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Shem, Yibum, and Moshiach

Parashat Ki Teitzei: The Levirate Marriage and Shem
Rabbi David Katz
In the Torah Portion of the week “Ki Teitzei” one of Torah’s most ancient practices becomes engraved into Torah Law: The Levirate Marriage. [Devarim 25:5 - 25:10] Shrouded in unparalleled mystique, the “Yibum” [Hebrew for Levirate Marriage] will become synonymous with uniting Ancient Torah into our present, but yet there is something even far greater in implication that is a direct offspring of the Yibum: The Davidic Dynasty, i.e. Kingship, and more importantly the secret of the Messiah and the correction of the blemished Firstborn.
To understand the significance of the Yibum, and its association with Shem [ben Noah] is to first simply explain with a working definition as to what is the Levirite Marriage. To put the Commandment within an easy to understand framework, the Yibum Marriage is a marriage of a man and woman, of whom the man is the woman’s deceased husband’s brother [or closest kin], while the prerequisite for this marriage is that the original couple went childless for the duration of the deceased man’s life. The goal of the new marriage between her and her deceased husband’s brother, is to have a child, preferably a boy, a Firstborn with hopes of re-establishing the soul of the deceased in a type of reincarnation, manifesting in the new child of the new marriage. The custom is then to name the child after the deceased, and the soul then finds a type of salvation, through the Yibum Marriage. Thus one can clearly see that through the Yibum Marriage many Mystical Truths appear to be an integral part of Kabalah, such as the importance contained within names and the hot debated concept of reincarnations of Torah ideology. Yibum, in its simplest context seems to ratify both concepts in a clear and concise fashion through the adherence to the Commandment.
As mentioned above, Shem is the direct source of Yibum, with a tradition of Ancient proportion, one that that began with Shem and his daughter Tamar, extending all the way through Boaz and Ruth, the forefathers to King David and the Messianic Lineage.
Shem came onto the New World with a mission of Kindness and Righteousness, and sought to implement a foundation of Torah that would flourish to the extent of fostering a Complete Redemption and be the basis of the World to Come. Shem had one fundamental limitation to his elected service of God: Shem lacked the Merit to produce the sacred Firstborn. Due to this predicament, Shem then gave over to his Righteous daughter Tamar the keys of Yibum and the entirety of the Ancient Torah, while choosing her as a successor over his five sons. Tamar would then go on to be the Matriarch of the Davidic Kingdom that would produce the Messiah; Tamar was a success due in part to her knowledge of Ancient Torah, more specifically, the art of Yibum – the same Yibum that would be commanded in the Torah of Moses in this week’s Parsha.
The Torah in Genesis gives details of Judah’s sons, their death’s, Judah’s falling from grace, and his rejuvenation – all of which involved either directly or indirectly with Tamar the daughter of Shem son of Noah. Tamar would be the unsung hero of the entire family of Judah, and her influence was imitated [on a spiritual level ordained by Hashem] with the episode of Ruth and Boaz [Boaz being the Patriarch to David and onwards to Messiah] as Ruth’s husband died childless, and Ruth suddenly found herself with the Jewish People [much like Tamar found herself with Judah after not having been with the Jewish People, despite her Bloodlines going back to Shem] where upon she encountered Boaz, and he saw her as a woman of tremendous Grace. Boaz ended up becoming intimate with Ruth, and her deceased husband [Machlon] would live on in  memory and soul through Ruth’s son, that Naomi would raise named Oved, the ancestral father of David, going back to Peretz, the son of Tamar, daughter of Shem. Thus the Yibum Marriage of the Davidic Kingdom went full circle, as it began with Shem and his election of Tamar; this being proof that Shem’s Holy Inspiration yielded him Truthful results, as he had prepared for this by knowing the power of Yibum in conjunction to his lack of a Firstborn. Ironically, through Yibum, Shem still provided the Firstborn; as the procedure that Tamar and Judah took [of being unique even according to Torah due to the fact that Tamar had not been with the Jewish People], Shem became the “Father” of Peretz the Firstborn, as seen that the child was not named after the deceased directly [the Firstborn was named Peretz and not Er, Tamar’s first husband that died. It should be noted that the new children were twins and this reflects that Tamar had married not one, but two of Judah’s sons, thus making Judah the third and final partner for Tamar], similarly to as we saw that Oved [Ruth’s new son] was not called Machlon [after Ruth’s first husband], but rather Oved after Naomi, Machlon’s mother, of whom raised the child. Again, with peculiar circumstances between Ruth and Boaz, Naomi became a type of parent to the child Oved, as seen by the choice of name, and as the Torah says that he was named after Naomi [for this reason]. Thus Shem and Naomi became a type of spiritual parent to the children that they inspired from Tamar and Judah and Ruth and Boaz.
Now that the basis of the Yibum has been established between Tamar and Ruth and Judah and Boaz, the Torah’s Midrashim [books of exegesis] tell the reader just how similar Tamar and Ruth really were! It comes out that as Shem inspired Tamar in this endeavor, it actually spawned the Messianic seed to sprout in Judah [as Judah was promised to produce the King, which it did in David] and was reiterated to finish the effort through Ruth and Boaz. The Torah proclaims that Ruth’s actions merited her to fulfill the entire Torah through her sacred deeds, and this should not be of surprise, as the concept dates back to Shem and his Ancient Torah, as we see directly with Tamar and Judah.
The famed rabbi the “Ramchal” states that this Yibum is of particular importance in that the evil of the World that seeks to halt the advent of the Redemption, simply can’t follow the path of Holiness when  it acts within sacred schemes that are aligned with God’s Will on High. Shem, who was a Priest to God Above, knew of the bloodlines and seed on High and how to implement change and to manifest Divine Favor on Earth – as Peretz the Firstborn of Tamar was a first in the World: he was a Firstborn not only to Judah and Tamar, but to Hashem Himself! Shem had now achieved the redemption of the Firstborn [a repair of the sin of Adam, who caused the Firstborn to become tainted, as Kain was born before Hevel in error] through a Holy Scheme and his knowledge on High, implemented through Tamar.
In the end, Shem has given us a fantastic Commandment in this week’s Parsha of Yibum. But let us not stop there, Shem has given us Messiah, King David, Firstborn Rights, Reincarnation Proof, Kabalah, Name [spiritual] Technology [after all Shem means Name!], a path to redemption, Torah, etc – all from Yibum! Shem founded the World not just on kindness, but he established also on the promise of Righteousness. It should come as no surprise that Shem is one of the Four Craftsmen of the Redemption as he is depicted as the Righteous Priest that will join with the Messiah in the End of Days along with Elijah the Prophet. As we know it was Shem that delivered the Torah to the World and is included in the Torah of Moses. Now we can thank Shem for yet another gift of Pilpul [spice] that he embedded into the Torah on Sinai: Mysticism – that we can easily identify in the Torah, and in this parsha in particular, where we are delivered the rites of Shem: in the command of the Yibum. Being a product of Shem, should it be a surprise that the World endures in the merit of Yibum? As it is the Messiah that is a product of Yibum, and the Yibum was indoctrinated by none other than Shem ben Noah.
Welcome the Shabbos Queen!
Bride of Israel
Shabbat Shalom!

