Founder of Soul Mazal and co-author of "World of the Ger", Rabbi David Katz, presently resides and operates out of Tzfat, Israel. Rabbi Katz is a devoted scholar who spends the majority of his time in Torah learning. He uses his knowledge to teach both Jews and those from the nations, who through his teaching are gaining true insight. Rabbi Katz is a popular and frequent guest on several radio shows in Israel. Rabbi Katz is available to work with anyone seeking guidance to some of life's biggest mysteries and/or desiring assistance in recognizing Hashem's "hand" in their lives (with skilled articulation, bringing spiritual focus!) To learn more about the teaching style of Rabbi Katz you can find his numerous audio and video lectures at the links below. Rabbi Katz's unique Soul Mazal approach can be recognized in the depth of his engaging interaction with his students


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