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Shana Tovah!

Step on a crack, break the Nachash's back! Find Gan Eden This Year!
Shana Tova!
Jerusalem 5772!
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Bunker [or] Bust: All The Way To Iran

Is Israel finally going to go the distance with their propoganda war?

In late 2009, the Obama administration transferred 55 so-called bunker-buster bombs to Israel. The 5,000-pound bombs conceivably put Israel in the position to attack Iran's buried nuclear facilities--or to target Hezbollah's buried bunkers in Lebanon.
The revelation, first reported by Newsweek's Eli Lake Friday, received independent confirmation via a sensitive U.S. diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks last month.
In a November 2009 meeting among senior American and Israeli military and diplomatic officials, "both sides . . . discussed the upcoming delivery of GBU-28 bunker busting bombs to Israel, noting that the transfer should be handled quietly to avoid any allegations that the USG [U.S. government] is helping Israel prepare for a strike against Iran," the leaked Nov. 18, 2009 U.S. cable states. ThinkProgress's Ali Ghraib first reportedon the U.S. cable.
Israel had earlier requested the deep-penetrating bombs from the Bush administration, Lake reported. But according to Lake's report, Bush had deferred the Israeli request, not wanting to give Israel a "green light" to bomb Iran. (However, another leaked U.S. cable discusses Israeli media reports suggesting the Bush administration transferred an earlier shipment of GBU-28 bombs to Israel, in 2005. "All media continued coverage of the forthcoming arms sale by the U.S. of GBU-28 bombs to Israel," an unclassified April 2005 U.S. diplomatic states.)
American policymakers had--and indeed have--many reasons to be wary of Israel initiating a confrontation with Iran--chief among them the roughly 150,000 American troops the United States currently has deployed on either side of Iran in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other forces and assets assigned to bases in Qatar, Bahrain and elsewhere in the Persian Gulf region.
So why has the Obama administration seemingly reversed that call? After all, the Obama White House has sought to curtail Iran's nuclear program through diplomatic and economic measures--and the export of 5,000-pound bunker buster bombs to Israel would seem to severely test Israeli patience for that slow and frustrating effort. And, secondly, why is the information emerging now--nearly two years after the administration carried out the deal?
Some policy observers suggest that the U.S. military under Obama was trying to "hug Israel close," in order to increase its feeling of security and thus hopefully stave off the prospect that Israel might launch a surprise strike on Iran on its own, thereby wreaking all sorts of havoc with U.S. military and diplomatic initiatives in the region.
The reported transfer may have been a "gesture" by the Obama White House "to assure the Israelis we love them," one Washington Iran expert who insisted on anonymity told The Envoy via email. (Still, he confessed that he found the ultimate motivation behind the transfer mystifying.)
It's also worth noting that the pending U.S. transfer of the 5,000-lb. bunker buster bombs was discussed at a Nov. 18, 2009 meeting--approximately a week before Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a ten-month partial freeze on Jewish settlement building in the West Bank that the Obama administration had sought. But there is no insinuation in the Nov. 18, 2009 cable of any sort of quid pro quo for the bunker buster deal. Rather, it was mentioned in the context of U.S.-Israeli discussions on approaches for dealing with Iran's nuclear program.
As to the timing of the revelation, while some observers have suggested that American officials may have leaked it in order to burnish Obama's pro-Israel credentials as he faces a tough 2012 presidential campaign, Lake himself, in an interview with NPR Saturday, discounted such a political motivation by his initial sources. Lake also said on Twitter that Obama White House officials were not among the U.S. and Israeli sources for his story. (Nevertheless, some Democratic Congressional staffers have eagerly circulated the Lake report, seemingly seeking to beat back the Republican narrative that Obama has not demonstrated sufficient support for the Jewish state.)
The simpler explanation may in this case be the more compelling one: American and Israeli officials initiated the disclosure of the information now to send a potent warning to Iran.
Such a message would be well timed, in view of other recent developments in the Iranian nuclear effort. Last month, Tehran announced that it had started moving nuclear centrifuges to a buried underground facility in Qom. American officials have been concerned that as Iran proceeds with transferring its enrichment program from its current Natanz facility to the underground Qom facility, Israel might choose to launch a preventive strike aimed at thwarting Iran's nuclear initiative before it becomes harder to target at the buried Fordo facility near Qom.
The Obama "administration is interested in sending message to the Iranians that we have lots of things we can do that are tougher, ... [that it] can ratchet up the pressure on Iran," suggested Patrick Clawson, an Iran expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, in an interview with The Envoy Monday. "The administration may be lifting its skirt a little bit to show some ankle."
(And in actuality, Israel has received earlier shipments of U.S. bunker buster bombs, analysts said. For instance, the Bush Defense Department announced in 2008 plans to sell 1,000 GBU-39 smart bunker buster bombs to Israel, "to develop and maintain a strong and ready self-defense capability," according to an Associated Press report. However, Israeli analysts said at the time that the smaller, 250-pound, precision GBU-39 bombs were more useful against buried arsenals in Lebanon and Gaza--not Iran: "You would need something a lot heavier" for Iran, former Israeli military strategic planner Shlomo Brom told the AP. "The GBU-39 can penetrate 6 feet of concrete, and 6 feet is not enough" for targeting Iran's buried nuclear facilities, he said. By contrast, analysts note that the bunker busters reportedly transferred in the 2009 Obama deal are 5,000-pound bombs--e.g. twenty times heavier than the ones the Bush administration shipped in 2008.)
Could the disclosure now that Israel has the means to strike Iran's underground nuclear facilities change Iran's nuclear decision-making calculus? It's hard to know with any certainty, given that so many factors that might influence such a decision are still very much in play.
But in a meeting with journalists in New York last week, attended by The Envoy, Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad did not discount the possibility of an Israeli strike--and he warned harshly against it.
"The Zionists are quite eager to be able to damage the security of Iran," Ahmadinejad said through a translator at the Sept. 22 lunch with journalists, using "Zionists" to refer to the Israeli government. "It's their ultimate dream to be able to transgress against Iran. Certainly know Iran's response will be quite hard and it will be regretful for them. We assure everyone we will defend ourselves. I hope they avoid that fatal mistake."
Message delivered--and received?

