Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Noahide / Ger In New - Ancient Light

Click Here To Listen To Class One Of The Noahide - Ger In Ancient Light!

  • Ger Toshav
  • Ger Tzedek
  • Ger in Talmud - Tosfos
  • Goy vs. Ger
  • Righteous Gentile
  • Ger in Rishonim
  • Brotherhood and the Gentile
  • ...and much much more
This is Class One out of a larger series, with the ultimate goal being to identify every Ger mentioned in the Torah [with over 100 places of content] and bring the relevant Chazal to light.

Be Sure To Attend Classes Sat 10 PM Israel - Parasha Shavua
Wed 11 PM Ger Noahide Ancient Light Series

Click Here For Yeshivat Shem V' Ever


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