle East tour in the first year of his term was noticed by Arab states, and that “daylight” between the two countries that was noticed by Iran.

Obama responded by talking about the trip he took to Israel as a candidate in 2008, contrasting it with Romney’s own visit this summer, which included a high-priced fundraiser.

“When I went to Israel as a candidate, I didn’t take donors. I didn’t attend fundraisers,” Obama said. “I went to Yad Vashem, the Holocaust museum there, to remind myself the nature of evil and why our bond with Israel will be unbreakable. And then I went down to the border towns of Sderot, which had experienced missiles raining down from Hamas.”

And he said that when it came to the relationship with Israel and other allies, “Our alliances have never been stronger, in Asia, in Europe, in Africa, with Israel, where we have unprecedented military and intelligence cooperation, including dealing with the Iranian threat.”

On Iran, Romney labeled it “the greatest national security threat” America faces, and repeatedly noted that Tehran is now “four years closer to a nuclear weapon” than when Obama entered office.

Obama, in contrast, pointed to terrorist networks as the biggest threats. But he stressed, “Iran will not get a nuclear weapon.”

Though red lines on Iran have been getting a lot of attention recently, Obama staked out one on Egypt during the debate.

“They have to abide by their treaty with Israel. That is a red line for us, because not only is Israel’s security at stake, but our security is at stake if that unravels,” he said.
Bigger Than We Know

Monday, October 22, 2012

Romney or Obama: Israel's Bosom Buddy

Who Is Friends With Who?

Who is Israel's true friend? Whoever "it is" will be receiving the Gog hype - soon enough. Don't forget the next visit by either "friend" will be his second time in the Land...for which the Zohar states that from the second and third [and final visit] the Geulah takes place as a proper Gog V Magog.  So hype is a guarantee once the next friend takes office, and it seems certain either of them would visit Israel in these next 4 years.

Ironically, Bibi may not even be PM after the shakeup here -  is Livni or Olmert in the cards?
Remeber the famed "Sefer Eliyahu" predicts Olmert is PM, while Rav Kaduri spoke of the Sharon Gov't being the last [enter Olmert and Livni, and voila!]

Oh yes, the bosom buddies are getting comfy. Hold on to your saddle!

And the last Debate is tonite - look for more NWO allusions mixed with scolding questions concerning China, Iran, and Libya. Will these two be even more candid in their schemes?

The United States elections won't change much as far as Israel's relations with Washington are concerned, a former advisor on Middle East affairs to six secretaries of state asserts.

Barack Obama may not be the best US president for Israel, Dr. Aaron Miller says, but he is definitely pro-Israel. Mitt Romney will not offer any real change, he claims.

Having spent 24 years in the State Department, Miller has witnessed countless high-stakes meetings between US presidents and Israeli leaders. A fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Miller has written four books, the most recent of which discussed US efforts to negotiate peace between Israel and the Arabs.

Miller claims that even should Romney be elected president, he would adopt the traditional US foreign policy stance and will not risk antagonizing the Arab world by moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. As president, Miller claims, Romney will no longer need to pander to anyone, so such a move would not be in his interest.

A day before the two candidates face-off on foreign policy in the third and last presidential debate, Miller tried to put things in perspective.

"Too many Democrats want to pretend that Barack Obama is the most pro-Israel president in American history. And too many Republicans want to believe that Mitt Romney is Israel's salvation and will rescue the Jews from the clutches of a sitting president," he says.

"There's no sense at all that Romney has any better ideas on Iran or certainly the peace process than Obama."

Asked how Romney would handle the Iranian threat, Miller says that the Republican candidate is unlikely to give Israel the green-light to attack Iran in one year's time nor is he likely to order a US offensive in the country.

According to Miller, Romney will reconsider any plan to attack Iran once his military advisors explain to him the consequences of such an operation, including its effect on Afghanistan. The last thing a new president wants to see is stock markets plummet and oil price soar, he says.

According to Miller, there's only one country in the world that believes that an attack on Iran is necessary – Israel.

Miller will concede however that Romney is likely to have a better personal relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu than Obama.

Like Bill Clinton and George Bush Jr., Romney has an emotional attachment to Israel, Miller says. His instinct will therefore be to give Israel the benefit of the doubt.

