Monday, September 19, 2011

Ongoing Random Science Torah Related Rants

Higgs is the most popular because it's mathematically appealing,' says Gillies. 'If we don't find the Higgs, we will go on to find whatever else it is that is generating mass.'

What do you think?
What did you hear?
What did you find?

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duvid pesach said...

My theory is that higgs does exist, and 2 of the properties would be a) that the gravity well is a spontaneous conception between matter and anti matter b) time is massive thus makes within gravity massive.
this is where Torah and science combine as predicted by the Vilna Gaon.
this is also my 2012 premise: that time will become supermassive.

feel free to comment your opinion here of anything Torah/Physics related

duvid pesach said...

Note the Torah parallelisms within modern physics. The Vilna Gaon predicted this in Kol Hator in the End Days.
Feel free to send me or post in comments what you find.

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