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Galus China: Look Closer

Galus China Update: Coming Into Fruition.

Some 150 Chinese businessmen and politicians are expected to visit Israel in September to explore potential investments in the local high-tech industry.

The delegation will meet with some 50 companies participating in the Haifa Investment Conference, set for September 10-11. The conference is sponsored by the Foreign Ministry and the ICE Group.

The Chinese are said to be particularly interested in greentech, communications and software technology, biotech and medical technology.

"This conference aims to be a platform for Israeli high-tech companies, and to assist them in location potential Chinese partners," Amos Talmor, Founder & Managing Partner of ICE Group said.

"China is the gate to Asia and the whole world," he added.
[enter Erev Rav Intent Here]

The conference also means to celebrate Haifa's new "twin city" status vis-à-vis Shanghai, and its close ties with Chengdu and Shenzhen.

"China represents one of the best opportunities for Israeli companies today and the City of Haifa is invested in realizing that promise," Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav said.

The Chinese delegation will officially be the guest of the Foreign Ministry and the Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry.
Gateway of Tumah: Wealth and Exploitation: Galus China / Erev Rav

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Viva Las Bibi! Upping The Ante

Bibi is rolling the dice - in some way.

There seems to be two main issues with this Iran Threat:
A) Zionism has Messianism built - in to it; Bibi feels he is meritorious to be the deliverer
B) Bibi is playing some game of pseudo-poker

Something is going on with Bibi, even if you say the War is bogus - as there is just way too much gambling, speculating, propaganda, etc.

Zionism is a modern day Jewish religion, and every religion has an ultimate goal. Let us not forget that Bibi learned the ropes from his father [and that Peres is no slouch either when it comes to Zionism - as he was there from the start.]
The real objective question is, 'what is Zionism doing?' as this type of saber rattling is unprecedented in Zionist history, thus difficult to pin down. Remember that in Zionism, actions are not the whims of Man, but for the sake of Zion[ism] - therefore esoteric Zionism is speaking loud and clear through the puppeteer name Netanyahu.
Whatever comes of it, we will at least learn more about what [was] at stake, for the good of Israel [in Klippah].
In the meantime, as Kedusha waits her turn - the Messianic Las Vegas turnstiles spin.

This reason given for the timing of a possible attack on Iran is one big act of deception.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak says that if Israel were to act now against U.S. wishes, the U.S. Congress would still favor Israel over Iran. Michael Oren, Israel's ambassador to Washington who was appointed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, says the American people and Congress would support Israel right now if it were engaged in a war with Iran.

This is deception. During Israel's 1981 pinpoint attack on the Iraqi nuclear reactor and during the first Lebanon war in 1982 - both of which took place under a right-wing Israeli government, though the leadership benefited from the perception that its leadership was moderate because of its peace treaty with Egypt - all Israel needed was for the right-wing American administrations not to oppose its actions too strongly. The difference is that unlike now, this country did not have an existential need for America to continue the mission that Israel began.

Whether deliberately or not, Netanyahu's settlement government is misleading people and making them think that Washington's decision to refrain from intervening, to Israel's detriment, in the 1980s, or against the settlements today, is somehow similar to dragging the United States and other Western countries into taking proactive steps for the sake of an otherwise isolated Israel. Just because Syrian President Bashar Assad is, for the meantime, preventing the West from mobilizing armies against him doesn't mean the West will go in to help him. Netanyahu's Israel is not as much of a pariah as Assad's Syria, but its dependence on America's taking up the Iran mission itself is so great as to be almost necessary for its survival.

This is a failure that undermines the foundations of Israeli security. Precisely when Israel most needs a close alliance with the U.S. government, Netanyahu is doing his utmost to undercut it.

The root of the problem is twofold: policy that is seen in the West as extremist, and an unprecedented attempt to interfere in domestic U.S. politics. If someone had told us about a country whose leader allows himself to be seen as explicitly attempting to oust the president of a world power, we wouldn't believe it. When the leader of that small country is the head of a quasi-protectorate that is sustained by that world power - financially, militarily and politically - that initial astonishment morphs into shock. The fact that this is taking place just as the small country is dependent on the help of the world power for a military project it cannot fully carry out alone makes this one of the most unrealistic scenarios in history.

Israel has an existential interest in waiting until the spring before deciding whether to attack Iran, as indicated by the opposition of leaders of the security establishment to an attack now. Israel would achieve no more than a delay of up to a year in the Iranian nuclear project, and that's why it depends on the United States to take the reins. By spring, international sanctions may have had an impact on Iran and, if not, the United States may act in any case. By the spring, Assad may have been ousted and the map of strategic threats dramatically changed for the better, from Israel's perspective.

Of particular relevance to those who aren't enthusiastic about U.S. President Barack Obama, the spring may bring his Republican rival Mitt Romney to power. And most important of all: By the spring, Israel will have been granted legitimacy for taking action, legitimacy that is crucial for the country's survival.

But Netanyahu's personal interests are diametrically opposed to those of the country he leads.

In the United States, his expressed interest in attacking Iran is seen as part of his effort to bring about Obama's defeat. Americans fear Netanyahu's effort to drag the United States into war against its will, as well as attempts to raise gas prices as a means of kicking Obama out of the White House in November because of the economy. Even the attempt to extort another public statement from Obama - he intends to pledge once again to stop Iran - is seen as an effort to publicly humiliate him, which makes it difficult to issue such pledges.

In private conversations, Netanyahu has said there is nothing after Election Day, which falls on November 6. If Obama wins, Netanyahu says, he will take revenge for the overt efforts to defeat him and will prevent Netanyahu from attacking Iran. For this reason, and only this reason, Netanyahu must go on the offensive over Iran now - some reliable sources say he will probably do it during the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina next week - when the timing is the worst for Israel. That's the price of getting portrayed as being a member of the Romney-Netanyahu-Sheldon Adelson threesome.

This is the most reckless of all breaches of trust, and Netanyahu - not Israel - must pay the price of taking the risk. Netanyahu must wait for the U.S. elections. If he loses his bet and Obama wins, Netanyahu should be so kind as to resign. The soldiers and citizens of Israel shall not be sacrificed on the altar of Netanyahu's bets.
Obama is a KNOWN poker player; how ironic would it be, if this whole scenario is an episode of ego, two leaders of the World, having it out in a game of Gladiator poker - leaving the two host countries as captive and holding ransom the World at large.
Narcissism knows no boundaries - and this may be a whole new level.
Welcome to קץ ימין

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Master Bibi: A Unique Americanologist In Power

The Iranian War Theories amongst Man are like belly buttons - we all have one.
This article seems to suggest that Bibi wants Obama in power.

But Obama and Bibi seem to have different Messianic Dreams/Visions/Desires, I mean one thinks he is Moshiach and the other thinks he is a combination of the Mahdi and Issa in some forged warped Islamic innovation called Obama-ism.

It would seem to me that Bibi would work better with Mitt, but either way Bibi is in command, and holds an important hand in this poker game. What everyone wants to know, is just how powerful is the hand of Bibi?

The real question then  becomes not an infatuation with Bibi, but with Israel - just how powerful is Israel?

