Monday, November 26, 2012

Moishela Speaks the Hard Truth!


Discussion with Moishela (and his family) Part 10
A handicapped child
9 Kislev 5773 (Nov 22’12)

Very Soon There Will Be Another War

I’m sorry that I inconvenienced everyone so much to hear what I have to say tonight. But I truly believe that we are going into a very frightening dangerous time. Yesterday I wrote that no one should leave Eretz Yisroel (in discussion-part 9). There is no reason whatsoever, ever now to leave Eretz Yisroel.

I’m sure that many who read what I said are very upset with this idea, but I must tell you clearly that I know what I’m talking about. And of course many people will go anyway and they’ll come back safe and sound and they’ll say, “Look, I went and I came back and everything is fine so the warning is a bunch of nonsense”. But I will tell you this, it’s not nonsense and in Shomayim there is a Kitrug on Am Yisroel, because Am Yisroel goes against a very important Halachah that is brought down in Gemara,  that you’re NOT allowed to leave Eretz Yisroel Stam (for no valid Halachic reason) and when everybody flies off for vacations or for weddings, or for Bar Mitzvas, or to buy the Kallah her wardrobe, or to get a breath of fresh air, there is a very big Shailah (question) on all of these things. A person who is more Frum can find reasons for going. One of the biggest reasons is Parnassa, but so many of those that go for Parnassa, are exposed to the worst Pritzus in the world.

Air travel for example is very not Tzniusdik. Men and women gather in front of the toilets waiting. This is not very Tzniusdik. Men stand and Daven. Sometimes it’s so crowded when they Daven that they lean on the people sitting in the isles and many of those people are women, not to speak of the seating arrangements that are not always what we would like. People on airplanes sleep, especially when they go to America; the Frum and the non-Frum, and you can never know how you’ll see a woman sleeping, which is absolutely not Tzniusdik. And besides all the non-Frum with their skimpy outfits, and their giggling and their talking, it’s not for a Frum person to be exposed to, and a real Yid, a Shtarker (strong) Yid would never expose himself to that, and he would trust Hashem for his Parnassa.

This traveling back and forth will come to an end, an abrupt end. And when it happens there will be those stuck in foreign countries without a way to get back. I’m warning you in Shomayim it’s coming to the end, in Shomayim they are not willing any more to hear of such things.

There are also those who fly back and forth for family Simchas. They just wait for a family Simcha as an excuse to fly away. There are people that leave their children in all different homes, Erlicha (G-d fearing) homes and fly off to all the Simchas. But it’s improper to leave your children in strange homes, even if they are relatives unless there’s an excellent reason, flying off to a Bar Mitzvah or to a wedding is not an excellent reason.

A home that’s not the child’s home, could have a different level of Kashrus, could have different Minhagim in Tznius, and therefore it‘s not the thing to do at all. There are those who simply go for vacation to Italy to rest or maybe to The Alps for Pesach in a strictly Kosher LeMehadrin not Gebrox Hotel. However, how can it be that we suffered so much to leave Mitzrayim; we Davened so much to leave Mitzrayim and we leave Eretz Yisroel to go to Switzerland for Pesach? It’s absolutely horrific. It’s absolutely absurd. Then there are those that go to work for Parnassa. To work in Chutz Laaretz technically that’s allowed (Halachicly) but actually it’s better to stay here.

All this running from place to place only confuses the person. Travelling shakes a person up, and brings him out of his Seder. Can you really Daven on an airplane?  The first few days you are in America can you really Daven or in England or in Europe or in Australia or wherever, can you really Daven? When you’re running from place to place can you really have closeness to HaKodosh Boruch Hu? It’s very hard.

A Jew needs a Seder. He has to get up everyday at a certain time, Daven at a certain time, eat at a certain time, and continue his day divided up between learning, maybe making a bit of Parnassa, and Davening. A person needs his place always; his usual regular place. He needs his place where he stands in the Shul and Davens. He needs that Seder in order that he should have a clear mind without confusion, but whoever likes the excitement of the confusion, can’t ever really get close to Hashem. That’s why our world today is full of confusion. We have every kind of fast food you can dream of with a Hechsher, a Mehadrin Hechsher. We have all kind of plays and shows on Chol Hamoed. We have all kind of trips for Avreichim and their wives, and it’s all to confuse us. Of course it’s not as bad as in America, where people hop off to Disney world, or Disney Land, or Epcot, or who knows what. But still it’s not the way it’s supposed to be. We’re confused and we’ve been getting away with it for a long time. But now the problem is that those young people who grew up in such a world can’t really be Yiddishe Mamas and Yiddishe Tattas because they don’t know how. They don’t know how to pass on the true Mesoras (tradition). Of course there are exceptions, but the exceptions are very small.