"Obama wasn't raised on the Paul Newman Exodus movie trope in which the Israelis were the brave cowboys and the Arabs were the hostile Indians. His penchant for nuance, complexity, and detachment drives him to avoid seeing matters in black and white.

No emotional connection "His inability to connect emotionally as Clinton and Bush did may make it harder for him to get there in the first place."

"Obama clearly doesn't like Netanyahu's bravado or what he believes is his callous disregard for American interests. In this regard, Obama probably fits somewhere between Carter and Bush Sr. when it comes to how frustrated they were with the Israelis.

But Obama is not an enemy of the state of Israel."

Miller further believes that the incumbent president will not get back at Netanyahu is and when he is reelected. According to Miller, a US president locks horns with Israel for one reason only and that is if he believes he can achieve something in the process.

As far as Miller is concerned the Israeli-Palestinian peace process is dead and as long as it is, it will not be a subject of any power struggle between the US and Israel.

Miller also does not foresee any additional crisis between Obama and Netanyahu "unless the Israeli prime minister does something insane to undermine American interests" which he believes is highly unlikely.
Be Careful What You Vote For

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Debate For The Ages - Israel, Iran, and Dayton?

Debate #3

This Final Debate will cover serious ground: Israel, Iran, Libya - all sure to draw nice combat between the two.

Both Mitt and Bazza have equally alluded to NWO claims I feel: Mitt is sure to make his final push to address the Amero [America's version of the EU, to be followed by the Asio - all culminating in a new World Currency]
Bazza is set to re-write America into his "invest in education / Big Government policies" - i.e. destroy America [or what is left of it] and if there is anything left, theoretically build it into the model of the Democratic Liberal Galus Jew. It is Jews like this that support Bazza, and thus they feel that all of America is like this.

Boker Tov, it isn't. Reality of who and what America is is lost. Mitt is closer to reality in this way than Bazza, but Mitt is more dramatically destroying America with his Amero while openly waging a war against China; Torah-wise this is huge and foreseen, as China represents the sure end: a Galus that will never happen. For Mitt to take on China is "Forcing the End." Is it good to rouse the dragon? I guess we will find out; as Mitt has stated: China must follow the [NWO] rules.
 The two are opposites, in that Mitt is good short term and Bazza is horrible short term, and vice versa [theoretically].

Nonetheless, here we are, end of 2012, beginning of 5773..and we have Zohars and Mayans and Iranians and Israelis - all glowing hot.

Somehow I feel this election really will be epic [and dangerous to endure] and a vehicle to usher in the Geulah. We are in for a reality check, and it will be interesting to live out these next 4-8 years under one of these false messiahs.
May the true Moshiach be ready and willing to come ASAP! We may need him in a pinch.

The most pressing issue is: why are they touring in Dayton, Ohio? Is Obama that bored? I'd rather be in Ramallah than Dayton, Ohio...spoken like a true Daytonian. For all of his accent contrivancies - lets see Bazza try and even say Dayton correctly! [day-nn]

President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney prepared for Monday's third and final presidential debate, which will focus on foreign policy, especially the Middle East and terrorism. It is their last chance to directly confront each other before millions of TV viewers with polls showing the race deadlocked. The 90-minute debate in Boca Raton, Florida, comes just 15 days before the Nov. 6 election.

While the economy has been the dominant theme of the election, foreign policy has attracted renewed media attention in the aftermath of last month's attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Obama had ranked well with the public on his handling of international issues and in fighting terrorism, especially following the death of Osama bin Laden. But the administration's response to the Libya attack and questions over levels of security at the consulate have given Romney and his Republican allies an issue with which to raise doubts about Obama's foreign policy leadership. Romney's team has focused on Libya, following reports that Obama's administration could have known early on that militants, not protesters angry over a film produced in the U.S. that ridiculed Islam, launched the attack that killed the U.S. ambassador there. Within 24 hours of the attack, the CIA station chief in Libya told Washington about eyewitness reports that the attack was carried out by militants, officials told The Associated Press.

The report from the CIA station chief was written late Wednesday, Sept. 12, and reached intelligence agencies in Washington the next day, intelligence officials said. It is not clear how widely the information was circulated. U.S. intelligence officials have said the information was just one of many widely conflicting accounts, which became clearer by the following week. Obama has insisted that information about the Libya attack was shared with the American people as it came in.