People range from saying we don't even have nukes, to we can blow up the World millions of times over with warfare the World has never seen or even dreamed of. The Nafka Mina [outcome] is: is Pax Judaica really real and Bibi [and Israel] be the next ruling power - or is it all bluff?

Thus: opinions are roaring, elections are coming, and doomsday is either a blast or a firecracker that doesn't even work, more like a whooper snapper.

A day of reckoning is near nonetheless. Bibi has a strong hand and Israel is more than ready and able. Israel already rules the World politically [ty Zionism] and now the Erev Rav are fulfilling their purpose. Now Moshiach can finish them off once and for all.

In many of the conspiracy theories that have been presented in recent weeks in the Israeli press concerning the possibility of an imminent Israeli attack on Iran, one theme has been constant: it would put President Barack Obama in a bind and possibly hurt his chances in the November elections as well.

Both developments, according to press reports, were part and parcel of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu considerations in pressing for an early attack. Republicans, it was said, not only subscribed to this assessment but also were egging Netanyahu on to in order to help Mitt Romney’s chances in November. The Israeli commentators, it sometimes seemed, accepted this conventional wisdom as if it was cast in stone.

It was left to political strategist Karl Rove, grandmaster of Republican tactics and chief advisor to the pro-Republican super-PAC “American Crossroads”, to blow this cockamamie theory out of the water. Appearing on Fox News last week, Rove made clear that any flare up with Iran would only serve Obama’s interests. Americans, he said, would instinctively rally around their Commander in Chief and Obama’s standing in the polls would immediately improve.

Rove went a step further and more or less warned Israel not to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities too early. In a comment that did not receive the media attention it deserved, Rove said that a military strike on Iran needs to wait until what Rove described as “a moment of vulnerability” - and that won’t happen until the Iranians bring all their fissile material “to a central site in order to be machined into a weapon or weapons.”

“They’ve got to wait until it’s brought together”, Rove said, and one can assume that such a moment won’t arrive, according to Rove’s strategic calculated, before November 6.

All four panelists on NBC’s Chris Matthews show this Sunday concurred with the political part of Rove’s analyses. A war with Iran, former ABC broadcaster Sam Donaldson said, would change the dynamics of the election campaign, draw attention away from the troubled economy and allow Obama to showcase his experience while accentuating Mitt Romney’s lack thereof. Foreign affairs and national security, after all, is the one area in which Obama enjoys a clear advantage over Romney in all the public opinion polls, they noted.

Another misplaced piece of the misguided conventional wisdom in Jerusalem is that an Israeli attack that would take place before the elections would force Obama to suppress his supposedly natural inclination to abandon Israel in its time of need. He would have to succumb to overwhelming public pressure and support Israel, both diplomatically and militarily, because of pure electoral considerations, according to this theory.

But this assessment may also be light years away from reality, a by product of the irrationally critical view of Obama’s shared by strident Republican Jewish critics who are close to Netanyahu and to some of his officials and who genuinely believe that Obama is a socialist/pacifist who would like nothing better than to see Israeli cities burn. Only his sense of self-preservation before the elections, they believe, might cause Obama to act against his usual anti-Jewish instincts.

Back on earth, however, it is far from clear that there would be any real pressure by the American public to get the US involved in another Middle East war. Opinion polls on the American public’s attitude towards US military involvement in Iran are all over the place, depending on the wording of the questions, but they consistently show wide support for Obama’s policy of exploring all other options first. They may very well accept the President’s judgment even if he opts against committing the US to a military confrontation.

Secondly, most people who know Obama maintain that if his hand is forced, either by Iran or by Israel, the President would not hesitate to send the American bombers on their way, elections or no elections, not only if Iran attacks American targets directly but also to help Israel, if it turns out that it cannot fend for itself. At the height of an election campaign, such a crisis would doubtlessly entail the fringe benefit of forcing Republican candidates Romney and Paul Ryan to support the President and to put aside their criticism while guns are blazing and American lives are in danger. And any reckoning with Jerusalem over its refusal to accede to the Administration’s demand to give peace another chance my indeed come - but only after the situation has stabilized and the elections are long over.

In fact, the very foundations of a theory that a war before elections would hurt Obama’s chances in the elections are so far fetched that it is actually unreasonable to believe that a seasoned Americanologist such as Netanyahu would subscribe to it. But now that Republicans appear to be actually warning him off – does this mean that war has been postponed? On the other hand, would Netanyahu’s Republican benefactors ever forgive him if it turned out that it was his decision to pull the trigger that actually ensured Obama’s second term?
As Mitt seems to be better for Israel, he is no guarantee and a nasty guy deep down. Obama is worse, but if given to him another 4 years of anti - America and anti - Israel political views, he is more prophetic and should be interesting watching him destroy Mankind.
Whatever it is Bibi, Bibi is in control. Bibi is making his bed, and the hardest part will be to sleep in it. He is causing Zionist Messianism at its highest; I hope he knows how to handle his delusion, Obama as well, as the World is led by madmen.
Its about time the World went back to normal - for when was the World not led by madmen?
[Post WWII was a dream (a part of Gog Magog; 70 years as predicted by Chofetz Chaim) - as it was a strange and unprecedented time in World History.
Baruch Habah Olam Shelanu! איפה משיח?]
Will He Show Him The Door?

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Moshiach Came! [Coincidence - School Started Too!]

I think Moshiach Came! ...or maybe I'm just delusional because School Started!
If Moshiach is anything like Back to School - The World will be truly Blessed!

Want the True insight to Israeli Life: here is one view, that Secular and Religious both have in common: Back to School Rules [as a function of Israeli society; and on a more serious note, it is the attention of many of the social reforms. ]

Whatever it is, School Started and it feels like Geulah. Now we can move towards the macro to this micro Geulah in Israel.

Millions of Israeli parents will breathe a sigh of relief on Monday, as the 2012-2013 school year officially begins for students across the country, bringing an end to the long summer vacation.

For the first time ever the number of students enrolled in Israeli schools and kindergartens has reached over two million, a 2.8 percent increase over two school years ago.

The Israeli school system has expanded across the board, with 1,582,000 students in schools today, over 1,531,500 two years ago, and the number of kindergarten students growing from 373,000 to 423,000.

Today, there are 62,955 classrooms in the Israeli school system over 58,009 two years earlier, while the number of educational staff dealing with them has risen to 141,085 over 130,000 two years ago.

At the start of the weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu mentioned the implementation of free education for three-to-four year olds, which he put introduced following the social justice protests. Netanyahu called the move, “something which we dreamed about for 64 years and spoke about for decades with a non-existent law. We are honoring this law and investing in it.”

He also mentioned the construction of 900 new nursery schools in Israel.

Education Minister Gideon Sa’ar (Likud) also praised the new free education from children ages three and four, as well as new afternoon daycare centers in poorer local councils, and new subsidies for school trips.

“The education system is undergoing very deep changes related to the reforms that we are leading on all age levels. I believe that if we continue this way – both with investments and policy directions – in another decade, Israel will be among the leading countries of the world in terms of education systems. I absolutely believe that this is possible and achievable, and we will do it,” Sa’ar said.