Rosh Hashana...Next Year In Yerushalayim!


Rabbi David Katz is a Rabbi that uses Remez (hints) and Gematria to understand peoples names. Rabbi Katz operates a Kosher Blog called, where he posts Torah related information along with his gematria/name services.
I find Rabbi Katz's work to be pure and 100 % Kosher and in full accordance with Jewish halacha, philosophy, and best interest.
I would recommend Rabbi David Katz as a resourceful and creditable source to delve into ones name with the rules of Remez and Gematria that he employs, in accordance with the way of the Vilna Gaon and other great Rabbis of old who used the same techniques and tools, and that Rabbi Katz has a strong grasp of how these Torah tools are to be used.
I hereby fully support the efforts of Rabbi Katz and the creative work he shows and displays on his blog:
He should be matzliach to spread His Torah and be a Beracha to those that seek his guidance.

Rabbi Matisyahu Glazerson


How Many Obama's Are There? Will The Real Obama Please Rise?

Here are 2 Obama videos. One is as Senator and the other is as President. Notice the shtark contrast in his accent; he throws his voice: one is real one is fake. The real guy is a good guy..but who is this President Obama? Why the deception? I don't like what he is selling.
Watch and see for yourself: Good Guy vs. A Poor Man's JFK. Don't buy this con job: demand the truth!

Click here for our senator

Click here for the moron, I mean President

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The Colossus of Rhodes: Nevuat Ha-Yeled...Is Redemption Here?

We have been waiting for the prophecy to be fulfilled; look at the 3rd video here at the 12:40 mark of Yeranen Yaakov's Blog:
Click Here For Video:

Now, Look at this article on yahoo News:
Click Here For Columbus Article:

It seems that if we compare the video, the article, and the old statue Colossus of Rhodes, maybe this is the fulfillment finally of the ancient prophecy of the Redemption as told by Nevuat Ha-Yeled (Prophecy of the Child.)
The old statue is described in the video in the same way as this Columbus statue. The Rome implications are obvious along with what Rome/Columbus represents, as stated in the article.
I have been following this one for years, and this new angle seems to be the best bet yet.
Rosh Hashana 5772 = Prophecies of Redemption coming true?

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Was This The Tree In Gan Eden?

Here is my idea: Lets say the Tree of Life was an Olive Tree, which there are opinions saying it was, for the sake of meriting its oil to make Shabbos Light.
Adam using his Wisdom, and supreme knowledge of Nature (he named everything in the Garden), has one problem: how to get olive oil, now.
If the Olive Tree functions like an Argan Tree, then getting the oil would be simple! Employ the goats to process the fruit and make the oil through their digestion, as it is done in Argan Trees in Morocco. Adam makes a Hekesh, and says perhaps the Argan tree, which makes oil, functions like an Olive Tree that makes oil. Just as goats are used in Argan Oil, so too with Olive Oil. If the Argan Tree functions as the Olive Tree, I would not be eating from the tree at all, I would merit Shabbos and use the fruit as Light!
Enter Adam's command: Do Not touch the tree  (as the work is delicate, goats and all), enter Chavah, Nachash and the story goes from there...Derech Drush...
My Pshat (understanding) is: The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in this scenario, is Adam superimposing the Argan Tree onto the Olive Tree, assuming the comparison is valid; whereas cooperation with Chava would merit a Kosher Garden experience, and the Olive Oil would be allowed to be used in The Great Shabbos that they would have merited, turning any remnant of Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil into an edible/usable Tree of Life, as explained by the Arizal...with the onset of Shabbos, and a perfected world.
Chava represents waiting, for the Olive Oil to produce naturally, thereby not touching or eating from the tree until Shabbos...Adam ventured to produce it in an unnatural way, taking too many steps, and leading Chava to a sin, that came back to Adam himself.
Adam was to wait patiently;We are to fix this by patiently waiting for Moshiach. We can make it complex like Adam did, or we can wait until the time is RIPE, allowing Knowledge of Good and Bad to return to its source of Tov Meod (Very Good) and being a source of Life, within the Delight of Hashem said, "And Behold, It Was Very Good!"

