Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finding Gan Eden : Shir HaShirim Ch. 6 verses 2, 3

Shir Hashirim Chapter 6 Verses 2 and 3

  • From Pekida (The hiding of God's Face) to Zechira (revelation) in Geulah
  • The nature of Tzaddikim and their learning of Torah
  • How to learn Torah
  • Chiddushim (new insights into Torah) and Hashem's approval
  • Gan Eden above and below
  • While alive, bringing out revelation on Heaven and Earth
  • The dead in Gan Eden more powerful than while alive, from the Torah of the living
  • One big World going around, Like a giant Beis Hamikdash
  • In a World of/with Hashem
  • A declaration that God is Pure and Very Good, from within the pussuk.


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