Monday, January 7, 2013

Its Raining, Its Pouring - and Yes My House is flooded!

Not Tzfat

It is raining in Israel, and raining, and raining....
At this rate, the Kinneret will be full by the article's report on thursday God Willing :)

By Shabbat, Israel will be the World's biggest exporter in water, they expect Tzfat to be the regional headquarters.

With all seriousness [despite the flooding and children being soaked by the time they get to gan], the Kinneret is getting her due B''H, and maybe this is a simon Tov Meod! It looks like the drought may be over in Israel, and perhaps the Kinneret will be restored sooner than later.

For whatever its worth, we are receiving a Beracha - one, that the world seems to be without.

May we see ever increasing signs of miracles and beracha on Israel's soil, and such that it spreads throughout!

Adverse weather continued in Israel on Sunday after an unusually blustery weekend. There were considerable delays on rail lines on the coast, with train travel disrupted between Haifa and Tel Aviv in both directions, and Herzliya station closed due to flooding.

Seven people were rescued by firefighting forces from vehicles stuck due to flooding at the Seven Stars junction on the Ayalon Highway heading north, according to an Army Radio report, and traffic was heavily backed up.

The rainfall over the past three days is only the overture to what experts are predicting will be the stormiest week so far this winter.

Wind velocities are expected to increase, there will be sandstorms in the south and haze is expected in the center of the country. A real winter storm will start up on Monday with winds of up to 100 kilometers per hour and perhaps more. Snow will continue to fall on Mount Hermon, it will be rainy in most parts of the country and there is a possibility of flooding in low-lying places

By Wednesday large amounts of precipitation are predicted from the north to the center of the country and, for the first time this year, there is a chance of snowfall in the hills in the center of the country and in the Jerusalem area.

A total of 100 millimeters of rain or more is expected in the coming days. In a number of places in the north this week the quantity of precipitation is expected to exceed the multi-year average.

South of there, too, they are expecting a stormy week that will bring a lot of water to the national lake. On the weekend the water level in the Sea of Galilee continued to rise. From Thursday through Saturday the water level there rose by 4.5 centimeters, of which 2 centimeters were a result of direct rainfall. According to Hydrological Service data, since the beginning of winter the Sea of Galilee has risen by 60 centimeters.

According to Meteo-Tech Meteorologic Services data, rain began to fall on Friday in the north and gradually spread to the center. The northern Golan Heights saw 30 millimeters of rain and the Sea of Galilee 18. In Jerusalem 17 millimeters of rain fell and in Kfar Saba and Tel Aviv more than 30.

Ahead of the storm, the Israel Electric Corporation advised people to remove, tie up or weigh down objects that are liable to cut loose and fly in the wind, and to stay away from electric cables.

Often times, the "old" of the "old city" "עיר עתיקא" is translated better as: "definitely will flood - buyer beware"


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Klishlishi said...

When do gishmei brachah-"Rains of Blessing" start entering in to the category of gishmei kloloh - "Rains of Curse"?!

Klishlishi said...

Waters will one day come straight out of the Third Temple: "These waters will go out to the eastern region, descend to the Arava and come to the sea – and the water will become healthy. And it will be that every living thing that swarms, wherever streams flow, will live, and the fish will be exceedingly abundant. And there will stand fishermen from Ein Gedi to Ein Eglaim" (Ezekiel 47).

The Dead Sea region, the lowest point on the globe, was once one of the most delightful places on Earth: ”The entire Jordan Plain all the way to Tzoar was fully watered, like the Garden of the Lord” (Genesis 13), and the reason for its reduction to one of total devastation, when "God rained down on Sodom and Gemorrah sulphur and fire from heaven” (ibid 19), and how it exists as a monument to this day in the very heart of the Land of Israel, must not go lost on the Jewish People or mankind!

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