Click here to learn more about goats and Argan Trees

BiBi Wearing A Kippah! (Why Not?)

Why can't Bibi figure out the one-state solution? (The question is [Alex],"What is a Jewish State?")

"Time is running out for a two-state solution. That is one thing everyone agreed on in all the discussions I had at the United Nations last week on the Middle East Peace Process. The events of the Arab Spring have only added to the sense of urgency. Public opinion across the region is increasingly intolerant of the failure to address legitimate Palestinian aspirations in a way that meets Israeli needs. There is growing disenchantment with the failed international efforts since Oslo. At the same time, tensions between Israel and its neighbours are increasing, notably with Turkey and Egypt, and moderate leaders on both sides are under pressure from extremists. Rocket attacks from Gaza on Israel have continued."

What if Bibi would just put on a kippah, and accept some form of Jewish state? Another advantage point would be to really negotiate: on the TRUE Biblical borders of Israel from a Talmudic perspective, calming the only true and rational fear: breaching the borders per the TORAH.
King David was to finish Yehoshua's job, in conquering Eretz Yisrael. Where he did not succeed was in taking Syria before the conquest of Israel, and namely being then not allowed to build the Beis Hamikdash.
Our job is not to expand to "the extended PROMISED LAND", rather conquer our promised land that the Torah gave to us as a mission to secure first: Red Sea to Kinneret derech Jordan over to Med. Sea and down Sinai...perhaps if we just had Bitachon in Hashem, and secured the basis of Eretz Yisrael, we would merit the Beis Hamikdash and real Peace and security...
Bibi can start by at least wearing a can he negotiate a Jewish State without even wearing one? Over here it is a big statement to not wear one, and not much of a reason not to. Thats Israel: a land where you can be Jewish!
So here's to negotiations: put on a kippah and learn what the borders are that you negotiate, maybe that's the viable policy that the nations shouldn't have to be waiting on.
Maybe then God won't have to keep waiting to send us the Beis Hamikdash.
The formula seems simple: put a kippah on Bibi and learn/teach TRUE Borders of Israel..with the cherry on top: Ezekial's Temple Prophecy!
Let's hope for 5772, Kedusha can learn and overpower with Kiddush Hashem over Erev Rav/Katan...Beis Hamikdash Achishena from Shamayim B'H.

The Complicated Rakiyah

Roll over Einstein: Pillar of physics challenged

GENEVA (AP) — A startling discovery by one of the world's foremost laboratories that a subatomic particle seemed to move faster than the speed of light has scientists around the world rethinking Albert Einstein and one of the foundations of physics.
If these results are confirmed, they won't change at all the way we live or the way the universe works. After all, these particles have presumably been speed demons for billions of years. But the finding will fundamentally change our understanding of how the world works, physicists said.
"We'd be thrilled if it's right because we love something that shakes the foundation of what we believe," said famed Columbia University physicist Brian Greene. "That's what we live for."

Going faster than light is something that is just not supposed to happen according to Einstein's 1905 special theory of relativity — the one made famous by the equation E equals mc2.
It is "a revolutionary discovery if confirmed," said Indiana University theoretical physicist Alan Kostelecky, who has worked on this concept for a quarter of a century.
Einstein's special relativity theory that says energy equals mass times the speed of light squared underlies "pretty much everything in modern physics," said John Ellis, a theoretical physicist at CERN who was not involved in the experiment. "It has worked perfectly up until now." And part of that theory is that nothing is faster than the speed of light.

