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Shalom Rubashkin: The Name Tells Another Story

The general case is this: CLICK HERE

What is found in his name:

שלום מרדכי בן אברהם אהרן/ רבקה

  • End letters Gematria: 195 = ה'קץ "The End"
  • 195 = הצילני = "Save Me"
  • Beginning Letters: 744 = לדחוק את הקץ = "To force the end", as it is said, Hashem will raise up another Haman to force/לדחוק the Jews to do Teshuva.
  • שלום מרדכי בן רבקה 1001  (atbash) A Big alef = elef (1000) and a small alef (1), the idea being א something small, can be blown in elef (1000) something 1000 fold bigger.
  • End letters of parents names: המן = Haman, again, reference that in the end of days the non Jewish nations will stand Haman on us to get us to do Teshuva.
  • Beginning Letters: שמר = to be protected (Bezras Hashem)
  • First Letters: ש-מ-א-א-ב = 344 = Pardes פרדס or Bris ברית in atbash. פרדס  in atbash is 117, atbash of תפלה...thus with prayer, we can invoke the Bris with Hashem, into a Pardes.  פרדס + ברית = the value 956,  בית מדרש / House of Study...and his beginning letters again form 544, מדרש = study. People need to learn and daven to do Teshuva..sounds cliche, but that's what is here in the name, and its lacking in this generation, day by day more. (Learning and Davening, which chazal say would have been a geulah shleimah of Purim had Mordechai avoided Politics; The message here of Shalom Mordechai: Learn and daven from the Nisayon of Politics)
  • שלום מרדכי = רד כי של מום = "it came down like that of a mutilation/deformed [person]" Ie. one would think he butchered somebody or killed people with dodgy products from animal abuse, which this is davka not that.
  • Initial Letters: בא שם ארר... this comes in the name of a curse.
  • אשם בארר...charged with a curse.
  • What do we say on Purim: Blessed is Mordechai and Cursed is Haman; Shalom Mordechai, is as if we have said "goodbye" to Mordechai (Shalom), leaving us with the cursed of Haman. As was seen,  Haman is in his name...This שלום מרדכי is feeling the wrath of "cursed is Haman"... which is to get the Am Yisrael to do Teshuvah...He has taken on himself the wrath of Haman and the curse/revenge he holds as שלום מרדכי obvious target for Haman.
  • אמר שר בא ..."to say the Ministering Host has come." The Nations each have an angelic host above, each awaiting to fall down in light of our Teshuva...his task: is to, "say the Host has come"...awaiting its fall...שם אר' בא...the name AR'milos has come..the שר/ Host of the Erev Rav, the last stages of Galus, of which our Teshuva will release us from...which can come with just one heartfelt, הצילני = "SAVE ME" as Yaakov said with Esav....This "Haman" wants us to turn to God, and is holding Jewish Neshamos  ransom, trying to force the end with Teshuva, as seen with Holy Souls held captive around the world.

 'I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, by the gazelles, and by the hinds of the field, that ye awaken not, nor stir up love, until it please.'   -Shir Hashirim

Hashem asks the nations, " Don't force Israel to do Teshuva, for I shall Harm them worse." (ie. Let them figure it out!)

May Hashem Be compared to the deer, as it says in the end of Shir Hashirim, and quickly bring Geulah!

 "Make haste, my beloved, and be thou like to a gazelle or to a young hart upon the mountains of spices"
...And bring Moshiach Today! as Moshiach has said, he shall come today...If we listen to his voice.

Moshiach 5772


Klishlishi said...

As can be seen from this photo of Judge Linda Reade
poor Rubashkin was doomed from the start!

If ever you're in court, whether in the US, UK, Oz, or Israel, pray, pray, pray that you NEVER have a short-haired butch female as your judge!

Part of the problem was Rubashkin's own fault in the disrespectful way he treated the initial visit by junior young FDA & Immigration Officers who came to check him out.

Many a frumak is now unnecessarily sitting in the slammer for having been stupidly mechatzef to gentile law enforcers. We can't act the Chosen People jus' yet!

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