Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Viva Las Bibi! Upping The Ante

Bibi is rolling the dice - in some way.

There seems to be two main issues with this Iran Threat:
A) Zionism has Messianism built - in to it; Bibi feels he is meritorious to be the deliverer
B) Bibi is playing some game of pseudo-poker

Something is going on with Bibi, even if you say the War is bogus - as there is just way too much gambling, speculating, propaganda, etc.

Zionism is a modern day Jewish religion, and every religion has an ultimate goal. Let us not forget that Bibi learned the ropes from his father [and that Peres is no slouch either when it comes to Zionism - as he was there from the start.]
The real objective question is, 'what is Zionism doing?' as this type of saber rattling is unprecedented in Zionist history, thus difficult to pin down. Remember that in Zionism, actions are not the whims of Man, but for the sake of Zion[ism] - therefore esoteric Zionism is speaking loud and clear through the puppeteer name Netanyahu.
Whatever comes of it, we will at least learn more about what [was] at stake, for the good of Israel [in Klippah].
In the meantime, as Kedusha waits her turn - the Messianic Las Vegas turnstiles spin.

This reason given for the timing of a possible attack on Iran is one big act of deception.

Defense Minister Ehud Barak says that if Israel were to act now against U.S. wishes, the U.S. Congress would still favor Israel over Iran. Michael Oren, Israel's ambassador to Washington who was appointed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, says the American people and Congress would support Israel right now if it were engaged in a war with Iran.

This is deception. During Israel's 1981 pinpoint attack on the Iraqi nuclear reactor and during the first Lebanon war in 1982 - both of which took place under a right-wing Israeli government, though the leadership benefited from the perception that its leadership was moderate because of its peace treaty with Egypt - all Israel needed was for the right-wing American administrations not to oppose its actions too strongly. The difference is that unlike now, this country did not have an existential need for America to continue the mission that Israel began.

Whether deliberately or not, Netanyahu's settlement government is misleading people and making them think that Washington's decision to refrain from intervening, to Israel's detriment, in the 1980s, or against the settlements today, is somehow similar to dragging the United States and other Western countries into taking proactive steps for the sake of an otherwise isolated Israel. Just because Syrian President Bashar Assad is, for the meantime, preventing the West from mobilizing armies against him doesn't mean the West will go in to help him. Netanyahu's Israel is not as much of a pariah as Assad's Syria, but its dependence on America's taking up the Iran mission itself is so great as to be almost necessary for its survival.

This is a failure that undermines the foundations of Israeli security. Precisely when Israel most needs a close alliance with the U.S. government, Netanyahu is doing his utmost to undercut it.

The root of the problem is twofold: policy that is seen in the West as extremist, and an unprecedented attempt to interfere in domestic U.S. politics. If someone had told us about a country whose leader allows himself to be seen as explicitly attempting to oust the president of a world power, we wouldn't believe it. When the leader of that small country is the head of a quasi-protectorate that is sustained by that world power - financially, militarily and politically - that initial astonishment morphs into shock. The fact that this is taking place just as the small country is dependent on the help of the world power for a military project it cannot fully carry out alone makes this one of the most unrealistic scenarios in history.

Israel has an existential interest in waiting until the spring before deciding whether to attack Iran, as indicated by the opposition of leaders of the security establishment to an attack now. Israel would achieve no more than a delay of up to a year in the Iranian nuclear project, and that's why it depends on the United States to take the reins. By spring, international sanctions may have had an impact on Iran and, if not, the United States may act in any case. By the spring, Assad may have been ousted and the map of strategic threats dramatically changed for the better, from Israel's perspective.

Of particular relevance to those who aren't enthusiastic about U.S. President Barack Obama, the spring may bring his Republican rival Mitt Romney to power. And most important of all: By the spring, Israel will have been granted legitimacy for taking action, legitimacy that is crucial for the country's survival.

But Netanyahu's personal interests are diametrically opposed to those of the country he leads.

In the United States, his expressed interest in attacking Iran is seen as part of his effort to bring about Obama's defeat. Americans fear Netanyahu's effort to drag the United States into war against its will, as well as attempts to raise gas prices as a means of kicking Obama out of the White House in November because of the economy. Even the attempt to extort another public statement from Obama - he intends to pledge once again to stop Iran - is seen as an effort to publicly humiliate him, which makes it difficult to issue such pledges.

In private conversations, Netanyahu has said there is nothing after Election Day, which falls on November 6. If Obama wins, Netanyahu says, he will take revenge for the overt efforts to defeat him and will prevent Netanyahu from attacking Iran. For this reason, and only this reason, Netanyahu must go on the offensive over Iran now - some reliable sources say he will probably do it during the Democratic National Convention in North Carolina next week - when the timing is the worst for Israel. That's the price of getting portrayed as being a member of the Romney-Netanyahu-Sheldon Adelson threesome.

This is the most reckless of all breaches of trust, and Netanyahu - not Israel - must pay the price of taking the risk. Netanyahu must wait for the U.S. elections. If he loses his bet and Obama wins, Netanyahu should be so kind as to resign. The soldiers and citizens of Israel shall not be sacrificed on the altar of Netanyahu's bets.
Obama is a KNOWN poker player; how ironic would it be, if this whole scenario is an episode of ego, two leaders of the World, having it out in a game of Gladiator poker - leaving the two host countries as captive and holding ransom the World at large.
Narcissism knows no boundaries - and this may be a whole new level.
Welcome to קץ ימין


Dov Bar-Leib said...

