Monday, June 24, 2013

Umm, Pax Judaica?

Once America pulls back [i.e. riding Obama Admin.] - and the dust settles, [hypothetically, as Moshiach is in the cards as well] - you will have the next version of Pax Britannica - Americana in Pax Judaica. Within 10 years max - Israel is the ruling state.

The Telegraph:

A revanchist Russia ships arms to her allies. Iranian revolutionary guards arrive along the eastern Mediterranean seaboard.

The world, it seems, can be a dangerous place. The escalating conflict in Syria is not merely a reminder of what nasty regimes can do. More ominously, it illustrates what can happen when America – still the world’s great power – sits back. Tyrants are emboldened. Regional bully boys, hemmed in by the international order, start to push and to probe. Perhaps it is just Barack Obama. Maybe it is the 44th president who has been sitting back, and his successor will be swifter to respond to local conflagrations. I hope so. But what if it is not? What if America’s post-Iraq blues, combined with that massive mountain of debt run up by successive White House administrations, make “sitting back” more normal for Washington? Are we ready for a world with less of the Pax Americana? The week that Tehran starts to move revolutionary guards around the Middle East, Britain contemplates yet more defence cuts.

Our aircraft carriers will be without any aircraft until at least 2018. Our navy has 13 frigates, and six destroyers in service – almost as many vessels as Venice had during the last days of that once-great maritime republic. Si vis pacem, para bellum, advised the Roman military strategist, Vegetius. If you want peace, prepare for war. Britain’s problem is not that we lack the resources to defend ourselves. We are the fourth-largest defence spender in the world.

Our trouble is that we are just not very good at converting what financial muscle we do have into military punch. And Whitehall seems to have an over extended idea of where our national interest lies. Successive governments have deliberately consolidated Britain’s defence industrial supply base, in the belief that it will deliver efficiencies. Yet in any market, when you constrain the supply, the seller sets the terms of trade. So, too, in defence.

For years, defence contractors have been able to run up higher costs in the knowledge that they can simply pass them on to the taxpayer. Even after the latest changes to defence procurement announced last week, contractors will still have guaranteed profit margins.

Despite all that the defence lobbyists tell us, there is nothing patriotic about “sovereignty of supply” if it leaves Britain unable to muster the military kit we need, when we need it. Too often the defence budget seems to be spent in the interests of a few powerful contractors, rather than in the interests of statecraft.

Before we ask whether Britain should arm Syrian rebels, we need to ask if we are doing everything we should be doing to properly arm ourselves.

From Druids to Masons to Neo Erev Rav


Neshama said...

This doesn't make sense. Could you please translate this into English that we can all understand. What does this mean?

David said...

there is a concept called pax britannica and americana; ruling powers keeping ststus quo. obama is put in to be everything but an active ruler, i.e. hes pulled back and america is staying pulled back. israel will soon be the one with the scepter. this would be called pax judaica, and it will rule from zion. unfortunately for them, i feel the 10 years it needs to launch, will be the window that gives power to moshiach. otherwise, erev rav would be the ruling power, in the transition from peres' israel to something like naftali bennet. cisco plans to make israel digital and fiber optic; that alone would set israel apart from everyone else - all investments are coming in to put israel in front, much like america and england in the last century. america was put in charge [i.e. petra dollar]. ironically, israel falls to a double edge sword, as a ruling state would need to perfect the 3 noahide laws, and israel does not - nor is is supposed to, as it is to be a torsh state. destined to fail, and sure to give rise to something messianic from all the noise surrounding the innate transition going on.

Anonymous said...

trending on twitter and elsewhere in cyberspace:

"contemporary fine art is thoroughly non-religious." ~ James Elkins (The Institutional Theory of Religious Art By Ben Schachter, Jewish Art Salon)
"BTW: it has been statistically proven that athiests actually know vastly more about both the Bible & Christianity then the fundie wingnuts. But that should surprise no one.” ~ David
Joe's "Anti-theism" includes ascribing words to social activism, such as his moniker that pokes fun at theism, such as describing his followers as his "tribe"
Wiki: Theism, in the broadest sense, is the belief that at least one deity exists [through an ascribed object in the universe].
Atheism or Anti-theism is virulently opposed to the idea of individualized power. Atheism or Anti-theism is related to the collective objectives of Korach, emphasis on accumulation ie Art Collections.
Bezalel and Oholiav were commissioned to crown the ineffable. Crowning Messiah is also a process, but riskier, from a human standpoint.
Rabbi David Katz describes Atheism or Anti-theism as "pax britannica and americana; ruling powers keeping ststus quo. i feel the 10 years it needs to launch [Pax Judaica], will be the window that gives power to moshiach."
"cisco plans to make israel digital and fiber optic; that alone would set israel apart from everyone else" ~ Rabbi David Katz
The Philippines isn't satisfied with Hi-Tech.
"destined to fail, and sure to give rise to something messianic from all the noise surrounding the innate transition going on." ~ David Katz
What is absent in Atheism or Anti-theism or Pax Britannica or Pax Americana or even Pax Judaica is Messiah, basically.
Messiah in abstract is very well known. Messiah in corporeal form would be the highest art created.

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