Thursday, November 29, 2012

Moshiach and His Bat Made in China

Read the following presented article very carefully. It cleverly shows answers to big questions:

Why is the EU in debt? - They have no Central Bank [thanks to empirical paranoia] and thus can't handle the international pressure and need for stability.

Why is America in debt? - America is collapsing under the same decree on the EU, only is lasting longer. The EU was created to compete against America.

Who is on top? - China! They have a model of success that is sending them near the top. It is clear that America / Obama is leading America into a Chinese [communist] philosophy of re-growth. It is also clear that Romney [and his Chinese attack comments] had a similar plan of taking on China with the Amero concept, a united North America].

Who is winning? - Israel! When you have read the article, realize that Galus China will never happen, as they are in a compulsion repetition of "finally winning" syndrome. Israel is the only country on earth that is able to implement China's victory strategy, and they are, and they are winning. America is trying, but it will never be able to achieve what Israel can. God simply designed Israel to succeed in this day and age; perhaps the future will hold a different hand, but for the time being, Israel owns 2012 and beyond.

In other words: Welcome to Pax Judaica. The only challenge will be to turn it into a Kedusha enterprise.
Zionism is the blood that fuels the animal, our job is to turn blood into Light. Zionism has led the way, but one must not forget, the Torah of Eretz Yisrael, Torah Zionsim, digs back most recently tore the students of the Vilna Gaon [to name one example].

May the Jewish People merit a true Zionism, and merit to hear the Kol HaTor in our Land.

****I will highlight key points that relate to Israeli successful implementation.

People's Daily Online:

The report of the 18th CPC National Congress proposed to speed up the formation of a new mode of economic development by focusing on enhancing the new driving force of innovation and relying more on domestic demand, especially consumer demand for economic development and thus outlined a clear roadmap for our country to achieve economic transformation.

Experts said that we should stick to the roadmap, firmly grasp the strategic basis of "expanding domestic demand", substitute the new engine of innovation for the traditional elements, and gradually bid farewell to the traditional model of development to realize China's economic transformation.

Transformation is the key to China's economic rebirth

Since the Reform and Opening up, China has created an economic miracle with an average economic growth rate of above 9.8 percent over 34 consecutive years, ranking the world's second-largest economy in 2010.

However, with changes in the elements that support China's economic development, the traditional unbalanced, uncoordinated, and unsustainable extensive growth mode has come to an end.

Economic circles unanimously agree that China's economy has entered a period of major transition where transformation is the key to China's economic rebirth.

President of China Reform and Development Research Institute Chi Fulin said that China's economic growth is at a historical inflexion point to converse from high-speed to medium speed. The economic slowdown since 2011 reflects the short-term economic fluctuations as well as long-term trend of economic growth. Only by releasing the huge potential demand and accelerating the transformation of development mode can we cope with the changes in the pattern of domestic and international economy.

Economic commentator Ma Guangyuan believes that as international economic downturn led to deterioration of China’s foreign trade conditions, China must transform its economic development model as soon as possible.

Facing the test of “middle-income trap,” China needs to get rid of the development mode that extremely relies on investment and exports to fuel economic growth, lacks technological innovation, and has low consumption, backward service industry, vague boundary between markets and the government and slow pace of urbanization, and enter a stage of modern economic growth. Therefore, the 18th CPC National Congress has an epoch-making significance to arrangement of economic transition, Ma said.

Economic restructuring is the key of striding over the middle-income trap,” said Zhang Monan, an associate research fellow with the Economic Forecasting Department of the State Information Center.

Zhang pointed out that it must comprehensively adjust the growth pattern and economic structure to achieve economic transformation, including using innovation to promote supply growth and tapping domestic market potential

Reliance on innovation and domestic demand to achieve economic transformation

Innovation is the requirements of scientific outlook on development and transformation of economic development mode,” said Li Yiping, professor of Renmin University of China. He pointed out that the progress of world economy needs innovation, so does Chinese economy.

Deputy Dean of the Academy of Macroeconomic Research at the National Development and Reform Commission Wang Yiming also stressed that Chinese economy must rely on innovation to realize a transformation from emphasizing scale expansion to focusing on promotion of quality and efficiency.

The 18th CPC National Congress pointed out that as the strategic support of improving social productive forces and overall national strength, scientific and technological innovation must be placed in the core position of national development, concentrating the whole society’s wisdom and strength on innovative development.

Ma Guangyuan said that the concept is unprecedented, clearly showing the courage and determination of China to say goodbye to investment-driven development mode in the past.

About the role of expanding domestic demand in changing the mode of economic development, the 18th CPC National Congress said, “We must firmly grasp the strategic basis of expanding domestic demand to accelerate the establishment of a long-term and effective mechanism and unleash the consumption potential.”

Fueling consumption is the strategic focus in expanding domestic demand. Chi Fulin said that China is still in a rising stage over the next 10 years and owns huge consumption potential. As long as the consumer demand can be effectively released, it is possible to maintain a moderate growth rate of 7 percent to 8 percent in the next 10 years. 

Notice how all of the red highlights [China's hopes] are being successfully implemented by Israel - in uniform. Israel's demographics, reality, nationalism, philosophy, government, etc, make it the perfect chemistry for Pax Judaica. Equally notice how America will never again be able to recapture the chess pieces it lost off the board.

One must assume that there is a tremendous guiding light behind Israel. We are not here for naught; the Light of Moshiach is ready to shine through the darkness. Just as a light shines brightest before darkness, the galus shines brightest before its demise.

As the Ramchal says: One Kingdom must not trespass another. The Kingdom of Galus is nearing its end, seen by its magnificant glow.

With that you can be sure, Moshiach is next and close by.

****Israel’s economic growth should start picking up in the first half of next year thanks to a boost in external demand, the OECD concluded in its biannual economic outlook on member states Tuesday. Output growth is projected to drop from 3.1 percent in 2012 to 2.9% in 2013 (incorporating a 0.2 percentage-point boost from the new Tamar offshore gas field), but then rebound to 3.9% in 2014, the report said.

******...and in America: The Fed said today that seven of 12 districts reported “either slowing or outright contraction in manufacturing” as some contacts “expressed concern about the outlook for 2013, in part, due to the uncertainty regarding the outcome of the fiscal cliff.”


Jesterhead45 said...

I do not disagree though how can the fact that Israel is rising be reconciled with the idea quite a few have that Israel is stilled ruled by foreign powers via their sellout proxies?

rabbi david katz said...

politics and manipulation among other things. lots of sectors remain oppressed in such a fashion. look at russias diamond and oil industry: suppressed. American oil: suppressed. etc. etc.
israel will milk the nebuch card until it is forced to show its hand. the turbulence is actually a healthy stimulant for israel. you see, with all the "ownership" going on, israeli "small head" still wins out.

Anonymous said...

I wish that economy.. and what politicians do to it here in the USA, and perhaps it will become divided.. and become Obama SA , and Independent SA.... I am pleased to say our Gov. Dr, Robert Bently of Alabama has worked for us with no gov't salary, and had dealt with the hardships in or state , as well as bring in many many businesses and jobs for Alabamians. I am not sure you want to know what I would like to see done to turn around the economy of the US. And no way is that liar Obama going to do anything to help... He thinks he is a king.
If you would like to hear my solutions you'll have to ask me. It would work. But, people would despise the plain truth.
Shamah Astirah.

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