Also breaking on the eve of the debate was news that Obama's administration is prepared to talk one-on-one with Iran to find a diplomatic settlement to the impasse over Tehran's reported pursuit of nuclear weapons. However, National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor said Obama has made clear that he will prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and will do whatever's necessary to prevent that from happening. Vietor said Iran must come in line with its obligations, or else faced increased pressure.

Iran has been a recurring issue in the presidential election campaign and Vietor's statement was released shortly after The New York Times reported Saturday that the U.S. and Iran have agreed in principle for the first time to negotiations. The paper said Iran has insisted the talks wait until after the Nov. 6 election. Vietor, however, denied that any such agreement had been reached. Heading into the campaign's final weeks, the economy and other domestic issues remain the main focus of both candidates.

Romney is upping his criticism of Obama's plans for a second term, accusing the Democrat of failing to tell Americans what he would do with four more years. The Obama campaign is aggressively disputing the notion, claiming it's Romney who hasn't provided specific details to voters.

At campaign events, and in a new ad and fundraising appeal out Saturday, Romney is setting up the closing weeks as a choice between what he says is Obama's "small" campaign that's offering little new policy and his own ambitious plan to fundamentally change America's tax code and entitlement programs. The new Romney ad criticizes the president's policies on debt, health care, taxes, and energy, arguing that Obama is simply offering more of the same. The fundraising appeal hits Obama for raising taxes and increasing the debt by $5.5 trillion, repeating the lack-of-agenda criticism.

Obama's campaign disputes the notion that the president hasn't outlined a detailed second-term agenda, pointing to his calls for immigration reform, ending tax breaks for upper income earners, fully implementing his health care overhaul and ending the war in Afghanistan.

Obama, at the Democratic National Convention, called for creating 1 million manufacturing jobs over the next four years with a mix of corporate tax rate cuts and innovation and training programs. He has set a goal of cutting the growth of college tuition in half over the next 10 years. He also has called for Congress to pass proposals he made last year that include includes tax credits for companies that hire new workers and funding for local municipalities to hire more teachers, police officers and firefighters.

The president's aides are particularly irked by the questions about Obama's second-term agenda, because they say it's Romney who has failed to provide voters with details. They point to Romney's refusal to provide specifics about his tax plan or outline what he would replace the president's health care overhaul with if he makes good on his promise to repeal the federal law.

The Obama campaign has also stressed that it's hard to predict what Romney might do as president, since he has changed his positions on many issues.

The presidency is decided in state-by-state contests, not by a national popular vote. Forty-one of the 50 states are essentially already decided, and the candidates have taken the fight to the remaining nine, which include Ohio and Florida.

The president planned an extensive tour of battleground states following the debate, with events in Florida and Ohio on Tuesday, including a joint event with Vice President Joe Biden in Dayton, Ohio, before returning to the White House. Romney and running mate Paul Ryan planned to campaign Tuesday in Colorado.

On Wednesday, Obama was packing his schedule with around-the-clock campaigning in Davenport, Iowa; Denver; Los Angeles and Las Vegas, followed by events in Tampa, Florida; Richmond, Virginia; Chicago and Cleveland on Thursday.

New financial reports out this weekend show that Obama's campaign collected $181 million in September, compared with Romney's $170 million. Obama's fundraising tally is just short of the record $190 million the president pulled in four years ago last month.
Basically, yeah!
I.E. 2 Types of Jews are Represented Here:
Jews of Bavel = Democrats [anti-Israel]
Jews of Eretz Yisrael [anti-America]
Neither are Good for America and/or Israel
Its called NWO
Maybe Not as the Propaganda Portrays
But Nonetheless.
Would Rahm Emmanuel Be Wrong[?]:
20th Century Goods
Can Longer Support
The 21st Century
Time For Change
No Matter Where You Are.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Noah The Tzaddik - Just Ask Rashi!

