Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Danger, I See [3D Printed] Danger - Use The Torah Skywalker!

In the year 5500-5600 the World's wellsprings above and below shall open - Zohar

And they did.

It is largely acknowledged that in those years both the religious and secular World did indeed develop as predicted. In Judaism, luminaries such as Gra, Ramchal, Besh''t, Rashash, etc all came around the same time, and fashioned Torah Judaism into what it is today, and in the secular velt, Rothschild came about, closing the era with Rockefeller [industries].

Daniel predicts this as well when he says time, times, and a half, which is said to be 5500/1739.

Every Wisdom has a Messiah. Whether it is the baseball messiah in Babe Ruth, the basketball messiah in Michael Jordan....country/regime messiah's such as Napoleon in France, Spain having its heyday, and even Obama claimed to be America's [false] messiah. Point being, every wisdom has its time, its moment that expresses its holy spark, regardless of the other various impurities. It lives, it rules it dies, life goes on...much like the 8 Edomite Kings.

In the Daniel prophecy, it is said that the True Messiah [as opposed to a poor man's version, based on concept fulfillment] is set to come out of this 1739 boom that lasted until 1839 - "upon the completion of the fragmenting of the hand of the Holy People."

Should this be true, then by what means would we recognize the era of the Moshiach?
Perhaps the Industrial Revolution's messiah?

Enter 3D Printing - Technologies Messiah, and quite possibly the sacred bridge that finally joins science and Torah. They are billing it as such [for better or worse; etz ha-daas tov v' rah type of balance], and this is quite possibly the fulfillment of the secular part of that era, which would then lend to a spiritual resurgence in the near future as well.

The Flood came by stealing crimes, and all other corrupt actions. This 3D printing  has the potential to utterly destroy organized civilization, aka industry's messiah can kill industry. We shoudl expect Moshiach around the corner who would do the opposite, bringing Torah back to [eternal] life, and simultaneously rectifying [rather than other other messiah programs that ruin] society; the sign of the [finally] true Moshiach.


Klishlishi said...

The Zohar (I:117) that "In the 600th year of the Sixth Millennium (5500-5600) the wellsprings of Torah knowledge from above and the those of secular knowledge from below will open, as it says in the Torah (Genesis 7) 'all the wellsprings of the great deep burst forth from below and all the floodgates of heaven were also opened'".

Indeed the years around 5600 (1840) did experience an immense knowledge infusion, nay an inundative flood of major principles, well above that of other centuries eg Dalton's Atomic Theory, Ampere, Laplace, electric motor, telegraph, Faraday, Joule, Doppler, radio, Boolean algebra, Pasteur, spectroscope, incandescent lamp, Mendel, periodic table, electromagnetism, Koch, telephone etc etc.

Genoism said...

TBH 3d printing is not new. Not only that its a lot less than people think it is. No one is going to be printing a car. 3d printing is creating an object from ONE solid piece of material. Which is generally plastic....not saying it doesn't have some interesting implications for the future. But you're not going to see a 3d printer in every home in our lifetime. It's got a very long way to go before it becomes useful to the majority.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. is planning to utilize 3D Printing to mass-produce Drones, as per Russia Times (who has hired Larry King).

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