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Haredi Rambo Talmudic Warrior Sir!

King Bibi has 2 weeks until the Bennet - Lapid tagteam will be given free reign to wrestle away the downtrodden king's crown. This brotherhood of conspiracy [Yaakov anyone?] seems focused to bring Israeli Spring into high gear, one that will offset the finale of Arab Spring, that is on a collision course with Israel. Something tells me Shas and Bibi are out, something that Israel wants.

Shas should maybe learn that numbers don't outshine the glory of learning Leshma, and maybe the IDF will be good for a buchor of 21 years. Never in Jewish history [or anywhere else in the world today] is/was it the custom to [semi] shteig all the way to retirement. The best pounded the gemara, and became rebbes, teachers, mechabrim, etc. while the baal habas was something of an institution of itself. Since when is it illegal to be a baal habas? If Haredishkite is to survive, then a dose of reality will be a requirement [maybe 5 doses?] - the entire system has been built on exploitation, along with every other chachmah post- WWII - hence this is the overall social reform the neo politician bond seeks to employ coupled with the eradication of General King Bibi.

As much as the neocons represent a [logically] good change of pace, the real reality check for everybody is simple: we are in galus, with galus problems, and only Moshiach answers  will solve them and bring things to a happy medium.

In the midterm, this will be sure to wake people up if Bibi is forced to go back into business and Rabbi Yosef is forced to resign to strictly learning Torah, while avoiding the plague of politics, that ultimately hurts the buchrim worse than anything and delays the geulah.

Pirkei Avot - "Don't become overly familiar with the Government"

B''H the Beis Midrash wil be restored [last mishna Sotah vis a vis End of Days] and will return to be a makom chidush and an institution of learning Leshma, quality Torah. As ironic as it sounds, I think Israeli politics derech agav will revert the plague that exists in yeshivot today called bitul Torah.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu placed the blame for his failure to form a government on Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid and Bayit Yehudi chairman Naftali Bennett on Saturday night, after receiving a two-week extension for coalition negotiations from President Shimon Peres.

“The reason there is no coalition so far is because there are boycotts of an entire public in the State of Israel and that does not match my views,” Netanyahu stated, sitting across from Peres in the press room at the President’s Residence in the capital.

Lapid publicly and explicitly stated for the first time Saturday night that he would not sit in the same coalition as ultra-Orthodox parties Shas and United Torah Judaism, while Bayit Yehudi stuck to its commitment to enter a government only if Yesh Atid joins as well.

“When products made by settlers in Judea and Samaria are boycotted, we justly protest, and the people who need to understand this more than anyone is the settlers who are subjected to daily boycotts,” Netanyahu said.

“In my view, throughout our history, we underwent tragedies as a result of hatred and fighting between brothers, and when we look around us and see the tremendous challenges, we need to unite forces and not split up.”

The prime minister said he is doing all he can to unite the nation, working for four weeks to build the broadest coalition possible with an emphasis on economic issues and equality in the burden of national service, adding that these were issues on which the haredi public is willing to compromise.

“I want to use the coming days to try to form a wide government, and I hope party leaders will show responsibility. Responsibility and leadership, in my eyes, is to unite the nation and not divide it, and for that I need additional time,” Netanyahu concluded.

Peres granted the prime minister two more weeks to form a coalition, setting a March 16 deadline and saying that the country needs a stable, organized government as soon as possible to deal with security, diplomatic and social issues.

Earlier on Saturday, Lapid posted a lengthy status on his Facebook profile explaining that while he does not reject haredi people, he does not want to be in the same coalition as haredi parties.

“I do not believe that Shas and UTJ can sit in a government that will make the changes for which we went to elections: Changing the criteria for [subsidized] housing, core curriculum studies for all, equality in the burden of enlistment and the necessary cuts in yeshiva budgets....

This is the new civil agenda, which most citizens of this country support, but the haredi parties firmly oppose. That’s their right, but politicians have to be prepared to pay the price for their positions,” he wrote.

Lapid also criticized the haredi parties’ political tactics, writing that they do not accept the rules of the democratic game.

“No one likes to lose, but everyone accepts the basic idea that sometimes you’re in the coalition, and sometimes in the opposition,” he explained, adding that if Yesh Atid ends up in the opposition, they will go proudly, without feeling that someone hates or rejects them.

“Everyone, that is, except for the haredi parties,” he said.