Netanyahu also issued a greeting to six-year-old Moshe Holtzberg, whose parents, Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg, were killed during the 2008 terrorist attack at the Chabad House in Mumbai, India. Netanyahu said that as Holtzberg joins first grade tomorrow all of the prayers of the people of Israel are with him.
and to a Greater Israel in General B''H

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Gog V' Magog: On Israel's Borders

Where Is Biblical Israel?

It is not news that Israel's Borders are contested; what is news, is what is the real debate.

Learning out Israel's Borders according to the Chumash takes a lot of Daas Torah, to figure exactly what the minimum is. King David sought to go beyond the minimum by conquering Syria, and by doing so he erred. The Minimal Eretz Yisrael must be conquered first, with a Beis Hamikdash on the essential Biblical Borders; after which the Prophetic Borders given to [the future of] Abraham's seed would come into the picture.

Thus again, the real question is: what are our Essential Borders? The contention of War with Islam is this very issue, and this is a main cog of Zionist dynamics.

Gog V'Magog is also dictated by these terms of Biblical Israel and the fallacy of.

Zionism is in part a theology of this very issue: Israel's Borders and a Prime Directive of agenda and operation based as such.

The Torah seems to be minimal, and with Geulah, Beis Hamikdash, and general conquest - the promised expansion will commence prophetically, as dictated to Abraham. Thus its the order of operation that is imperative, to reach mutual goals of a True Israel.

Zionism has its own views, ideally Left, Right, and Centrist.
The article presented here blames the Right and asks to give the Left a chance. Ironically, it is the Left that is more Biblically sound in respect to the Borders, yet their philosophy of how is treif.

It looks like there is a fundamental War within Armilos and Erev Rav going on now: Left vs. Right i.e. Peres vs. Bibi - Zionism at its best.
Perhaps Peres and the Left is a form of Erev Katan [davka Katan - small!] and Bibi and the Right is a form of Erev Rav [davka Rav - big]

What happens when their War commences? - As is predicted in Talmud Sukkah: The argument between Simcha and Sasson - depicted Erev Rav and Katan, and as is known, their argument leads to the Geulah, as this is the nature of their War.

Zionism isn't the answer, in fact it is treif, yet it reveals several Truths; as for Sheker to be believed it must contain an element of Truth - and the concept of Borders of Israel are as truthful as it gets.
All Klippah and Kedusha are invested in this War of Biblical Israel. Once settled, one can expect the Beis Hamikdash and the elimination of the Erev Rav and Katan; Torat Emet will then prevail.

In a rare move, Shimon Peres exhibited a clear stance against an Israeli attack on Iran without coordination with the United States. Given Peres’ phenomenal experience and his role in building Israel’s deterrence, including its presumed nuclear arsenal, it is not easy to simply discard what he says.

Likud MK Zeev Elkin, in an appearance on the popular “London and Kirschenbaum” program tried to disqualify Peres’ opinion. With a shrewd smile he said that Peres was, after all, one of the architects of the Oslo Accords and had spoken of a “New Middle East” at the time. Elkin implied clearly that Peres’ political judgment has always been wrong, and that he is thoroughly unreliable.

The term “left” has become a term of denigration and accusation, and Peres has become the right’s symbol for the left’s being a loser. Here is the list of accusations: Israel got the second intifada because leftist Rabin gave the Palestinians guns; we got the shelling of Southern Israel because rightist turned leftist Ariel Sharon disengaged from Gaza; and we got the second Lebanon war because the leftist Barak pulled out of Lebanon in 2000.

So maybe it’s time to set the record straight. The left’s political views were never given a chance; and there are strong arguments for the thesis that Israel’s troubles are a direct consequence of the right’s blunders, mistakes, messianic ideology and aggressive expansionism of the last thirty-five years.

Let’s begin with Lebanon: Does anybody remember that this was a war of choice that not even the Begin government authorized? Does anybody remember Sabra and Shatila, and that Sharon was declared unfit to serve as minister of defense forever? Does anybody remember that Israel’s staying in Lebanon for eighteen years created Hezbollah? So is the Lebanon conundrum due to Barak, or to Sharon’s megalomaniac conquest of Lebanon?

While we are at it: Sharon is now hailed for the unilateral disengagement from Gaza. Does anybody remember that Sharon refused to hand over the Gaza strip as part of a general agreement with the Palestinians? Sharon never turned to the left: There is strong evidence that the disengagement was primarily meant to separate between Gaza and the West Bank, to make sure that Israel could keep the latter without having to rule the former. The disengagement was, on purpose, done in ways that weakened Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas – successfully, and with catastrophic consequences.

Making the left uniquely responsible for the failure of Oslo is also tendentious, to say the least. Let’s start with the dreadful mistakes made before Oslo: In the 1980s repeated attempts were made to build a political structure in the West Bank. Moderates like Feisal Husseini, Hanan Ashrawi and Nabeel Cassis tried to build the foundation of a Palestinian civil society. They were striving for compromise with Israel, often paying a great personal price.

Instead of engaging with these attempts, Israel saw great danger in Palestinian civil society and did everything it could to prevent it. This notoriously included supporting Hamas, thus fatefully changing the Palestinian political landscape.

At this point, right-wingers like Elkin will become impatient, and say “leave us alone with early history. What about Oslo’s failure?”

Well, the Oslo process never got a chance. Right-wingers who use the term “Oslo” as if it were the greatest idiocy of the twentieth century conveniently forget that Israel never met its obligations under this agreement, and never moved out of the West Bank according the stages agreed upon by the Accords.

Idith Zertal and Akiva Eldar have documented in detail how all Israeli governments including those headed by Rabin and Barak continued building in the West Bank, thus eroding Palestinian belief that Israel genuinely intended ever to grant Palestinians a viable state. Add to this the fact that that Netanyahu was filmed bragging that he had destroyed the Oslo process, a claim that members of the Clinton administration would certainly endorse: they came to see Netanyahu as an unreliable, arrogant liar – a title that the Obama administration would certainly agree to.

I am not trying to claim that the left hasn't made mistakes. But the course of Israeli history since 1967 was predicted by Ben-Gurion in the weeks after the fateful victory of the six-day war: he said that if Israel would not return the territories within a year, this would be the Zionist project’s end. He was dead-on. Israel’s tragedy is the consequence of the right’s dream of the greater Israel and not the left’s mistakes.

Edom will fall into the hands of Pras:
Edom = Erev Rav?
[The Gra says Erev Rav is a klippah of Edom!]
and Pras is a variation of Peres, which in Hebrew are the same פרס ?
Is this famous Talmudic Passage a hint of an internal War between Erev Rav and Katan?

There is precedent for Peres representing Erev Katan:

"Peres' grandfather, Rabbi Zvi Meltzer, a grandson of Rabbi Chaim Volozhin, had a great impact on his life. In an interview, Peres said: "As a child, I grew up in my grandfather's home… I was educated by him… my grandfather taught me Talmud. It was not as easy as it sounds. My home was not an observant one. My parents were not Orthodox but I was Haredi. At one point, I heard my parents listening to the radio on the Sabbath and I smashed it." At the age of four, Peres was taken by his father to Radun' to receive a blessing from Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan (The Chofetz Chaim)."

