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Gilad Shalit, Names, And The Akeidah? Blow The Other Shofar NU!

I did a name reading for Gilad Shalit, and I found something quite interesting: One of his gematria's is 179, Akeida (Binding of Isaac), which when we think into that story, Avraham offered up a ram INSTEAD OF Isaac, and the Midrash says that this ram will produce the Shofar of the End of Days, the other was blown on  Har Sinai. Needless to say, Noam Shalit did not sacrifice his son, and neither did Avraham in the end. This has been a great test for the Shalit Family to not lose hope, something that most of Am Yisrael helped take part in, something that I feel is a tremendous Kiddush Hashem, and deeply rooted in Torah Values. May this be the last time any Jew is faced with any type of Akeidah, having passed our exams to bring the Geulah, and may Gilad's coming home sound The Great Shofar,which the Ramchal says, its blower shall remain a mystery.

Here are my findings in Gematria:

  • גלעד בן (נעם) אביבה = 179, Akeida...with the connotation that Avraham's test was to shecht Isaac, here we see the opposite test, to not give into losing one's child. in Remez, we often times see antithesis. For example, moshiach is the gematria nachash, the power to negate...thus Gilad as Akeidah is to fight for the life of one's child, and not do the sacrifice to him, but to sacrifice yourself with devotion to save his life...many suggest that Avraham's Tikkun was to bring Isaac up so that he could realize to save his life, this is the drusha of the pussuk, to bring him up "there", and to realize the ram (of redemption) was there the whole time, as it was destined from before creation, says the Midrash.
  •  Letters of his name Shalit : 349, הפרדס = The Orchard, which stands for Pshat, Remez, Drush, and Sod..the 4 levels of exegesis in Torah, the ה signifies the totality of the 4 levels into a 5th comprehensive level, which when we look at the letters involved in the rest of his name, it spells אש בגן which when Pardes is rectified, it allows for expanded consciousness, or the element of Fire to arouse intellect, or "White Fire/Chashmal". Without the ש it spells, גן בא = The Garden comes, which Pardes rectified is hinted at as גן פרדס..the rectified "Garden", where intellect can begin with Remez first says the Gra, which makes Pardes look like this: רספד Remez leads to Sod/Secret -Secret reveals Pshat/Simple Meaning- into Drush/Extrapolation, into a level of ה = Where the Torah can explained Forever.
  • End Letters: דהמן = That of Haman: The Midrash says, in the end of days, to get Jews to do Teshuva, Hashem will  stand up for us another Haman..Perhaps Gilad's name is hinting to us what is to come, maybe Gilad cleared out for us those Dinim?
  • One of the Tribes is גד/Gad...his name means Mazal Tov. Gilad is " the yoke of Gad" that the Mazal Tov  that Gilad represents comes as a yoke. His life is not easy, not for him nor his family..May his family never have to bear his yoke again, and only bask with Mazal Tov of coming back home, and Bezrat Hashem a mazal tov of Geulah, where the yoke will be over.
  • One of his gematrias is 232. Hashem's name can be explained as 4 numbers: 72/wisdom, 63/understanding, 45/tikkun, 52/blemish...the sum being 232, which is a fully established "world of operation"...Gilad shows that under it all, there still is a God running the world, even if we cant see it.
  • Initial letters of his nameנ-אגב ...the nun/50 gates of understanding that comes happenstance. There is a concept called Ikvus Mashicha, the footsteps of Moshaich, that as the Geulah is hastened, we cant really follow the path of redemption, again on this level the world operates on Remez rather than Pshat, and it comes as a surprise and not head on as something we can follow. In this way,the Geulah, Understanding of it, just happens..the Midrash calls this, a likening of Hashem to an Ayil or Tzvi (2 types of deer), where Hashem just appears to us at the end...and only then will we understand.
  • End Letters: מה דן = "What Judgement" or "Judge What"...His name implies, what is the judgement?
  • The letters of his name spells מדנה, Medina, or country. A lot of people  have issues with taking the land by force and forming a country, or medina. It is interesting that this gematria is 744, which is the same as "do not force the end" the Talmud, the Jews made oaths not to take the land by force, and to not make a Medina, which this argument takes hold today. I think we should be here, and as the Gra says, to force the end means to force the building of the temple. One can not deny however, that Gilad's story sheds light on these issues, in particular of the Jews in the land before Geulah, even if justified, and how dangerous it can be to force the end.
  • Lastly, his name has a נ which is 50/understanding, and the other letters is דמה. Adam is missing the Heh from the Ground/adamah which he was taken from. Had Adam rectified himself, he would have merited the Heh, giving his name a gematria of 50/with understanding,achieving a level of perfection. We see this task in Gilad's name, he has the 50, however he is missing the Alef. The דמה, instead of being "there is blood" can be הדם the footstool/דמה = similar to. As it says in Tehilim, Hashem says to Moshiach, wait at my right, until I make your enemies a footstool to your feet.Alef can also be Elef/1000..which is the gematria of Moshiach ben Yosef/David...may they be hidden no longer, and added to "Shalit" Shalit is 349+1 (alef) = 350 "Sechel/שכל...the intellectual level of the Moshiach and Geula, to preceive divinity, and redemption on it says, "Visualize Tzion'...even before its rebuilt.
May Gilad Shalit's Return Sound The Great Shofar We Have All Waited For.


