Friday, October 21, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust: Watch Those Falling Saarim Of Yishmael!

Qadhafi fell. What's more, is that he is a special Amalekite: he is a Jewish Yishmaelite..true Amalek, bringing us ever closer to the fall of Armilos, the absolute hybrid of evil...much the same way that Gog, or in this case as I believe "Magog" = Obama, in this wave of hybrid evil. The fact that Qadhafi is Jewish/Yishmael, the essence of Yishmael ben Avraham is on its way down, moving the war to Gog V' Magog proper, ie. Armilos/Erev Rav-Katan into Eretz Yisrael.

Here is what Rav Wolfson had to say a while back about Yishmael:

In a recent lecture, Rav Moshe Wolfson shlit'a, the esteemedmashgiach (spiritual Dean) of Yeshivat Torah V'Daas said that the fall of a nation is preceded by the fall of it's sar, or administering angel. Once the sar falls, then the nation will fall. This is based on the Zohar (section 2, page 18a - LB) which says that what the Jews saw on the banks of the Red Sea suf was the sar of Egypt dying. Yishmael has 12sarim (plural for "sar").
Rav Wolfson was also quoted as saying (on Monday after morning prayers), "Osama bin Ladin, being the biggest danger to the entire world, had the biggest sar of Yishmael. During these past few weeks as we saw so many entrenched arab leaders, heirs of Yishmael, fall, it is apparent that their defending sar has already fallen and they will continue their downfalls. It is a great thing when sarim fall. The Princes of Yishmael are falling. Bin Laden had their biggest sar. The way the Maharal puts it, he does not have to be a direct descendant of Yishmael. Bin Laden is from the culture of Yishmael."
The Mashgiach goes on to reference the Zohar which says that when Moshiach comes there will be 2 seven day Passovers - Pesach Mitzrayim, like we have now, and Pesach Moshiach, the Passover of Moshiach. Pesach Moshiach will start on the last day of our current Passover - Pesach Mitzrayim - and will celebrate the miracles involved in the coming of Moshiach.  This is why the haftorah on the last day of Passover deals with Moshiach.  Pharoah's final fall was on the last day of Passover. Bin Ladin was killed on last day of this second Passover, the Passover of Moshiach!  It also happened during the second week of Counting of the Omer, which corresponds to stern judgment, or gevura.
The article that was forwarded to me ends with another quote from the Mashgiach. "The time is very auspicious.  The sitra achra (Dark Side) is falling. The Gemara says that when the ox falls down, slaughter him then and there.  The sitra achra can now be removed. If Jews will concentrate on serving Hashem, purity, and holiness, we can bring the Geula - the full Redemption of our people - because the time is opportune for it.

Next up: the  Princes of Armilos Sar Erev Rav.
5772=Erev Rav/Esau
5773=Moshiach = Zohar


Klishlishi said...

18 years ago Rabbi Isser Zalman Weisberg in this immediate playing audio clip
brought codes and gematrias that Shimon Peres is the Anti-Moshich "Armilus" of this generation. Even though he's almost 90, Peres is still dangerous. The gola of Armilus is to unite the Edomite (Xtian) and Ishmaelitic (Muslim) nations to attack the three Moshiachs.

Former Israeli Prime Minister Moshe Sharett warned already way back in 1957: "I have stated that I totally and utterly reject Peres, and consider his rise to prominence a malignant, immoral disgrace. I will rend my clothes in mourning for the State if I see him become a minister in the Israeli government!". Yitzhak Rabin's book "Service Record" expressed similar sentiments about Peres (nee Persky).

And of the hopefully ludicrous lunatic-fringe claims that President Peres is in cahoots with the Vatican to divvy up Jerusalem, that he was educated in a Jesuit school in Poland, that he is a key operative of the European Faction of the New World Order, that his Judaism is in fact an antinomian form of Neo-Sabbateanism, that he pronounces the Tetragrammaton in public, that his name 'Peres' means 'vulture' in Hebrew, that its gematria (numerical value) is 340 - the same as that of Armalgus - the Anti-Messiah and leader of the Mixed Multitude of Jewish Apocalyptic tradition, that it is found in the computer Torah codes in particularly ominous verses, that he is implicated in the Rabin assassination conspiracy, in the death of Ofra Haza and many others etc etc!

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