If Peres is Armilos, then perhaps his involvement against attacking Pras [Iran] is more significant than we know - perhaps he is being a true Leftist, and the last thereof. Maybe his Border fervor will even cause Gog V'Magog.

Peres elected Bibi; perhaps this gesture was actually a primal war cry.
Time will tell the true story of the Erev Rav - there is bound to be more than meets the eye.

...there were two heretics named Simcha [Erev Rav]and Sasson [Erev Katan]...
and we call them Bibi and Peres. Some may even call "it" Armilos.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Shoftim and Shem: A King of Your Brethren

Parashat Shoftim: Shem: The Fourth Craftsman of Redemption
Rabbi David Katz
Parashat Shoftim is an extremely unique Parsha and becomes ultra dynamic when one applies to it the themes of Noahides, Redemption, and Shem, to name just a few of the enlightening topics laced within the Parsha. [*Note: In Torah definition, “Redemption” is the time before, after, or during the advent of the Moshiach/Messiah in Israel, upon which the exiles will gather into the Land. The World would then come under Torah Law and Peace would reign upon the World in its redeemed state.]
There are Four Craftsmen of the Redemption spoken of in the Talmudic Tractate of Sukkah [52b]: The Messiah son of David, Messiah Son of Joseph, Elijah, and The Righteous Priest, who is identified by Shem due to his efforts with Noah his father and the Ark of the Flood. It can be said that each of these four men represent a bigger and more defined Torah concept. For this matter, “David” would be the King, Joseph the Judge, Elijah the Prophet, and the Priest is Shem. The rationale for such attribution is that each of the Four have direct ties in the Torah with its associate. If one takes a simple notice and glance at the Parsha, he will see that the nature of most of the stanzas deal with exactly these Four issues of King, Judge, Prophet, and Priest; this also sets out this Parsha from the rest, by its exclusive nature here. It should also be noted that there are several Noahide issues brought up as well, such as the enactment against idolatry and Israel’s “optional war” Torah Laws, one which directly comes into contact with Noahides around the World, being that the conquered people must accept the Seven Laws of Noah in the war’s outcome. And finally, when dealing with the command to elect a King, we come into focus with Shem and his association within the Kingship and his part as a Craftsman. From here we understand that Shem and Noahides have a role in the Redemption, and with the help of Tradition [in writing] these roles have become defined, to which is of major import to the Noahides of today.
The two most essential Noahide/Shem topics that should come into a clearer focus are the concepts of The Optional War scenario and Shem and his relationship to Kingship.
When Israel goes out to [an optional] war, they must shout out to it in “Peace” with hopes of avoiding a war. It should be noted that the nature of War is for the good of Israel and the objective is to make Peace. Yet if the nation seeks not peace, but war, then Israel will wage a war when peace is to no avail. The Torah promises victory for Israel, and the nation must now adhere to the Seven Laws of Noah. The major question that arises from this scenario [as per the laws described in the writings of the Rambam] is what happens to the Noahides of this Nation? Are they subject to subjugation? The answer to this question is found in the writings of the Rambam and the commentaries around his words – to which they conclude: no, the Noahide is not subject. One must ask, “what is the fate of the Noahide, etc?”
As this conquered nation is now taking on the Seven Laws, he is being elevated to a status that is equivalent of the Ger Toshav [Noahide in the Land that has many levels of distinction that we clarify]. This Ger Toshav has taken upon himself the bare minimum of rejecting idolatry and his continuation of eating non-kosher meat. Once this level is achieved by the inhabitants, they will be encouraged to elevate themselves spiritually, towards the acceptance of the Seven Laws of Noah, and beyond with their relationship with Hashem. This nation is penalized if it is a “good nation” but just does not believe in the Seven Laws of Noah; the nations of the World must officially take on the Seven Laws, and ideally not by an outcome of war. The Talmud says the method of which people should accept the Seven Laws as an official elevation in soul is to form a mini court of 3 men and declare his observance, and all are witness to this. Jethro and Ruth went even as far as to change their names, which seems that the “Ger Tzedek” undertakes. [Ger Tzedek is the Noahide who is observant of Torah in a way that goes beyond the Seven Laws of Noah fulfillment out of his Love for Hashem. The Torah seeks out the Ger Tzedek to rise from the Ger Toshav. As was stated the Ger Toshav has simply done the bare minimum of rejecting idolatry, while the Ger Toshav who is also called Ger Tzedek is achieving a higher resonance with Hashem. It is known, Hashem desires the service of Man, the Noahide especially, for Hashem is known to have a special Love for the Noahide.] Thus while the conquered nation has missed out on its declaration status and is now subjugated, the known Noahides of the Land will have gained the ability to live in the Land of Israel, thus they will not know of subjugation. The Torah shows its view on the importance of the spectrum of the idolater all the way to the Ger Toshav/Tzedek; the goal is the pursuit of the highest relationship one can have with Hashem. As always, this relationship is the choice of Man, and Man can only do what is in his soul’s capacity to achieve.
The mechanism of War is the rejection of Peace, and it is this Peace that Shem stands for! Jerusalem is called “Jerusalem” as a mash-up of the concepts Fear and Peace in Hebrew, as stated by Abraham and Shem respectively in their meeting on the Temple Mount. Thus when the World comes to light under “peace” is to say that the Redemption has come, war will eventually be no longer, and the father of Peace, Shem, will take his place as one of the Four Craftsmen in the rectified World.
The Holy Book titled, “Avot D’ Rabbi Natan” delves into discussion of Shem as both a King and a Priest, for he is a “Priest to Hashem Above” as well as a Righteous King “Malki Tzedek” [my King of Righteousness]. The author asks which one is more imperative to Shem, king or priest? The answer is derived that he is a more essential king – which brings us back to our Four Craftsmen which consists  of a king, and the Parsha as well, which states that the people will want a king. But can Shem fulfill this?
The Four Craftsmen has several locations scattered through the writings of the Torah, and can be defined in several ways, as per the characters involved in  our pre-requisite four functions that we related from this Parsha. [For example: instead of Righteous Priest, another location says “High Priest”] These characters with their initial letters spells “[that of] Messiah”: דמשיחא – David, Moses, Shem, Joseph, Enoch, and Abraham. These six souls make up what is called the “King Messiah” – to which Shem is a big part of! Yet our Parsha says the King must be a Brother to you!
When we say the Shema along with its silent utterance, the same way Jacob did with his sons, [The Shema in that sense was a declaration of the Brothers to Israel their Father, and Jacob’s Response “Blessed is…” was his accreditation to his teacher in Torah, and that this fractal should be iterated for the rest of time in the transmission of Torah. This is the human Shema, whereas when recited today, we recite to Hashem stating his Unity. Jacob and his sons conveyed the Shema together to state the Human transmission of Gods Unity, thereby achieving both connotations.] The essence of Torah transmission is expressed in Jacob’s words, as the Holy Zohar credits this attribution.
Jacob  answered his sons’ Listen Israel, Hashem our God, Hashem is One with Blessed is The Name/ Shem of honor, his Kingship is to last forever and ever. As the obvious connotation is to Hashem and his Kingdom, Jacob was also implying hints of the source of Torah, and in particular how it will be in the End of Days, to which Shem is involved as a Craftsman and as the Father of Torah of the New World.
The Zohar shows that Shem is indeed a Brother to Israel as the first and last words of Shema spell “Brother Shem is a witness.” [שמע . אחד – notice the first two letters of each word spell “Shem” and “Brother” while the last letter of each word spells “witness”. It should also be noted that it was mentioned Enoch as a contributor to the Craftsmen above, and he is considered a Witness of God in the works of Kabalah. Shem was influenced by Enoch in an angelic sense, in association with the angel Michael with his meeting Abraham on the Temple Mount, as Michael is infused with the angelic nature of Enoch, as it said by Enoch, “God took him.”]
Thus there is an answer to the Torah’s demand of a Jewish King must be of your brethren. The King Messiah is due to be a special soul that is composed of these six characters mentioned above, with David in the front. But as is seen in several places, Shem is fit for the kingship, to which Jacob hinted at in his response to his sons: “Blessed is Shem, of honor, may his Kingdom reign for eternity. One thing that we know about Shem is that he is totally nullified to Hashem, thus any Kingdom of Shem IS the Kingdom of Hashem, as Shem came to express the Kingdom of Hashem is the only Kingdom. This is the task of the King Messiah: to proclaim Hashem is was and always will be King – forever and ever. David, the King Messiah will cement this issue, but not without the spiritual aid of Shem who began this mission from his inception to the World.
The conclusion of Shem as a Craftsman is that he is a true Brother of Israel, and Kingship is partially maintained through his elevated soul. This is especially dear to Jews and Noahides, for the King Messiah brings this evasive Peace to the World and brings the Noahides back through Torah, as reported by the Midrash. One must assume that the soul of Shem as the Fourth Craftsman is directly involved in this process, as Torah and Noahides originate from Shem. Thus we see in the Parsha of Shoftim, Noahides are sought by Hashem to be a part of the Redemption and Peace, and join with Shem their most direct forefather [as the original ben-Noah]. Just as the sky is the limit for Shem, in his many duties as the Righteous Priest and Malki Tzedek, so too the Noahide – the sky is the limit, for he Loves Hashem and Hashem loves him. Contrary to the war with a nation, the Noahides and Shem stand for Peace upon society and Redemption to the Land of Israel [signaled by the building of the Third Temple].
One can ponder, if Shem is a Priest and a King, and his duties towards the Kingdom are his first priority, then what will be of the Righteous Priest? Perhaps just as we say, Toldos Noah [Offspring of Noah], there are also “Toldos Shem” – as it says in Genesis 10:1 : “and these are the Toldos [offspring] of Bnei [sons of] Noah: Shem!” The Torah says that Noahides that learn Torah are likened to the Priest, and are encouraged to pursue righteousness in their learning. For the Ger Toshav who seeks to be the Ger Tzedek [Toshav] may have a proactive portion of the Redemption, in the association with Shem, the Fourth Craftsman, the Righteous Priest, something we all can [literally] strive to be, and help usher in the Redemption [and eliminate war] speedily in our days.
In The Meantime:
Shabbat Shalom!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Last Leg To Rome: Edom In Motion