Most of the Olam have forgotten the feeling, the sensitivity of a Jewish heart, of a Jewish mind. They don’t understand why flying could be not Tzniusdik. They do not understand why having Pesach in Switzerland might not be appropriate. They don’t know why they can’t go to the Dead Sea, Pesach time to a hotel with the best Hechsher and non-Gebrox. They don’t understand why they cannot go swimming and come out of the pool and eat the tantalizing kosher L’Pesach food in their wet bathing suits. These people usually are very insistent that all the food should be Mehadrin non-Gebrox but they have no problem saying a Brocha in a bathing suit. In this kind of generation, what kind of children can it produce? What kind? Even those families that the children are seemingly more Frum than the parents, something is missing because that’s the way they were raised and even if they look much more Frum inside, they still go out for dinner and this brings to very terrible things.

In the United States people go out to eat dinner as I just said. What’s going out for dinner? They call it “quality time together”. They talk like the Goyim, in Israel it’s become the same. They need to get away from their Tzoros. They don’t go to Daven at the Kosel. They go out to eat in some place that tantalizes your taste buds and gives you some kind of Goyish atmosphere, all with a Hechsher. Even in Israel this definitely exists. Not only the Frum Americans that live here indulge in this, the Frum Israelis as well.

All these things are producing Yiddishe children that have lost the beauty of the Erlich Yiddishe Neshamah, lost the beauty of the Temimusdik face, lost the beauty of the soul, and this is the saddest part of this time in history. Once you could always find really Erlicha Yidden, but today most are only putting on a show. Most are only a bad imitation of what once was.

We have Chassidim that are very exact in all their Levush (dress code) short pants high socks Shtreimels. Have you seen the Shtreimels lately? It’s absolutely ridiculous. You could think it’s a clown’s hat. It’s so high that I don’t even know how they balance it on their heads, it’s absolutely ridiculous. Their clothes, the men’s’ clothes are often so tight that you can see the men’s’ bodies wiggling as they walk in the street. I can’t understand it. Men that were Chasidim in by gone years, in Europe and in America that had the courage to wear all the Levush in public even though non religious Jews and Goyim both obviously were angry at their appearance. They wore large coats, not clothes that show their bodies as they walk. However if someone today dares to go with clothing that seems to large they are branded with disdain as “Chanyok”. What happened to Am Yisroel?

The Litvish won’t get off the hook either. How many boys in Yeshivas are only worried about their hats, their ties, their suits, their shirts, and their cufflinks? Their cufflinks are a major problem for some of them. And when they go out with a girl, well, they have to know if she has good Middos, but they are not talking about the characteristics of the girl, if she is kind, if she is smart, if she is charitable. They are talking about the size of her dress. This is so sad, so very sad. This is not Yiddishkeit; it’s Goyishkeit. And I want to tell you that it’s going to stop. You can pat yourselves on the back from morning to night, and be sure that you are the best Jews around, that you are so close to Hashem, and that you learn very many hours. It’s all worth nothing, if you don’t have the spirit. If you don’t have the Pnimius, then it’s worth nothing. Hashem is going to stop it.

You saw what happened with Sandy? The Egel HaZahav got the brunt of the destruction. Just take away the electricity and we’re all in bad shape. We’re finished with our fancy ties. We’re finished with our fancy Shaitels. We’re finished with our tight dresses. We’re finished with our makeup. We’re finished with food and we’re finished with almost everything that keeps us alive. No electricity means we’re finished, Chas VeSholom!

So I suggest right now that you take stock of yourselves. See clearly how far away you have gotten, how far we’ve gotten in so short a time. Sixty years ago there were still some people that were really Erlich. Today you have to look for them with a magnifying glass. So this message is to prepare us. Remember what I said. We are doing things that are improper, and we think they are Kosher. We think that when we’re on an airplane and eat a Badatz meal, that we’re Kosher but we’re not. Because the whole thing is Traif. It’s all Traif. And you can go to any Rav and ask them and they will often say to you, “you can fly”. It’s just what is written about this generation; Pnai HaDor KePnai HaKelev.

Everyone is worried if you don’t let them do what they want, they may leave Yiddishkeit or they might become less observant. Well it’s not going to help to give them what they want. Hashem is going to make a Seder and everybody who is a real Yid is going to do Teshuva. It’s going to be hard, so start the process now. As I told you before, we’re in a dark tunnel already. There is only two little slivers of light left. We’re going into a great darkness. If you’re not going to be prepared, if you don’t really have a Jewish Neshamah and I’m not talking about Geray Tzedek, I’m talking about Erev Rav who are Jews from birth, if you don’t do Teshuva now, and you don’t straighten out your lives, then by the time Moshiach comes,  I guess you won’t be around to greet him.

