Sunday, September 18, 2011

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Hi, my name is Sarah and I just want to let you know that I had the wonderful opportunity to have my name read by Rabbi David Katz today. I was more than moved when he told me things about my past life based only on the gematria of my name. He was able to tell me so much about my soul roots, where and who I was and am today. What I experienced today was alot to take in but I was ready for the truth. I had been searching on my own for the "truth" for some time now, but had never seen it or recognized it until I had my name read by Rabbi Katz. Words cannot express what I felt when so many pieces of the puzzle came together for me during and after this reading. I know he spoke the truth because my soul recognized it. It was so real that I was moved to tears and didn't quite understand what was going on. After trying to figure out and talking to Rabbi Katz about why I felt the way I did, I realized that my soul was ecstatic that the truth had finally been revealed and that I could come to terms with who I am and why I am here. This is an experience that I would recommend to anyone and everyone who seriously want to know why things are happening the way they are in their lives. But only, if you are ready for the TRUTH........Sarah

If you are Jewish and looking to understand more about yourself, my friend Rabbi David Katz (listed under Katz David on Facebook) is excellent at Gematria and understanding what it tells you about yourself. His system is based on that of the Vilna Gaon, and his ability to help me understand more about myself, my life, my son's life, etc, was truly startling. All from Torah sources. Very insightful. Yashar koach, Rabbi......Jesse

There are things I have never understood about my family's dynamics and interactions. It always remained a great mystery to me. After the reading I received on my father/mother and my sibling and I, lights came on in my mind and suddenly I could see the mechanism and motivation behind various relationships and their workings. It also created within me a better sense of empathy for mystical longings in others. It seems we all had missing identifiable parts, or elements that other family members had, and that was extremely revelatory as to the driving force between deep connections (or the lack thereof). Incredibly revealing and deeply satisfying. Thank you David, not only for your years of study and understanding, but also for the deeper more cosmic links that emerge in gematria....that is the real power of the Art/Science. With Warm Appreciation and Deep Respect, Hadassah R.L. Broscova

Your name is your essence, it is not just a random bunch of letters.... do you know what your name really means? Not just your first name, but all your names as a whole.

If you've ever been curious about it, or wondered why your life has taken certain twists and turns to bring you to this point, you may be amazed to find it's all encoded in the name you were given at birth. Nobody is given a name by accident, parents have ruach haKodesh when naming their children. Your name tells a story, and you are the main character.

Rabbi David Katz from Tsfat is sharing his knowledge and skill in decoding names - both Hebrew and english for those who don't have a Hebrew name. Every name in any language has a meaning, and there's a reason why you got yours. I wasn't expecting too much when he analyzed my name, but I was amazed at the things he came up with, incredibly accurate, and he had no way of knowing any of that beforehand, but it was all there in my name..... [Devorah]


robert said...

Rabbi Katz is very thorough and will go through all aspects of your name and he will leave no stone un turned. I know because such was my experiance with him. He will tell you what your soul is yearning for you to do and you will definately fill more fulfilled in life. You will also understand why your doing certain things in life it really is all in the name. This testimonial really doesnt do any justise but I would just like to say thank you Rabbi Katz! (Robert)

Moshe said...

Rabbi Katz disclosed the fact that I even could not imagine.

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