Monday, May 13, 2013

30 Laws, 7 Laws, 3 Laws, 1 Law - Be Normal

not normal

The Noahide Laws range from 30 to 7 and even to 3 [Chullin] - no gay marriage, honor the Torah, and no cannibalism. It is said that the correct connotation of the gay and murder issues are to not be too liberal with Torah and radical with Torah, so as to lose morality and to lose focus of a proper God fearing society.

As America goes further and further away from the 1950's into a free - for - all of tumah, the Islamic folks are doing their best too to impose radical Torah perversions of their Noahide Code onto society. I think it is safe to say that through Galus Edom the Jews aree being killed by the extermination of Gerim from indulgance, while the Galus Yishmael is attempting to show the World its personal blend of Noahidism, again, in attempt to finish of Jew-daism and eternally pervert Torah.

When will people get it right? There are 620 Commandments, the Jews were commanded in 7 at Marah, and again today, the 4th day at Sinai just before Hashem converted the people into Jews from Noahides with the 10 Commandments. The laws were binding, are binding, and serve as the impetus to do outreach in the Abraham / Noah program to bring Baatei Dinim to the World to make people Gerei Toshavim, forcing the Yovel and Moshiach to come.

The Gerim were given 7, God setteld for 3, hoping it would turn to 7, so that Moshiach could give 30 and opening the door for the Gerim to keep as many as 620 - gematria Keter.

May Hashem soon place his crown amongst man, as hashgacha pratit will become enclothed in the power of man as mazal. As Malchut wil return, so too will Moshiach ben David, showing us how to chase after the heart of God, a heart that loves Gerim, for Hashem has commanded - Love the Gerim. But for that one must honor Torah [as David did] and stop killing and polluting Gerim and their Torah point of view for the sake of an other non violent holocaust not just against Jews through proxy, but against Hashem and all of his peoples.

A video of a Syrian rebel commander cutting the heart out of a soldier and biting into is emblematic of a civil war that has rapidly descended into sectarian hatred and revenge killings, Human Rights Watch said on Monday. The New York-based group said an amateur video posted on the Internet on Sunday shows Abu Sakkar, a founder of the rebel Farouq Brigade who is well known to journalists as an insurgent from Homs, cutting into the torso of a dead soldier. The video has caused outrage among both supporters of President Bashar Assad and opposition figures. "I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog," the man says to off screen cheers of his comrades shouting "Allahu akbar (God is great)". World no longer working to build the Tower of Bavel [abnormal], but the Beit Hamikdash
 - Gerim and Jews together.


Shiloh said...

Normal? Did you forget where you live? Forget about the animal behavior, actually worse then animals, up north across the border. We in this country need a big dose of just being normal, every segment of our population that is. Something is wrong here, thank God it's not like the rest of the world, but how can the world be normal when we can't. Reflection, remember?

Leah said...

That is above and behind reprehensible...speechless!

R Bearden said...

Well said Shiloh.

Brandyn Ashing said...

Yeah it's reprehensible and it's disgusting. It's supposed to be all those things and more. It's probably intended to strike fear in the hearts of their enemies. I doubt he did it because he likes the taste of human flesh. I doubt seriously there's any trend towards cannibalism going on over there. However, there is a war going on over there. Does that make it right or justified. Of Course not. It's just bothersome to me when people take isolated incidents and make them out to be the norm.

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