Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sandy: The Matrix Owns You!

Torah: A Matrix of God

I have never been one for Apocalypse End Times scenarios [and I'm skeptical of Nuclear Winter as well] - but I am full aware that Sandy "could" be the beginning of Tohu V' Vohu in the End of Days. Would I bet on it- no; but it certainly could play out that way, if Sandy were to have proved something.

If anyone is going to show that it is possible, it is Rav Glazerson and a Torah Code. I am wishy washy about the codes, nonetheless Rav Glazerson has found yet another interesting code that lights up current events.

and why not just take the safe route and daven for the Beis HaMikdash ?! [B''H]

Don't Be Afraid To Stretch Your Mind!


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha... I know Our Master HaShem owns all of us...... I saw My Master HaShem's face twice in my dream..... Peace out John

Anonymous said...

Gematria of Ha-Hurricane Sandy in Hebrew is equal to Barack Hussein Obama.

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