Parashas Noach: Redeeming Noach
Rabbi David Katz
This week’s Parsha begins with a top heavy introduction that is none other than the upmost praise of one of the Torah’s greatest Men of all time: Noach. The commentaries actually note that Noach is only one of two Men to be labeled as “Righteous” by Torah standards, as the other to gain this accolade is Joseph the Righteous. Interestingly, Joseph and Noach share many of the same Kabbalistic and redemptive traits that compose their greatness and even their tendency to be misunderstood. When we take the Torah face on, perhaps there is not a more misunderstood Man in all of Tanach than Noach, as he poses a challenge in of himself, seemingly begging to be understood. The most perplexing quandary that we are pitted up against is a famous statement of the Torah commentary “Rashi”; Rashi says of Noach: [based on the verse 6:9 – “These are the Offspring of Noach – Noach was a Righteous Man, perfect in his Generations; Noach walked with God”] [Rashi in regards to “Generations”] “There are those who explain this ‘Generations’ to the praise of Noach, saying ‘Noach was Righteous in his generation, and all the more so had he been around great Men!’ And there are those who consider the Torah a detriment to Noach’s perceived righteousness, saying, ‘In his generation he may have been righteous, but had he lived in the time of Abraham, he would not have been considered for anything.’”
What we have found here is that in the face of the Torah’s admission and testimony of Noach’s Righteousness, there seems to be at least one well-known opinion that believes that Noach was to be considered average at best in a lowly generation. However, this is a massive contradiction to the Torah’s meaning – on every level! The only solution to resolve this generational dispute that we all engage in, trying to understand Noach in the eyes of Rashi, is to delve deeper into the Rashi and find the deeper meaning that has the ability to resolve the contradiction. This should not be a surprise to endeavor as such, for we already know the answer – Noach was Righteous and Perfect in his Generations! – The Torah tells us as much!
To open up this Rashi for context, and turn it into an asset of clarity, let’s turn to the Talmud, which happens to be the source of this infamous Rashi that perplexes us all. The source of this Midrash that Rashi quotes, and the clearest vision of Noach that brings us into proper focus is located in Sanhedrin 108a: “These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man, and perfect in his generations. R. Johanan said: In his generations, but not in other generations. Resh Lakish maintained: [Even] in his generations — how much more so in other generations. Thus we have the basic premise of Rashi laid down, as relayed through the Talmud; Now the Rabbis offer the proper context through analogy: R. Hanina said: As an illustration of R. Johanan's view, to what may this be compared? To a barrel of wine lying in a vault of acid: in its place, its odour is fragrant [by comparison with the acid]; elsewhere, its odour will not be fragrant. R. Oshaia said: As an illustration of Resh Lakish's view, to what may this be compared? To a phial of spikenard oil lying amidst refuse: [if] it is fragrant where it is, how much more so amidst spices!
Rebbe Johanan, who shares Rashi’s view to the demise of Noach, is explained in the analogy as such: that Noach was at his greatest in his place, i.e. his time was ripe and the conditions for his greatest action were optimal. The World at that moment needed a Noach!
An additional analogy can be drawn from sports. If we compare two athletes, and while both are equally paid professionals, one may be a utility player, able to do many functions, and can be seen as the glue of the team.  The other player may be more of a specialist, yet he is still a professional. The latter may only have the skills that suit a particular situation, and when not called upon while he remains great, however not asked for and therefore perforce not driven for the task, as the moment is not his. In this direction of explanation, the Rashi and Rebbe Johanan are not speaking to the negative of Noach, but rather explaining the true nature of his righteousness. Noach was built to be the Man for the biggest job the World has ever seen, even the Messiah will eat of Noach’s fruit, as the Zohar states that Noach repaired the World outright, only over time and facilitated by the Messiah, this reality will come into fruition.  Thus when the World isn’t being destroyed, Noach isn’t being fully expressed as Noach, and hence Rashi’s words, “…wouldn’t be considered much” – as Noach has a function of soul that is specific, and thereby Holy to God, as referenced by many commentaries based on the Torah that proclaims Noach as perfectly righteous. Thus the Talmud focuses on the “Place of Noach” as its fundamental tool of context and explanation.
