Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Voice Of The Tor Is Heard In The Land

  • The secret of Kol Hator
  • Caleb and Joshua revealed
  • The Ger Tzedek and his soul
  • Daughter, Sister, Mother - words of the Gra
  • Perspectives of Jews and Gerim
  • Tzitzit - From Abraham and Shem
  • The Olah, a True Korbon
  • Conquering Israel with Torah
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Klishlishi said...

It has been several years since you have had a shiur up on video like here

You have an interesting "Torahdik" face, apart from the sheer spectacle of watching a totally focussed human being speak without missing a beat, faltering or stumbling or wasting a letter for over an hour, unlike the ennervating irrelevancies, digressions, distractions, vapidities, lacunae, humming, hawing, aaaahs and eerrs of politicians like Obama and even most rabbis today, as can be seen here

Audio is good, but a talking panim (from "pnim" - the face is a projection of the inner person) is better.

Kindly put up a shiur video of your partzuf soon.

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