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Messianic Undertones From Ashes Of Humility

                                                                     Parashas Chukas
                                                  Finding The King Amidst A Fellow’s Ashes
                                                                     Rabbi David Katz

In the beginning of all of these Creations, God created Heaven and Earth. It was soon apparent that Creation would need God’s word, as the highlight of God’s Creation, Man, had drifted off of the divine path, due to one of God’s other creations. This other Creation is called evil, and evil would have a special place with God, for although God regretted creating it as an inclination within Man, for the sake of his reward of having been created, evil would be the catalyst of creation. The end of evil is to be slaughtered to the tears of joy of the righteous [and tears of sorrow for the wicked], yet ironically it revert to ways of Good, showing that all that God does is actually the highest good. Evil then, will one day contain the best of God, of which the 6th Day of His Creation is witness to the restoration of evil to be within the boundary of good, making it Very Good; evil all along was actually an agent of God to teach the highest Good that God can do – revealing His mastery of Creation in an entirely righteous fashion. This is a story of God, He  who is Good.

Man was created to perform the Will of God, and had he succeeded, reality would have been painted with a different picture. Perhaps we would all be thanking the first man, Adam, for having chosen wisely in the command of the Garden of Eden. Or perhaps Noah’s sons would have all been righteous and would have chosen a different route of World population [and respect to Noah in that area]. Needless to say, there are an infinite number of ways that Creation could have/would have/should have been perfected from the very first instance of man; yet man has stumbled. However, these efforts would not be for naught, nor would the men of the earlier times be left devoid of Divine Revelation. One day all that was recorded above, would serve as a function of delivery in God’s master plan. This plan is called the Torah; the eternal word of God.

History would soon take the path to Very Good from the dust of defeat, for Adam’s lineage would one day merit a Shem son of Noah, who would set his sights on the Tree of Life, live forever, know not of this evil, and diligently serve God to repair history’s wrong. Shem had in mind one massive goal – to help inspire a Nation that would reiterate his achievements in principle, such that this would warrant a revelation of God’s Torah to be delivered in front of a live audience of Shem’s offspring. To make this vision clear, Shem sought after and found a willing candidate to set things in motion, someone that would inherit the entire World in the order of Torah. This Man was Abraham, and he did in fact fulfill his divine mission, as it is he who is considered the father of what will be the two nations that live out God’s Will in a time of Universal repair; the Nation of Israel and the Nations of Gerim. One Book, One Torah would serve Mankind under this pretext.

Many peoples, generations, and miracles later would culminate into the promised revelation of a Giving of the Torah, through the hands of a King named Moses. Moses was born from Kings, raised amongst Kings, became a King, and died with a crown on his head, placed there as such. Moses was a unique King, for while the scepter was in his hand, he still was able to clearly perceive the King of Kings, Hakadosh Baruch Hu. This King of Kings isn’t like flesh and blood, for He demands righteousness and nothing short of absolute devotion towards sanctifying His Great and Holy Name. For this, Moses would be a Man of great Might, and the Torah of Fire[y Law] would be given through him, and delivered by a mouth that could only be opened by The Lord Himself, for Moses was of heavy tongue and uncircumcised lips.

Moses found himself appointed as King, for he came knocking on the footstep of God, by the fact that he seemed to speak God’s language. God trusted Moses more than any other Man, for only God knows the heart of Man; moreover, who dare to stand up against Moses – he who stands before the Presence of God! Hence Moses, was certainly the King’s King amongst man.

God wished to make Moses not only a King over the exiles, but it was His will to bring Moses to God’s Holy Land and place him as King over all that belongs to God! For this to happen, Moses would need to deliver God’s Word that he knew all too well over the entire World. While this was no small task, Moses would seek to rule over all who inquired of God [at that time it was conceivable that the whole World would come to recognize God], by adhering to God’s strict word, and breathing endless divine fire among the people, making Offerings of their own evil, a natural combustion for those applying the yolk of heaven upon their souls. A miraculous time it was – forty years of Divine Revelation from every unexpected twist and turn, highlighting history as a miraculous strand of divine encounter that would finally surface when the King of King’s would yet call one’s name and number. Such was the Divine Code of all those who stood on unique holy ground  before God, yet Moses remained steadfast carve the eternal Torah of Fire into the hearts of the populace; Ger and Israelite…as one before God, thought to express God’s unique sovereignty over Man as One.

While Moses stood with certainty as a true scholar of the Lord, keeping pace with Torah of then, now, and beyond [as Moses was the highest order of prophecy; a type delivered by God], issues of poor scholarship would arise both in the camp of Torah, and in the spectrum of all of time; Moses’ wrath to such frivolous behavior would only burn even greater – who dare arouse Moses, the Man of God!? Fate would have it, that this is actually the very essence of the evil that God created, as a test of freewill and essential scholarship to ascertain that which belongs to God, or God Forbid, to God’s creations of evil, which only serve as the basis for such choice on the basis of reward and punishment.

