Monday, September 26, 2011

The Colossus of Rhodes: Nevuat Ha-Yeled...Is Redemption Here?

We have been waiting for the prophecy to be fulfilled; look at the 3rd video here at the 12:40 mark of Yeranen Yaakov's Blog:
Click Here For Video:

Now, Look at this article on yahoo News:
Click Here For Columbus Article:

It seems that if we compare the video, the article, and the old statue Colossus of Rhodes, maybe this is the fulfillment finally of the ancient prophecy of the Redemption as told by Nevuat Ha-Yeled (Prophecy of the Child.)
The old statue is described in the video in the same way as this Columbus statue. The Rome implications are obvious along with what Rome/Columbus represents, as stated in the article.
I have been following this one for years, and this new angle seems to be the best bet yet.
Rosh Hashana 5772 = Prophecies of Redemption coming true?


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