Stephen Parke, who is head theoretician at the Fermilab said there could be a cosmic shortcut through another dimension — physics theory is full of unseen dimensions — that allows the neutrinos to beat the speed of light.
Indiana's Kostelecky theorizes that there are situations when the background is different in the universe, not perfectly symmetrical as Einstein says. Those changes in background may change both the speed of light and the speed of neutrinos.
But that doesn't mean Einstein's theory is ready for the trash heap, he said.
"I don't think you're going to ever kill Einstein's theory. You can't. It works," Kostelecky said. Just there are times when an additional explanation is needed, he said.
If the European findings are correct, "this would change the idea of how the universe is put together," Columbia's Greene said. But he added: "I would bet just about everything I hold dear that this won't hold up to scrutiny."

Perhaps the Universe is filled with complexity of Multiple Fermaments (Rakiyah) as described from Chazal in Mysah Bereishis discussions. In that case, you can watch the following video, that shows the debate about "Chazal" science. The Chazal student portrayed in the video, [although I dont agree with his dogmatic approach, all the more so I don't agree with his adversary], states his Chazal reference of the Rakiyah that is strikingly true, even more so now with a potential fall of Einstein: watch carefully at the 1:42 mark, and you can enjoy the age old debate: Chazal, science, and the pros and cons of both sides.
As I said, I agree with Chazal Science, yet I disagree with "not thinking things through." I brought this video because I do not know the source of the Gemara mentioned, it was stated in the video, and I found the video to be entertaining nonetheless. My personal belief is Chazal is totally correct,  but only in accordance with all sources present and accounted for, being dedicated to Torah itself and not with agenda/bias/ignorance...thereby illuminating both pros and cons to both sides of this argument. In any case, 1:42 minute mark resonates now louder than ever, to justify the Rakiyah issue, to modern day thought and Geocentrism within the FULL scope of Torah and the Sages.

Enjoy the video (1:42) Click Here

In that case, if Einstein is going down, then the cataclysm goes all the way back to before Newton in potential. With a consequence like this, you run into the Mercury issue when dealing with Gravity. The only way perhaps to truly deal with the world as we know it: Geocentrism, however to fully understand Geocentrism and not be deemed a radical, is to realize the great prospect for complexity within Geocentrism. Namely, perhaps Mercury does not move as well, making 2 stationary bodies in in our "Solar System." The answer can be quite simple: bring modern day physics and thought into the old school, and you have a perfect model of the universe.
This unique model is quite possible the way the Mayan calendar works, by viewing the universe with nothing more than, well, Einstein and relativity...just take it all the way to Chazal and you are in business....and it works...could 1 billion Neo-Mayans be wrong? Kidding aside, the Mayans were onto something, and the Pshat is that their calendar comes from the Jewish Calendar..thus the Jewish model of the universe including while excluding Einstein (a Jew) is the final solution..Bring in Kabalah and Daas Torah of the real Bereishis, and you are in business...
The true model of the universe, one where Emunah does not seap out with new discovery, is called Torat Moshe, a Torat Emet...its all thats left, its all there was, its all there will be. Maybe Science is on the Derech Etz HaChaim and are soon prepared to say the kiss of death to Atheism:
Hashem Hu Elokim and ALL the words of the sages are TRUE...when UNDERSTOOD as a Vessel of EMES.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

2 Opinions of Bereishis: The Hawking Complex

Could Higgs Boson Explain Evolution of the Universe?

Higgs Boson, the greatest riddle in all of physics, may hold the key to understanding the evolution of the universe from its birth, a group of physicists at Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (EPFL) say.The race is still on for CERN scientists to identify the elusive Higgs Boson, which is considered the Holy Grail of particle physics. Scientists say this 'God' particle would also help to explain why the majority of elementary particles have mass, and that the universe wouldn't be the same without it.

Scientists say the Universe extends over billions of light-years and that it was incredibly tiny at its birth then rapidly grew. Physicists have added an inflationary phase to the Big Bang, an initial phenomenal expansion in which the Universe grew by a factor of 10^26 in a very short time.

Astrophysicists are measuring the state of the universe today by using data from the Planck satellite. They are observing the light echo from the Big Bang, which reveals the large scale properties of the cosmos.

However, they have a hard time accounting for this growth and believe that in its first moments, the universe was incredibly dense.

They ask why is it that under those conditions, why wouldn't gravity slow down its initial expansion?

Enter Higgs Boson

Mikhail Shaposhnikov and his team from EPFL's Laboratory of Particle Physics and Cosmology believe Higgs Boson can explain the speed and magnitude of the expansion.

According to the team, in this infant Universe, the Higgs Boson, in a condensate phase, would have performed in a very special way, and by doing so it changed the laws of physics. The force of gravity, the physicist say, would've been reduced, and therefore, they can explain how the universe expanded at such a rapid rate.

"We have determined that when the Higgs condensate disappeared to make way for the particles that exist today, the equations permitted the existence of a new, massless particle, the dilaton," EPFL physicist Daniel Zenhäusern says via press release.

