Wednesday, June 5, 2013

World War Beck

I think Glenn is right; what he doesn't realize is that Hashem works out of Zion, and that is where the War will end with Moshiach.


Anonymous said...

I find Americans speculating about the nations inappropriate.

Most of my criticisms are aimed in-country (I reside upstate), while casting optimism in Israel's directions, especially East. The contrast between Western Pessimism and (Far) Eastern Optimism is dramatic. The amount of positivity that I discern welling up from Israel to East Asia and vice versa is astounding, like an overflowing King's banquet.

I admire a proactive approach to resolving regional issues. If something isn't up to par in Southeast Asia, for example, Israel is invited to make suggestions. The latest Indonesian recognition of WW2 atrocities is a definitive step forward toward neighborly understanding that is reconstructive.

I just don't hear many rumors or chatter or loose talk from East Asians, which is why their infrastructure is healthier.

Assuming Western veneers is very easy, but it doesn't make me any less disturbed by how impaired Americans are becoming. It's more peculiar, than scary to find America being fractured from within. It's like a disembodied, hollowed-out tree. I'm curious as to what a fallen nest looks like on fire.

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