To explain Resh Lakish [Rebbe Johanan’s contemporary] with another explanation: Noach was great in his time and place and therefore brought the Redemption! To be in Abraham’s place would not have aroused Noach, as his primary functions would not be called upon. Noach saves the World and builds the New World – Post-Flood. However Abraham was built to come in and further along this New World, as this was not Noach’s function. We even see that when Noach returned to cultivate the Earth he fell into sin, as he became improperly intoxicated and was debased; clearly this was not his function in the New World. The Midrash even states that Noach had elevated to a near Angelic level in the Ark, whereas Abraham was far more Earthy and a natural repentant and thus better suited to take the baton from Noach. Resh Lakish then goes on to explain, as Noach was great in saving the World, to be in Abraham’s place would not suit Noach, but a place filled with the Righteous [as will be in the End of Days, the Days of the Messiah] all the more so Noach will be praised and seen as Perfectly Righteous!
Rashi made his commentary on Noach a hidden endeavor, yet for the motivated student and Noach advocate, the truth can be found when located at its source, which in our case is the Talmud that provides for us the proper context. Noach is, was, and will always be Perfectly Righteous, and now we have the text to prove it. Nowhere to be found is any proof to the demise of Noach, and actually it’s to the contrary – the authentic sources have no satiation point of Noach’s Praise. This is in absolute contrast to the Torah, which limits its praise of Noach, as to not bring guilt upon him through the acquisition of arrogance God Forbid. The Torah’s commentary however, with such words from Zohar, Midrash, etc. heap the proper praise upon Noach, as it should be; Torah scholars restore the proper honor to Noach as highest Praise to Noach. [This “chutzpah” by scholars is a sort of redemption of Noach that arose from the intentional lack in praise. The Torah only lacked in Praise so as to not bring arrogance upon Noach. The scholars then made up for this loss with joy and respect, and aligned with God’s deepest Blessing. This dynamic is called “Kavod Elokim” – the same mechanism of placing a menorah in one’s window during Hanuka, which according to the laws of the Menora of the Temple, this action should be made conceptually forbidden. Although this is not a totality in technicality within real law, the concept exists and is employed in certain places: to rebel against God in a form of respect to God. The Talmud offers a story of the Rabbis that “defeated God” in a matter of law so to speak, to which God was seen by Elijah Above, radiating with Joy and praising the scholars. This would be an example of proper restitution employed by the Rabbis, and applied as an on-going duty to redeem Noach.] The Rashi at hand seems like it garners all the attention of Noach, but even this source, when truly studied in the name of Truth, will express the view of Noach’s Righteousness, when we carefully analyze Rashi’s words.
[This should not come as surprise, for Rashi wrote with Divine Inspiration and the most fundamental rule of any Rashi is to learn the fine and subtle qualities of it, until it yields fruit of revelation. Our Rashi here now has done just that, for when we route the Talmud into Rashi (which is where he got it from) we see that Rashi’s vessel is most suitable for terms of endearment.]
In the end, Noach is Righteous, but we knew that, for the Torah stated this in the opening remarks of the Parsha! How ironic it is, that the Redeemer of the World needs a massive redemption himself. How ironic it will be, when the Final Redemption does come, it will first be called “Redemption of the Gerim” [Converts/Noahides] as explained by the Ramchal [1700]. How ironic it is, that the Final Redemption is ushered in by the Righteous Priest, Shem the son Noach [Righteous son of a Righteous]. How ironic it will be when Moses, who is the Final Redeemer, will have completion of soul, which then there will be an added letter “Nun” to his name [the Nun stands for Perfect Understanding], thus making his name Menashe as mentioned in the Book of Judges. It may be Moses who will reveal the company of the Righteous when the World is restored, yet all of this is only made possible by Noach; for Moses gained powers of redemption and the letter “Nun” which not only stands for Understanding, through his original Incarnation, one of supreme righteousness and one that Hashem looked into and saw the Torah, Noach.
In short, Knowledge of God, The Torah, Redemption, The World, The Priesthood, etc. comes from the one and only Noach, a Righteous Man Perfect in his Generations; it was Noach who walked with God. Should there be any more questions about Noach and his Righteousness? It is our duty and privilege to realize the nature of Noach’s personal redemption, which is utterly ironic, for the World is only eternally redeemed due to the Righteousness that knows Noach, a Righteousness that knows no boundary. Perhaps King David summarized Noach best, for it is said that Psalms was written as a memoir to Noach, and King David said it best when he began his Psalms with the word “Praiseworthy.” Let it be known, Praiseworthy is Noach. Praiseworthy is Noach. And in case you missed it, Noach is Praiseworthy, just as the Torah has always told us.
Onward - Into 5773 We Go - Buckle Up!

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