The physicists arrived at this conclusion by applying a mathematical principle known as scale invariance. Starting with the Higgs Boson, the physicists were able to determine the existence of the dilaton, which is a close cousin, as well as its properties.

They say this new, yet purely theoretical particle has the exact characteristics to explain the existence of dark energy. This particular energy offers explanation as to why the expansion of the current universe is once again accelerating, physicists say.

Physicists don't yet understand its origins, but they say this completely unexpected result means they are on to something.

If their theory so happens to be verified with data from the Planck satellite, it would clear up several questions about the Universe's, past and future, scientists say.

Back in July, physicists were excited when CERN scientists reported they glimpsed the Higgs Boson particle. Those signals have since faded, dashing the hopes of researchers who have long been trying to find the particle believed to give objects mass.

But researchers aren't prepared to give up, as they still believe they will either have found the particle by the end of next year or confirmed that it doesn't exist in the form proposed by the Standard Model.

"I think it has always been a possibility that the Higgs would not be there but I don't think we are ready to say that at this moment," said physicist Howard Gordon, deputy US ATLAS operations program manager.

There you have it in a nutshell: Higgs Boson, Bereishis, Under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. Now learn Bereishis the right way, and save the billions of dollars of CERN's investments into the LHC: why not just give Tzedeka to the tune of those billions?... And they all lived happily ever after, and: God won. The End.

Are We Seeing The Darkness of Yavan (Greece)?

Particle might have traveled faster than speed of light

GENEVA – A pillar of physics — that nothing can go faster than the speed of light — appears to be smashed by an oddball subatomic particle that has apparently made a giant end run around Albert Einstein's theories.
Scientists at the world's largest physics lab said Thursday they have clocked neutrinos traveling faster than light. That's something that according to Einstein's 1905 special theory of relativity — the famous E (equals) mc2 equation — just doesn't happen.

"The feeling that most people have is this can't be right, this can't be real," said James Gillies, a spokesman for the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The organization, known as CERN, hosted part of the experiment, which is unrelated to the massive $10 billionLarge Hadron Collider also located at the site.

Gillies told The Associated Press that the readings have so astounded researchers that they are asking others to independently verify the measurements before claiming an actual discovery.

"They are inviting the broader physics community to look at what they've done and really scrutinize it in great detail, and ideally for someone elsewhere in the world to repeat the measurements," he said Thursday.

Scientists at the competing Fermilab in Chicago have promised to start such work immediately.

"It's a shock," said Fermilab head theoretician Stephen Parke, who was not part of the research in Geneva. "It's going to cause us problems, no doubt about that — if it's true."

Is the world of Physics dieing before our eyes? Physics as we know it is the Klippah of Darkness, which is rooted in the seat of the long unfinished business we have with Galus Yavan (Greece). The Midrash says the Darkness mentioned in the Torah on the deepest level, is the darkness of the Galus Yavan. In the battle of the geulah of Chanuka, all that was missing was the Mem Alef א'מ combo as was found in earlier redemptions: Mitzrayim (Moshe and Ahron) and Purim (mordechai and Esther). The Maharal says the final redemption will include the final Mem Alef, Moshiach Eliyahu, which the commentators have said, will be the missing Geulah Shleimah aspect of Chanukah. Chanukah has been a struggle through time, testing the Emunah of the Jewish People, to see if they can find Hashem in the universe, namely an atheist universe.

In these days,hashem and Moshiach is not to be found, and people are losing Hope. Perhaps Hashem is unleashing His real Darkness, to shroud the eyes of the atheist, introducing a darkness even greater than was in Mitzrayim. The Ramchal says, that the redemption will be greater than the days of Mitzrayim, and that in The End of Days, there will be total darkness before there can be Light, as one Malchus (kingship) can not infringe upon another.

Let the atheism of Yavan die already and their physics that will always measure short to the Truth of The Torah. As the Gra wrote in Kol Hator, Kabalah and science will one day join and show their achdus, and perhaps we are going through the death of science sheker (falsehood) that will lead to an "enlightened" universe.

If Science as we know it dies, perhaps scientists will open their minds for real: Geocentric reality? Torah science? Or to finally boldly go where no one has gone before: into Reality! Maybe this darkness will serve to usher in the Hidden Light that we have all yearned for for so long...A Light sewn for the righteous in the End of Days.

If anything less, add the plight of scientists to the other areas of darkness in the world...And maybe we are on the threshold of Geulah; if nothing else we will be living in a brand new universe, if not spiritually, then scientifically.

Unfortunately Scientists don't have the Ko-ach to start over, as what was the Madreiga of Esau? "I'm Tired!"

The Torah on the other hand, is just starting...and the words/science of Chazal are ready, present, and accounted for Sir.

