Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Finally Gilad Is Free; Where Is Pollard?

A deal for the release of kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit has been worked out with Hamas, reports in Israeli media and Arab satellite television station Al-Arabiya said Tuesday night. The government is meeting as this article is going to press, and government sources said that the deal is expected to be approved.

Official details have not yet been released, but reports say that Israel will release at least 1,000 terrorists in exchange for Shalit. including some that belong to organizations other than Hamas.

Israel has also agreed to ease demands on where the terrorists will be released to. Israel reportedly agreed to allow at least some of the terrorists to return to their families in Judea and Samaria; previously Israel had demanded that the terrorists be sent to Gaza, or deported.
The deal is set to take place in November, or possibly even before that.

The Shalit family declined to comment on the reports. Reports in Israeli media Tuesday night said that the family had received several additional “signs of life” that were not reported to the public, the latest about two years ago.

Israel's government declined to comment further, but a spokesperson in the Prime Minister's office said that “a short-term window of opportunity has opened to bring Giladhome.”

A report on a Hamas-affiliated TV station said that Hamas Gaza head Khaled Mashaal would release details of the deal later Tuesday night.

Israel Radio reported that the inner cabinet met on Monday night to discuss the deal, and members of the military and defense establishment were invited to present their opinions on it, especially the release of terrorists to areas within Judea and Samaria.

The Ministers reportedly discussed each of the terrorists to be released, and where Israel would demand they be sent.
One minister, quoted anonymously on Israel Radio said that the deal was not necessarily the best Israel could have gotten, but that “we all feel it is time to bring Gilad home.”

Now when will Biden be normal and encourage that Pollard can come home?
Being that Obama has used his Imam Mahdi self delusions of grandeur to use his Islamic pull and heritage to work on Hamas as to placate the Israeli sector: and well, it worked...now for Biden to show his ficticious anti anti- semetic inclinations...cue the breakage of Bibi at any moment and some embarassing moments by Livni.

At Least Gilad Will Be Home B'H!


Klishlishi said...

Conspiracist Barry Chamish is convinced that Gilad Shalit is dead

I'll believe that he's alive when I see it.

What is the Halacha in handing over 1000 terrorists for 1 Jew, if one knows that more Jews will likely be killed/kidnapped by those very same terrorists?

Devorah said...

And I thought Barry Chamish was dead.

Klishlishi said...

Chamish is very far from dead!

by Barry Chamish

" As I stood at the Yom Kippur service, it hit me. This upcoming year is the 20th anniversary of the Oslo negotiations. Twenty years ago I and my neighbor in Bet Shemesh, Joel Bainerman both signed book contracts and began intense research which led in the spring of '92 to my book, The Fall Of Israel (Canongate Publishers) and to Joel's, Crimes Of The President (SPI Books). The highlight of Joel's research was Iran-Contra and with his permission, his findings found their way prominently into my book. Neither of us initially realized that we had exposed the ugly criminality that led to the Oslo sellout of Israel.
Summarizing Joel's findings; In 1984-5 navy clerk Jonathan Pollard sent reams of stolen documents to Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres. One especially caught his eye. He discovered an arms ship on the way from Greece to Lebanon to buy the release of American hostages. Peres quickly assembled his version of a dream team; Al Schwimmer, David Kimche and Ofir Nimrodi and in September of '85 sent them to Washington to blackmail the Reagan/Bush administration into expanding the one-time arms for hostages operation in Lebanon to a full blown scam to free the 52 American hostages held by Iran. Peres would get his cut by supplying the weapons from Israel.
Soon into the illegal operation, Peres' men were exposed and they resigned from their posts. Undaunted, Peres hired one Amiram Nir to replace all three and he worked with Oliver North to exploit the Iranians. When North was subpoenaed to testify in what became a congressional trial, Nir was similarly called to Washington. Nir was preparing to spill the beans, which should have seen the careers of George Bush and Peres end in long prison terms. However, luckily for both of them, just prior to his planned departure to testify, Nir was the sole casualty of a Cessna crash in Mexico.
Joel's research proved that Nir met Bush at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem and warned him that the operation would have no peaceful consequences. "We are dealing with the most radical elements," he said. Bush lied to the congressional committee, claiming he "didn't recall a thing," about his meeting with Nir. And Nir never survived to remind him about what he claimed to have forgotten. Joel was such a powerful investigator that he uncovered the names of the 6 passengers on NIr's fatal crash and even tracked one, the femme fatale it appears, to her home in Ontario.
Nir's murder saved Bush, but he got his revenge. On September 17, 1992, at Kennebunkport, Maine, President Bush ordered the new Israeli Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin to begin negotiating with PLO. The Oslo negotiations began in secret that November. And with them, the beginning of the end of Israel was initiated.
Now look at the timing: In September, 1992, Joel and I agreed to pool our talents into a monthly newsletter called Inside Israel. Our first issue was released in November, '92. We were investigating the real Oslo hoax "peace" from the get go. How did we get our sources? Do the names Shishi, Monitin, Vreyma, Haolam Hazeh, Hadashot or Davar mean anything anymore? These were real investigatory newspapers and magazines and we read them all, isolated the most significant articles and called the journalists. Post-Oslo, these publications were closed on various pretexts. Israel's press is no longer free.

Klishlishi said...

Chamish II

"Without Haolam Hazeh, we would never have discovered that Israel kidnapped thousands of, mostly Yemenite, babies during the 50s. We gave the story its sadistic twist by disproving the establishment myth that the babies were adopted by childless Jewish couples and were better off for it. Our interviews led us to conclude that most of the babies died in
agony as part of radiation experiments in America.
Without Shishi, we would have never suspected that Shimon Peres offered the Vatican to take over Jerusalem as its new governors as part of the secret clauses of Oslo.
Without Chadashot's Arab Affairs reporter Yehoshua Meiri, we would never have known that the elections that brought in Rabin and Labor were rigged with the Labor Party cutting a deal with Arafat to order Israeli Arabs to vote for Labor or its left-wing ally Meretz. In return, the new government would reward Arafat with a state of his own. The number of Arab Knesset members dropped from 17 to 4. The number of seats for Labor and Meretz rose proportionally.
I admit, I had a personal beef with the government over Oslo. Ten years before, my brigade fought in Lebanon to rid the place of the PLO. Three of my brigade died, including my friend Tzvi Wolfe. The PLO were removed from Lebanon, and terror was now under control. WHY would any Jew reverse the sacrifices and bring the terrorists back? The answer was provided by Joel's and my friend, Rabbi Marvin Antelman. He provided me with his book, To Eliminate The Opiate whose thesis is the founding fathers of Israel believe in the anti-Jewish teachings of Shabtai Tzvi and Jacob Frank. Marvin called me weekly for years and we exchanged perspectives. And it took years for me to understand, that no matter how unbelievable it sounds, Marvin's answer was the only one that could make sense.
Inside Israel had its last hurrah in March, '97 when The National Review published a long piece by Joel and me called The Peres Gambit. Then came the internet and monthly newsletters like ours saw their usefulness disappear.
Just twenty years ago I sat in shul in a proud Israel, confident its army would never let it down. The PLO were as good as dead and bankrupt and we were kings in our castle. The new post-Oslo generation bears no resemblance to the Israelis of my time. They think they did something wrong, while they are surrounded by ugly, grey walls to keep their Oslo partners from murdering them.
Happy twentieth anniversary, Israel! "

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