Klishlishi said...

Gilad seems to have been a simple soul, devoid of even elementary Torah knowledge like most chillonim. Let's hope that his Muslim captors haven't Islamified and Stockholm Syndromed him over the last 5 years, & that the first thing he does on his release is a request not to be taken to the Wailing Wall to give thanks to Hashem, but to be taken to the Mosque of Omar to bow down in thanksgiving to Allah!

rabbi david katz said...

Dear Rabbi

Your interpretation is misleading and untenable in terms of Torah hashkafah.

The Torah is the paradigm for all of life, without exception. Whatever we need to know will be found in Torah, because it contains all possible life scenarios, and all the questions and answers. There is in Torah, without, exception, always a precedent for every single life situation, by which we must guide our actions and behavior.

There is no precedent in Torah for releasing a captive by freeing murderers and terrorists. Nor is there a precedent for releasing even one murderer to free a captive. To suggest that such an unholy deal could be the precursor to Moshiach could be dismissed as wishful but wrong thinking, if you were not misleading so many others at the same time. Your public pronunciations are dangerous and intolerable.

The Halacha is that captives should not be redeemed for more than their market value. Bnai Yisrael, starting with Avraham Avinu, went to war to release captives. So did King David, who went to war to rescue a single shifcha. They did not endanger the entire nation by making foolish deals with unreliable murderous enemies.

You are correct when you say that Shalit's family never lost hope. However, the truth is, they never had hope in HaShem either (at least not according to their own quoted comments in the media.) They never lost faith in the Government of Israel. G-d played no role in their thinking or their game plan.

You are a rabbi and you are misleading people with your stars-in-your -eyes misconstrued conclusions, no matter how well intentioned you may be. For the sake of your own soul, you should drop this post.

Or, at very least, post this email with my comments in the feedbacks and let people judge for themselves.

I wish you well. I also wish you not mislead the public.

Yours truly
Terry T. Black

rabbi david katz said...

now my comment:
i view Gilad Shalit in the same way i view Jonathon Pollard.
I am not personally a fan of either, in a personal way.
I do hold of what rav mordechai eliyahu said in regards to pollard, that the shechinah in galus is comparible to him.
i think shalit fits the bill, even more than pollard, and it doesnt surprise me that america would let him out (yes i think they were behind it)over pollard.
this has 2 issues: 1)the Am 2) para adumah
the Am: shalit is a national symbol. i dont agree with the state's ways in most, if not all that they do, especially idf. with that said, when the majority of jews rally to bring him home, i think their voice has a ko-ach. the jews wanted a king, the jews wanted spies, the jews want certain things. one of those things is shalit, and in israel its a very strong ideal amongst israelis. to me this isnt a torah post...its a jewish post...and jews want him home. should we start to cry wolf over the state of israel mechalel shabbos? making phony gerim? etc.?
thats not what this is about, which leads to my second point...para adumah. i think something "tumay" can make "tahara"..this case i think can be one of those things...good can come from "wrong". if it were moshiach doing this, then id see it differently, thus i think we have to work with what were, how can geulah come from shkatzim...this may be one of those ways, as people dont even have the kelim to handle things al pi emes...netorei karta are right technically, so should we support their chilul hashem b/c they are right? in that sense they are very wrong, while still being "right".
i think gilad shalit represents something big, in spirituality, its not a pshat al pi ikkar ha din issue, halacha, etc.
thats not what this is about, as its grossly secular in every way, unfortunately the jewish ideal is governed by secularism and argumentative orthodoxy;neither are correct.
with that said, in a situation where there is no correct answer if we are not in torah governed world, i welcome his return.
i feel we are in gog v magog and battling amalek, and i equally feel shalit is something symbolic in these days.
mordechai eliyahu got me thinking in these terms with the pollard issue, and i think there is an avenue of truth in this thinking.
again, i think this is about the jewish people, not the totality of the jewish people, which would be irrelevent anyways, due to lack of uniformity, but the jews in israel that want to see him come home. why do they want him to come home?- because they just do. and i think if people are davening and doing teshuva for gilad's return, then its worth it. is it perfect? no. will it work? i think so. should we not stand on israel's memorial day either? i once thought not to...but then my wifes cousin was of those killed in gaza. i therefore stand, and i stand with pride, when you see the grief these people go through, when dealing with idf issues, it opens your heart.

