Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Rabbi David Katz is a Rabbi that uses Remez (hints) and Gematria to understand peoples names. Rabbi Katz operates a Kosher Blog called Soulmazal.blogspot.com, where he posts Torah related information along with his gematria/name services.
I find Rabbi Katz's work to be pure and 100 % Kosher and in full accordance with Jewish halacha, philosophy, and best interest.
I would recommend Rabbi David Katz as a resourceful and creditable source to delve into ones name with the rules of Remez and Gematria that he employs, in accordance with the way of the Vilna Gaon and other great Rabbis of old who used the same techniques and tools, and that Rabbi Katz has a strong grasp of how these Torah tools are to be used.
I hereby fully support the efforts of Rabbi Katz and the creative work he shows and displays on his blog: soulmazal.blogspot.com
He should be matzliach to spread His Torah and be a Beracha to those that seek his guidance.

Rabbi Matisyahu Glazerson



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