Tuesday, September 27, 2011

How Many Obama's Are There? Will The Real Obama Please Rise?

Here are 2 Obama videos. One is as Senator and the other is as President. Notice the shtark contrast in his accent; he throws his voice: one is real one is fake. The real guy is a good guy..but who is this President Obama? Why the deception? I don't like what he is selling.
Watch and see for yourself: Good Guy vs. A Poor Man's JFK. Don't buy this con job: demand the truth!

Click here for our senator

Click here for the moron, I mean President


Klishlishi said...

Obama certainly has a rich but fake repertoire of American accents NYC, Regular, Southern, Black, Middle Atlantic etc. Virtually the whole range of US accents as depicted in this dialect map http://aschmann.net/AmEng/#LargeMap

It is claimed that Obama really is a bisexual gilgul embodiment of Ishmael's daughter Mahalat (aka Basemath=742=Obama b'milui ) who married Esau, Genesis 36:13!

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