Wednesday, September 18, 2013

An Encounter With Rabbi Arush

From time to time, it is nice to have a little confirmation from others of who the ger of the Torah is. 

Today in Jerusalem at the wall, Rabbi Katz had a rare encounter with Rabbi Arush. 

After a day of prayer and study at Kever David, Rabbi Katz headed off to the wall to pray Maariv. By total hashgacha pratis, he had the chance to speak with Rabbi Arush and ask him some questions. 

Rabbi Katz asked who is the Ger in Likutei Mohran [Torah 14]? Is he a Jew or a non Jew? Rabbi Arush responded that he is both he non Jew and the convert; two connotations. 
Rabbi Katz asked if the Ger in the 10 commandments [Yevamot 48b] was convert or not convert [Ger Tzedek]. Rabbi Arush responded it is both. 
Rabbi Katz [reiterated] asked if the Ger Tzedek was convert or non convert, and Rabbi Arush responded, it is both. 
Rabbi Katz asked, then why do they teach that he is [always] a convert? Rabbi Arush responded, because unfortunately they teach it inaccurately.
And the Rav promptly responded with "Beracha and Hatzlacha" in response to the request to quote the Rav on these issues, along with a great smile and two pinches to the cheek.


Micha said...

I don't understand. The Talmud Bavli Yevamoth 48b establishes that the word "ger" in the Ten Commandments pertains also to the Ger Toshav, and not just the Ger Sedeq. But no one ever imagined that the Ger Sedeq is a non-convert!

rabbi david katz said...

i recommend then that you relearn the sugia, or go over it with somebody that can help you. it may be wise to take into account the sugia at large as well. for further clarification, one may be inclined to learn rebbe nachman on these issues, as he was one who had a great grasp on the concept of the ger in torah and chazal [including zohar].

Klishlishi said...

There is a constant trickle of gentiles becoming Jews.

Here R.David Bar Chayim of the Torat Eretz Yisrael movement, himself not afraid to hold daring opinions, criticizes today's Orthodoxy about converts

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