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Turkey Cyprus Gog V'Magog Biblical Border Israel

Drilling Off Cyprus Will Proceed Despite Warnings From Turkey

Published: September 19, 2011

    ISTANBUL — In the face of menacing warnings from Turkey on Monday, the Greek Cypriot government said it was proceeding with exploratory drilling for oil and gas off the coast of the disputed island.


    Turkey called the wells an act of provocation, and Prime MinisterRecep Tayyip Erdogan said in a televised statement that Turkish “frigates, gunboats and its air force will constantly monitor developments in the area.” He later added that Turkey would start its own seismic exploration program in the area, the site of major natural gas deposits claimed largely by Israel.

    Cyprus has been divided since 1974 into an internationally accepted Greek Cypriot south and a Turkish Cypriot north that is recognized only by Turkey. While the Greek Cypriots say the drilling is taking place south of the island, in their exclusive economic zone, Turkish officials do not accept the Greek Cypriots’ claims to the area.

    “We have different attitudes for the region that they have declared as an exclusive economic region,” Mr. Erdogan said. “This is a disputed exclusive economic region, and we have earlier conveyed to them that taking such a step in this disputed region would be incorrect.”

    This is the second time recently that Mr. Erdogan has vowed to send the Turkish Navy into an international dispute. Earlier this month, he said that Turkish naval vessels would escort aid ships headed to Gaza to avoid a repetition of a confrontation last year, when eight Turks and one Turkish-American were killed by Israeli commandos.

    As we all know, Turkey has been threatening Israel ever since the fiasco at sea last May. People are wondering, why start up now a year later? The answer may lie within the situation with Cyprus, and it is over natural resources. Turkey wants to secure the treasure trove beneath the sea. Israel and Cyprus are moving quickly to secure the interests.

    Why is this a geulah matter?

    The answer may be quite simple. To moslems, they have their own version of Gog V' Magog, their's being comprised of many facets, but two of them in particular are the destruction of modern day Pakistan and the expanse of an Erev Rav state of Israel rapidly moving beyond the Biblical borders of Eretz Yisrael.

    The most essential Biblical Border we have here in Israel and priority number one is, from The Red Sea up to The Sea of Gallilee over to the Med. Sea and down Sinai back into The Red Sea.

    This minimalist view is the requirement of Messianic fulfillment going back to one simple premise: Biblical Eretz Yisrael was never fully conquered. King David had moved on to Syria before securing the Land. At the time The "Tzvi" aspect of Eretz Tzvi, ie. a stretching land in Kedusha was limited from growth, and it became the flagship mission of Jews to first and foremost secure "Absolute Eretz Yisrael."

    Gog V' Magog of the Muslims is to prevent Erev Rav Jews from breaching their borders, and this is largely the movement of what they invented out of this scenario that is called, "Palestine." A Palestinian State would serve as a buffer to keep the Jews from breaching their boundary into non-Jewish Eretz Yisrael.

    Yes there are views of greater expanse, Euphrates and such, but to learn the sources to the letter of the law with a blend of consistency and diligence combined with a sense of logic and history, one must conclude that the essential borders must be secured first. At that time, and the Messianic time, expanse will begin, with a Beis Hamikdash present in the Land, Syria will take her claim as quasi Kadosh, as that was where King David first ventured beyond the essential EY.

    Bring in Turkey, and their half Muslim half Esau blood in them with their Amalek rooted Eastern origins, and they raise the final blow into Erev Rav ill advised expansion: Cyprus. As some opinions would have Cyprus included into EY, Turkey, would prevent such a trespass, and not coincidentally enough, would then be fulfilling their Gog V'Magog while possibly launching The Jewish great war of our Gog V'Magog.

    As it says in Targum Yonaton: Ships of Kittim will come from "Turkey", and they will fall into the hands of Melech Moshiach.

    Whatever the truth may be, Messianic scenarios are certainly present and accounted for. As Turkey is extra motivated on their end, as the Pakistan issue is the hottest topic that isn't being reported: as right now, America is trying to undermine Pakistan for regional positions of power. It is said that if you control Pakistan ( and eliminate their nukes) you have great Global control as Pakistan has tremendous strategic location, when you figure in India, Afghanistan, Europe, Israel, China, Russia, etc. Thus, conquering Pakistan for global domination is where a global power would want to be. Perhaps the Muslims knew this is what it would come down to for them, in conjunction with Erev Rav border breaching.

    So is it a surprise then, that if the Muslims are seeing their End Times coming, that perhaps this is their push onto EY, kicking off all of our prophecies as well? They see Esau and Erev Rav, who himself is a Klippah of Esau,and what does the Talmud say?

    Pras (malchus of Ishmael) will fall into the hands of Esau and Esau will fall into the hands of Pras.

    Meanwhile as Klippah acts like Klippah, we are seeing the Jewish story play out, right here in Israel! We had a mission to conquer EY from day one. As Shir Hashirim says, if the Jews dont get the job done, the Klippot will be glad to help you! Only with much more pain and suffering!

    If this is the true motives of Turkey, which with their coupled interests seemingly randomly interested in Cyprus, then maybe we have intense times to look forward to, from Hybrid evil incarnated friends in Turkey, who fits the description of the Vilna Gaon, in terms of what the world scene will look like in the End of Days, in particular with the Erev Rav.

    No one likes the Erev Rav, not even Turkey...to the point that they are choosing to be the shaliach to kick off Gog V'Magog for the entire 70 nations of the world.

    so be it.


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