Sunday, September 25, 2011

Was This The Tree In Gan Eden?

Here is my idea: Lets say the Tree of Life was an Olive Tree, which there are opinions saying it was, for the sake of meriting its oil to make Shabbos Light.
Adam using his Wisdom, and supreme knowledge of Nature (he named everything in the Garden), has one problem: how to get olive oil, now.
If the Olive Tree functions like an Argan Tree, then getting the oil would be simple! Employ the goats to process the fruit and make the oil through their digestion, as it is done in Argan Trees in Morocco. Adam makes a Hekesh, and says perhaps the Argan tree, which makes oil, functions like an Olive Tree that makes oil. Just as goats are used in Argan Oil, so too with Olive Oil. If the Argan Tree functions as the Olive Tree, I would not be eating from the tree at all, I would merit Shabbos and use the fruit as Light!
Enter Adam's command: Do Not touch the tree  (as the work is delicate, goats and all), enter Chavah, Nachash and the story goes from there...Derech Drush...
My Pshat (understanding) is: The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil in this scenario, is Adam superimposing the Argan Tree onto the Olive Tree, assuming the comparison is valid; whereas cooperation with Chava would merit a Kosher Garden experience, and the Olive Oil would be allowed to be used in The Great Shabbos that they would have merited, turning any remnant of Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil into an edible/usable Tree of Life, as explained by the Arizal...with the onset of Shabbos, and a perfected world.
Chava represents waiting, for the Olive Oil to produce naturally, thereby not touching or eating from the tree until Shabbos...Adam ventured to produce it in an unnatural way, taking too many steps, and leading Chava to a sin, that came back to Adam himself.
Adam was to wait patiently;We are to fix this by patiently waiting for Moshiach. We can make it complex like Adam did, or we can wait until the time is RIPE, allowing Knowledge of Good and Bad to return to its source of Tov Meod (Very Good) and being a source of Life, within the Delight of Hashem said, "And Behold, It Was Very Good!"

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