Sunday, October 2, 2011

What Year Is Geulah Again? And Where Is Moshiach?

Welcome to 5772. Ok, The Geulah was supposed to come in 5770,71...72?...73?...74?!?!?!
Don't worry Geulah seekers, Rebbe Yehuda in Tractate Berachos has explained for us the concept of Jewish Time!
עד ועד בכלל
עד ולא עד בכלל
These two terms are loosely translated as inclusive and uninclusive.
The principle works as follows:
In prayer, we can pray in the morning until the 4th hour on a perfect 24-hour day that starts at 6:00 AM.
Would that bring us to 10:00 AM?
The answer is NO! (HUH?)
We therefore count the time as follows: 6-6:59=1 hour
                                               7-7:59=2 hours
                                               8=8:59=3 hours
                                               9-9:59=4 hours
Thus we see, 10:00 AM never happens!
The other way would bewhen following the same model as above:
                                               6-7=1 hour
                                               7-8=2 hours
                                               8-9=3 hours
                                               9-10=4 hours
                                               10-11=5 hours...therefore until 10:59:59 = still the 4th hour!
These are the 2 examples of inclusive and uninclusive timing.
If we compare the two extreme times, we have a differential of almost two full hours (9-10:59=4th hour.)

The Geulah as we know was spoken of in the Zohar , as being a year ending in 70,71,72,73...
With this format, we can get to Erev Rosh Hashana 5775 and still be within 5773 according to this understanding. This is similar to what is said of the birth of Adam Harishon, as being born in the year "1" or "0"
Thus here we are in 5772, which can relate to 5771 or 5773...meaning we are at least right in the middle of the thick of things...right where we should be based on Chazal and world events/players.

Let's Hope 5772 is the year mamash of THE GEULAH!

The Zohar specifies the year 5772 in particular and often in conjunction with 5771 and 5773, in different places..and we have Rebbe Yehuda in Talmud Berachot to understand the math behind it all.

It is also Rebbe Yehuda that says the Taivah/Passion of Shabbos comes in at 3:00 sharp on Erev Shabbos:
This is exactly 3:00 PM on Friday, 9 hours into the day.
9 in Hebrew is תשעה....therefore, with the 9th hour would be: בתשעה...
To break down the year, the ה is 5000, ת/ש is 700,ע is 70, and ב in this context means with/in...Hence: With the 9th, ie. the time of Shabbos...and as we know, on our cosmic clock, we have hit 12:30 PM...the time that we can start to pray Mincha/Afternoon Prayer...a time that we officially begin to refrain from "working" and start to welcome the Shabbos into our lives after a long workweek...
For the Cosmic Clock analogy to work, 6 Days of creation (1 Day = 1000 years), we are at 12:30 Erev Shabbos.
We see from this..that many points in time are beginning to coincide on the same coordinates: All leading to Erev Shabbos/6th Day [cosmic/paradigm clock]...coming into the Great we were promised that The Geulah would arrive before the year 6000...May we merit Moshiach this year...without any special arithmetic...straight up 5772...whatever that means.

Let This Be Our Year! 5772!
Moshiach Tzidkenu!


nava said...

interesting and thanks!

Anonymous said...

You have to WATCH the fall of Edom. You have to be witnesses that the words of the prophets were deadly accurate. And so you can say, "We were there, we saw it happen."
No third party accounts.
The end of the oppressive thumb of Esav.
You don't get to see it from far away. You may be intertwined with Edom, and it may hurt, but you will be coming out of this now.
It is not business as usual anymore. You have to pick a side in this war.
It is the end of The Complacency.
But we live through it. They don't.
Netanyahu has to have a strong sense of self. And not feel the need to kow-tow and toady to a nation who may still be powerful, but that is increasingly less useful to Hashem and to the side of holiness.
Friends of our friends are not our friends by default, but friends of our enemies are our enemies' facilitators; and Hashem has promised to destroy them completely. Make sure you don't get in his way now.

Anonymous said...

Even though ovadia says there will be no remnant from edom from Gods fire weather its a fire from machpelah in the zohar or the sheath of the sun being removed tractate avodah zorah . It applies to those who act like edom that includes jews ! the ramchal is clear erev rav is amalak and those religious who just learn gemara he classifies as there brother erev zeir . Ramchal and rabbi nachman says theres a place for edoms destruction but many will be refined see lubavitcher rebbes sichot on edom as well .

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