Monday, January 7, 2013

Moshe: The Father of The Torah - In Every Way!

  Parashas Shemos
  Finding Gerim
  Rabbi David Katz

Parashas Shemos introduces us to many fascinating new concepts, as it transitions from Joseph as viceroy, into a nation deep into exile; none of which may be as striking as when we learn about Moses, in his time that pre-dates redemption. In Shemos [Exodus] 2:22, it says, “…he named him Gershom [Moses’ son with Tzippora, daughter of Jethro], for he said, ‘I have been a stranger [Ger] in a foreign land.’” [The Targum Yonaton commentary adds the words, “not mine” at the end of the verse (in his own words) as to make Moses’ statement even more powerful as a “Ger”.] The Torah is revealing tremendous insight into Moses’ early life by making known that he considered himself a Ger! To make matters even more interesting, Moses married the daughter of Jethro, who himself was perhaps one of the greatest “Ger Tzedek” that can be found in the whole Torah.

[It should be noted: Jethro received his “ger inclination” at the time that Moses killed an Egyptian who was brutal with Israel; Moses caused a spiritual repair, one of which Jethro was affected, for he was connected on a common spiritual level. [Arizal; Shemos 2:11] The very next segment introduces Moses to Jethro in real time. The Arizal adds that underneath the spiritual plot, Moses and Jethro are reincarnates of Able and Cain, both seeking to repair Able’s blood.] .......


Moshe said...

G-d wanted kill Moshe Rabeinu because he did not circumsize his son on time and because of his wife he was saved. We know that before when he made mistakes, for example when he hit the rock instead of saying for water come, Hashem warned him that he is doing things that not supposed to, why here G-d wanted to kill Moshe Rabeinu without warning?
I don't have a good answer, anybody have?

bbgn said...

Perhaps, on both occasions he did not speak to the foundational rock and his son, although speaking forth was instructed by H' - "He learned through the wisdom and the pain of silence that a mind without a heart is nothing" (From The Chosen by Chaim Potok).

Anonymous said...

Moshe was married to Jethro's daughter -a non-Jew.

Aren't Moshe's children non-Jews by halacha ?

David said...

it was before sinai. jethro could have become jewish - but chose to stay a noahide

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