Lapid pointed out that no matter what ideology won the last election – “Left, Right, socialist, capitalist, two-state solution or whole Land of Israel” – the ultra- Orthodox are always willing to be in the coalition.

“Did someone change the law and didn’t tell us? Can a government be formed with the Likud, without Labor, without Kadima, without Meretz, without Arab parties, without any party at all, but the haredim always have to be in the government, otherwise you’re boycotting and rejecting them? What kind of strange democracy is that?” the Yesh Atid leader wrote.

“The obvious conclusion is that no tragedy will happen if, in the next term, they sit in the opposition.”

Bennett published a similarly long manifesto on Facebook, accusing Likud Beytenu of boycotting Bayit Yehudi before accusing the latter of doing the same to ultra- Orthodox parties.

“The message from the Likud was simple: At no price will religious Zionism be in the government. Forget about it,” he wrote.

“While the prime minister met twice with Lapid, with [Hatnua chairwoman] Tzipi Livni, with [Labor leader] Shelly [Yacimovich], with [Kadima leader Shaul] Mofaz, and even with [Meretz leader] Zehava Gal-On, only religious Zionism was boycotted.

Likud said they want a government with the Left and haredim, explaining that they can’t have peace talks with the Bayit Yehudi in the coalition,” he said.

Bennett explained that he and Lapid agreed that neither would enter the coalition without the other, and that at the time, Likud Beytenu was pursuing Yesh Atid and snubbing Bayit Yehudi. He wrote that he intends to keep his word, even though the opposite is now true, because Netanyahu wants a government with the haredim and without Lapid.

“We don’t boycott any parties.

Not Shas, not UTJ. No one else, either. The only one who boycotted anyone was the Likud boycotting the Bayit Yehudi, and that is in the past,” Bennett wrote.

Bayit Yehudi chief negotiator MK Uri Ariel referred to Netanyahu’s comments on settlement boycotts, saying that “before the prime minister shoots arrows of criticism at the national-religious community in connection to boycotts and our connection to Yesh Atid, I would be happy to get a clear answer about how he explains his strange connection with Miss Tzipi Livni, whose agenda on boycotts and [construction] freezes on the settler population is known to all.”

On Friday, Bayit Yehudi MKs were busy responding to reports that Likud Beytenu negotiators told Yesh Atid representatives they needed Lapid’s party in the coalition, without Bayit Yehudi, in order to evacuate small settlements.

Coming out of talks with Bayit Yehudi, chief Likud Beytenu negotiator David Shomron called the reports “lies and deceit.”

MK Ayelet Shaked (Bayit Yehudi), a close Bennett ally, chalked up the reports to attempts to break her party’s alliance with Yesh Atid.

“Likud Beytenu is playing a double game, in which they ask us to break the agreement with Lapid, and ask Lapid to break the agreement with us,” she explained. “The explanations as to why it’s important to split change depending on who is listening.”

Shaked expressed feelings that Likud Beytenu does not have “a truth or a clear ideology” in forming the coalition, calling the negotiations a game of poker.

“We will stand strong facing the attacks and pressures, and do all we can to help form a government that will deal with socioeconomic issues that are fundamental problems for the Israeli people,” she said.

Bennett and Netanyahu were planning to meet on Sunday, Likud Beytenu said.

The Torah of Eretz Yisrael [which God personally governs; Names are in the Land] is seen as a bad option?


Anonymous said...

What it all comes down to is that the govt of Israel is an opposing force to the chareidim. Here, the chareidim are right because they know their stringent requests will not be honored and the forcing of conscription is not only a foolish mistake, but is dictatorial and how does that play out in 'democratic' Israel? There is only one reason and one reason alone that this is an all of a sudden issue and, that is they need to get rid of religious and Torah-true Judaism. It's very simple and so clear. The whole spiel being played out is so obvious and even if we don't agree with the chareidim on many things, including serving in the army, they have ample reason to go against this unreasonable and dictatorial policy of forcing (even women, r'l) into service. Let them not get any stipends from government but just from charitable organizations and people, but they cannot be forced into an army that does not want nor need them and will only do their utmost to make these young people, c'v, go off the derech. They should have as little to do with government as possible and not be beholden in any way to those that hate them. Torah is what kept us and will keep us until Moshiach comes and may it be immediately.

Klishlishi said...

A female, MK Ruth Calderon, giving a Talmud shiur on Kesubos 62 in Aramaic to discomfited Charedi politicians?! The Geulah must be on its way!

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