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Shabbos Style

                                                            Parashas Ki Sisa
                                                          Among The Angels
                                                           Rabbi David Katz

The Ger Code continues – as Moses keeps shape in his dialogue with all of the different types of people who have left behind Egypt with Moses, as well as his intense exchanges with Hashem. The profound nature of these discussions are found in the ongoing "Ger Code" – a consistent vernacular of "The Children of Israel" running alongside of the Ger, who is simply referenced as "The People." This "code" as noticed and established by Torah luminaries such as the Arizal, paints a hauntingly clear picture of the exact dynamics in the desert between "Jews," "People," and Moses, such that we now have well-defined characters to our once ambiguous state of affairs in the desert. Not only does the Ger have a voice, and image, and an identity through a simple code-identification, but the entire Torah now opens her deep and mysterious vaults of leftover ink [after the Breaking of the Tablets, which contained the Oral Torah – written, caused the Second Tablets to be devoid of the Oral Law in written form, and thus Moses inherited the "leftover ink" as explained by the Midrash] that was inherited to Moses as an Oral Torah [the level of "Moses- Messiah"], and suddenly every word and letter of the Torah becomes exceedingly more pronounced, and the Ger suddenly finds himself on the winning side of history, after having been previously led to believe in his non-existence. In fact, his disappearing act can be traced through the code itself, for God says, "I will remove whom I wish to [in reference to Moses' adjuring to be removed from the Book] remove; this was spoken in clear context of the Ger, and history can speak for itself.

Suffice it to say, the Golden Calf did happen, the People caused it [the "People" we have identified as the Ger, and he is in close relation to the Erev Rav, much like Israel has within itself "the haters of Israel"] and the revelation is that this does not come down to finger pointing, for there is a larger picture here, one of the Universal Mission, and the agenda now directly transitions to repairing the Universe, an undertaking by sheer necessity. From this debacle comes the National Mission, and by association, Aaron IS involved, as is every Human who was there, and even extending to those who were not there, i.e. Moses and Joshua were equally effected. The sign of trouble rang loud and clear, at least in the spiritual state of affairs, as they were all removed of their jewelry; the ornaments signified the greats that everyone achieved before the haywire through the return to idolatry. In short, for one brief moment, Man became imbued with the exalted state that enables one to transcend walking like an Egyptian, opening into a new reality of rising like an angel. It was precisely at this juncture where the hammer dropped and they lost their "crowns" and the story of Adam became de ja vu; Mankind fell again, and now the Torah was in motion to fix according to the Divine Plan, among Jews and Gerim.

It was in this aftermath, that the solutions would be first realized, as God emanated into the Torah, and through Moses, the path to the Tree of Life. Suddenly, everyone there would be exposed to Moses, Light, Shabbat, Mishkan, The Path to immortality, Angelic association with the soul, Moses' leadership, Torat Emet [Written and Oral, revealed], secrets of incense spices [symbolizing Jews and Gerim through "7" and "4"], what and why idolatry "is", revelation of identities in the Torah, even reincarnations [through Aaron's involvement of the calf, the end letters onsite allude to his previous life/sin as Haran, Brother of Abraham, and the association with the furnace of Kasdim], the essential Levite – "ben Brit", and the true nature of Jews and Gerim – stiff-necked; in short, the answer map is quite simple, for the destination is purely the territory of the Holy Shabbat. In fact, the whole story leads to the construction of the Mishkan, which in the macro sense is an elaborate introduction to the star of the show – "The Shabbat Queen." The salvation of Man is why the script was written in the first place, going back to Bereishit Bara Elokim…and as the Tikkunei Zohar points out, the Torah's first word "Bereishit" can be easily read as "Yira – Shabbat [the awe and fear of the Sabbath." Shabbat is, was, and always will be the goal of Man; a true rendering of Hashem [meaning is, was, and will be] IS Elokim! [As the attack against God was in the calf and their claims upon it of "another elohim"]

