Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Haredi Power: Heeyow!


The Palestinian statistics bureau estimates that Arabs will outnumber Jews in the Holy Land by the end of the decade, a scenario that could have grave implications for Israel. The bureau said Tuesday that 5.8 million Arabs live in Israel, the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem. That compares to about 6 million Israeli Jews, according to Israeli data. It said that based on current birth rates, the two populations would be equal in 2016, and in 2020, Arabs would outnumber Jews by 7.2 million to 6.9 million. The demographic issue is a main argument for Israeli backers of creation of a Palestinian state. They say relinquishing control of the Palestinian territories and its residents is the only way to ensure Israel's future as a democracy with a Jewish majority.

a) the article is biased

b) what about Haredi super - breeding?
for every secular 1-2 kids, the average Haredi home will produce 10 kids-
it is projected that Haredim will be in majority by this target date of 2020


Jesterhead45 said...

It is also worth mentioning that the arabs tend to overestimate their numbers.

Anonymous said...

the article was released by the PA. Their statistics have always been inflated precisely to cause fear of the demographic problem. Problems like the double counting of Jerusalem Arabs and the inflated figures of Judea & Samaria by something like a million people, etc...

Try reading article by Ettinger on this.

Anonymous said...

Why would you believe what the Arabs are spewing? They do this with everything - lying is the name of the game. Have read that no way is there that many in the Land. Would be surprising if there would be half that number. It's all a scam and we should all know better. What the propagandists in the world, including Israeli media, are trying very hard to do is deceive us all; but there are more knowledgable people than we think,B'H.

Klishlishi said...

Despite their (unsustainable?) burgeoning numbers "The Haredim are IRRELEVANT!" (Rabbi Meir Kahane 1980).

Indeed a handful of Nationalist Religious schoolgirls on a hilltop in Samaria ("The Hilltop Youth") have more influence on Israeli & world events & gain more favor in Hashem's eyes than all the Haredim!

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