Tuesday, October 4, 2011

From Moshe Until Moshe

One day many many years ago, there was a lovely Cheder where wonderful young Torah scholars would learn with their Rebbe, and amongst them was a young Moshe Ben Maimon.

The Rebbe would call upon the boys with challenging questions, and one day the Rebbe asked a most difficult shayla...upon which the the young Moshe answered without hesitation.

Upon his completion of his answer, the Rebbe asked," is Moshe's answer correct?" to the class.

The boys sat in silence..until young Chaim, a very bright boy rose his hand and said, " My heavens no Rebbe! The answer is not so!"

The Rebbe was dumbfounded, and said, "Chaim, how could this bright answer to today's Talmud Passage not be correct by Moshe?" "To me it seems to be ok!"

Chaim without delay said, "Rebbe! Rebbe! come on!, we all know that we don't pasken like the Rambam!"

The moral of the story:
 A) its funny
 B) we basically DO pasken like The Rambam!

Learn good and do good teshuva for these Days of Teshuva.
May we merit Moshiach in 5772
חג שמח


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