Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Follow The Chinese Brick Road

Galus China -
[The Galus that won't be, as China eternally prepares for a galus that they ironically eternally will have imposed on themselves, while anticipating their immediate control of civilization - once the final pieces are in store - i.e. Jews! (what else would Galus be?)]

Is getting further under way, as a divine match is being made before our very eyes - between China and Erev Rav. Gashmius + Tumah + etc. etc = Galus China...Moshiach is closer than ever apparently.


Netanyahu tours Shanghai, where 18,000 Jews sought refuge during WWII: "70 years ago we could only plead, only beg to be saved. Today we have a state of our own, an army of our own....we can defend ourselves." Netanyahu meets Shanghai mayor Just days after allegations that Israel attacked Syria, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Tuesday morning in China that unlike 70 years ago, today Israel "can defend ourselves."

Netanyahu's comments came during a tour of the historic Jewish quarters in Shanghai where some 18,000 Jews sought refuge during World War II.

Related: China offers to broker Abbas-Netanyahu meeting Chinese taxpayers footing bill for Netanyahu's hotel The fate of the Jews has changed a great deal since the time the Jewish refugees found shelter in this city, Netanyahu said. "70 years ago we could only plead, only beg to be saved," he said. "Today we have a state of our own, an army of our own. We need not beg to be saved, we can defend ourselves."

From the Jewish quarter, Netanyahu was scheduled to meet with the mayor of Shanghai.

Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday issued a four-point proposal for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Chinese news agency Xinhau reported that the proposal was made during a meeting between Jinping and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who is currently visiting Beijing.

The four-point proposal, according to the agency, calls for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state and peaceful coexistence with Israel.

But on Monday, rather than dealing with questions regarding the Syrians or the Palestinians, Netanyahu immersed himself in trying to push forward Israeli-Sino economic cooperation.

At a reception Monday evening in Shanghai with Chinese and Israeli businesspeople, Netanyahu said the “spectacular” city of Shanghai represented “the future of China and the entire world, and I believe that Israel can be part of this future.”

According to Netanyahu, “The future belongs to countries that are capable of manufacturing intellectual property” and to those that “lead in innovation and technology.”

“Israel is not as big as China,” he said. “We have 8 million residents, approximately one-third the population of Shanghai. But we manufacture more intellectual property than any other country in the world in relation to its size. If we create a partnership between Israel’s inventive capability and China’s manufacturing capability, we will have a winning combination.”

Earlier in the evening he met with Israeli businesspeople representing companies operating in Shanghai, who told him of the importance of Israeli government backing when breaking into the centralized and government-controlled Chinese market. Netanyahu said he intended to give them that backing. 

...But just how viable is this road?


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