Friday, October 28, 2011

Pollard And The Shechina: Together In Galus

Pollard existed for the sake of Shalit: Shalit existed for the sake of Pollard!

"Gilad Shalit's release gives me hope. I hope I get out of (prison) alive too," Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, who is serving a life sentence on the United States, reportedly told his wife Esther.

According to a Thursday report in Yedioth Ahronoth, the comment was made in a phone conversation between the Pollards, held several days ago.
Esther Pollard said that her husband had prayed for Shalit's safe release and was moved by the news that the IsraelHamasprisoner exchange deal proved successful.

"Gilad Shalit's release gives us new hope about Jonathan's release… since (Shalit's) release I've received many letters from people all over the world, expressing their hope that our nightmare will also be over soon.

"People have said that they can't believe that even at a point in time when things with Hamas are getting done, even with the friendliest country to Israel and even with President (Barack) Obama who believes in justice and human rights – this issue remains open and they don't free him."

Pollard's wife mentioned that during the past few weeks her husband has been suffering from severe pains and was even unable to make it to the phone on a number of occasions. Sometimes Congress members had to be called in to intervene so Pollard would be given pain killers to ease his suffering.

"When I heard about US Vice President Joe Biden agreeing to meet with Jewish leaders to discuss Jonathan's release I felt, for a moment, that I can see the end is near.

"Even the CIA chief, state secretaries and numerous senior officials maintained there is disproportion here and that he must be set free. Meanwhile, three weeks have gone by. I just hope it happens before it's too late. I feel that Jonathan is struggling everyday to make it to the next day."

What is in Pollard's Name? :

  • יהונתן = נתניהו ...two souls bound up in each other at the crucial time in history for both.
  • יהונתן בן (a son of Klal Yisrael) 573...derech eretz chen דרך ארץ חן: the Gentiles have the mitzvah of Derech Eretz has being Bnei Noach. Noach = Chen/Grace נח/חן...For the Jews our Derech Eretz is to do Pidyon Shvuyim for a fellow Jew, and for Obama, it would be tremendous Derech Eretz to do the job.
  • יהונתן בן מוריס : is 889, the Gemara says there are 889 Gardens in the future of Jerusalem, that Pollard Shall B'H see in his lifetime.
  • יונתן = the value 516 התקוה: supreme Hope / and Israeli Pride, as this is his Home.
  • יונתן פולארד = is 837 הארץ ישראל which is what his concept really is about, The Land of Israel and its implications.
  • Roshei Tayvot: מבי Moshiach Ben Yosef....a Bechinah of Yosef in prison, as stated by Ha Rav Mordechai Eliyahu.
  • Sofei Tayvot: דן הנס as seen by his Gematria of 573-5 "ה", which is 568 פינחס בן אלעזר, what is the connection: Pinchas relied on a miracle when he was zealous for God, and tradition says without the miracle, he would have been chayav misa: Pollard who acted zealous for God shows us a death penalty when we don't have a miraculous help from heaven..."judge the miracle", we must daven that he be a true יהונתן "God- Given."
  • מלכה מוריס is 411: תהו chaos, atbash of אמת...we must see through chaos and reach the truth.
  • יהונתן: works into ינון and the other letters into צא [to] go out [to war] in the name of Yinon, a name of Moshiach, and its full gematria: עוד יוסף חי Yosef still lives, Pollard must remain alive, and see the Geulah, Bechina klal Yisrael/Yaakov.
  • יונתן (God put) בן (his son) מוריס (blackened, like the Shechinah in Galus) מלכה (the Queen, Yisrael who is black like the Shechinah as described in Shir Hashirim)
  • דן ס''ד (end letters) : May he be judged with Siyata D' Shamaya to show the Glory of God.
  • גלעד יונתן (atbash) 466 is שמעון: don't hear "shem avon, the name of sin, rather שמוע-ון, a state of being heard...גלעדי יהונתן = (atbash) = 596..ירושלים...may it be this year with both there to see it, as brothers amongst Klal Yisrael.
  • Morris spelled in Hebrew functions as a valid Gematria according to the Gra who says we have 7 names at least, and what we are called functions as 1/7 ; Pollard means Small and Brave, which is what a Jew in Galus must feel like - Small, amongst the Nations, Brave, amongst the Nations.

    Moshiach and Geulah 5772...Yerushalayim Rebuilt.


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