Sunday, October 27, 2013

Songs of Song

Parashas Chayei Sarah

Loving You Like It Was Yesterday

David Katz

[...and Abraham proceeded and took a wife whose name was Keturah]

***she is vaguely familiar with hagar..."a word to the wise is sufficient"

 For score and a million years ago; OK it was 127 – but who's counting?

Like the whirlwind we once were, who knew we could meet up on a Ger-like pretense?

When there was so much to say, and so little time apart, I found myself embraced by the maiden.

The Ger, you know her, the one they call hagar; but to me, it's something vaguely more familiar.

God has a story to tell, with an audience of reserved seats – front row for the live performance.

Corpses no more, we demand delight, popcorn and cola in hand – the show we have all been waiting for.

While I think back, eons ago…hearing of the master of the house, happening upon the jester and his hedva – come on in they said; strangely appropriate, an even odder reoccurrence.

See, time flies, people sit, and the sorcerer's spell erupts in poetic chaos; did we ever think that Lovers are destined to reunite?

A fairytale indeed, the type of Divinity we thought not of, yet the soul thirsts for God's "romantic side" – did we ever even think of it that way before?

Long long ago lived a man named Solomon, maybe he thought of it; maybe he conceived Romeo before there was a Juliet; maybe Juliet arrived the day after William dropped his pen.

Think not, and absorb the ink - just know Abraham found his love; yet a better question one may perhaps ponder: did he ever drop by the lost and found department of heaven?

I thought he married hagar? I thought he loved sarah? …and we are to believe old wise tales?

Silly scholar, the rashbam you read not when he deduced that the pshat of the pussuk surely isn’t hagar the daughter of pharaoh – FOOL!

Do you really wish to delve into the upsurd? What next – a Kabbalistic discourse from tzfat explaining that funny word we trip on; mazal.

An episode of Torah dripping with the hand of God; go buy stuff you Ger and Toshav I am you; go find the mother of Israel – you iyov program you!

And it happened just the way you said it would – mazal Hashem. To the letter of the law – even when they contrived the hated son's years; repent he did. Noticed not did the 137 years enter the mind of gerless sage.

Numbers – 127, 175, 137 – the kabbalah code in full bloom; doesn’t this Egyptian maidservant ever die?

…But she does..err did. I swear on it, for did I not quote you the faithful servant the Rashbam?!

So who – pray tell, is this "the ger" woman who is comely like the scent of the throne?

Like a distant memory, shown up all grown up; you might know me – surely in your gilgul?

We didn't even have time for the wedding bells; Look! Abraham has taken his wife! For she has returned with the aroma of her tent…the same tent that became foreclosed to another.

Can a soul really come and go as it pleases? Can it reinvent itself in a telephone booth like Mr. C. Kent?

The World's first Messiah program has cleared the labyrinth; I believe this is where we see the light that was never seen.

This could be the scene we've only reaped a glimpse: eliezer, sarah, Abraham – one last ride on the other side of the aisle?

That world way yonder – here – now – in the book we read every year? How about a new battle cry – the books of moses end happily ever after?

You remember Abraham, all grown up, done smashing idols. Wed the woman of women, spun the whirlwind web of yester yore…..crawled through the hula hoop – even passed go and collected his ransom.

Not easy to look your only one in the eye; how ironic though – where the sacred feminine declares demise, the Lord claims victory?

That’s right; sarah found the flame of the sword that turns and the cherubim, while the maidservant disappeared long ago – far far away from little hedvah.

But in the end, in a few mystical moments, hagar is transformed in front of our misty eyes into the keturah that remembered Abraham.

Who knew sarah would find her way back so soon, now as his equal ger and toshav I am? Who knew now she would send off the villain offspring to the original lands?

Who knew the dead could dance [so eloquently]?

Who knew that Abraham would become the father of Nations? – uh, maybe God? – as it was told over a million times!

Yet what we knew not of, and where we stumbled time and time again – is that the Torah is the book of redemption. Redemption that is contained within the confines of darkness.

Welcome to Abraham's World – where this time Hashem has chesed for him.

Welcome to Abraham's World – where the sons of nobility prosper until micro antics bleed into macro and kosher cheese.

Welcome to Abraham's world – the sanctuary that is divorced of yesterday's plight, while happily wed to the flame and scent of sarah's tent.

The ger, the stranger, the one that remembers the righteous one of God, the one who goes by keturah – a spice of the divine – maybe it's about time we go code red; if they ask, tell them you are my sister.

In a book that loves to love – from Solomon to the ger; did you really think you could separate wisdom and understanding?

Silly in thought, for the mother and the father are lovers who never fall apart; in fact, we just got to see them fall in love.

.Audio Shiur on Parsha Sunday 11 P.M
[Tzfat Time]
***Notice we changed our clocks in Israel


Goldie ZP said...

laughing...... oh how I liked reading this! Gotta chuckle. However, for those that stop by that have not been learning with you will be clueless. Heck, because I haven't gone through all your Shem classes or Ger classes or Shir HaShirim classes SO MUCH TO LEARN - I had to read and reread the above. Just letting you know - I enjoyed this!

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