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"Live the Geulah Now" (Shir Hashirim Vilna Gaon Chapter 6 Verse 4)

Click Here For Shiur 6:4

  • Hillel: If I'm not for Me, who will be for me?
  • Honest,Pure Yirat Shamayim (Fear/Awe of Hashem)
  • In exile, out of awesome Jewish World
  • The beauty of Eretz Yisrael..Eretz "Tzvi"
  • Bloodlines, Yichus going back to Sinai...Family tradition
  • Aliyah to Israel, Yemot Hamashiach
  • The world stands on 3 things: Torah, Avodah (service), and Kind Deeds
  • Losing/Finding the 3 Pillars of the World
  • Wickedness of Old/Righteousness of Today..Who is wicked and Who is righteous?
  • Being Kind and Knowing Kindness of Hashem
  • Yerushalayim and Tirtzah..Finding Eretz Yisrael
  • Live Geulah in the micro, all the way until a Macro Revelation

Turkey Cyprus Gog V'Magog Biblical Border Israel

Drilling Off Cyprus Will Proceed Despite Warnings From Turkey

Published: September 19, 2011

    ISTANBUL — In the face of menacing warnings from Turkey on Monday, the Greek Cypriot government said it was proceeding with exploratory drilling for oil and gas off the coast of the disputed island.


    Turkey called the wells an act of provocation, and Prime MinisterRecep Tayyip Erdogan said in a televised statement that Turkish “frigates, gunboats and its air force will constantly monitor developments in the area.” He later added that Turkey would start its own seismic exploration program in the area, the site of major natural gas deposits claimed largely by Israel.

    Cyprus has been divided since 1974 into an internationally accepted Greek Cypriot south and a Turkish Cypriot north that is recognized only by Turkey. While the Greek Cypriots say the drilling is taking place south of the island, in their exclusive economic zone, Turkish officials do not accept the Greek Cypriots’ claims to the area.

    “We have different attitudes for the region that they have declared as an exclusive economic region,” Mr. Erdogan said. “This is a disputed exclusive economic region, and we have earlier conveyed to them that taking such a step in this disputed region would be incorrect.”

    This is the second time recently that Mr. Erdogan has vowed to send the Turkish Navy into an international dispute. Earlier this month, he said that Turkish naval vessels would escort aid ships headed to Gaza to avoid a repetition of a confrontation last year, when eight Turks and one Turkish-American were killed by Israeli commandos.

    As we all know, Turkey has been threatening Israel ever since the fiasco at sea last May. People are wondering, why start up now a year later? The answer may lie within the situation with Cyprus, and it is over natural resources. Turkey wants to secure the treasure trove beneath the sea. Israel and Cyprus are moving quickly to secure the interests.

    Why is this a geulah matter?

    The answer may be quite simple. To moslems, they have their own version of Gog V' Magog, their's being comprised of many facets, but two of them in particular are the destruction of modern day Pakistan and the expanse of an Erev Rav state of Israel rapidly moving beyond the Biblical borders of Eretz Yisrael.

    The most essential Biblical Border we have here in Israel and priority number one is, from The Red Sea up to The Sea of Gallilee over to the Med. Sea and down Sinai back into The Red Sea.

    This minimalist view is the requirement of Messianic fulfillment going back to one simple premise: Biblical Eretz Yisrael was never fully conquered. King David had moved on to Syria before securing the Land. At the time The "Tzvi" aspect of Eretz Tzvi, ie. a stretching land in Kedusha was limited from growth, and it became the flagship mission of Jews to first and foremost secure "Absolute Eretz Yisrael."

    Gog V' Magog of the Muslims is to prevent Erev Rav Jews from breaching their borders, and this is largely the movement of what they invented out of this scenario that is called, "Palestine." A Palestinian State would serve as a buffer to keep the Jews from breaching their boundary into non-Jewish Eretz Yisrael.

    Yes there are views of greater expanse, Euphrates and such, but to learn the sources to the letter of the law with a blend of consistency and diligence combined with a sense of logic and history, one must conclude that the essential borders must be secured first. At that time, and the Messianic time, expanse will begin, with a Beis Hamikdash present in the Land, Syria will take her claim as quasi Kadosh, as that was where King David first ventured beyond the essential EY.

    Bring in Turkey, and their half Muslim half Esau blood in them with their Amalek rooted Eastern origins, and they raise the final blow into Erev Rav ill advised expansion: Cyprus. As some opinions would have Cyprus included into EY, Turkey, would prevent such a trespass, and not coincidentally enough, would then be fulfilling their Gog V'Magog while possibly launching The Jewish great war of our Gog V'Magog.

    As it says in Targum Yonaton: Ships of Kittim will come from "Turkey", and they will fall into the hands of Melech Moshiach.

