Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fireworks Are Coming Out Of Tzfat?

How far right is Israel going and for how long will neo-Kahanism last?

Bennett is having his way with the country on issues such as Haredim and involvement of the Chief Rabbi election, of which Rav Eliyahu of Tzfas Ir Hakoydesh [as is known by Tzfat-nics] is a leading candidate. The interesting point to note is Rav Eliyahu's past position on right-wing issues such as Arabs, nature of Jews in the World, etc.

Rav Eliyahu has been in Tzfat a long time, and we know of his character, yet what may be quite compelling is to see how he performs under the National spotlight, a podium that his late father graced quite well. How far right will he allow himself [and the government] to wander?

Israel could become a new flavor of Zionism [that echoes Kahane] more than we know!

Israel HaYom:

Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef made an unequivocal decision on Thursday that Shas will not cooperate with Habayit Hayehudi in the process of electing Israel's chief rabbis. Yosef rejected the deal suggested by national religious rabbi Haim Druckman, under which Habayit Hayehudi would support the "Amar law," which would allow a presiding rabbi to remain in office for an additional term (namely, it would allow current Sephardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, Shas' preferred candidate, to serve an additional term), in exchange for Shas' support of a law allowing rabbis over the age of 70 to run for the position. 

The second law would benefit the national religious favorite and Habayit Hayehudi choice, Ramat Gan Chief Rabbi Yaakov Ariel. Yosef had harsh words regarding Habayit Hayehudi, telling his associates that they were responsible for "decrees of religious persecution against the haredim (ultra-Orthodox)." Yosef's associates explained that the rabbi was very angry at the religious Zionist camp and that he viewed Habayit Hayehudi as being complicit with a coalition that persecutes the Torah world. 

They said further that Yosef feels Habayit Hayehudi had joined forces with the haters of the Torah. "Haredi Judaism is under attack. We mustn't cooperate with our enemies," said a senior Shas source. Sources within Habayit Hayehudi warned that Yosef's decision not to participate in the plan would cause the haredim to lose their bid for Sephardi chief rabbi, and end up with two national religious rabbis in the chief positions. 

On Sunday, MK Elazar Stern (Hatnuah) is expected to bring a bill before the ministerial committee on legislation that is expected to win a large majority. The bill, if approved, would change the composition of the 150-member body that elects the chief rabbis, which is widely considered to be controlled by Shas. 

The new law would change the body's composition to include more women and non-haredim, which could lead them to elect a non-haredi chief Sephardi rabbi as well. 

The person who stands to gain from these squabbles is Tzohar founder Rabbi David Stav, as well as Safed Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, who are set to become the two leading candidates in the race for the rabbinate. Stav has the support of most parties within the coalition. According to understandings within Habayit Hayehudi, if Rabbi Ariel is not able to run due to his age, Rabbi Stav will receive the support of the religious Zionists.


Anonymous said...

Rav Eliyahu is a Tzadik, the son of a holy Tzadik, ztl. Would be great if he were to be the chief Rav, but doubt if they'd allow such a thing. But miracles can happen. We know that everything is from Above and whatever will lead us to the Geulah, will be; hopefully, with rachamim because the Jews will wake up and use their common sense and do teshuva.

aouman said...

I don't like the tone of your article, it sounds very disrespectfull to Rav Eliahu who is a Tzadic, and to his father Rav Mordehai Eliahu ZT"L.
Also it sounds very disrespectfull to late Rav Kahana ZT"L who dedicated his life to Am Isroel and died for Am Isroel.
According to you it sounds that the things are better with leftists who are itchi to give avay Yehuda, Shamron, Golans and Yerushalaim.
Don't get me wrong, I don't think that Yeshiva Bohurim should serve in IDF, unless they want to do so. But it has nothing to with supporting leftists and kiking out Frum Jews from Yehuda and Shamron as they did in Gush Katif

David said...

FYI the tone is that fascism also doesnt work, and as ive said it is against the geulah to join torah and politics...heres a chiddush: how about, emes?

Anonymous said...

How about Emes? Rav Kahane spoke Emes. The Arabs have pride and do not want to stand up for Hatikva -- so let them go to Jordan or somewhere else even if we have to pay for it. What's wrong with solution? Or would you like Jews to continue to be treated like an invading species that needs to be eradicated?

David said...

how about the arabs that stand on yom zikaron while the haredim laugh and mock sitting down. how about understanding the real issues, such as torah vs. politics, the real borders of eretz yisrael,real gerim, real talmidei chachamim, the list goes on. its called emes and not norishkeit. blaming the arabs is a very easy cop out to the fact that torah is grossly being neglected and even perverted in face of real issues that merely keep the chains moving, which weve proven that game can last about fixing things?

"The Engagement" said...

aren't they that are in those areas Jewish by DNA? more can be done to inform them at the very least about their Jewish roots, especially in light of geographic proximity to Hoorayde communities. it's fascinating to see how Anusim receive notice of their test results (the New Mexico region is reminiscent of Gaza). Shas would be their representative party, were they to participate in casting, correct?

David said...

the dna of a jew is learning torah and / or serving Hashem.

Klishlishi said...

What is the difference between "Kahanism" and "Neo-Kahanism"?

David said...

new and different - by definition.

Klishlishi said...

In his last years Rabbi Kahane wrote much on the subject of Moshiach ben Yosef. In each generation there has to be a potential Moshiach ben Yosef who dies a violent death at the hands of a non-Jew. Some say that R.Kahane was the Moshiach ben Yosef of the last generation.