HaAretz is true Erev Rav evil. They regularly worship a god called World Public Opinion. I don't believe that Netanyahu is part of the Erev Rav. He simply has the lack of faith that Shaul HaMelekh had. He probably is the gilgul of Shaul since his last test before the Great War is Migron. And again like in Shmuel Aleph 14, he is failing the far. Yet, Migron still stands because of the Hand of G-d or one could say because of contractor incompetence to obtain the permits to provide electricity to the new caravans. The Hand of G-d works in mysterious ways. So our modern Shaul is fumbling the ball even though he is back for his final tikkun. Yet, comparing Netanyahu to anything that the real Reshaim at HaAretz say is ludicrous. No, he is not Mashiach ben David or ben Ephraim....yet, but he is not from the Erev Rav.

rabbi david katz said...


Dov Bar-Leib said...

Ah, it says that Ben David's kingdom becomes a kingdom for all the nations of the world when Shilo comes or Shai lo (gift to him) comes. So why does the scion of Yehudah get a gift, and what is that gift? Yehudah's greatest act of teshuvah was when he became a full fledged Areiv of Binyamin, the full blooded brother of Yosef whom he had sold into slavery. Yet, Yehudah swears before his father that he will make himself a slave in Binyamin's stead if Tzafnat Paneach makes Binyamin a slave. And in Parshat vaYigash he fulfills his vow to his father and G-d Himself. And at that point Binyamin becomes a gift to his brother Yosef in Egypt, unbeknownst to Yehudah. According to the Torah this is a magnificent example of teshuvah, the quintessential example of teshuvah for all time. So at the end of Days, HaShem Yud Key Vav would give to the scion of Yehudah the same gift, Binyamin. Now is that gift Mashiach ben Ephraim? Time will tell. Keep in mind that the Meshichut of the Bnai Rachel and the Bnai Osnat is matrilinear. So why Yahu? Because it is Mashiach ben Ephraim, who through his gevurot HaShem to defeat Amalek in the world, who bring together the Yud Key in HaShem's Name with the Vav in HaShem's Name. So if Yahu gave Binyamin actually leads a war against Amalek in the world and succeeds,.....

rabbi david katz said...

only he is erev rav and openly and obviously. if he was a torah jew, then i could hear...but moshiach and politics dont go. see chazal on mordechai hatzaddik.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Ah but I was speaking about Mashiach ben Ephraim who after all of the intense suffering in Jewish history sets up a Messianic Kingdom of common decency. We are definitely not there yet by any means. After the Shoah we are a Dor of tinok shenishba. So if we can set up the Yesod of a nation of human decency for its own sake, we will be laying the "foundation" of the Messianic kingdom of Mashiach ben David. It is ben David who brings us back to the Torah. It is ben Ephraim who sets up sometime in the period of his reign the kingdom of common decency. We see this when Rav Chaim Vital says that while the soul of ben David is from the Tree of Life, the soul of ben Ephraim is from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. After eating from that tree, Mankind was only bound by the 7 laws of common decency, not the 365 negative commandments that were embodied in not eating of the fruit of that tree. This would probably be the reason why under normal circumstances Mashiach ben Ephraim does die in the last war. Yet, more than the Torah right now, we need common decency first since common decency is kadmah to the Torah. For those of us who know better, we should of course keep the Torah, making sure that it is rooted in common decency. But the vast majority of Ashkenazic Jews simply aren't there yet. It will be a miraculous teshuvah of itself to understand the responsibilities before Nature's G-d before they can start keeping the entire Torah. This 2 step process was made necessary because of the Disengagement when some people who were supposedly Torah scholars enabled Sharon's evil regime. So HaShem has to lay the foundation of the Torah of human decency of ben Ephraim before ben David brings us back to the entire Torah.

If Torah observant Jews had not enabled the Disengagement in 5765, the Shmittah cycle of Gog W. Bush Jr son of Gog (or Magog) would have been enough to bring ben David by 5769 since Gog started bombing Afghanistan on Hoshana Rabba in 5762, the first year of that Shmittah cycle. Sorry for pointing out the stark truth, but because the Geulah was delayed to the next Shmittah cycle by the lack of common decency in 5765, instead of Gog ben Gog (gilgul of a kinder and gentler Eliphaz) we get the half Xtian (iron) and half Muslim (clay) 11th horn dude. But this Shmittah cycle is like a freight train. Be decent in order to get aboard the train, or you will be flattened by the train if you don't first do teshuvah for a lack of common decency.

Tzvi Bar-Leib said...

הרב המקובל שמעון דהן שליט"א איראן מלחמה סוכות
I listened to the Rabbi Dahan shiur, and he says that in order to unite the Jews there will be an atomic bomb by this Sukkos. It will unite the Jews and reveal the power of the soul of Israel and pull the kedusha out of tuma. (Listen from 46:30)
Rav Dahan specifically says that he dreamt that this succot something will happen.

The Process was delay till Hoshana Rabba 5773 Lack of Human Decency

Maybe its the financial fall of the west as predicted by the autistic. Monetary collapse followed by catastrophe (war?).

ההגנות הכי טובות לשנה הבאה.
סוכות הבא בקרוב יתכן שזה יהיה ממש יד על ההדק – לפני כפתור השמדה

Dov Bar-Leib said...

So now comes the Supreme Court power play. Migron evacuation must take place before the World War begins in October. Once the war begins and half million Israelis flee to Yesha for safety, the Erev Rav bullying the settlers will become impossible, and the Ct. of Injustice knows this. Here comes Shaul's last test. If he fails it, I am sure there will be someone else to take his place. Ben Ephraim will have to arrive to pull us out of the fire. Perhaps he has been sitting in an American jail for almost 27 years. He does have the name of Shaul's son. Now there is the tzaddik that you might be looking for. And he does have the name "Yahu gives".

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