    Whatever the truth may be, Messianic scenarios are certainly present and accounted for. As Turkey is extra motivated on their end, as the Pakistan issue is the hottest topic that isn't being reported: as right now, America is trying to undermine Pakistan for regional positions of power. It is said that if you control Pakistan ( and eliminate their nukes) you have great Global control as Pakistan has tremendous strategic location, when you figure in India, Afghanistan, Europe, Israel, China, Russia, etc. Thus, conquering Pakistan for global domination is where a global power would want to be. Perhaps the Muslims knew this is what it would come down to for them, in conjunction with Erev Rav border breaching.

    So is it a surprise then, that if the Muslims are seeing their End Times coming, that perhaps this is their push onto EY, kicking off all of our prophecies as well? They see Esau and Erev Rav, who himself is a Klippah of Esau,and what does the Talmud say?

    Pras (malchus of Ishmael) will fall into the hands of Esau and Esau will fall into the hands of Pras.

    Meanwhile as Klippah acts like Klippah, we are seeing the Jewish story play out, right here in Israel! We had a mission to conquer EY from day one. As Shir Hashirim says, if the Jews dont get the job done, the Klippot will be glad to help you! Only with much more pain and suffering!

    If this is the true motives of Turkey, which with their coupled interests seemingly randomly interested in Cyprus, then maybe we have intense times to look forward to, from Hybrid evil incarnated friends in Turkey, who fits the description of the Vilna Gaon, in terms of what the world scene will look like in the End of Days, in particular with the Erev Rav.

    No one likes the Erev Rav, not even the point that they are choosing to be the shaliach to kick off Gog V'Magog for the entire 70 nations of the world.

    so be it.

    Monday, September 19, 2011

    Push Hard for 5771! (Till Chanuka?)

    5771 Iyun Shiur (in-depth)

    Advanced but interesting
    Push For Geulah!
    The Din for the year isn't sealed until Chanuka...we have time! Use it.

    Ongoing Random Science Torah Related Rants

    Higgs is the most popular because it's mathematically appealing,' says Gillies. 'If we don't find the Higgs, we will go on to find whatever else it is that is generating mass.'

    What do you think?
    What did you hear?
    What did you find?

    Feel free to comment your thoughts

    Sunday, September 18, 2011

    Sample Name Reading

    A short sample of an actual Name Reading!

    Nava Bat Shalom and Shoshana

    Parashas Nitzavim Vayelech

    Finish the Torah with me! Before Rosh Hashana!

    Science Iyush (Loss of Hope)

    Not only losing hope with Moshiach, science is in the same boat! They are looking for the God Particle while we look for Hashem and His Moshiach!

    The Ramchal says before the Geulah one Malchus will not infringe upon another. Hence: Malchus Yavan falls (science) Malchus Yisroel rises (Moshiach)...a Chanuka Geulah Shleima, Beis HaMikdash Shlishi dedication? Everyone and everything is in place.

    The Higgs Boson, the elusive particle underpinning physicists' theory of all matter, is running out of places to hide -- "if it exists" -- U.S. scientists say.

    Physicists at the Large Hadron Collider near Geneva, Switzerland, including a number from the University of California, San Diego, have experimentally eliminated most of the range of masses the Higgs could have, leaving just a narrow range where the elusive particle might be found.

    "If it exists, it has to be there," UCSD physicist Vivek Sharma said. "And if it's not there, it will be known to be science fiction by December."

    Scientists are using the LHC to accelerate protons to almost the speed of light and smash them together, briefly recreating conditions that existed when the universe began.

    It's at that instant that the Higgs boson, if it exists, should show itself and then quickly decay into more familiar particles and instruments record the collisions.

    The scientists have ramped up the rate of collisions to gather more data.

    "We are now entering a very exciting phase in the hunt for the Higgs boson," Sharma said. "One way or the other we are poised for a major discovery, likely by the end of this year."

    There's probably no God (particle)

    Don’t panic, we’re just talking about the Higgs boson


    Published on September 12, 2011

    During the International Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics hosted in late-July at Grenoble, the latest data from the world’s most powerful particle accelerator was presented. After years of waiting for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to be built and brought up to operational levels, and after numerous frustrating technical setbacks, the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) was ready to present its first tenuous conclusions about the Higgs boson. It was there that they dropped the bombshell: CERN had effectively ruled out its probable existence with a 95 per cent certainty rate.

    The Higgs boson, popularly known as the “god particle” because of its supposed role in endowing all everything in the universe with mass, has been furiously searched for since the postulation of its existence in 1964. The Standard Model predicts a menagerie of subatomic particles, of these, the Higgs boson is the only one yet to be confirmed. As a scientific theory, the Standard Model is the most thoroughly tested in all of human history. It successfully unites electromagnetism, the strong nuclear force that keeps atomic nuclei together, and the weak nuclear force that controls radioactive decay under one theoretical framework.