Under the fallen conditions, Man is charged essentially to win back the crown of the angelic; to once again proclaim "we will do and we will listen" [which can be understood as "from the mouth of God we heard two/too" – in fractal sense; the Jew and the Ger as well, through the hearing of two voices in what is perceived to be one mouth speaking], removing death forever, and bringing down The Garden of Eden [and the Tree of Life.  For all intents and purposes, think of everything bad from the calf, consider its opposite as the ultimate Good, and this is the task given to Man through the Torah of Moses as commanded by Hashem. We are obligated to win back the heart of God…and it starts with the Messianic awakening, where the hearts of the fathers and the hearts of the sons will reunite, as told by the Prophet Malachi regarding Elijah's holy mission. One can easily identify this mission of Elijah [that is described as the level of "remembering the Torah of Moses, my Servant, which I commanded him at Horeb [Sinai]…as a reference to the Ger who was clearly [co-starring] there, and is then perforce the subject matter that the prophet speaks of, and in regard to the Final Redemption. Two separate Nations they are indeed – always were, and always will be; the goal is to find the working arena that brings world peace and removes the impurity that was dragged into existence by the snake-like calf of destruction.

We see in Psalm #73 that the Psalmist loathes this world by the utter dominance of the wicked, that runs parallel to Moses' eternal question [which is also the essence of Ger philosophy as seen in Job]  of why do the righteous suffer so  much, seemingly for naught? The answer spins its thread from the outcome of the golden calf; we are living and repairing the punishment that God promised Moses would come out of the idolatry. From our fall from grace, the World was inherited to Amalek as his playground of filth, and we, the adherents to God's Torah, are at his mercy, which clearly is the ultimate oxymoron. So what gives?

The answer is implied in verses 27 and 28 in Psalm 73; the wicked are far, though life is horrible and almost killed me, ironically all I have is God, and it is the closeness of God that truly is Good. When we delve into the dynamic properties of King David's words, the story is profoundly clear, and shows how the World is, was, and always will be on the threshold of repair, and through time we are moving it along, until the time of the End.

Rashi comments, that not only is the answer here in the Psalmist's words, but the wicked have no portion of it, and those of Good will have to struggle at it [think of the same dynamic and now ironic fractal again], this is due to Divine Inspiration that comes from Loving God/Elokim – a direct rejection of the calf, and therefore a most powerful correction. The perpetuation of time comes through the repair of the calf, and the message is conveyed in a way that the wicked are disinterested, and the righteous will have to toil to understand the encrypted code. The sacred key that unlocks the Torah's Light is learning that there is code, learning the code, and then implementing the code; as we approach the End, the code comes clearer by definition, and thus every generation is charged with its destiny in accordance with the Divine Mission in progressing God's Grand Story of Life and Mankind. This tradition of scholarship has led to a simple revelation to be seen in between the lines of the Psalm – the sanctity and necessity of Shabbat, and its oasis status among the evil and impurity of the calf's aftermath and destructive wake.

At Sinai, the Brit came down, and this that descended was the Holy Shabbat, a gift given to Israel. Shabbat would become the island of Holiness and abundance of Good where Jews would take refuge from the World's plight against evil, and be allowed to taste a hint of Olam HaBah. Essentially, 1/7 of Life would be the opposite of a sorry existence that we know all too well. The Psalmist openly says that this is enough to make life livable, merit eternal life, extend Creation, deal with life and death, etc. Yet if we take that opportunity to read between the lines [as proven by tools of Pardes; "Closeness" is gematria 702 = Shabbat], there is a solution that solves all, it's realistic as opposed to fantasy fix all solutions that dwell in a generic mantra and it is logical – and right under our nose: The Universal Shabbat.