It’s very nice to talk about Sandy and to talk about the missiles that were in Israel in the last week or so, but when it comes to Teshuva nobody knows what I’m talking about. So what is Teshuva? People think that if they take their Tehillim say a few Kapitlach (chapters), and are a little bit more careful about their Kashrus, and make sure they don’t talk Loshon Hora about Reshoim, then they think they are being good. It’s not enough. It’s ridiculous. We’re nowhere near where we need to be, and I’m worried and I’m afraid for Am Yisroel. So if my words are too sharp for you, I’m very sorry but I must try to save you Beezras Hashem or to get you to try to save yourselves and if its too hard, to harsh, then throw this paper away, and I’ll Daven for you.

Yesterday a ceasefire was signed between The State of Israeli and the Arabs. This ceasefire is a joke. Very soon there will be another war that will drag on and on and cause us much anxiety and suffering. The only way that we can get through this is Rachmai Shomayim.

What I have said above is only examples of the problems of our generation. These are only small examples of how far this generation of so-called Frum Yidden have gotten from the Truth, and I feel that I must say these things to you my fellow Jews because I love you and I want you to get through these last wars without unneeded suffering. I Bentch all Am Yisroel that we should greet Moshiach Tzidkainu BeRachamim Uv’Simcha in the very near future.


Shiloh said...

Such nonsense! We follow after such stupidity and we wonder why the world laughs and hates us. Wake up religious Jews from this travesty leading the nation of Israel down the path of Torahlessness.

rabbi david katz said...

chaval that he speaks what the leaders fail in their duty to protest against for political gain.

Anonymous said...

The points Moishela makes could be used as constructive suggestions, on areas that we may need to strengthen ourselves with, but unfortunately, at the moment this message isn't very uplifting or encouraging to some, because “most” of us are not ready to change our bad habits and that's exactly what moishela has been telling us in the past few messages that he has given to us straight/directly from hashem yisboruch semo.

This is nothing new to Am yisroel, we’re a stiff nation, from the beginning of times, we are not ready to except the fact that we have to change our bad habits and turn around our life style to be able to speed up the arrival of the moshiach.

How can any one in their right mind argue on the points that are made by moishela or his friends? I think that the reason why we criticize his writings is “because the truth hurts” and we are not ready to admit it and change the tarnished life style of ours.

After all "From the time the Bais HaMikdosh was destroyed, prophecy was taken away from prophets and handed over to fools" (Gemara, Bava Batra 12b).

The Shechina (Divine Presence) only dwells on a joyful person, and after the destruction (of the Bais HaMikdosh) joy has been abolished from the hearts of the intelligent. Fools and children, however, can be joyful because they lack intelligence" (Maharsha).

"Sometimes Higher power dwells on them" (Ein Yaakov)
"This can be compared to a king who arranged a large meal [but before their partaking in it] his servants sinned to him. [Seeing this,] the king commanded to throw the whole meal to the dogs. The same is true about the gift of prophecy. Since Klall Yisrael sinned, Hashem disgraces them by giving this gift to those lacking intelligence" (Toras Chaim)

"Prophecy was given to fools since by them the screen
(i.e., the brain) is not so strong.
The brains of fools are damaged, and one can peek within the world of the soul without any physical concealment or cover.

When the brain is damaged, the soul is freed. It is unlimited and sees all. The brain is what limits and conceals the soul" (HaRav E.E. Dessler, IV)

So who are we arguing with? the Gemorah? the Maharsha? the Ein Yaakov? the Toras Chaim? the Chazel? Etc. You know something? In the times of the Bais hamikdosh Hashem sent 1.2 Million prophets to wake up Am yisroel so they can do teshuva and avoid the destruction of the Bais hamikdosh BUT Am yisroel used all kind of excuses as why not to except their harsh words and did not wake up to change, same thing is happening today when Moishela Speaks the Hard Truth!

Maybe that’t why Chazal teach us that two thirds of the world will be wiped out before the arrival of the Moshicah because they will not willing to change their lavish life style of Novol Birshus HA’Torah, so we are really left with a choice as to belong to the One third of the world that will greet the Moshiach or chas veSholom to the two thirds that....will not.............

**********We have to constantly remember that hashem has been sending us all kind of natural disasters to awaken us and many of us are still ignoring him!!!! OH YES!!! Because it’s easier to ignore him than to admit our faults and do teshuva. **************


P.S. lets analyze just one of Moishela’s points: Do we Daven in Shul with out a Mechitza? so why should we Daven on an airplane or airport with out a Mechitza? Moishela is so right, but we don't want to admit it.
I find your comment very funny let me ask you something why are you poking fun of yourself in public? such nonsense in public?

Anonymous said...

we know it. and that's why 80% of the Jews would not see The mashiach. that's the core of all negative statements towards Mosheles warnings.

