Thursday, November 22, 2012

Election Day Looms: Spark of Yosef -or- Revealing Armilos

Election Bibi is imminently looming. The only question with Bib's, is to which ruach does he prefer to sway his Messianism: to the side of good, a spark of Torah or to the side of evil, a manifestation of Armilos mamash.

Israel and her Zionism has one dimension that is head and shoulders above the rest; in Israel everyone who belongs here matters, and can matter to no end. Much like the Borg of Star Trek, it ironically allows anyone to come aboard, not fearing an alien threat, but to the contrary, it welcomes the challenge.

With this philosophy everyone who rises in Israel by the breath of God, impacts the State, and this impact can ultimately impact the World. With creators of the State, such as Ben Gurion and cronies, the state is forever being formed, while incorporating transcending and including holons of its very fabric.

Every once in a while, as the State morphs into the conglomerate that we know it of today [and hence it will continue to crystalize, something unique to this "blend of Judaism", making it a fit arena, despite its level of treif. bad light =bad kli, while good light = change kli into new kli] we find a religious spark that makes the machine go haywire. But again, by its very design, it must incorporate the "virus."

The holy virus into the meat called Israel I believe began with Rav Kook, to whom the Jewish of the Jewish State of Israel he is solely responsible for. Thus to be consistent from then on, Israel is forever Jewish, such is the animal called Zionism, i.e. he merited by his Lishma belonging to be an eternal influence, bringing the Light of Moshiach into the World through Zionism, albeit one of a serious Tumah, much like a real Para Adumah.

After Rav Kook we saw Meir Kahane influence a further development into Israel. If anyone altered Israel with a spiritual earthquake it is him! The greatest gift he bestowed [much like Rav Kook in this dynamic] was the implementation of Moshiach ben Yosef into the fabric of Israel. This was a death blwo to Israel and her Tumah, for with MBY Israel now had a spark of Kedusha into it, a form of Golum almost. Kahane was right they say, where he was the most right, was that MBY was coming into creation slowly slowly, showing the Israel Dream was becoming a beacon of Redemption. This, many thought before, but now it could be believed even more. Then he died - very Yosef-esque!

To continue this thread, and into our current matzav, is the hero Yoni Netanyahu. he would further cultivate by his very being, MBY into Israeli psyche, to the extent that Bibi openly says that it is Yoni's blood that drives him and fuels his anger. It is not a coincidence that Pollard's name is Yonatan, as MBY is relative to this name, going back to King David and Yonatan.

Bibi is treif Erev Rav lets get that straight. He is a glorified jailer, but to whom? The spark of Ben Yosef is becoming tangible and I believe Yoni was the last with that spark, and it drives Bibi into his Messianic grandeur, to which if you read between the lines, Bibi expresses the scenario, again, if we read Bibi. To put it bluntly, Yoni boils Bibi's blood. Bibi decides if its Kosher or trief - God help us all.

So here is Bibi, the Head of State, and he must make a choice, however this choice has come to him in a  very intimate setting. He must choose to bring the spark of MBY further into creation, until it reaches MBD, or does he siphon the Ko-ach for himself, robbing Hashem of this light, for his personal gain. This tresspassing would constitute being Armilos mamash.

Thus he has a choice, one that ironically is being issued by his own blood, literally. To allow Geulah to develop according to God's will, and therefore facilitate MBY in further manifestation, or attempt to "eat the internal spark" [nogah - chashmal - spark, derech klippah] and thereby materialize Armilos. If he chooses Armilos, he perpetuates MBY and his death by the hands of Armilos, of which MBD is certainly nearby, as the Gra says, "Yehuda saves Yosef." For Bibi the choice couldn't be any closer to home - on every front! His choices will fashion reality, Geulah, and the State. He can either help MBY do his job, and be remembered as a good guy in history, or he can rob for his fame and claim the title of Armilos and help destroy Israel.

Whatever he chooses, he is involved with the sage of MBY, and it will live on with or without Armilos. The State will be affected for all of time no matter what; but Bibi can be a positive change and liberation for MBY, as opposed to his death much like Kahane suffered. I think Bibi will choose Armilos, as is predicted. With that said, Israel is headed for Armilos waters, the spark of MBY will further manifest, and the next arena will be born.

From Kook, to Kahane, to Yoni, to the next spark; eventually MBY will join forces with MBD. Until then we play out these little gilgul games with sparks, vessels, and souls. Let's hope Bibi recognizes this spark and where it comes from. He must realize it is not his, for he has no merit; but he can do a great tovah for it, through acting on its behalf, and allowing for the Final Redeemer to come forward, MBD. If he misses the mark, he will go down as prime operative of the Other Side.

One day, MBY will come, and the State will be butel to God. Until then the treifah zach continues, going through one spark of MBY at a time. The only question left is an age old question - Until When?!

