Thursday, June 8, 2017

What is Sheker? (falsehood)

This was blogged today by another blogger:

"Today's Zionism is not what it used to be. Today Zionism is Universal Judaism working towards a Jewish Redemption,...." (Soul Mazal blog)

*to sandwich me in between two pro-Christian [Jewish] guys...

(as my name was included in betweenAri Abramowitz: "What is it really that connects us all [Jews and Christians]? It's that we're Biblical Zionists!" and Jeremy Gimpel: "Jews and Christians can set aside their theological differences and unite under the "ideology" of "Biblical Zionism." not only distasteful, but motzie shem rah as well. I teach non-Jews who have rejected shituf [Christianity]. This is not the same as a Christian, nor an ex-Christian. A Ger [Toshav] is a 'Kosher Ben-Noach'.

**It would be wise to know your 'ikkar terms' in this 'sugia'.

...what wasn't blogged by this blogger was the rest of the post [that I blogged 5 years ago]: click here

...and even more ironic, is that my newest blog about zionism, which was brought to the blogger's attention was completely ignored: click here

Sof sof - if you are going to try and prove a point, then at least prove it with emes, rather than resorting to open tactics of pure sheker.

For those who wish to know more about what is 'Ger' and how 'Gerim' are those who reject shituf, i.e. Christianity, and all other religions in the nations - click here

...let's not forget that a convert is called a Jew, and the Ger in the Torah is a massive subject. To learn about Ger in general: click here

"...Is this where you wanna be when Moses comes back..."


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