Through passage of Torah [and code; true Messianic rabbinical lineage, AKA Zohar consciousness – the Noah's Ark of the future that this time around takes passengers, as expressed by the Zohar Chadash] and the revolutions in life, we are promised to arrive at such a climatic event in history, and equally surprising is that we are told that we will not only have to carry it out for Humanity, but that we will actually be able to understand the Torah's hidden Light that awakens from its slumber in the End of Days. The ornaments of the angels are destined to come back, and catalogue needed to register has been appropriated to the very Gerim who are coming back in the End; in other words The Ger is code and brings code, and it all makes sense through what King David calls, the Love of God/Elokim. The Messiah is the time that ushers in all of these precious gifts, from angels to code, to dormant identities, etc…yet the lens never seems to focus until we understand what it is that we are looking at – and that is Shabbat. Just like the Parsha needed an acute focus, and when seen properly, it becomes resoundingly clear that the message of the Mishkan (and the Ger) [and thus the calf as well] is Shabbat, so too the End is all about Shabbat, and again, the Ger must come to light.

We saw the greatest evil with the calf, and Psalm 73 makes it very clear how horrible this evil is. Yet through the trials of life, one element is astoundingly clear: though Jews and Gerim may have issues and different points of view, they are categorically not Erev Rav, and by fact they suffer the pains of exile and a calf's evil as much as the Jews do in this long bitter exile. God has delivered Noah's Ark to Israel in the guise of Torah, Shabbat, code-tradition/language, etc. It would be sacrilegious in the highest order to even fathom that this boat would not contain and board Gerim! If Israel takes comfort in their given/commanded 1/7th of a Good life, and they avoid the suffering in good merit of Shabbat, and we move aside from the knowledge known about Gerim and Shabbat [which is allowed as written by the sages], it is imperative that we board this vessel! The World need not exist mostly wicked, and our Brothers have a salvation waiting with arms wide open in the Shabbat, a refuge from the calf and an IOU after personal atonement that was placed on all of Mankind. Shabbat is not just the salvation for Jewish Israel, but for Ger Israel as well; we are and always have been on threshold of World Repair, and it is called Shabbat! Imagine the exponential greatness that will commence with like-minded mature societies that partake of the Sabbath as we approach the promised and desired End – the Universal Shabbat.

Shabbat is the repair of the calf, idolatry, Adam's fall, etc. and is the sanctuary of the angelic man who dwells with God and learns to speak the language of Divine Inspiration, such that we become the username and password to enter the Kingdom of Heaven; this revelation is that this happens here in our World, and we will merit to Bless God/(the name of) Elokim that Hashem hu Elokim truly is Good, that life is truly Good, and that He is, was, and always be a God to "me."

We seek to fly like an angel as we walk the walk with God, and the path to the Tree of Life is actually set out before us all throughout time. The Shabbat is the star of our saga and plight, and opens her arms to us time and time again. As the repair would demand, is that we enter her sanctuary with responsibility and ability to honor her Light. The Torah was thus given, and we have lived out the ink to pristine detail; and we are promised that Moses-Messiah will sing again, and lead us into the Promised Land, that becomes a World of Knowledge of God. A World of God on our minds can only be a World of Shabbat, and as the Rebbe of Chabad makes perfectly clear, basing his words of the Rambam concerning the time of the Messiah, the world will be filled with [from the great mitzvah of making] Gerim.

Who needs to call it code when it is as obvious as our nose? The jewelry that Man desires, is his Shabbat Queen, and as the Bahir states – she has friends, and they are also desired by the King, for he tells them, would I not invite them – for in preparation of them do I take effort, and ya'll glorify me as well as my sign. This is the Brit that was commanded at Sinai, and kindly given to the World by the word of Moses, God's Servant, through His Torah, to learn and grow from, an eternal gift to Jews and Gerim…"a Ger who learns the Torah is compared to The High Priest" and what better time to learn the Holy Torah than in the domain of the Shabbat Queen, she who allows her people to dwell as among the angels. Suffice it to say, She is ready, perhaps now more than ever, we are too.

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