The truth is that we all see that the world is ending, we do not need Moshele to explain us. A little emuna in Hashem won't bother or hurt us. Perhaps a little won't be enough...

Shiloh said...

This is foolishness and it shows how insane Jews have become in listening to this total garbage that is nothing more then a twisted cultic form of 'Judaism'. This ultra strict stupidity is nothing more then the worst form of chillul haShem. Worry about not seeing someone wearing a jewish burka, but act like a peice of human garbage towards a fellow human and see if that saves you in the end. It won't! These takanot of men have gotten insane when we miss the entire point of the Torah! This cultish form of Chabad is without a doubt taking Jews down the path of destruction and dragging every other Jew with them. That's the warning we need, not one from some mentally challenged reincarnation of the wicked erev rav, the original ones who twisted our beloved Torah. Chaval even Katz wont wake up.

David said...

You dont know my shitta ty. I was asked to post moishele, and he gives people chizuk. My opinion is irrelevent thus far.

Anonymous said...

To Shiloh

Every community every generation has to be inspired in different ways. To be totally honest with each other we have to admit that, WE ARE ALL SLEEPING and Hashem has sent us so many warnings-wake up calls in past ten years or so, still most of us are living our lives with business as usual!!!

If we ONLY use the warm loving approach that the Tzadikim and Rebbes used in the past Hundreds of years unfortunately it won't get us to far in 2012, so I guess (can't speak for Moishela) that Moishela being a messenger from directly from Hashem to the entire Klall Yisroel has to put the cards on the table facing up.

The previous generations of the Baal Shem Tov zt”l , the Bardichever zt”l etc. did not have the desires of today, different Yatzer Horah, different Nisyonos, different Averous, different love for Hashem and the total different Mesiros nefesh for Judaism as a whole, so we can not compare the Kiruv ways of today’s people to the previous generations in this aspect.

You will find that Alter Rebbeh zt”l says that one who can’t stand another Jew who is more stringent then them with Dikduk Hamitzvos being observant on a more extreme level, is considered as having a Neshomah of Amalak, I would say that that’s quite sharp. But from your comment I wonder if you are not caught-up in what the Rebbeh is talking about.

Remember that 2/3 of the world will NOT be Zocha to greet Moshiach, as I love all Jews I would suggest to you my dear brother that you take a deep breath and start doing Teshuva NOW, it would be a shame to be part of the 2/3 and not to greet moshiach.

In Mitzraim 80% DID not see the Geulah.

Shiloh said...

Annon, the wicked Erev Rav have been so successful in twisting and distorting the Torah to even attempt to show that Jews who follow that of Moshe and NOT of the insane takanot of the wicked Erev Rav are now Amalak. Excuse me, but WTF has our nation become. We now are so intrenched in this complete nonesense. We redily admit that we are so far from the Truth, but we think this freakin nut kid is speaking from God. If Moshe was to reincarnate he would be totally discusted with what the rabbi's, the self proclaimed leaders have done to his Torah and especially these mentally challenged children who are promoting a highly perverted version of 'Judaism'.

Your alter rebbe is part of the problem. He leads Jews away from the Torah of Moshe. He then refers to Jews having the neshamah of amalak when those Jews who refuse to follow and refuse to condone this corruption of the Torah of Moshe. This is true mental illness at it's best.

It is you annon who needs to do t'shuva. The takanot of men has become idol worship.True it's not your fault, but your responsibility.

So when you judged Esav, Annon, what exactly happened from the heavens? Did haShem sound in three different places in Israel identifying you publically to kosher Jews? I can cut the suspense and assure everyone a resounding no. Just as I can assure you and the rest of the sheeple who are following these brain damaged children and wicked Erev rav to wake up. We are entering troubled days, every one on the planet knows it. It does not take a brain damaged child or prophet to tell us that. But the day will come when we will be crying for the mashiach. I just hope we haven't sufficiently offended the person enough to where the person walks away, this is quite possible. For this you can be assured of. Worry about that, not this garbage of Moishele. Most certainly don't worry about me greeting the mashiach, its for you to worry that he will reject your highly corrupted derech.

David, did you ever read that article from Goldenthal about the real Kohanim? Maybe we can find one or two that want to make a difference, correct this mess and usher in the reality we deserve finally. Read the War Scroll from Qumran for example.

rabbi david katz said...

send me the texts. i think i may have a copy in hebrew of the qumran, i have to check

Shiloh (שילוה) said...

Also the Damascus Document is a must. Are you familiar with Prof Robert Eisenmans work on the Dead Sea Scrolls. They could put the world back on track. Be well

Shiloh said...

That's the article on the Kohanim. As far as the Dead Sea Scrolls go, have in books, probably like you do. All the best.

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