After some time, God wished to bring Moses and the people into God’s sacred Land where God’s name would be expressed as One, and Moses would be called upon to accurately reflect God’s Holy Kingdom, sanctifying God in the eyes of all; Gerim and Israelites. Moses was prime to succeed, for there were none like Moses until this time; thus Moses carried on as usual, through being commanded to breathe his fire through the breathe of speaking to a rock of many miracles [present and future]. Yet Moses was a man of truth, and by the nature of that truth, he would exist as Man, in his merit, Moses would never be worshipped as a god to idolatry in his great merit of humility. The drawback to such great humility is the assumption that all are equal before God; this would allow Moses to err in that he would bark orders to the nobles as he perceived the same upon himself. Moreover, Moses would soon realize that he in fact conducted affairs not to only the nobles as such, but to all who stood in line for counsel from the Lord and His Torah.

The wrath of Moses burned even the heart of God, to such extent that the Kingdom of Heaven was God forbid tarnished, for God looks to the heart of every Man, as per the deeds of Man; a providence individual for all. Moses portrayed an inaccurate account of God’s heavenly Mazal, and instead displayed a mazal of nature, one that the Torah stresses to step out from under, as this is the shroud of God’s creation called evil. The King of King’s knows all of His subjects by unique name and number, whereas Moses only related to the evil of man and the Torah as its antidote; such was the mission of Moses as the giver of the eternal Torah. Ironically, Moses would give the Torah, God’s portion, and even death, all from the same miraculous hand, as he would be buried in the plains of the evil Moav, to the exclusion of the song that Israel sang [and will sing] in light of God’s numerous miracles.

Such would be the Mazal of God for every generation [Jew and Ger] until the last days, where God’s miracles would somehow be hidden by God’s creation of evil. All who stood to perceive the hand of God, even Moses [as it is said of Moses as well, that he WILL sing; i.e. in the End of days], will inherently praise God, and ultimately die, having those praises and prayers [that come from miracles] aimed towards those who will aim their hearts to the Messianic Peak of Faith, in the Days of Darkness, as they shall be devoid of God’s Presence, having no recollection of a connection [being connected; a point-connected- perception of providence to the point of revelation of God’s hand in an intimate expression of life] in a lonely physical I-Pod Coca Cola Disney World.

In the blink of an eye, in a time where Torah scholars must be able to ascertain who is true from who is false, a time that the Torah will be under siege from the prophesied Gog [v’Magog], the holy ones [which as per the laws of the Red Heifer, Holy applies to Jews and Gerim – Gra; “…and the Ger amongst you”] will be prayed for by history’s Men of Torah, a prayer service led by Moses himself, he who for the sake of his fire, was forced to lay in the plains of Moav. From the ashes of death, God has promised to spawn new life, from the endless tears of redemption. Yesterday’s miracles are to stand as today’s salvation rights, and ways of error and duress, remain pathways of repair.

Moses was indeed challenged by one man named Korach, and ironically Korach’s hidden agenda was that he believed Moses wasn’t a King; he was bold enough to speak a sour truth. Yet the Haftorah explains that it is Korach’s offspring, the righteous Shmuel, who was appointed to elect a King in David. Hashem did not wish for the people to request a king, for even Moses came up short in this endeavor, and Moses was the most trusted of God’s Men. Yet the people persisted, Shmuel was sent, David was found, and the Messiah was born. This time, God would intervene and inspire a King Messiah in David and his seed; this King would reflect the Kingdom of God. For where Moses spoke the harsh truth [and was attacked by as such from Korach], David would live the hard truth [by which merit he would exist by], allowing him to sanctify God – knowing all by unique name and number, identifying them by their name as it stands in the place of God’s Word.  For David, all are unique to God, due to the spirit God places upon him so that all should know God, and evil and death would be swallowed up forever; Very Good is the Messiah [who comes on the auspicious 6th day].

Like Abraham before him, Moses would be humble, seek to destroy his evil, and he considered himself to be ashes, for he said, “What are we?” Yet it was his humility and ashes that would resonate as the most ominous flask of Red Heifer purifying water; a Messianic mission defined through the riddle that Solomon wrestled with his own Messianic Mind in the name of the Red Heifer. Yet from a Creation infested with evil and soon to be realized one that is governed by real mazal, star will be born named David. Moses was, is, and always will be a King, yet it’s the Prophet Moses of whom never again in Israel will there be another.

Just as Moses’ fire made the Tablets turn to dust and ashes, of which God praises Moses at the Torah’s conclusion, and ironically to his own demise – shall serve as the purifying waters that David will soak the Lord with through his essential Torah that parallels Moses. To prove as such, David is destined to come from Ruth, she who comes from Moav; a seed planted within Israel, as they settle in the plains of Moav to the conclusion of Parashas Chukas, the parsha that goes on record as seeing beyond the evil, in the ironic equality expressed in the secret of the Ger and the Jew. What may have been true for Moses, and a fact for Korach, was just life for David; and God found His King, one who personifies the mystery of the Red Heifer.

Audio Shiur Motzie Shabbos 11 P.M. - Tzfat Time [Parasha Shavua]


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