Rome is ready to fall; some say it IS falling, just in super slow motion.
[With intent on keeping inevitable inflation in super slow motion to keep from a hyper inflation full blossom]

It is clear that there is not a Western Power ready to assume duties of Global Policeman Agent Esav after America relinquishes her duties.

For this we welcome Pax Judaica.
In the meantime, a slow digestion of the cursed toxic-Dollar commences. At least Edom knows he will fall - his fate is not a mystery to him.
Thus Erev Rav alliance in Zion [however ironic from Esav] will cure the the extent that the signal feature of the Erev Rav is their inherent wealth [and the Erev Katan's mitigating function as inherently unwealthy]; perhaps the Blessed Shekel is being prepared for its subjugation into World Currency Lore - which may fringe upon near eternity God Forbid.

The power in potential in Tumah is derived from the fact that when the Besi Hamikdash will stand forever, the Shekel will be implemented in this function, but in Kedusha.

From comes 65 signs that the economic collapse is already happening. I'm not sure if you'll agree with all of them, but the facts are difficult to ignore, and in my opinion enough to warrant a serious panic attack! Read on and tell me if everything is A-Ok, or, if things are ready to explode!

1. Since Barack Obama entered the White House, the number of long-term unemployed Americans has doubled from 2.7 millionto 5.4 million.

2. The average duration of unemployment in the United States is nearly three times as long as it was back in the year 2000.

3. The unemployment rate in the U.S. has been above 8 percent for 40 months in a row, and 42 percent of all unemployed Americans have been out of work for at least half a year.

4. Unemployment in the eurozone has hit another brand new record high. It is now sitting at 11.2 percent. It has risen for 14 months in a row.

5. The U.S. economy lost more than 220,000 small businesses during the recent recession.

6. The percentage of Americans that are self-employed fell by more than 20 percent between 1991 and 2010.

7. Overall, the number of “new entrepreneurs and business owners” dropped by a staggering 53 percent between 1977 and 2010.

8. The unemployment rate in Spain is now up to 24.6 percent.

9. Morgan Stanley is projecting that the unemployment rate in Greece will exceed 25 percent in 2013.

10. Since Barack Obama became president, the price of a gallon of gasoline has risen from $1.85 to $3.49.

11. The average American household spent approximately $4,155 on gasoline during 2011, and electricity bills in the U.S. have risen faster than the overall rate of inflation for five years in a row.

12. About three times as many new homes were sold in the United States in 2005 as will be sold in 2012.

13. While Barack Obama has been in the White House, home values in the United States have declined by 12 percent.

14. According to AARP, 600,000 American homeowners that are 50 years of age or older are currently in foreclosure.

15. Right now there are now 20.2 million Americans that spend more than half of their incomes on housing. That represents a 46 percent increase from 2001.

16. According to Gallup, the current level of homeownership in the United States is the lowest that they have ever measured.

17. Federal housing assistance increased by a whopping 42 percent between 2006 and 2010.

18. In some areas of Detroit, Michigan you can buy a three bedroom home for just $500.

19. All around us our cities are crumbling. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, 2.2 trillion dollars is needed just to repair critical infrastructure in the United States.

20. The unemployment rate in New York City is now back up to 10 percent. That equals the peak unemployment rate in New York City during the last recession.

21. Back in 1950, more than 80 percent of all men in the United States had jobs. Today, less than 65 percent of all men in the United States have jobs.

22. The U.S. Postal Service is about to default on a 5.5 billion dollar payment for future retiree health benefits.

23. According to Graham Summers, “when we account for all the backdoor schemes Germany has engaged in to prop up the EU, Germany’s REAL Debt to GDP is closer to 300%.”

24. According to the Federal Reserve, the median net worth of families in the United States declined “from $126,400 in 2007 to $77,300 in 2010“.

25. The U.S. trade deficit with China during 2011 was 28 times larger than it was back in 1990.

26. The United States has lost more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities since 2001.

27. During 2010 alone, an average of 23 manufacturing facilities permanently shut down in the United States every single day.

