Monday, May 6, 2013

As David: The Ger Who Speaks The Truth

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Topics of the Ger:

  •  Jubillee - Essential Redemption
  • How many Ger Toshav Are There?!
  • Gerim of Israel
  • Ger Tzedek In Clear Light
  • The Lodger, The Slave, The Tzaddik
  • True Charity Fights Stealing
  • Four Regrets of God
  • ...and more

Click Here For Article 
[for best comprehension it is advised to read article before audio]

Don't Forget Class Times! [Israel Time]

  • Motzie Shabbat - Parasha Shavua 11 P.M.
  • Wed 11 P.M. - Gerim in Torah
  • ...Coming Soon! - Noahide Shabbat and Shem - Noah Series

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