    The Standard Model essentially says that all matter in the universe is composed of varying combinations of fundamental units called fermions of which there are two types: quarks and leptons. There are six flavours of quarks and leptons respectively, with antiparticles for each. The combination of these 24 different fermions is what gives rise to the matter in the universe. Particles such as protons are composite particles; those made from different quark combinations are collectively referred to as “hadrons”.

    Another important part of the Standard Model is the idea that all of the forces we are familiar with, such as the electromagnetic radiation that makes up visible light and enables wireless internet, arise as the result of interactions between “force-carrying” bosons. This is where the Higgs boson fits into the picture: it is supposed to be the force carrying particle that “brings” mass into being.

    Much of the theoretical work that goes into the Standard Model entails predicting the characteristics of these bosons. However, for any scientific prediction to be considered valid, it must survive the process of experimental verification. For the Standard Model, this requires that we demonstrate the existence of these theoretical particles. For most of these particles, under normal conditions, evidence of their existence cannot be observed. However, by providing high amounts of energy, these exotic particles can be created in a laboratory.

    Unfortunately for Standard Model experimentalists, this requires building ever-larger and more expensive particle accelerators, which smash together hadrons at the speed of light. The LHC is the latest and greatest particle accelerator to date, and uses $100,000 worth of electricity to get beams of atoms moving one way or another around the 27 kilometer track just about 3 meters per second shy of the speed of light. These two beams are then smashed together, and scientists sort through the resulting hadron debris to figure out which particles were generated in conditions that have not existed since microseconds after the big bang. For the LHC, there are about 40,000 individual collisions per second, which makes for an awful lot of data to sift through.

    Over the course of the past three years, the LHC created billions of collisions, each of which generates thousands of particles. The sheer volume of the data generated is daunting, to say the least. Even with the most sophisticated detectors ever created, it is extremely difficult to distinguish what is a true hadron detection and to do so requires thousands of hours of computation. The scientists at CERN have even started the LHC@home project, which uses the processing power of personal computers around the world to assist with these calculations.

    Even with all that data generation and processing, the successful identification of an as-yet-undiscovered particle such as the Higgs boson can require years of continuous collisions, to allow the signal to rise up above the noise. For a new particle to be considered confirmed, it must pass the so called “5-sigma” rule, demonstrating a 99.99995 per cent likelihood that the observed results are not more easily explained by background noise.

    Even with this commitment to statistical rigour, sometimes there can be anomalous signals within this noise. Earlier this year, a leak from CERN showed data that matched exactly what the Higgs boson would look like. However, as more data was collected, those promising conclusions faded into statistical insignificance.

    It is in this conservative experimental context that the significance of the conference’s summaries can be fully appreciated. Discovering with 95 per cent confidence that the Higgs boson probably does not exist is practically the raison d’etre of the LHC, because after nearly 50 years of waiting, scientists finally had the ability to test a central tenet of the Standard Model against reality. Even though the Standard Model is the most viable theory thus far, new discoveries such as this show us that our fundamental understanding of the universe is incomplete.

    In terms of the underlying physics involved, this non-discovery lends credence to other so-called “Higgsless” models. These theories include the idea of technicolour, which creates mass through a different (and more complicated) method than the Higgs boson. Other alternative theories include the possibility of inducing mass through an interaction with a fourth spatial dimension, or even a theory called “loop-quantum gravity”, which posits all of space-time as being made up of tiny quantized, interwoven, fuzzy loops, with the interaction of these loops giving rise to all the phenomenon in the universe, including mass.

    Although this is an exciting discovery for physics, it is understandable if the enthusiasm is not contagious. To many, a project of this scale is simply a waste of resources. However, disproving the Higgs boson is equally as important as giving evidence for its existence. This new discovery opens the door to other untested and novel theories of the nature of the universe. Although these studies are admittedly esoteric, their findings have far-reaching consequences. The thing to keep in mind about pure research, such as this, is that it’s always unpredictable. The technology behind MRIs arose from research not intended for practical use; its existence was only made possible through pure, esoteric, scientific inquiry.

    As we move into the future, the words of Socrates come to mind: “As for me, all I know is that I know nothing.” For all of its successes, the Standard Model is completely incompatible with general relativity, which accurately describes the structure of the universe at its largest scale. Even current “theories of everything” such as String Theory (which has the Standard Model built into it) are incapable of accounting for astronomically observed realities like dark matter and dark energy. The sea of our ignorance is vast; but with each discovery such as this, the shores of our limited knowledge expand ever so slightly.

    There is an answer! its called Torah and Kabbalah!

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