28. The U.S. government says that the number of Americans “not in the labor force” rose by 17.9 million between 2000 and 2011. During the entire decade of the 1980s, the number of Americans “not in the labor force” rose by only 1.7 million.

29. Eight million Americans have “left the labor force” since the recession supposedly ended. If those Americans were added back into the unemployment figures, the unemployment rate would be somewhere up around 12 percent.

30. Approximately 53 percent of all U.S. college graduates under the age of 25 were either unemployed or underemployed last year.

31. At this point, one out of every four American workers has a job that pays $10 an hour or less. If that sounds like a high figure, that is because it is. Today, the United States actually has a higher percentage of workers doing low wage work than any other major industrialized nation does.

32. Back in 1980, less than 30% of all jobs in the United States were low income jobs. Today, more than 40% of all jobs in the United States are low income jobs.

33. According to one study, between 1969 and 2009 the median wages earned by American men between the ages of 30 and 50 declined by 27 percent after you account for inflation.

34. In 2007, the unemployment rate for the 20 to 29 age bracket was about 6.5 percent. Today, the unemployment rate for that same age group is about 13 percent.

35. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, health care costs accounted for just 9.5% of all personal consumption back in 1980. Today they account for approximately 16.3%.

36. Medicare spending increased by 138 percent between 1999 and 2010.

37. Over the next 75 years, Medicare is facing unfunded liabilities of more than 38 trillion dollars. That comes to $328,404 for each and every household in the United States.

38. Back in 1990, the federal government accounted for 32 percent of all health care spending in America. Today, that figure is up to 45 percent and it is projected to surpass 50 percent very shortly.

39. Back in 1965, only one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid. Today, one out of every 6 Americans is on Medicaid, and things are about to get a whole lot worse. It is being projected that Obamacare will add 16 million more Americans to the Medicaid rolls.

40. Since 2008, the U.S. economy has lost 1.3 million jobs while at the same time 3.6 million more Americans have been added to Social Security’s disability insurance program.

41. Since Barack Obama entered the White House, the number of Americans living in poverty has risen by 6.4 million.

42. The number of Americans on food stamps has risen from 32 million to 46 million since Barack Obama became president.

43. Right now the poverty rate for children living in the United States is 22 percent, and approximately one-fourth of all American children are enrolled in the food stamp program at this point.

44. The number of children living in poverty in the state of California has increased by 30 percent since 2007.

45. Child homelessness in the United States has risen by 33 percent since 2007.

46. According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, 36.4 percent of all children that live in Philadelphia are living in poverty, 40.1 percent of all children that live in Atlanta are living in poverty, 52.6 percent of all children that live in Cleveland are living in poverty and 53.6 percent of all children that live in Detroit are living in poverty.

47. Approximately 57 percent of all children in the United States are living in homes that are either considered to be either “low income” or impoverished.

48. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the percentage of Americans living in “extreme poverty” is now sitting at an all-time high.

49. In the United States today, somewhere around 100 million Americans are considered to be either “poor” or “near poor”.

50. It is now being projected that about half of all American adults will spend at least some time living below the poverty line before they turn 65.

51. Total home mortgage debt in the United States is now about 5 times larger than it was just 20 years ago.

52. Total consumer debt in the United States has risen by 1700 percent since 1971.

53. Recently it was announced that total student loan debt in the United States has passed the one trillion dollar mark.

54. According to one recent survey, approximately one-third of all Americans are not paying their bills on time at this point.

55. In 1983, the bottom 95 percent of all income earners in the United States had 62 cents of debt for ever dollar that they earned. Today, the bottom 95 percent of all income earners in the United States have $1.48 of debt for every dollar that they earn.

56. The United States was once ranked #1 in the world in GDP per capita. Today we have slipped to #12.

57. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 49 percent of all Americans live in a home where at least one person receives benefits from the federal government. Back in 1983, that number was below 30 percent.

58. Incredibly, 37 percent of all U.S. households that are led by someone under the age of 35 have a net worth of zero or less than zero.

59. Today there are approximately 25 million American adults that are living with their parents.

60. The U.S. dollar has lost more than 96 percent of its value since 1900. You can thank the Federal Reserve system for that.

61. During the Obama administration, the U.S. government has accumulated more debt than it did from the time that George Washington took office to the time that Bill Clinton took office.

62. Overall, the U.S. national debt has grown by nearly 10 trillion dollars over the past decade.

63. The U.S. national debt is now more than 22 times larger than it was when Jimmy Carter became president.

64. 40 years ago the total amount of debt in America (government, business and consumer) was less than 2 trillion dollars. Today it is nearly 55 trillion dollars.

65. As Financial Armageddon recently point out, so many homeless people are pooping on the escalators at San Francisco’s Civic Center Station at night that the escalators are breaking down and repair teams have been called in to clean up the mess. As the economy gets even worse, will scenes like this start playing out in all of our cities?

For what Israel is to Uganda, then America is to Zimbabwe?
Midda Kineged Midda

Monday, August 20, 2012

Pax Judaica: Reality Is Now

Digital and Electric Warfare Engaged: War In The Next Millennium
Israel is looking prime to wipe out Iran - and I mean that literally.  They are speaking about Electric Warfare, Completely Advanced Virus Systems, New Weaponry, etc. Bibi and Ehud are not messing around in the media, and chances are their threats are real.

America has challenged Israel that they are not capable of doing anything that substantial alone. I beg to differ - If Israel is primed to become Pax Judaica, then they would need their Hiroshima to ascend atop their perch of a World Power. If Israel pulls a perfect 10 scorecard against Iran, Israel will have arrived.

This article is a bit of commentary of how Israel can pull their [World Super Power] Weight.
Bibi may be bluffing us all - Bibi on the other hand, may not be. Time will tell.

But know - if this is not a bluff, Pax Judaica is here...And Zionism Will Take On A Whole New Meaning.

Any Israeli attack on Iran will open with a "coordinated strike, including an unprecedented cyber-attack which will totally paralyze the Iranian regime and its ability to know what is happening within its borders," American blogger Richard Silverstein wrote Wednesday.

Silverstein claims to have obtained an Israeli briefing document outlining the Jewish state's war plans against Iran, which, according to him, include the launching of dozens of missiles, an aerial attack, a sophisticated cyber attack and even the assassination of senior Iranian military and intelligence officials.

In the blog, Tikkun Olam, Silverstein said the document was leaked to him by a high-level Israeli source who had obtained it from an IDF officer. According to Silverstein, the source told him that normally he would not leak this sort of document, but that "these are not normal times. I’m afraid Bibi (Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu) and (Defense Minister Ehud) Barak are dead serious."

The blogger estimates that the document was leaked to him in order to "expose the arguments and plans advanced by the Bibi-Barak two-headed warrior. Neither the IDF leaker, my source, nor virtually any senior military or intelligence officer wants this war."

According to Silverstein, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is using this "sales pitch" to persuade the eight-member security cabinet to support a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities.

"This is Shock and Awe, Israel-style. It is Bibi’s effort to persuade high-level Israeli officials that Israel can prosecute a pure technology war that involves relatively few human beings (Israeli, that is) who may be put in harm’s way, and will certainly cost few lives of IDF personnel," the blogger wrote.