Kahane's heart beat in defence of his fellow Jews everywhere. Yet few men in history were the focus of such calumny, vehemence, vitriol, splenic invective and irrational hatred, including from the Orthodox and Haredim. It took a great soul to survive such tremendous adversities and pressures. Kahane had a powerful intellect, was a perspicacious analyst of current events and a potent seer of future ones, having forewarned of the intifada and worse to come, long ago. The sheer volume of his writings was prodigious, and he lectured and debated tirelessly. He had great love of Torah and the Jewish People, literally having given his life to help Jews everywhere.

R.Mordechai Eliyahu, the former Sephardi Chief Rabbi, stated that "Kahane represented the true spirit of Biblical Judaism and was a gilgul of a Tenach warrior who knew no fear".

Kahane's eviction from the 1988 election process on grounds of "racism", and the attempts to try him for sedition, were nothing but crass politics and a dread of seeing a Kahane in the Knesset with 15 seats. He sometimes wrote with anger, but his cause was nothing less than the survival of Israel and the Am Yisroel. His chastisements were unfortunately not taken in their proper context. His medicine may have been too strong for some to take, but its mere presence even on the shelf served an important purpose.

Rabbi Meir David Kahane deserves credit for making otherwise complacent Jews aware of some uncomfortable facts. "The righteous man perishes, and no one lays it to heart; devout men are taken away, and no one understands that the righteous are taken away from the evil that is to come" (Yeshaya 57)

David said...

Hence neo

Anonymous said...

Klishlishi: What a beautiful comment! Concur wholeheartedly.

Anonymous said...

What is hence Neo?

David said...

apply the websters definition of "neo" with that of rav eliyahu while realizing that his father never entered this debate and compare and contrast that to rav kahane who was by definition not neo, but rather the authentic breed of torah based politics in israel which at least served to illuminate and even begin moshiach ben yosef, and as mby has been prophesied as such, led to his death, according to torah and proven by mazal. neo then is not that, nor does anything from today even moderately come close to expressing this. it is a political entity that impededs redemption as the yidden learned at the miracle of purim. ratgher than promoting the killing of goyim, it is the acceptance of gerim who are kosher in their observance that will usher in geulah. when rabbis in israel realize that, then we can expect change, and the neo mechanism will be the torah of atzilus called moshiach's torah which is the penimius of torat moshe torat emet, b'darga torah nitzchi. as klishlishi has often commented, do rabbanim even quote psukim anymore? [*and for the fanclub chevre in chutz l'aretz, it would be wise to have a personal account of the matzav in israel and of the rabbanim [in person if possible] to form a viable cheshbon, and if that concerned, to take part in kibbutz gulios either in the flesh, or building gerei toshavim rather than promoting sinus chinum with sheker ancient hebrew devoid of loshon hakodesh and stam machlokes b'aretz while mekabel/mashpia loshon hara and gaining information from biased agenda-based sources for slight political agenda while forsaking the limud of God's holy Torah in loshon hakodesh...if you know what i mean. the goal is to promote the emes, even if that is not what the ears of am yisrael are used to hearing. as the aish hatorah rabbis have been saying for years, there is a spiritual holocaust going on, and the jews and gerim in particular are going fast, thanks to amalek and the zohar and gra say, "worst are the erev katan baalei machlokes lo b'shem shamayim..for they are amalek (and political in the core) least rav eliyahu knows torah, he just needs to delve into more of it, and to make neo zionism, not neo kahanism. there was already one kahane, maybe there should be a first rav eliyahu into a zionism of emes, something kahane was doing, and to that extent, kahane was right. he just wasnt totally right, as for that we need moshiach, not hollywoods neo.]

Anonymous said...

Don't understand your promoting geirim. It is not a Yehudi thing. A ger tzedek will on his own want to become a Jew. The rest of the righteous will be Bnei Noach. Or maybe, am just not understanding your point. We know that the leadership is totally erev rav now in Israel and they are all in partnership (Eisav/Edom, Yishmael & Erev Rav = Amaleik) but this is all part of the geulah process and in a way -the cleansing in the House of Israel. Today, the emesser Yid sits on one side of the fence whereas, the rest on the other. As Kahane, ztl, said, it is not the quantity but the quality.

David said...

the gerim are all ger tzedek and ger toshav [even outside the land]. the geulah comes with yovel, and there are none closer to yoval than the gerim. it is a known fact the unique role of the gerim with geulah and their assoc. with moshiach i.e. his 30 add. laws that he gives them. the ger offers the jewish people a perspective of torah [albeit the ger torah which the jew has not only lost, but has grossly corrupted to the core, i.e. calling gerim converts - when the ger eats neveilah?!] to such that they contain in their very being the revelations jews need to fully understand col torah culah. if you feel that jews have it all and get along without gerim, then where is/was/will be moshiach? point blank: the geulah comes with gerim.

Anonymous said...

I really think that what is holding up the Geulah, are the Erev Rav (of course, in partnership with Edom/Yishmael) at the helm in Israel and the divisions within the Torah world (also read where they are called the Erev Zeir - the gilgulim of the spies in the desert and their followers who were satisfied with being in the desert, just sitting and learning). Also, what about the rest of the assimilated Jewish world who have no idea of what being a Jew is and have no interest in Torah, Israel and do not even believe in a destiny for the Jewish people. It is those within our people that are holding geulah back and why upset the applecart. That's what Rabbi Kahane, z'tl, tried to warn but for the above reasons couldn't get through to most of his fellow Jews. But, can give them (the know nothings) a little leeway as they are like the kidnapped children who don't know better. It is the whole Torah world that needs to unite so they will have sway over the average Torah Jew to awaken him which will bring the Geulah Shleimah. In its time, the Geulah will come anyway, but we pray with mercy. anon.

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