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Look! A Mall! Ick!!!

My Favorite Two Guys [sarcasm, anyone?]

Today's [Israeli] Judaism loves to acknowledge itself in the scholarly realm based on political stripes [see commentary to Mordechai Ish Yehudi on Purim and how politics prevent geulah]. Not only is this against every deah of emes, and shows lack of true scholarship, but this has been a thorn in Jews' sides since the Temple days. Our leaders are supposed to be Talmidei Chachamim  - not Naftali Bennet.

But since Rabbi Yosef wants to say that this is Jews today, and he goes on further to say that Bennet is Amalek [and a knit kippa - wearer] - what does that say for his followers? Why would anyone follow an Amalekite? I'll even go further to strengthen the claim [which i noted when this baalagan began] in that בנט in אתבש is שטן.

Even though the Name Causes and Bennett is not a nice guy, what does this accomplish by making this war, consisting of battles of thinking small? Why can't our leadership begin to think big and come back to Torah instead of ego strokes over outdated Zionism? Why can't the institutions that be deal with real Jewish issues? - [on my ultra-biased view] where are the Gerim in halacha, Ger Toshav, educating rabbis in these areas, etc.? This may be my biased view, but it is my biased view because this is Jewish Reality today! Converts, Gerim, "goyim", falling religions, etc. is the larger terrain of what is going on, and this is what the Torah is going on about to the tune of every Parasha!

[for those still curious over the "ger" issue; they are halachically not bnei noah nor goyim, nor Jews - they are a quasi - keter [kabalah] status, a joined member of Israel [the 4-headed shin], are the gentile version of the baal teshuva [hence ger tzedek - not to be compared to convert ger tzedek, just like you wouldn't compare a frum BT and a new BT yet both are called BT] and is a member of Olam HaBah. Would it not be a better cause to Love the Ger [to the tune of 46 times in the Torah] which brings Love of God, fellow man,etc. and stop calling everyone Amalek and Erev Rav while disregarding the sources as to what these entities are?

[For the record Erev Rav (also known as Amalekites) is any entity that goes up a level of holiness lo lishmah; we learn it from Moses who brought out Gerim in hopes that they would remain emesdic Gerim and not fall to temptation of false aliyah into poor conversion not for the sake of heaven. Thus when Moses went up, Ahron signed the death certificate by aiding their endeavor, and they died from rachamim, being allowed to live beyond their infamous moment.]

Klal Yisrael has issues, and Bennet is the smallest of those issues, name connotation or not. There is a much more positive energy side to the Torah that is virtually untapped, taking place in Israel, and is our way out of galus.  Our job as it always was, was to choose, and by choosing, be prepared to do what God makes clear to the person what he is to do.


Shas party’s spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef said Saturday night he really loves knitted-kippa Jews,” but it’s just their political leaders who are “Amalek” – the eternal enemy of Jews. The national religious community in Israel now can breathe easier and know that Rav Ovadia really loves them. Sure, the distinguished rabbi said last month that national religious Chief Rabbinate candidate Rabbi David Stav is “evil” and an “enemy to Judaism,” but, heck, that was just meant to cheer up Shas’ favorite clientele, the dwindling Sephardi community that still feels oppressed by the elite Ashkenazi community. 

Indeed they are, but they are equally oppressed by their own leaders. So what better way to keep the common people in line by telling them that the Rabbi really loves Jews, even those who wear a knitted kippa. But what about Shas Rabbi Shalom Cohen, who said in a sermon a week ago that “as long as there are knit kippot, the [divine] throne is not whole? That’s Amalek. When will the throne be whole? When there is no knit kippa.” If a listener thought Rabbi Cohen, who is a member of Shas’ Council of Torah Sages, meant that knitted-kippa Jews are Amalek, he did not understand correctly God forbid he should say such a thing. Rav Ovadia, who sat silently on the podium as Rabbi Cohen spoke, knows exactly what he really meant. Sure, Rabbi Cohen said some things against” those rebellious national religious Jews with knitted kippot, but he was only referring to their political leaders, opined Rav Ovadia. 

Love, love, love, he said. Love for everyone – with one small exception. It is the political leaders of the knitted-kippa crowd who are problematic. They not only are problematic. They are the true Amalek, Israel’s eternal enemy dating back to the days of the Exodus from Egypt. And who is the real knitted-kippa modern Amalek of the Jews? None other than Naftali Bennett, chairman of the Jewish Home party, which, unlike Shas, took the daring move in the last elections to welcome secular Jews as Knesset Members and put the emphasis on nationalist instead of religious. Rav Ovadia has his grounds for considering Bennett Amalek. 

The Jewish Home party is against exempting Haredi youth from IDF service forever. That means that Shas yeshivas would have less youth learning , or at least registered as learning, in their institutions, If there are less students, there is less money from donors, especially from the Israeli taxpayer whose hard-earned money has been going into black-hat yeshivas for years with the payback that the future Torah scholars and eternal voters for Shas are defending the nation by learning Torah, even if they are just listed as learning and actually working or stashing home. 

Now that Rav Ovadia has explained Rabbi Cohen and has mended ties with the national religious community, except for those enemies of Jews like Bennett, Israel is ready for Tu B’Av, which begins Sunday night. The Talmud lists it along with Yom Kippur as the most joyous days of the year when, according to the Talmud, that the daughters of Jerusalem go out dressed in white and dance in the vineyards and said, “Young man, consider who you choose (to be your wife).” Tu B’Av is the same day of the 40th yearin the desert when the ban was lifted on female orphans marrying into another tribe. It is the perfect day for a daughter of a Shas rabbi to become engaged to the son of a national religious politician. And God willing, Rabbi Cohen and Rav Ovadia will perform the marriage ceremony.

The Ger [Torah] teaches to Love, not to "not hate (too much)" - there is a difference between justifying that you didn't taunt the Ger/BT vs. going out of your way to Love them. The difference is a heart filed with God as opposed to Politics as a religion, and then putting that religion on to others who just left one and are trying [and are commanded as such] not to re-enter the matrix. The World wants God, and God wants the World - maybe the time is now to work on the relationship(s)?


Klishlishi said...

The term "Amolek" used to be reserved only for the genocidal German Nazis.

Suddenly today it is freely being used by Jews solely against other Jews

Non-Jews don't even figure in to it!

The Zohar refers to the 5 categories of the "Amolek among the Erev Rav": Nefilim, Giborim, Amalekim, Refaim, and Anakim.

That suddenly the taboo of calling another Jew, even a nominal Jew, as "Amolek is a sure sign that a kitrug against the Am Yisrael has been aroused and that the Geulah is on its way: but not through Jewish power, glory and honour; instead through Jewish weakness, disgrace and dishonour.

But, as Rav Meir Kahane said, such a Geulah is also a Geulah!

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