Bibi faces election, one that he secured; he revealed his hand at the same time. Now its for real, much like Obama over there. The plan is: win the election, and then implement. Will Bibi play Obamanamics 2.0: "the best way to destroy a state is to be negligent to the point of internal decay and destruction" - Obama's mastery, or will he realize that he must act, and that this whole spark is about activity! - thereby saving Israel.

The job is probably only for the Messiah; thus we know the drill. In the meantime, election looms. D-day looms. Thank God there is a Moshiach to get us out of this, and as a person rather than a spark, we wait under the hands of God, not some guy named Bibi. The real Man has a role to fill, one that began with Rav Kook, and has been developing through Israel's Life post '48. It would seem the job is ready to be filled, and that's what this is all about. When the Sitra Achra is ready, then the side of Holiness is as well. And for that it is as Jeremiah says: "There is Hope for your End."

In his statement to the nation Wednesday night announcing the acceptance of a cease-fire deal with Hamas in the south, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu effectively ended an eight-day military campaign and began an election one.

And the words he chose to tell the nation that the fighting with Hamas has – at least temporarily – ended, also foreshadowed what will be the theme of his campaign: providing security while retaining international support and avoiding an all out war.

When Netanyahu opened the winter session of the Knesset in October by calling for new elections, he stressed that during his tenure security had been restored to Israel as far fewer rockets fell, and far fewer Israelis were killed by terrorism, than under his immediate predecessors.

Further, he stressed, in the seven-and-a-half years total that he has served as prime minister, both during his first term and his second, the nation did not march off to war.

By agreeing to a cease-fire, Netanyahu kept this record intact, and it is a record that flies squarely in the face of the perception held of him by many abroad as a reckless warmonger with an impatient trigger finger.

But that perception is not born of reality, nor the one he wants to take into the campaign. Tough but responsible, yes; Dirty Harry with the Middle East’s most powerful army, definitely not.

“Since its establishment, the State of Israel has faced complex challenges in the Middle East, and in recent years we have all seen how that complexity has increased a great deal,” Netanyahu said Wednesday night.

“Under these conditions we need to steer the ship of state responsibly and with wisdom and must take into account numerous considerations, both military and diplomatic ones. That is how a responsible government acts, and that is how we acted this time as well. We employed military might along with diplomatic judgment.”

And there is the likely theme of his campaign – military might with diplomatic prudence, restoring quiet, albeit temporarily, while retaining international legitimacy.

His statement Wednesday night was also punctuated with praise for US President Barack Obama’s unwavering support, a sentiment surely heartfelt. It is also a sentiment that he wants the electorate to hear just two months before an election: “I can, and do, work with the US president effectively.”

The cease-fire that went into effect Wednesday night, putting an end to the latest round of fighting, will be met in the country with a mixture of relief and anxiety.

The relief is the fact that it will put an end to a dreadful week in which six Israelis were killed, hundreds wounded, a million people were confined to a few seconds from their bomb shelters, and millions more carried on with their lives under the threat of a rocket landing on their car, home or kids’ school. At times like these, a return to routine seems blessed.

The anxiety is because of a widespread recognition that this cease-fire is just the temporary lull before the next round. Operation Cast Lead bought a degree of deterrence and quiet for four years. The hope is that Operation Pillar of Defense will have done the same.

Netanyahu had a difficult tightrope to walk so soon before the election. On the one hand, he needed to restore a modicum of security to his citizens. On the other hand, he did not want – just weeks before the vote – to risk a full-fledged war that could easily sour and be used against him.

In a mere two months, the public will determine whether he succeeded in that task.

כ''כהן צדק ?? - דרך רמז


Klishlishi said...

There's nothing Bibi hates more.....than a religious rival.

Witness how he has scandalously mistreated Moshe Feiglin in his own party.

If Bibi stumbles in the coming months, he has a rival for the Prime Ministership: the young beyarmulked Naftali Bennett
who some say
is already a shoe-in for the job!

Anonymous said...

Is Naftali Bennet mashiach? I keep hearing this question.Is the fact that he left Bibi mean anything?

Anunymaus said...

Hm. That's sorta how I see Obama, like Naftali, besides carrying numerous suitcases of previous wicked Princes as he "hits the ground running": "If Bibi stumbles in the coming months, he has a rival for the Prime Ministership: the young beyarmulked Naftali Bennett" ~ Klishlishi‎

"The spark of Ben Yosef is becoming tangible" ~ Rabbi David Katz

"The Gemara tells us that the sprouting of M@shiakh will occur in a lowly, decadent, fallen, "rotten" generation, a generation that finds itself in a situation of spiritual decay."
~ Sanhedrin 95, 96

"The Baal HaTurim states: when Yishmael falls in the End of Days, Moshiach ben David will sprout/flourish, as he is offspring of Isaac [Avinu]." ~ Shirat Devorah

Wouldn't it be necessary for either "MBY" or "MBD" to enter Al Aqsa?

It is my novice contention that MBY and MBD are worlds apart.

Anonymous said...

The lowest world of creation is Assiyah, of which Sandalphon presides as a leader or something. Not sure what the highest level of creation is.

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