rabbi david katz said...

is it on the expense of others' pain? yes. is life or this fair? no. is Hashem the true judge? yes.Do i know the cheshbon? no. do i hope and pray this is a remez to something bigger based on the times we are in? yes. am i wrong? probably. am i willing to risk guilt for ideology? yes, in a time of war, i think we have to. is it wrong al pi ikkar hadin? yes.does God run the world al pi ikkar hadin? no. will it all be tallied? yes.if it was up to me to heart says bring him home. have jews made mistakes before in cheshbonot? yes. to me this is not misleading the public, its supporting the voice of the public. is it my belief that this is right?no. do i believe it is right? (and to not be "right")yes.
until the jews are uniform in torah, we will have galus issues that need geulah answers. killing gilad is not one of those answers, releasing him is, while we sit in galus waiting for eitzah of geulah...and all the while, i think this is a step in the right direction. not THE step, but a step. killing him would be worse, and a big iyush to the Am. The Am needs hope in these days, and i feel gilad brings hope, as it says in jeremiah: there is hope to your end. my hope is that gilads return will usher in hope to those who are barely hanging on, which in my opinion is the rov, for better or for worse...right or wrong, i feel its better to bring him home.

rabbi david katz said...

part 3: i therefore feel his name shows a greater significance, one that of fate, one that of the jewish people, even if those jewish people represented arent frum or even the majority. i feel they have a voice, and i feel their voice and the voice of his name are one.
there are 2 ways of interpreting torah: pshat and lefi pshuto.
pshat is THE simple meaning.
lefi pshuto is what could be mashmah.
alot of eyes are watching gilads story. i have chosen to watch via his name lefi pshuto.

rabbi david katz said...

lastly: avraham was punished for leaving yeshiva to fight the war for lot..something we still feel today as a nation. this was one of 3 sins avraham did.
and david went to war to conquer beyond biblical israel, into syria, again something we feel today as a nation. the biblical border issue of david is synonomous with our palestinian problem today as a nation, in conquering the land of israel properly, not as david sought to do.

Devorah said...

Quoting Terry: They never lost faith in the Government of Israel. G-d played no role in their thinking or their game plan.

How do you know what's in their hearts? You have a chutzpah to write that. It is the Israeli government who is the shaliach for Hashem in this case.

Maybe for the sake of your own soul you should rethink your comment.

Israel Rising said...

Well said Rabbi Katz. May I add:

Gilad represents the release of Am Yisrael from the Anshei Peleshet, Plishtim. Just as he was held captive there in the depths of Peleshet so too we all have been for way too long and so now we can move on and redeem our Land from the modern Plishtim.

Devorah said...

Klishlishi: your words seem to have been prophetic, at least as far as Noam Shalit is concerned: I should have dedicated my blog post to you:
Does Noam Shalit have Stockholm Syndrome by Proxy

Anonymous said...

It says on the internet that Gilad means endless joy and Shalit stands for Sheyihye le'orekh yamim tovim.

Klishlishi said...

The main less of this is the failure of the Jew to implement:

"If you do not drive out the inhabitants of the land from before you, then those of them whom you let remain shall be as barbs in your eyes and thorns in your sides, and they shall trouble you in the land where you dwell.And then I will do to you what I planned to do to them" (Bamidbar 33:55)!

The Jew is meant to be "a light to the nations" (Yeshaya 60). The Sephardi Shas Party's folly of bringing in Winter Time 2 months before the rest of the world, & thereby giving Israel the shortest summer in the world and plunging the Holy Land in to premature gloom and darkness is I believe a symbolic manifestation of Israel's current folly & Chillul Hashem in bringing darkness in to the world by not executing Yishmoeli terrorists IMMEDIATELY by firing-squad upon conviction.

CCCooperAgency said...

I will pray for my brother Israel that the
eyes of his understanding be opening.
These things must be spiritually discerned
for the natural mind does not understand the
ways of HaShem. Amen.

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