Friday, January 10, 2014

Shir ha Mashiach.

by Joe Indomenico.

In this week's parashat B'shalach,  B'nei Yisrael sing to Hashem upon seeing the open miracles.
There are ten songs beginning with this Song at the Sea led by Moshe Rabbeinu , and concluding with the tenth and final song which will be sung with Mashiach.
All the (nine) songs mentioned in scripture are written in the feminine (shirah) since their rejoicing was followed by ("gave birth to") further servitude. The tenth song of Moshiach is written in the masculine (shir) to indicate that it is permanent.
Chassidut explains that the first nine songs emphasized primarily a desire to come closer to G-d from a distance, like a woman who longs to come closer to and receive from her husband. However, the tenth song of Mashiach will be sung from a feeling that G-d is already close and found openly in our midst, like a husband who is gracefully endearing himself to his wife.

May we merit to sing " Shir ha Mashiach"

From the cool crisp mountain air of Tzfat and the balmy sub-tropical breezes of the South Pacific, Rav Katz and I wish you a Shabbat Shalom.


Joe said...

This may be a help to those who may require the translation of Ana B'Koach.

Shabbat Shalom.

dodi55 said...

Thank you for these Torah Tasty Tidbits. :-D. SHABBAT SHALOM

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Joe....this is beautiful!

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