"Bibi’s sleight of hand here involves no mention whatsoever of an Iranian counter-attack against Israel. The presumption must be that the bells and whistles of all those marvelous new weapons systems will decapitate Iran’s war-making ability and render it paralyzed. The likelihood of this actually happening is nearly nil."

According to Silverstein, an Israeli strike on Iran will include a "barrage of tens of ballistic missiles" launched from Israeli territory towards Iran, as well as a barrage of "hundreds of cruise missiles" which will "pound command and control systems, research and development facilities, and the residences of senior personnel in the nuclear and missile development apparatus.

"Intelligence gathered over years will be utilized to completely decapitate Iran’s professional and command ranks in these fields," according to the blogger.

Silverstein says the attack will open with an unprecedented cyber-attack which will take the internet, telephones, radio and television, communications satellites, and fiber optic cables leading to and from critical installations—including underground missile bases at Khorramabad and Isfahan - out of action.

"The electrical grid throughout Iran will be paralyzed and transformer stations will absorb severe damage from carbon fiber munitions which are finer than a human hair, causing electrical short circuits whose repair requires their complete removal. This would be a Sisyphean task in light of cluster munitions which would be dropped, some time-delayed and some remote-activated through the use of a satellite signal," the blogger claims.

According to the document, the missiles will strike their targets—some exploding above ground like those striking the nuclear reactor at Arak–which is intended to produce plutonium and tritium—and the nearby heavy water production facility; the nuclear fuel production facilities at Isfahan and facilities for enriching uranium-hexaflouride. Others would explode under-ground, as at the Fordo facility.

Following the first wave of attacks, Silverstein says, an Israeli radar satellite will pass over Iran and transfer information directly to war planes making their way covertly toward Iran.

"These IAF planes will be armed with electronic warfare gear previously unknown to the wider public, not even revealed to our US ally. This equipment will render Israeli aircraft invisible. Those Israeli war planes which participate in the attack will damage a short-list of targets which require further assault," the blogger writes.

According to Silverstein, among the targets approved for attack are Shahab 3 and Sejil ballistic missile silos, storage tanks for chemical components of rocket fuel, industrial facilities for producing missile control systems, centrifuge production plants and more.

Silverstein mentions that Iran is divided into 31 districts, each with its own independent command and control facilities and mechanisms. "So Israel wouldn’t be able to knock out a single facility and paralyze the IRG. They’d need to knock out 31 separate sets of facilities–a much harder task," he writes.

The Game Is Poker; The Subject Is Bibi's Hand
...And Obama Lets Us Know The Terrain
קץ משיחה

Sunday, August 19, 2012

2012: The Galactic Center and Geulah

The major theory behind 2012 is the Earth and its crossing of the Galactic Center from the Milky Way.

Read on to find out what the Galactic Center is doing in today's news! Sounds like it could be exciting God Willing! - [for scientists at least; but hoping for Geulah scenarios though]

Energetic light seen radiating from the center of the Milky Way may be the best evidence yet of dark matter, the invisible stuff thought to be hiding throughout the universe.

A new study has found a strong signal of gamma-rays — light of a very short wavelength — coming from the middle of our galaxy, which may be the result of exploding dark matter.

Scientists think dark matter, which seemingly makes up the majority of matter in the universe, is made of particles called WIMPs ("weakly interacting massive particles"). And WIMPs, when they get very close to other WIMPs, should annihilate each other, because these particles are thought to be their own antiparticles. (When particles of matter and their antimatter counterparts meet, they destroy each other.) In the dense center of the Milky Way, enough WIMPs should exist that many bump into each other, exploding into pure energy that gives rise to other particles and, eventually, gamma-rays.

An abundance of gamma-rays is exactly what scientists see when looking toward the center of our galaxy with the Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope. In the new study, researchers found a definitive signal of gamma-rays that couldn't be traced to any known object in this region. [No WIMPS in Space? - NASA Scans For Dark Matter | Video] 'Something new'

"It's definitely something new and shining in the gamma-ray there, and it's not attributable to the existing sources in the catalog," said University of California, Irvine astrophysicist Kevork Abazajian, co-author of a paper reporting the findings submitted to the journal Physical Review D.

Abazajian, with his UC Irvine colleague Manoj Kaplinghat, searched for this light using Fermi data taken between 2008 and 2012. Previous studies by Dan Hooper, a scientist at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) and the University of Chicago, also found evidence for this gamma-ray radiation, but other follow-up searches came up empty.

Abazajian said his study used the most complete data set yet and analyzed it with a comprehensive analysis specially tuned for investigating gamma-ray light in a crowded region.

"Definitely, definitely, there is a source," Abazajian told "This is definitely not just a fluctuation." However, whether this source was created by annihilating dark matter particles is somewhat less certain. It's also possible, Abazajian said, that a large group of dense, spinning stars called pulsars could be releasing the light. However, he said, three characteristics of the detected gamma-ray radiation — its rate of emission, the variety of particular wavelengths of the light (its spectrum), and the overall shape of the emission — are all consistent with predictions for dark matter annihilation.

"I think it could be a very big finding," Abazajian said. "When I came across this, I was like, 'Holy cow, this is so consistent with the dark matter interpretation in many ways.' But until you can rule out the astrophysical potential sources for something similar, it's not going to be a smoking gun." Ruling out alternatives

Fermilab's Hooper, for his part, is even more confident that scientists finally are seeing the elusive signature of dark matter. "If you make a comparison to what they found and what we've been talking about — we're looking at the same source," Hooper said. "I still think dark mater annihilation is the easiest way to explain the signal. I think the signal is too spatially concentrated to be coming from pulsars."

Hooper acknowledged that many astrophysicists are skeptical. "There's vigorous debate going on about the astrophysical alternatives to explain this signal," he said. "I'm of the opinion that those are difficult to make work."

Many experts are waiting for scientists in the official Fermi telescope collaboration to weigh in with their own analysis of the radiation at the center of the galaxy. "We will have results to report of this soon," said UC Irvine astrophysicist Simona Murgia, a member of the Fermi collaboration galactic center analysis team. Murgia praised the study by Abazajian and Kaplinghat. "This is good work and the authors have considered a number of plausible interpretations" for the data, she wrote in an email.

"I can only emphasize that it is very difficult to disentangle all the different contributions to the observed data in this region of the sky, and I think more work needs to be done to make a definitive statement," she added. Dwarf galaxies

For confirmation that dark matter has really been found at the center of the Milky Way, scientists may have to look outside the galaxy to the small dwarf galaxies orbiting it.

Theory predicts that WIMPs, if they exist, should be annihilating each other in the centers of those satellites, too. If the same type of gamma-ray emission can be observed in these galaxies, dark matter would be strongly implicated, Abazajian said. However, studies of such dwarf galaxies have so far turned up essentially no gamma-rays.

"The real smoking gun to show if this is dark matter annihilation or not is to look deeply at these low background sources and see if you see this signal or not," he said. "If you were able to see the same rate, spectrum or morphology in several sources, that would be a real abundance of evidence."

Is there more from the Galactic Center to come?

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