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The Purist Of Zionism

Real Zionism goes back to the Vilna Gaon and even older. Rav Kook was one of the "Real Zionists" for better or for worse. [As he largely helped define "The Jewish State"]

Even though Israel is secular -DAVKA, the purist sense of Zionism [which Bibi is one of the World's experts] will absolutely contain Haredi Judaism. The pretend Zionist will NEVER see this, and that is what makes Zionism so intriguing! Even though it is sheker, it is based on Emes [principles]. Much like a Star Wars discussion: its fake, but a real, tangible, and viable theology/ideology is there. Simply: it is not baseless fiction. On the flip side, imagine a real Torah state!

It is very interesting to see how Erev Katan and Erev Rav play off of this ping pong match of "Zionism." All players [on either side] are not necessarily evil [or good], but the overall plot is treif. We are in Galus afterall!

The irony is, Haredi Judaism works and balances perfectly within Zionism! [The opposition of Zionism works even better as a checks and balances system!] Overall, Zionism is like a bizzaro Torah Judaism, one that is fascinating to watch and experience in Israel. The real irony is that it is based on real Torah; so to be a Torah Scholar [hopefully of emes] in Israel gives insight into their equation on the side of merit that they [the "Zionists"] use as a propaganda machine. [i.e. they use Torah that they don't understand to validate their moves, and that will seem educated and knowledgeable; while to people that know (a lot of it is kabbalistic) their framework is transparent. To the onlooker, he is helpless, while the whole thing is a masquerade; again very similar to Star Trek and its relation to Physics! Any Star Trek follower will come across as a master of physics to the layman, similar is Zionism in relation to Torah - it has to be this way for its core to work.]

So is it a surprise that Bibi caters to Shas? NO! Is it clear who and what Livni is for her anti Haredi views? YES! She has the better logical point, but sorry Tzippi, that just isn't Zionism, and that is why you were never granted the power of the Premiership...but not for naught, as Zionism [Erev Rav and Katan] love and use their pawns - frequently. My only question, is when does Zionism collide with Emes?


Is former Israeli Foreign Minister and leader of the centrist Kadima Party Tzipi Livni making her first steps back into politics? Livni, who is in the United States for a series of official meetings, gave an interview to CNN's Christiane Amanpour in which she slammed the Likud and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for "selling the state to the ultra-Orthodox."

In the interview , Livni attacked the Likud party for "surrendering to the haredim" and granting them a monopoly on the Jewishness of the State of Israel.

"Politically speaking, Israel is being sold to the ultra-Orthodox," Livni told Amanpour, adding that "the ultra-Orthodox represent a small portion of the Israeli society. They represent part of our history and tradition, but unfortunately they now have more power than they should."

“Netanyahu said himself, that for him politically, the ultra-Orthodox are his natural partners. And I believe that the raison d’etre of the State of Israel is to be the homeland of the Jewish People," she said adding that "for me being a Jewish state means something from a national perspective, not a religious one.”

Addressing the issue of the haredi military draft, Livni said that "each and every Israeli citizen needs to contribute to the society in which we live in. Unfortunately, because of political reasons, the State gives them (haredim) the monopoly, and this must be changed."

"In order to change reality, you need the willingness of the prime minister to make the change. Unfortunately, Netanyahu's coalition doesn’t want to make the change, and this," Livni said "will be part of Israel's future elections."

Asked whether Israel needed a formal separation between State and synagogue, Livni said that "I believe that what we need is a constitution and a clear definition of the Jewish state. The majority of Israelis understand and believe that Israel is the homeland of the Jewish people by its own nature, but it's also a state with equal rights to all its citizens. The idea of a Jewish state is from a national perspective and not a religious one."

Since Livni's resignation from the Knesset, a number of Knesset members from Kadima have considered the possibility of resigning from the party to form a new political movement headed by Livni.

Meanwhile, Haim Ramon, who was one of Kadima's founders and had left it following the election of Shaul Mofaz as chairman, revealed that he is currently in the midst of forming a new political party which will be positioned in the center of the political spectrum.

Ramon confirmed that the new party will be, among others, a new home for the former Kadima chairwoman.

Livni has officially distanced herself from Ramon, but continued to hold talks and meetings with Kadima MKs. In recent closed meetings, she stated that "her freedom is over," indicating that her return to Israeli politics is nearing.

One Kadima MK said a number of party members turned to Livni even before she resigned and asked that she form a new political movement. "She didn't say she'd do it, but there are those who hope she will," the lawmaker said. "The party is going to be cut in half in the next elections."

Real Zionism Lives!


Anonymous said...

Very good article which brought out so much truth. The erev rav are very clever; that's why they have always had an upper hand in preventing our geulah. They used the word zionism as a good coverup,making the state 'Jewish'. True Zionism is Torah Zionism. Both the Erev Katan and Erev Rav have kept us from the geulah. But, both, in this world of sheker, were needed to get us to this point, from which we will be redeemed and all the klippot will fall away. Interesting, that Livni and all her ilk, whose fathers were Irgunites have all made 180 degree turn to the left, because their 'right-wing'Jewish motivations were never based on Torah. The true Zionism (Torah 'Zionism') will persevere and win with the coming of Moshiach. Right now, it feels like it's the darkest before the dawn, with the erev rav no longer hiding their agenda and trying quite openly to deJudaize Israel as much as possible. They will, of course, fail!

Klishlishi said...

If Shabbsai Tzvi had made it to Palestine with 50,000-250,000 followers, even if subsequently it turned out that he was not the Messiah, a viable Jewish state might have been created already in the 17th century!

At that time Palestine's population was negligible. Even in 1890, Mark Twain travelled from Jerusalem to Mount Tabor without encountering a single human being!

Maimonides held that ingathering the exiles and successfully building the Temple are the main proofs of Messiahood.

But if Tzvi or his devotees had tried to rebuild the Third Temple in Jerusalem as predicted in Ezekiel 40-47, then Ottoman scimitars would likely have flashed.

Instead it was a century after Tzvi that the followers of the Hassidic movement and the disciples of the Vilna Gaon sent 20,000 Jews to Palestine, where they survived and thrived, becoming the first major toe-hold since the Second Temple.

Hassidim used to say that "Shabsai Tzvi had a spark of the Moshiach in him: do not speak about him neither good nor bad!"

Anonymous said...

I realize that this comment is over two years late, but what exactly do you mean when you say "Rav Kook was one of the "Real Zionists" for better or for worse."?

David Katz said...

vilna gaon zionism which advocates ger toshav

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I should have clarified what I meant: my question was on the words "for better or for worse".

David Katz said...

based on misconceptions and hidden truths of zionism

Anonymous said...

So, just to clarify: Was Rav Kook being one of the "Real Zionists" a good thing or a bad thing? (And, for that matter, was his influence and hashkafa good or bad?)

David Katz said...

He was awesome..he xarried the work of the gra and this continues today

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